Yet another reason why Pakistan should be wiped off the map

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Adam, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    heyya all

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    where is your one good reason with basic reasoning as a communicible theory???
    you have started a thread with a racialy biassed concept of value and then given it progressive enlargement through distructive means to "fix"(???) a problem of its mear existance! ???
    WITH LAWS WHICH YOU HAVE SOLELY judged apropriate and then APPLIED as a single persons views.
    surely you need to talk to some of the pakistanian people in there own country before you can profess to even pondering on social value and ethnic worth to continue, in... individualy respected and protected self existance!!!
    denial of the single " 'alien' being" is kinda gun-ho anti-anything that moves american GI stereotype idolization!!!

    ... ya reckon ???
    with a bit of i wanna kill somtin cos i feel me a gittin restles like!
    (not the sole domination of the u$a, but most, media, pushed through shear numbers)
    defining a middle ground through stereotyping is not too good!!!
    in my opinion.

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  3. kmguru Staff Member

    Saw in another thread:

    NEWS: Pakistan Gang Rape Trial Begins


    DERA GHAZI KHAN, Pakistan (AP) — Fourteen men went on trial Friday over the gang rape of a woman in a remote Pakistani village, an attack ordered by a tribal council to punish the victim's family.


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  5. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member


    My one good reason: Pakistan houses a culture which not only condones gang rape as a social control, but promotes it.

    You apparently don't know what the word "racist" means. I dislike the nation Pakistan, and I dislike the culture it houses. I made no mention of disliking the race living there.

    It is my duty to judge others, as a responsible human being. Not judging is irresponsible. If you see a guy raping a women in your front garden, will you leave him to it, since it's not your duty to judge him? I doubt it. We all have the right and the duty to judge.

    No, I don't need to talk to Pakistanis in Pakistan to know that a culture which promotes gang rape as a social control should be eliminated.

    That is senseless and irrelevent.

    I'm not even sure what language you are using there.
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  7. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    heya all

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    Space Monkey
    I have a chip in my arse that lets them control my thoughts
    could you please exlain what you mean by these terms/statements... ?
    Re: "spacemonkey"
    "I have a chip in my arse that lets them control my thoughts"

    if the reasons are too personal i understand.

    one more question...
    what would you do with the people who live in pakistan while you are destroying the culture??
    do the buildings/religouse houses of worship/schools/universitys constitute culture???
    would you bomb them or bulldoz them???
    i am very curiouse as to how you would action this "thing" called erradication....
    i hope i have missunderstood your intentions as to the means of social revolution...

    groove on all

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    peace, love and respect to all life...regardless of age, religion or gender.
  8. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member


    It's a joke, about all the conspiracy nuts who think the CIA and NASA are beaming thoughts into their heads.

    You have a military takeover. The occupying military force institutes new laws; those who don't obey go to jail immediately. Very soon people will get the message that gang rape is a no-no. Why use the military for the institution of new laws in this way? Because the military is more immediate and effective in this regard than any civilian mechanisms.

    Does this military-takeover thing work? Can it result in a decent democratic nation? Yes, absolutely. It worked in East Timor.
  9. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Adamski luv, Riple's posts are like Ouchy the Clown - both disturbing and utterly hilarious.

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    There is, however, about as much point in arguing with somone as closed minded as he as there is point in bashing your head against the wall.
  10. spookz Banned Banned

    "DERA GHAZI KHAN, Pakistan (AP) — Fourteen men went on trial Friday over the gang rape of a woman in a remote Pakistani village, an attack ordered by a tribal council to punish the victim's family.

    All the accused pleaded not guilty, according to defense lawyer Malik Saleem. The four accused of rape face death by hanging. The others face jail terms.

    The June 22 gang-rape stunned the country, highlighting the low status of women in remote rural areas, where tribal councils often resolve disputes following ancient codes of honor and revenge"

    so what is the culture in pakistan?
    one that promotes and sanctifies gang rape?
    one that brings the gang rapists to justice?

    the sharia might be pretty brutal in the penalties it metes out for trangressions of the law but i doubt that gang rape is included.

    what is this? some kind of fascist drama you are turning into the movie of the week?
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2002
  11. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member

    Actually you can see by the opening report of this thread that gang rape is included. Unfortunately the moderen legal system in that country is at odds with the culture it rties to police, at odds with a culture which promotes such horrible acts.
  12. spookz Banned Banned

    as for military takeover working for east timor.....

