Your name-and why!

Discussion in 'About the Members' started by Pollux V, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. Silverback Registered Senior Member

    hahaha, I like that name. bitterchick!

    I agree, all the Buffy references were swallowed up long ago. I have seen them all!

    I use Silverback because a gorilla becomes a silverback by age and general tenacity, which seems to fit me more every day. That and we had an unending stream of monkey related hijinks at work the day I discovered this site.
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  3. Scaperzrule Registered Member

    Farscape fans
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  5. ::blurbfly:: Registered Member


    from jeff noon's 'nymphomation' - blurbflies are these flittering advert-squeaking artificial insects - blurbs (Bio-Logical-Ultra-Robotic-Broadcasting-Systems), spreading programmed sound-bites. evil genius type of thing, but irresistably cool little buggers. turns out they are not as purely mechanical as everyone thought, and could mate and mutate...
    anyway, the book is exceptionally cool, and the name just stuck...
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  7. Italiano Registered Senior Member

    I'm an Italian guy....................
  8. Princess Science Dork Registered Senior Member

    I got the nickname when I was in grad school because I am averse to getting dirty and have peculiar (apparently princess-like) habits. It's ironic considering that I'm a geologist and I routinely come home with mud in strange places.
  9. SwedishFish Conspirator Registered Senior Member

    i want to change my name to loose tea and start paying just so i can have this picture as my avatar:
    that looks like hella fun. and she's hot.
  10. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned


    we don't have avatars anymore.
  11. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Someday I got the feeling that I live in a dream, like everybody else. Thus I created that nickname and it stuck since I did not find a better one. I still believe it is fitting.
    Also, some people make fun of my last name, since it is the same as that of a great german philosopher beginning with "H". That really gets on my nerves sometime.

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  12. ScRaMbLe Chaos Inc. Registered Senior Member

    Who? Hitler?

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  13. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Beeep, that´s the wrong answer, I do suppose that not many people kept this name after WW2

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    . No, really, I would not describe Hitler as a philosopher, nobody would I think. No, truth to tell I am called Hegel.

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  14. Oloranya Registered Member

    Name I use on here is the same one I use on Aol and several other forum's. It's a bit of Tolkien Elvish smooshed around. If I've translated it right, then "Oloranya" means "Dream Weaver". I originally came up with it when I was planning my personal/art website, "Olor"... although at the time I was calling it "Morna Olos" (Dark Dreams). In Elvish, 'olor' is commonly trnalsated 'dream' but has a more in depth meaning that I rally can't explain. And I don't have my copy of 'Unfinished Tales' handy to show you how Christopher Tolkien defnied it, so I won't bother.

    But anyway, at the same time I was doing this, I was desperatly wanting a new screen name for Aol, because I had grown to hate my old one (Arwen86), thanks to my newfound hatred for PJ's depiction fo the character, and the fact that I had created that s/n in haste to get my account signed up. I played around a bit, and in keeping with the theme of the site I came up with Oloranya... a combination of 'olor' and 'anya' (weave).

    So, techinically, it translates "Dream Weave", but Elvish is funny like that an d you can leave stuff out and still keep teh same meaning. Or so it would seem, from the four or five lessons I've gotten through in the course I downloaded.

    Oh. That was along explanation, wasn't it?
  15. Padma Spankologist Registered Senior Member

    My name means lotus.
  16. Arkon Shazbot. Registered Senior Member

    I came up with my name about 2 years ago and ive stuck with it ever since.
  17. Mako640 Registered Member

    "Mako" is short for Makoto, which is my middle name. It means "truth" in Japanese.

    640 is a random number.
  18. jadedflower observer Valued Senior Member

    Jadedflower: My name is a flower in Portuguese and other langs too... and well, I was jaded.

    Avatar: A little pic I found while with a friend... it's off a pointless little site called neopets, but the doll is so cute.
  19. SmilingMadness Registered Member

    SmilingMadness: I am usually the smiley one in the lot. Which is not to say everything is always great, but I smile anyway. Madness, well because all around me is madness, and I'm smiling through it.

    Avatar: That's my smile.
  20. jinchilla Registered Abuser Registered Senior Member

    That's a pretty smile SM! My pseudonym is what it is because I deleted the activation number for my first name, bazilmonk. Doh! Bazilmonk was the name a friend who committed suicide came up with for his band that never was. Jinchilla is just a silly name I use when horseplaying with my dog Jin.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2004
  21. Leviticus Banned Banned

    im leviticus after the chapter of the bible.
    i hate it through and through. religion, relious people, the entire and structure. the fakery and total crap of all of it pisses me off (yes im flaming) leviticus is just a nice sounding name which suggests (if youve read it) order and rules, and control. i havent decided whether that is what i stand for, or whether that is what i hate......

    i dont have an avatar to represent what my philosophy (its a bit methaphorical) is and what i believe in.
  22. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    I liked the older one better. Anyway, this is the wrong thread don´t you think so?
  23. BMW-Guy Registered Senior Member

    Deus Ex Machina= "God out [of] ____________." (if my five years of Latin don't fail me

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    I was known as "BMW-Guy" on my old forum, so I just kept it now.......

    I once had the oppertunity to take a Performance Driving Clinic from BMW--I got to take a 330i up to 115+ mph (with an instructor in the passenger's seat of course).......

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