You thought Quantitative Easing was fun? Now let's play "Forward Guidance"

Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by Michael, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Our unelected Economic Masters over at Their Federal Reserve Bank have done it again! They've come up with another euphemism for f*cking the poor in the arse. It's really brilliant. They call it: "Forward Guidance"! It's really quite clever. And are they not merciful? With (what's left of) the functionally illiterate 'middle class' electorate struggling to pronounce "Quantitative" Easing, they were kind enough to keep it all under 5 syllables this time. (Ooo Whooo Quantitative, sounds soooo "Scientific" and stuff, like Physics. The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money.... The General Theory of Relativity. Yuppers. Them there's Science and stuffs).

    So, let's see what our TimeLine is here:

    2007 = Bernanke telling us how Housing isn't in a Bubble and "Our" good Ole' Federal Reserve is on top of it - just prior to the entire market going into meltdown.
    2008 = "Quantitative Easing" (another euphemism, this one for bailing out the top 0.1%).
    2010 = Quantitative Easing #2 (the rich really did make a LOT of bad investments - this is going to take a bit more bailing than we thought).
    2012 = Quantitative Easing #3 (you know what? why not just buy up ALL those shitty mortgage backed securities and treasuries from the rich and shove them onto the public?).
    2012 = Operation Twist (and blow a Bond bubble).
    2013 = Quantitative Easing #4 (well, the market is addicted to cheap money and it's calling for MOAR cheap moan-aye!).
    2013 = Forward Guidance (it did take a while, but it looks like the top 0.1% are completely made whole, so, this is where Their Fed f*cks you in the arse - do enjoy).
    2014 = Some other BullShit (Git in your Paddock Bitch, This's for "The Nation" and shit.).
    2015 = MOAD (The Mother of All Depressions) -or- The New Economy (don't expect much, and you won't be too disappointing).

    My personal prognostication isn't actually, we are IN the New Economy, hope you enjoy it - it's here to stay.

    Oh, and looksie looksie, right on cue, we have "our" benevolent "Government" stoking the fires of WWIII. HAAAA! They'd LOVE nothing better than to load our ugly arses up in planes and start dumping us into a War Zone somewhere - preferably one where we're nuked out of existence. AND, gee, Nobel Prize weiner Professor Paul Krugman did say War is great for the 'economy'. You know, because murdering woman and children in other nations really helps our government 'create jobs' here at home while getting rid of the knuckle draggers. HEY, maybe a few of the "Generals" were listening? I mean, everyone knows that 5 Star career bureaucrats in the bloated Military Industrial Complex are some of the best and the brightest. AND HEY, the two Wars we're currently losing now, just like the last two we lost, are doing wonders for 'Our' economy. Spectacular success! Let's see what front man Commander In Chief, Nobel Peace Prize weiner, O-blah-blah SAYS.
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    sorry i don't know about it.
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