    some stats>
    ;they were invaded by indonesia
    ;occupied by them for 24 yrs
    ;an estimated 200,000 East Timorese dead from war, famine and disease in the years directly following the invasion in 1975
    ;hundreds more killed, disappeared, tortured and dispossessed under Indonesia's military occupation
    ;and, in the past few months, two-thirds of the population terrorised and forced to flee under an army-backed reign of terror aimed at spoiling the UN supervised referendum.

    your brutal solutions are inhumane
    please reconsider and perhaps adopt a policy of non-interference
    (the prime directive)

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  13. spookz Banned Banned

    and as such; you/nato/america would rather be at odds with the various medieval sub cultures in pakistan than letting their own legal system deal with it?

    very benevolent i must say

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  14. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member


    1) You mentioned a lot of trouble in East Timor under Indonesian rule.

    2) Please show some credible source for your claims that two thirds of the East Timorese population has been forced to flee since UN forces arrived. This should be a neat trick.

    3) You have a warped sense of what is humane and inhumane. If you saw some girl being raped, would you simply go for non-interference? Or would you interfere?
  15. Squid Vicious Banned Banned

    Of course he wouldn't interfere Adam... he wouldnt want to get his hands dirty. 200,000 dead after an invasion? That means nothing. After all, his principles are FAR more valuable than a few East Timorese...

    oh, and spookz... WHICH army was doing the terrorising? You seem reluctant to say...
  16. spookz Banned Banned

    the violence referred to was perpetrated by east timorese militia (backed by the indonesian army) The confusion here is i think is the phrase "military takeover". that to me can mean a coup or an external invasion and is not associated with the un.

    here is a timeline

    the only military takeover in east timor was thru the indonesians.
    are you referring to un peacekeeping actions as a military takeover?
    do you think un soldiers wrote the laws in east timor?
    at best they provided a secure environment for the locals to work with
    the un has civilians to administer transitions to local rule

    un in e timor

    is the question about the "girl being raped" your way of justifying as to why pakistan has to be taken over thru military action?
    the timores asked for intervention, i supported that.
    what have the pakistanis done? do you see them asking for un intervention?
    does national sovereignity mean anything?

    taken from a 1999 news report and was before the un troops arrived.
    where did i claim this happened after un troops arrived?

    i will interfere in the rape provided i prevail. if the odds are not in my favor i will call 911

    i give you two options, rape a girl or see a hundred do the same to her
    (just kidding

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    Last edited: Jul 29, 2002
  17. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    heyya all

    yo spookz...

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    it is obviouse to me that
    Adam (if it is a guy) has had a girlfriend (or friend) raped and feels like he
    has no power to change it!
    poor girl i hope she will meet someone with an open heart as well as an open mind.

    and maybe Xev is in the same boat from another angle???

    we can see what you call entertainment and its kinda sad how you feel you need to self mutalate because of the inner torment you suffer from sexual problems!

    i am truely sad you have allowed it to control your thoughts and impresions of all others that are not as outwardly authoritarian and narrow minded as you...

    if you took the time to read some of my posts you would understand my point of view better...
    that is when you wipe the fear from your heart.

    sadly they seem to need to inflict pain on someone because they feel powerless!!!
    it may be too late for them but i have hope...
    even when they show none!

    RE: east timour
    australian and new zealand MILITARY helped train the troops that have been ordered by the indonesian leader to murder and terrorise the east timor people.
    they have killed an estimated
    1 million people from the 1974 orriginal invasion...

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    there is even tv film that was on NZ tv showing the troops killing people!!!!!!!!!
    that i believe was most likely supported by the UK and U$A
    all the time the indonesian army were being trained and in military exercise with AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND FORCES.
    i hope both countrys havedistanced themselfs from the inevitable civil war that must happen sooner or later.

    war is only justified if you are not in it!
    according to the way it seems to go in the world!

    when we see countrys promoting peace through civil reponsablity it will be on the mend!
    but the truth is that most people look for the easyest solution for thier greed and dont want to think about others suffering
    so pretend it does not happen...
    this is the duality that bad people use as a foundation to build hate
    and it seems they are very effective with a few on this board!

    peace and light
    truth and love
  18. Xev Registered Senior Member


    You are an insular, worthless, pathetic little bigot with the decency of a parasitic fungus.

    A: No.

