XP repair install issues.

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by Veteropinguis, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Veteropinguis Registered Member

    I was using this guide (michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm) to try and fix an issue with my computer. Essentially my computer randomly died, or somehow my admin account was deleted. I tried logging in as 'Adminstrator' 'administrator' 'ADMINISTRATOR' and 'admin' with the other two caps variations, with no password, and it didn't work. Same thing happened in safe mode.

    Unfortunately I was a moron, forgot what I was doing, and hit a key at step 6 even though it says not to.

    If my files are still there (all I need is My Documents) would I be able to get at them by running Ubuntu off the Live CD?

    When I boot my computer, it takes me to the XP installation screen, even though I don't have the CD in the drive.

    I don't have a backup anywhere.
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  3. Dr Mabuse Percipient Thaumaturgist Registered Senior Member

    you can recover the files... even if you need to re-install XP... you can recover the files... do not use the system any more than absolutely necessary until you recover the data though...

    RTT R-Studio is a program i like... powerful and lots of options... it's $79.99... Link to RTT R-Studio...

    if you know what you are doing how to use the linux CD you can certainly do it that way...

    there are free file recovery programs that have varying degrees of success also...

    you have options...
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  5. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Firstly you'd have to work out if you are using a FAT32 or NTFS partition on your drive. It's likely you are using NTFS which means there is actually a certain amount of cryptology involved in the storage of your data (This "Security layer" comes with multiple user orientated operating systems)

    There are programs made for recovering information from these partitions however they take time and some of them are not 100% at reclaiming data.

    What I would personally do is attempt to get a Console up (This is usually done through the XP disc unless you pick up one from online) With the Console find the folders that have the information you want to keep and rename them to something else (outside of the Users or Windows folder).

    If you have a disc for clean installs then delete the Windows folder and User folder before reinstalling the OS (This clears out any Trojan hooks or Viruses from your system) If you only have an Upgrade disc, it can be a little tricky.

    This is an old method and I can't remember if this worked with XP or not, but one method with just an Upgrade disc was to delete the whole OS, but just make a folder called "Windows", it then assumed the operating system had previously existed.

    What it actually sounds like is that you either had a that steals Admin accounts because of the blank password (this occurred mostly on Unpatched versions of the OS) this means that even a recovery of your OS would likely mean that your files (usually systems) could be infected so there isn't much point in repairing it.

    All I can suggest is if you choose to reinstall the OS in the future make sure you:
    • Install a Firewall (Either through the OS updates or third party software, this will save headaches through updates)
    • Install all the updates (This patches most of the exploits. Download each SP from the "Network Installation" section of the update website so you can do it "Standalone" as their is issues with the Update links/methods conflicting with one another and causing the updates to hang. If your update hangs, install the "standalone" network installation under Safemode.)
    • Install an Alternative browser (Like Mozilla's Firefox) don't forget to use it.
    • Install Spywareblaster from Javacoolsoftware.com.
    • Pick up an Antivirus program (These are meant for checking files you download and your system should you feel your security has been breached, obviously some common sense is needed to make sure you don't end up missing viruses).
    • Burn a Recovery disc!

    If you reinstall the OS with the above in the same sort of order you should limit the possibilities of such a reoccurance happening in the future.
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