YECs Costly Big Bang Bust Adverts

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by danshawen, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. danshawen Valued Senior Member

    The YECs are getting sneakier. If you don't read the fine print "advertisement", or fail to read all the way to the bottom of the sidebar, you might come away with the idea that what you have just read in a 1/4 page paid advertisement in the Washington Post page A15 this morning (4/15/15) was something having to do with a real shakeup in cosmology in general, and the theory of the Big Bang in particular. There wasn't. What they printed evidently isn't yet available on an internet, but it's very similar to this:

    and this is also by the same author, and the same organization he represents in these advertisements. Take a good long look at his credentials while you are at it. Is this a real scientist or simply a religious leader posing as one?

    Cosmology, it isn't. Here's why. Science doesn't start out with something like the thrice translated book of Genesis, or even Psalm 103:17 (mentioned in the ad) and treat it as though it has been put through all of the rigors of the scientific method (observation followed by hypotheses, followed by multiple tests of those hypotheses by different groups of scientists).

    The Psalm mentioned has some reference to "G-d's Throne" as a substitute for the Big Bang, and also says that it is "near by". See how the Big Bang, in some minds, has tampered with the idea of a close, personal G-d? See also how, in the absence of an edict from G-d, or some religious leader, even cosmic real estate can become an idol? Not only is this not science. It's not even very good religion. I was originally under the impression that it was the BB folks who were the new Ptolemists. I see that I have underestimated only religious diversity in this respect.

    I'm posting this so that all may see that my erstwhile preoccupation with the idea that Ptolemists are alive and well and living (apparently) in the academically accredited cosmology community is no delusion. They are there, and they also are determined to undermine and discredit any science that may cause them to lose credibility with those who take their ads seriously. I actually don't support all of the science pointing to the Big Bang as mainstream cosmology. But the ideas in this ad are definitely much worse.

    I was also at a loss to explain why Common Core, which is actually a STATES RIGHTS political movement in education seems to have fallen on harsher political weather. Part of the reason why has nothing to do with the CC mathematics associated with being a cashier. The Big Bang theory is also a designated part of the Common Core science curriculum. Evolution was trumped by science looking at the entire human genome more closely, and coming to the inescapable conclusion Darwin was right all along. But cosmology is still in play, evidently.

    What do you think?
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  3. billvon Valued Senior Member

    I find it funny that he goes to great lengths to cloak his paper in science, but then loses it all at once around the third page:

    "Additionally I herein suggest the
    CCU model also deserves attention from the
    biblical perspective as well, for I believe this
    physical Center is also the Command Center
    of the Universe, none other than the location
    of God’s eternal throne where, as described
    in Hebrews 8–10, Christ is now ministering
    his blood in behalf of all who are calling
    upon him for salvation."

    Perhaps the temperature of the blood of Christ is 2.73K? That would explain a lot.
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  5. danshawen Valued Senior Member

    It would. Yep, if they can't find a center of creation with their G-d in it in one theory, they'll just make their own center in a new place and start over. I don't know who it was who put them off on the Big Bang, but whomever it was, thanks! It was probably the same folks who were abusing ideas about the BB, but it was really getting old. The Ad in the Post actually had the audacity to use 'Occamh's Razor' in their pitch, which I think they misspelled. If I had a nickel for every time Occam's Razor was used to advocate some belief just on forums like these, I'd probably be rich enough to buy one of those ads. Occam's Razor is not a scientific principle, any more than the Anthropic Principle is. But because they are philosophy and not science based, they are evidently very popular with YECs.

    These kinds of ads must be at least as lucrative as rehashing their last rehash of the book of Revelations, or they wouldn't be putting so much money into it.

    No mistake, such ads are also the beginning of a new round of evangelism combined with political campaigning. Can't fault their strategy. Unfortunately, nothing real science does is ever likely to garner as much support as this does. Too bad. Real science could certainly use a boost.
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