    B: Even if I had been raped, I don't think it could ever be construed as a fault of my character.

    For you to use such as an insult proves you to be one of the lowest, slimiest and most disgusting little flukes of human potential that I have ever seen in my 18 years on this planet. You make me sick.

    I hope to Cthulhu that you aren't this way in the mundane world, you loathsome, putrescent little nematode.

    You are lower than the precambrian ooze. You have no innate goodness of heart, no moral sense, no decency, no heart and no brain. You have one of the most twisted and perverse drives to power that I have ever seen.

    I had thought your previous posts were rather idiotic, and had hoped you would one day reach rock bottom and leave. Now it seems you've hit rock bottom only to hire a backhoe to start digging.

    Your attempt to insult me using a nonexistant event has only backfired. It proves a mirror into your very soul - or rather, whatever loathsome ooze you call a personality.

    Note that next time you attempt to use such an insult. And seek psychiatric help, you sick fuck.
  19. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    heyya all

    dear Xev
    it seems i have struck a cord!
    sorry if i have unduly hurt your feelings!
    you seem to like insulting people but then take
    scientific reference to be personaly insulting.

    you seem to try to create the impression of great knoledge of human nature
    yet you seem (in your above posts and other threads) to be throughing insults at people who dare to imagine the impossible as you see it)

    as you have said you are 18 years old!
    why do you harbour soo much hate?

    are you not aware of the Extreemly important NEED for people who have been abused, to have even-minded, patient, non-biggoted, life-experienced, CONSTRUCTIVE people helping them?
    who have some grasp of the nature of cause and effect psychology?
    especialy on a sexual bassis!

    THE people i have counselled in regard to sexual abuse and suicide do not share your great need to kill somthing, IN-GENERAL!

    and it is my experience... (with working with these people) that thier friends are usualy the ones blinded by rage to a point of only making things worse for the victim!

    do you now see the depth in which i am discussing such deeply seated psychological issues, with a method of relative comparrison to implyed references by you and other people!!!

    it only seems to be a distructive and sexualy masacistic mentality(or maybe sadistic) that YOU WOULD POST SUCH A LINK in a SCIENTIFIC forum!
    especialy when we are attempting to discuss the morral fibre of a
    culture on the knife-edge of global change!

    if you dont want me to evalute the psychosis of your insults...
    i never intend to insult anyone.
    i mearly attempt to help them by pointing out what i deduct as to be the underlying issues!

    light and love
    truth and peace
    a peice of truth to help light love

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    or just a another crazzy moral idealist...
    you choose

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  20. Xev Registered Senior Member


    Dream on. Ye canna hurt my feelings because you mean nothing to me personally. However, you needed to be dealt with.

    Insulting a person by claiming that they are a victim of rape classifies you as "scum" in my eyes, with a specification for genus being "fuckwit".

    Nope, don't enjoy insulting people. Constructing a flame is a challenge I enjoy, but that's about it.

    Scientific? You wouldn't know science if it bit you in the arse.

    I have no great "knoledge" of human nature. I know what must be done, and I really don't care what gets in the way.

    I am strong. The strong have a duty (if you believe Nietzsche) to protect the weak.

    As for throwing insults at those who imagine the impossible, I doubt it. My entire existance should be seen as impossible - and yet I am.

    A lifetime of seeing the weak oppress the weak, I suppose.


    My will to power is not so weak in that regard. I have no desire to kill anything. I simply wish to protect those weaker than myself.

    Sometimes this involves killing.

    Quack. You don't even have a basic knowledge of paraphilia/devient sexual behaviour.

    Go back to reading Castanada, twat.

    "Masachistic"? Reminds one of the Latin root "masticare" as in "to chew"

    Which makes utterly no sense. Firstoff, we are not in a science sub-forum, we are in an ethics subforum.

    Secondly, exactly what a "sexually chewing/grinding/crushing with teeth" mentality means is beyond me.

    I enjoy chewing on my partners? Oooookay. I don't think even Sacher Masoch went there.

    Nor, when I think about it, did de Sade.

    Perhaps you are thinking of "masochistic", stemming from the name of Leopold von Sacher Masoch which Dr. Richard von Krafft-Ebing used to describe this phenomena

    Or perhaps you are simply an idiot.

    I mean, you claim to have experience in psychology/psychiatry yet you haven't even the most basic understanding of sexual paraphilias?

    Good heavens. Are you normally this stupid or are you making a special effort for me?

