X-Men 2!!!!

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by Tristan, May 3, 2003.

  1. Tristan Leave your World Behind Valued Senior Member

    I am absolutely astounded. This movie, basically, kicked ass. I am EXTREMLY pleased with the plot development. It was thorough and not rushed. The characters were accurate according to the comics and whatnot. There were some differences but overall it was a fantastic fricken movie.

    Easily 10x better than the first.


    (All Hail PHOENIX! It may be good, but it is also to dam powerful)
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  3. Medusan Registered Member

    I agree. It was awesome! The sequences with Nightcrawler were so great, especially the special fx when he teleported.

    The scenario with Jean totally threw me, I had no idea they would take that direction with her.

    I can't wait for the dvd!
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  5. fahq Registered Senior Member

    I really want to see that movie.

    Who are all the new characters in it?
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  7. CounslerCoffee Registered Senior Member

    My Review Of X2


    When this movie started a blue man, and some pretty freaky church opera, was playing. He spun, he kicked. He got shot at, and almost killed a very important man. X2 had just started, and it started on a strong opera note. It didn't end there either.

    Like an opera song it started out with a big bang of sound, and then kept building and building, until it climaxed out... Sorta. The ending is what gets me. We know, everyone knows, that there will be another movie. Crap, it's probably already in production. Fans of the comic will understand what this lake side ending means.

    The comedy was right on que, as were all the action scenes. Perfect in every way.

    The relationship between Logan, Jean, and Cyclops were interesting. Even though Cyclops spends most of the movie elsewhere, his presence is still felt. We know that Scott wouldn't approve of that kiss, and what they almost did.

    The polical over tones in this are massive, children won't understand. Would you approve of a mutant registration act? Would you? These dangerous people that can kill just about anyone that they want. Or would you trust them?

    Everyone here is going to have to choose a favorite summer film. It's going to be very close. It'll come down to X2, or The Matrix Reloaded. There is no inbetween. Your going to like one more then the other. Right now, Im really enjoying X2.

    I enjoyed this movie a lot. It get's four out of four

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    . Perfect.

    P.S. While I was at the theater, I got my tickets for The Matrix Reloaded. 10:30am on May 15th, the very first showing.
  8. Clockwood You Forgot Poland Registered Senior Member

    *bamf* Nightcrawler is easil my favorite comic book hero. Nothing like seeing him down a beer while clinging to the ceiling.
  9. fadingCaptain are you a robot? Valued Senior Member

    xmen 2

    Hey, I saw it Friday night and thought it was leaps and bounds better than the first...which wasn't bad.

    What do you all think? Good? Bad?

    What is your fave character?

    Mine is for sure magneto. He completely kicks ass. He has some great lines in this one like "You have no idea"...
  10. valentino Registered Senior Member

    Magneto was so clever with the way he got out of prison! Is it just me or was Mystique kind of slutty in this movie? I don't rememebr being that way before...
  11. fahq Registered Senior Member



    I GIVE X2 3.5 STARS OUT OF 4
  12. puffy Registered Member

    X-2: X-men United

    ***SPOILER ALERT!***
    This movie only uses the character profiles from the X-men comic. The only time it follows the comic story line is when Jean Gray dies. Other than that nothing else follows the comic.:m:

    Moderator Edit: Please use a spoiler alert. Some people haven't seent the movie yet. I don't think it's been released in Britain yet either. So for the sake of our British firends, use spoiler alerts.

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    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2003
  13. Nivao Ghost of Mirkwood Registered Senior Member


    I am a child, well, sort of, and I totally understood the political overtones, thank you very much.

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    I would not approve of a mutant registration act. I don't see the point. Just becuse certain people have certain abilities doesn't mean we should make them come out into the open. I mean, what about really smart people that could, like, really take advantage of you? And insane peop- bad example.

    What I'm saying is, it would be an evil thing to do.


    The movie ROCKED!!!!! Better than the first one....?
    Hmmmm.... well, more action, more background info, but
    I can't seem to picture them as seperate movies. It feels like one continuos film to me.


    Ghost of Mirkwood

    "we are all the same in the eyes of the ant that we are about to step on."
  14. Increan Sage Registered Senior Member

    Not saying the movie isn't good, but I have been disappointed by all comic book adaptions into movies. They are never accurate. Spider-man has been the closest, but was still off by missing a main character. X-Men, while being a good movie, was also missing many key characters and the order in which things happened was completely off. Come to think of it only Marvel has done a piss poor job bringing comics to life. DC with Superman and Batman were both incredibly well done and accurate. Stan Lee is either just a senial old man now who is told what is going to be done, or he has just completely sold out to special effects and the action. I am very disappointed in marvel comics for their inabilities to stay with a storyline, instead making it more understandable or exciting for kids. I am sure I am not alone, as a long time fan of the comics, in liking but also being angered by the bad adaptation of the Marvel Comics.
  15. CounslerCoffee Registered Senior Member

    The problem with the X-Men comic books is that they were complicated. You have to stream line, and simplify movies or else the audience won't get it.
  16. Tristan Leave your World Behind Valued Senior Member

    Yup, because alot of the audience hasnt read the comics.

    And puffy, you're right. It really is just a spin-off adventure. But Jean-Gray's little shindig is true to her character. Except it happened in a different way.

    And I doubt that the Fantasic Four will find her in the next movie like in the comic. That would confuse the audience like crazy haha
  17. laura b Registered Member

    it is a great film, and do not worry it is out in britain.
  18. Niudo Despair Factioner Registered Senior Member

    My favorite bit of X2 were all the indications that X3 was going to be even MORE completely awesome. (And since Anna Paquin is making media threats, I'd imagine that X3 is in the process.)

    > Lady Deathstrike- Yuriko, Styker's assitant- could plausibly return completely cyborg, as she was in the comics. They might work in God Loves, Man Kills...
    > We didn't actually see Styker die.
    > When Mystique was hacking into Yuriko's files, the name immediately above Lensherr, Eric was LeBeau, Remy... I LOVE GAMBIT! He's completely awesome, and I can never decide who I like more in the comics: Gambit or Nightcrawler.
    > Dr. Hank McCoy (or maybe they said Henry; he went by both) was arguing with the president of the Hellfire club (I swear I know his name, but I can't remember it for the life of me; it's Sebastian something, isn't it? Someone help me out here) on television when the fat security guard (his name I also forget, it's one of those days) tells Lou to change the channel. This indicates we should run both into Beast and the Hellfire club in X3.
    > There's huge openings with Pyro.
    > In the Chris Claremont novelization of X2, Jean comes back, blind. She obviously taps into the Phoenix force and will come back in X3, as the shadow in/above the water reveals. Yay!
    > There should also be, hopefully, more Colossus and Shadowcat; Kitty Pryde, who is mentioned in both movies.

    I hold the opinion that X2 was a lot better than the original X-Men, although both were entirely excellent movies. I had a lot more theories about X3, but I've forgotten them since my last viewing of the movie. I'll have to battle my father over custody of the television and watch is again tonight, but since football is on it might prove difficult.

    X-Men rocks! (or would it be X-Men rock? Not sure.)


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