You never really know

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by birch, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member


    warning: disturbing video

    It's easy to take for granted just as in real life, that even online, we really do not know who we are interacting with.

    We tend to forget that. We forget that the people we work with, go to school with, our neighbors and even sometimes our very own family and friends we may not know totally as we might assume. Everyone puts on some type of mask to some degree, not always for nefarious or deceptive reasons but it's a part of life.

    What society tends to be naive about is the very worst sociopaths do not differ in appearance or even act from most other people. Their lives are also not much different either. They also have normal relationships, friendships and family.

    Do you think you could be able to detect such a sociopath or psychopath in real life at face value?
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  3. birch Valued Senior Member


    a computer programmer and a loan officer. carl herold was a much liked computer programming teacher on reddit.

    there were people who said he made a positive difference in their life, how friendly he was etc. of course, most were shocked. they are shocked because they tend to believe the mask.

    sometimes there are very subtle things you can pick up on, especially in person, whether someone is a good or not. in person, you can get a 'sense' of them. most people will have some sort of 'act' of a nice personality regardless etc but it's often the subtle aspects you pick up through intuition that disgust that speaks usually of or more volume of the person's qualities or character that is hidden and that 'normal' act is just the veneer. that sense you just dislike or distrust someone, there is usually a reason.

    that said, not everyone is going to intuit or pick up on even the same info and have the same reaction because everyone also has different internal values as well. so what you may percieve as a bad person or dangerous person another may have no problem with them. after all, birds of similar feathers like eachother.

    this can also work completely in the reverse. even the most evil or dangerous person has the sense of judgement and intuition too and can 'sense' as well as read you. evil people can dislike good people as well for those qualities or on the other hand, be attracted to it to exploit.
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  5. Seattle Valued Senior Member

    No, for the most part. If you lived with one you might (or might not) be able to. They aren't all criminal so you might pick up on it if they aren't trying too hard to deceive you.

    A cold-hearted, uncaring surgeon might be recognized as a sociopath. If the psychopath is serial killer, you probably won't know.
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  7. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

  8. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 69 years old Valued Senior Member


    It might be selective blindness but how many times has it been mentioned
    "he / she was such a nice boy / girl"?

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  9. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    Law and real estate teaches you most have a problem and to be prepared.
    As a real estate agent you get lied to a lot.
  10. birch Valued Senior Member


    there are some very sneaky people in the world. they will do just about anything they can get away with doing. she was only caught because she bragged about it.

    just as i remember that last place i rented a room and that guy i rejected started stealing my food and one time i walked into the bathroom one morning and noticed my toothbrush was already used. it was an electric one that you plug in so no one could make a mistake it for their own as i was the only one who was using an electric toothbrush at the time. i told one roommate about it but brushed it off and just kept it plugged in my room after that.

    the bad experience i had with that sexually harassing landlord about my deposit and he turned it around on me that he was going to call the police and press charges for harassment as if HE was the victim when i still didn't receive it as he had promised after i moved and past the 45 days he legally had room to do so. i know all this was because i turned down his advances. what made it so bad was i was the only one who cleaned that house and i even cleaned the whole house before i left. no one cleaned that place or even took out the trash except for me on a regular basis. this unfairness disgusted me to a point, i can't describe it completely.

    there are unbelievably bad people out there. there are people out there who really do embody the metaphor of evil, the devil or demons.
  11. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    I was given advice on this forum to not go searching the dark web as I might see something I'd really not like.

    And this surface web video could explain why I don't.


    "What goes on in your mind that you hate women and children so much?"
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  12. birch Valued Senior Member


    the reason why evil has any power is because people are either too lax about it or they support it, directly or indirectly. you even have people who feel sorry for such people who have hideously ruined others lives or even murdered them and believe these people deserve a second chance, against the death penalty etc. that's a sick type of erroneous logic too. they are willing that others be ruined more just to try and save the worst, probably because they identify with some sick and depraved part of the perpetrator. so generation after generation instead of the gene pool improving, the gangrene is just passed on and regurgitated instead of fine-tuning the gene pool. it's depravity is just allowed to fester. the truth is someone like this should just be euthanized and that is kind and even more than they deserve considering the level of harm and torture they have inflicted. but no, society wants to drag it out, house and feed them. i mean animals are put down and they didn't even do any harm or wrong to society but society can't even see a spade for a spade when it's outrageously so obvious. and yes, those young girls who willingly participated in the torture and abuse of those children deserve the death penalty just the same.

    this is why the idea that sociopaths are only a tiny fraction of the population is a fallacy. it doesn't take into account those complicit in some way, even evil or cold hearted people who don't care or who may even secretly enjoy the idea of others being hurt as long as they are not hurt. these types of people exist too. it's even more common than society admits because it's the majority. society is not going to point fingers at their own ugliness, especially if it's a more common character flaws or traits. it just becomes a norm.

    obscene, isn't it? she even looks depraved and evil. she has the exact same face as that mexican thief female roommate in the military, except she was fatter. everyone felt sorry for her for some odd reason. i don't know, because people are just sorry for evil people?? crazy world.

    10k to stream videos? these are people who have a lot of money. they sure are not exactly those on minimum wage, that's for sure. this means, more than likely, some of them would be considered professionals.

    you never really know.
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  13. birch Valued Senior Member


  14. birch Valued Senior Member


    like this idiot serial killer. he did not come from an abusive or deprived background. sure, his parents divorced and he was bullied at times in school or by others but there are people who have been abused atrociously and bullied heinously to an almost unbearable extent in school too and they don't end up as serial killers. most people, except for a fortunate few, have been bullied in school and most people have disappointments in life. some people had horrible childhoods and still do not become serial killers.

    if you believe his manifesto and his account, he had a pretty good life. he was also delusional and unrealistic about people such as his extreme jealousy of other couples assuming everyone is happy. his delusional belief in winning the lottery. his self-entitlement in all things. his idea that having a girlfriend would fix all problems and make him happy. it's pretty clear even if he did get a girlfriend, it would not be enough or satisfy him for long as he would be looking for the 'next best thing' etc as he didn't see people as individuals. what he needed to experience was some humility and maybe his parents should have taken him to a soup kitchen to volunteer or experience some real hardship so he wasn't so sorry for himself. also, his priorities were wrong as he should have been focused on bettering himself and getting his education and pursuing his career and women would come later as he would naturally meet people eventually through work and interests etc. and even if it doesn't, that's life here as most people have wants that don't come true or fulfilled. he didn't even consider the amount of people who are divorced, for example or grateful to be single. it's important to have self-esteem and strive for better for yourself but his ego went to delusional megalomaniac proportions.

    he had no patience and was unrealistic and expected things to be immediate. there are plenty of people who have not had girlfriends/boyfriends in high school or even some choose to due to their studies or higher aspirations or due to ethical/moral reasons to save their virginity.

    it is a fallacy that people who are sociopathic have been abused or more abused than others. that's bs. also, his parents were really nice to him and tried to meet all his needs as they should have. even so far as to take him out of a school where he was bullied into another one when he requested it. some parents would never do that or even care. he was pretty blessed overall.

    you could tell also by his manifesto that his narrow view of life and inflexibility besides his malignant selfishness as well as lack of creative problem-solving skills was his undoing. a lot of sociopaths are like this.
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