Youtube's extreme and toxic fascism.

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by gamelord, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Okay I have been "shadowbanned" or "ghostbanned" by Youtube.

    I noticed this when, I found a conspiratard's video, and posted some science on it. The video was posted by some dumb redneck who was using poor logic and reasoning abilities, and I, rather politely, told him what his flaws were. (I did not even call him a dumb redneck, I did not use foul language either.)

    But I logged out and came back to the video, my comment was not there. It was like Youtube was censoring my science.

    So I asked, why would Youtube censor comments such as this? Because the video was criticizing Google, which was an affiliate of Youtube. And my comment was actually defending Google's good name. So why would they censor me, I thought?

    Because the censorship was part of some seperate agenda. They want conspiratards to have a free say, so people who believe in rational conspiracies will look bad. Anyone who believes in something rational will be silenced, but people who believe in irrational stuff will have free reign.

    In any case, shadowbanning in of itself is inherently orwellian. Because I tried 3 other youtube accounts and still could not post. Its so nefarious and dishonest, like they trick you into believing you can post but you cannot. The post shows up on your screen, but noone elses. And they do not give a reasoning or notification of why you are banned.

    How would you like it if, police could throw you in jail, but not give a reasoning or trial as to the reasoning behind it? The police could just throw you in jail willy nilly, because they were having a bad mood one day, or didn't like the way you looked. And this is what Youtube is.

    Take it a step further, what if random people could throw you in jail, and a robot, AI judge determines your fate?

    Take it one more step further, you don't get notified you are in jail, instead, you are trapped inside a virtual reality like the Matrix, and don't even know you are isolated. But you start to notice because, noone ever listens or responds to a word you say, you are a "ghost".
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  3. Kittamaru Never cruel nor cowardly... Staff Member

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  5. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    No it isn't paranoia.

    I signed in with another email address and my comment showed up on that address, but not on any accounts with my other address.

    Also, my text had no URLS, caps lock, or swear words, so the spam filter wouldn't have filtered it.

    Here is a thread about shadowbanning, it is real (although there is 1 troll in the comments who says it is not real, but doesn't provide evidence saying why it is not real.)!topic/youtube/X7ZpWCHaa7A
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  7. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Did you notice how we don't really get any detail in this story?

    Anyway, not long ago it emerged that YouTube was deliberately spiking viewers' recommended lists with right-wing politics; the firm would, of course, pretend to address the problem.

    Naturally, we hear stories from right-wingers about how YouTube is shadowbanning them.

    My advice is to not waste much effort trying to figure out a thread posted by someone known to be fundamentally dishonest.
  8. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Since when have I been dishonest? Sounds like fake-news.

    And this has nothing to do with your primitive partisan bs. If you read the article it was both right and left wingers complaining about it. I am neither right or left either.
  9. Bowser Life is Fatal. Valued Senior Member

    I think the author of the video can delete comments. I'm not certain, but I think that is true. As for YouTube deleting your comments, I think that's highly unlikely. They might limit a video based on content.
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  10. Kittamaru Never cruel nor cowardly... Staff Member

    *repeatedly introduces head to desk in a firm manner*

    The irony of this comment is... almost palpable.
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  11. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    fake-news fake-news fake-news fake-news!
  12. Kittamaru Never cruel nor cowardly... Staff Member


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    No, but in all seriousness... the whole "Claiming FAKE NEWS for anything that you don't like or agree with" is getting so very tired.
  13. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    You have a very cute, young looking face.

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  14. river


    this is also true in the sciences as well .

    anything that questions mainstream theory of ideas , in any ology , is simply disregarded , ridiculed and scorned .

    At the expense of someones career
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  15. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Fake news is getting tiresome I agree.

    Notice how Tiassa (a mod) came on her flaming me and calling me a liar, and then conveniently leaving without actually providing evidence of any of her libelous claims. This is conduct not benefiting of a mod, but in this day and age we are supposed to tolerate unending amounts of abuse from authority figures.