    Moving right along....

    Sweetie, it's a joke between Adamski the Fish-Boy and I. Just as "fish boy" is a joke between the two of us.

    In any case, sadomasochism is not classified in the DSM-IV, although I believe there is a entry for sexual sadism - a different thing entirely.

    I have a DSM-III lying around somewhere, do you want me to transcribe part of the entry?

    However, sexual - hmmm, shall we say deviences? are not the same thing as psychosis. They are sometimes classified as paraphilia and sometimes regarded as a somewhat hmmm- exotic - sexual practice, much in the same way as homosexuality once was.

    Anyhow, insulting a person by claiming that they are the victim of a rape is a twee bit low, don't you think?

    Perhaps you feel that this would be a loss of power, thus you were implying such a victim is weak?

    In which case, I hope to Cthulhu that you never explore these feelings.

    As I asked before, please see a competent psychiatrist.

    Edit to add:

    And no, I don't enjoy chewing on my sexual partners. I don't think I've ever even tried it.

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  21. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Well, what do you know

    Funny, that ... I had always thought it was just me. Oh, well.

    Um, Rip ... since you're dealing with someone who doesn't think she's communicating unless she's insulting people, you should get used to such statements being considered (A) intelligent, and (B) respectful.

    I know, I know.

    But at least it's not an ad hominem attack. Given that Xev has complained about people insulting one another and behaving badly, at least she didn't resort to ad hominem and make a hypocrite of herself.
    I actually figured it was that you had no feelings to hurt, Xev. You parade around here like a tinfoil-encrusted Queen of All Things waving your Wand of Vitriol as if Tony1 or KalvinB were the best things you could aspire to.

    One of the things about rape survivors and the kind of rage you show is that it's important for Ripleofdeath to know one way or another. In one case, the childish tantrums you throw are understandable and need to be dealt with sensitively. In the other case, you, Xev, simply need to calm down.

    Perhaps if you spent a little more of your energy on your intellect and a little less on presenting a stylish persona whose best answer to anything is insults and anger, I might find the present exchange you're in to be a little less hilarious.

    Or, to be specific, being a child is no excuse for your behavior. Grow up and act like an adult, and you'll be treated as an adult. But your Q-rating is sinking, and the only way to redeem a Q-rating that is plummeting like yours is to stop chasing image.

    Excitable, yes, but a dragonlord you are not. I mean,
    Insulting? It's a fair question when you're being this sensitive about a subject. Why don't you document that insult specifically, and explain to us why you feel insulted. If you make a good enough case, I'm sure Rip will apologize; he's very good about those things.

    But if you're going to throw a temper tantrum, why be as unreasonable as a trailer-park born-again Christian teenage mother? Try being a little more reasonable, take it a little slower, and stop vomiting out your rage while you don't know what you're angry at.

    Maybe you actually have a case. Or a point. Don't know, can't tell through the thick anger bleeding from your post.


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  22. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    heyya all

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    maybe i will ask you to edit all my posts before i submit?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    (its ok i would not subject you to such a question)

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    your interpretation of my ramblings and bad spelling is a testament of "hope" that the underlying premise of the ability to communicate has not been lost completely.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Castanada = Apprenticeship ??? we all know that is a dirty word in this day and age

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    I mean, you claim to have experience in psychology/psychiatry
    that is what you claim me to have!

    that is not what i said!

    My experience is in counseling of people in life crisis situations in regard to the theory upon which i have expanded from.
    i have never, and will never proclaim to be a psychologist or psychiatrist...
    this is just as much for ethical reasons as any other!
    i congratulate you on your ability to demonstrate you can view 2 different meanings from one misspelt word!

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    this is a testament to what i hope to be your willingness to learn
    in as many forms as possible

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    mistakes of the young at heart can be made at any age...
    mistakes of the young of age can only be made before you realise your are not young...
    to err is human
    to err and repeat it
    is the trap humanity is in
    break the cycles!

    peace and light
    truth and love

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  23. Xev Registered Senior Member


    Dude, get laid.

    Liar. I've never complained about insults per se.

    Hmmm, good point. I don't really have much in the way of feelings to hurt.

    Tony1? Now Tiassa luv, you know I don't like hearing his name, 'specially since he left before I could propose to him.


    This is more posy of ring than prolouge, so let me get straight to the point:


    Apology would be nice, but seems that it won't be forthcoming. Ciao.

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