Your chance to be Nostradamos

Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by infamous, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. hotsexyangelprincess WMD Registered Senior Member

    oh, that's something new. :m:
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  3. genteel Registered Senior Member

    Pretty much what nirakar said, but the European will be wealthy.

    I was going to post this one tomorrow, but............

    Due to open pit mining, a old disease will surface. It will mutate and form a disease much worse than mankind has ever seen. This disease will wipe out populations of many countries. There will be no way to stop it. Only a small portion of the world population will remain.
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  5. hotsexyangelprincess WMD Registered Senior Member

    28 days later, the stand, what was that i heard? deja vu, it must be... :m:
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  7. Tezcatlipoca's Hat Used Registrar Registered Senior Member

    I predict small-scale nuclear war in the next decade or so, instigated by a coalition of loosely united aggressors against the West. I'm not sure about the fallout (okay, I couldn't resist) of such a campaign, but I'm theorizing it will either:

    A) Trigger a massive backlash by the US-led Western forces, resulting in a planet that resembles a cloudy, green-lit disco ball when viewed from space and a populace that suddenly has extra body parts to adorn with accessories.


    B) The wealthiest among the survivors of the attack finally revealing their long-concealed estates on Mars, fleeing the planet in flying Humvees and giving the hoi polloi the finger as they cackle maniacally & zoom off in their SUVs (space utility vehicles).

    Oh, and I also predict the simultaneous return of both Jesus and Quetzalcoatl, leading to some awkward "After you," "No, after you." "No, really, I must insist!" moments.

    Unfortunately, as this will occur during the Pepsi Smashtacular Dorito-riffic SuperBowl LI HalfTime Orgastravaganza, only four people will notice, and three of them will be sufficiently wasted to say things like, "Dude, that glowing hippie has one weird-ass bird!"
  8. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Additionally, I think that the devil will come to claim the earth. Since the mark of the beast and all that crap is visible (yes, this is some obscure reference to some thread).
    After he fights the heavenly host, he will crown me regent of earth and then my almighty lord will ascend to heaven to smite God. And you will all go to hell.

    Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, You will all bow down to me!
  9. Eluminate Registered Senior Member

    i personally like molecular production thats slowly advancing where they use molecules to produce tools or engines that are insanely small. This will create a whole new industry and inventions and re-inventions which wouldnt' have been possible before due to the extreme dimensions that would be able to be exploited.
    Imagine that you might need a huge factory to produce a chemical of one sort by a specific process but then you make the factory the size of a can of soda or even smaller and now you could use the raw good directly as the chemical that was previously hard to get. etc...etc...etc...

    imagine memmory metals in a turbine thats the size of a nail it could never break until its half-life kicks in... and would need maintenance when its changed or improved only or not for decades or longer.
  10. guthrie paradox generator Registered Senior Member

    Umm, memory metals in a turbine? Why would you do that? You mean NiTi?
    Thats molecular manufacturing, also known as nanotechnology. I am not convinced its possible in the utopian way many portray it. Besides, if you can manufacture everything in a drinks can, what is to stop you making sarin?

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