    Also I know first hand fake news exist, I knew two people close to me who died, and the news posted fake-news about the manner of their deaths, and twisted the facts as part of an agenda.
  16. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Now as for you, it may not have happened to you yet, but I would advise logging out and seeing if Youtube has ghost banned you as well.

    For the rest of you, who thinks this cannot happen, or will not happen to them, I repeat an old line
    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Engraving of the poem presented at the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston, Massachusetts
    "First they came ..." is a poem written by the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984). It is about the cowardice of German any intellectuals following the Nazis' any random authority's rise to power and subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group.
  17. Kittamaru Never cruel nor cowardly... Staff Member

    Do recall, we mods are an unpaid volunteer lot. At times, our weird shit-o-meter breaks after being pegged at 12 out of 10 for too long, and we just sorta snap.
  18. CptBork Robbing the Shalebridge Cradle Valued Senior Member

    Yes, as far as I understand, authors can delete or disable comments on any videos they post, and I believe they are even able to block specific users from commenting on their channel altogether. I remember a specific case where a certain individual would (and probably still does) post all sorts of videos pretending to be an expert on bodybuilding/powerlifting/fitness, despite possessing no real expertise or formal education on any of these topics, and he would tell all sorts of ridiculous self-contradictory stories about being a former CIA mercenary in Iraq/South America to try and boost his credibility. Then he'd spend hours and hours and hours on a daily basis deleting critical comments from all his videos and other social media posts and banning people to prevent his blunders and obvious lies from being exposed to his core fanbase.

    I can't see Youtube going around and banning people based on their comments unless they're getting TONS of complaints about someone from multiple other users, along with relevant examples of rules violations, and when they do ban people, they announce it explicitly and give users a chance to appeal their bans. Youtube doesn't have the staff to go around policing every comment and video, and given the amount of belligerent insanity they openly tolerate as is, you basically have to go full Nazi or break actual laws before they'll take serious action.

    Other than that, I just want to note that it seems Youtube's algorithms have a penchant for radicalizing people on either side of a given political/religious spectrum, not just right-wingers. You watch one or two videos about the Soviet Union, and next thing you're going to get are recommendations to watch people on their soapboxes telling the world how bankers want to poison the global water supply.
  19. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    I don't think this is the case, but you bring up a good point. The ability to censor users does seem very fascist, and not letting the truth out. It seems like an agenda of trying to run a bs echo chamber in order to polarize and create a narcissistic atmosphere of delusion where people are not able to hear criticism.

    I don't think it was the case where he personally censored me, because it happened too fast, I checked it was ghosted a minute after posting, plus my comments were ghosting on other channels as well.
  20. Kittamaru Never cruel nor cowardly... Staff Member

    Mod Hat: I've moved this over to Free Thoughts because, to be honest, it didn't really fit in with the Politics section.
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  21. Bowser Life is Fatal. Valued Senior Member

    I can go into my history and look it up. Not an issue.
  22. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    You can only tell if you have been ghost banned, after you logout, so make sure you do so.
  23. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    since you mention science, it seems required to point out a small but significant difference.

    "throwing in jail" instead should be
    "still allowed your car to drive to work & to the grocery store but it can not turn off the main roads or go anywhere else"

    actually that raises an excellent point about automated cars.
    as soon as there is no driver you can be blocked from travel.

    hows THAT for orwelian !

    *gets in driverles taxi to go to airport for family christmas renunion*
    that has been planned and paid for over the last 5 years...

    Taxi moves off with you and all your luggage. then ... instead of turning down the motorway to the airport it steers you to a local motel and tells you
    "thank you for choosing to have a holiday, unfortunately you are not permitted to access taxi services to the airport at this time. please enjoy your stay with uber-googletaxi-motels services where your first night is free with every 1 week pre purchase payment.
    we reserved your place at the breakfast bench at 6am
    be sure to bring a bag if you want to save something for lunch

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