WTC Building 7 on 9/11

Discussion in 'World Events' started by battig1370, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. shaman_ Registered Senior Member

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  3. shaman_ Registered Senior Member

    I can also produce a lot of witness testimony that supports the official story. Witness testimony can be unreliable though. I would rather work with photo and video evidence where possible.

    Sound travels though the air at 344m/s and steel at 5100 m/s.
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  5. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member


    But you are leaving out the physical evidence, and no photo, or video can make up for the physical Facts and Items, that can be examined and tested as hard evidence, and the video evidence and pictures show the causation of the chain of events starting with the impact of Aircraft at all three sites.

    Photos and Videos are used to back up the physical evidence, photos in and of them selves can't prove much with out physical evidence to back them up, and the Government has the Physical Evidence, and the Video, and the Photographic evidence, which none of the conspiracy nut have, all three legs of the chain of evidence, and only the government has all three.
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  7. leopold Valued Senior Member

    the speed of sound through air is not a constant.
  8. shaman_ Registered Senior Member

    I checked more than one source and that was the approximate speed of sound through the air for 20 degrees C. The point is that it's much slower than the speed it travels through steel.
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2007
  9. Hurricane Angel I am the Metatron Registered Senior Member


    the government has an incomplete list of physical evidence (largely untested at that, for thermate and other residual compounds. being explained as unnecessary) that was quickly shipped out of country.

    also this "physical evidence" could really be anything since no outside source was allowed to fully examine it.

    you could argue that it was done for "national safety" and secrecy, but really...
  10. shaman_ Registered Senior Member

    It doesn't matter. We have enough photo and video evidence to get a good understanding of what happened.
  11. shaman_ Registered Senior Member

    It took months to remove all the steel and it was examined.

    It was then recycled and went to various places. Some in the US and some overseas.

    What should they have done with 360 000 tons of steel?

    Who would be an 'outside source'? Experts from another country? The problem here is that any sufficiently qualified organisation is "linked to the government" and therefore can't be trusted.

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  12. Buffalo Roam Registered Senior Member


    As I was pointing out the photos, and the videos, and the physical evidence, it is all together in the Government's 9/11 Commission Report, and what do the conspiracy nuts have Photos? Videos? educated guess's because they don't have the physical evidence, oh one other thing the Government has the data from the Black Box Flight Recorders.
  13. Hurricane Angel I am the Metatron Registered Senior Member

    wow you people know less and less as time goes on.

    I have almost no words, except that you're a moron and the sooner you stop talking in this thread the better it is for everybody. There are many, many NGOs within the united states... the fact that you don't even recognize that is pretty sad.

    Anyone with a PhD in physics/chemistry/mechanical engineering could be a credible source, and yes... experts from another country. Why not?

    From your articles, shaman;

    thank you, we've already talked about government sources on this and a "federal lab" doesn't really give much new info. and the fact that mayor bloomberg made an opinion on the issue because he's an engineer.... he's an electrical engineer. which means his ideas are worth nothing on the opinion.

    okay... what's your point? 24 tons out of 300,000... are you trying to change my mind about the ridiculous amounts of the steel being recycled and untested?

    holy christ! the very fact that close to nobody has actually seen this physical evidence is part of the problem.

    and what physical evidence are you talking about buffalo? large amounts of steel were recycled without 2nd and 3rd party examinations.

    and buffalo... please post some resources on those black boxes. because the only sites i've found say only 2 have been found, the public was not allowed to hear them, AND sections have been deleted by the FAA director.

    furthermore there's a story about 2 firefighters having found several wtc blackboxes and then being silenced by the fbi. wtc firefighters are the least likely conspiracy theorists... are you saying they falsified the story? they're looking for some extra glamour after 9/11?

    buffalo? anything?
  14. leopold Valued Senior Member

    well see, you included an extra qualifier this time, the temperature. sound does indeed travel at a constant speed at a given temperature and pressure.
    but you are correct, sound travels much slower through air.
  15. shaman_ Registered Senior Member

    I'm sure would prefer that I stopped posting in this thread...

    You mean like the people from the National Institute of Standards and Technology?

    Oh come on. The country had just suffered the worst terrorist attack in their history. The US wanted to use their own people and the most qualified people. This is hardly suspicious. Perhaps they would get other countries to fight their wars for them as well?

    He didn't do the investigation - NIST did, and they found nothing suspicious. You just refuse to believe it. Perhaps you could provide evidence that shows there was a conspiracy. Do you only have childish insults and personal incredulity?

    I was merely providing a link that supports my point. I know that links are very important to you.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2007
  16. Hurricane Angel I am the Metatron Registered Senior Member

    yeah the fact that 2 steel buildings collapsed on one day due to fire and structural damage. the conspiracy arises from their perfect fall.

    the fact that one building fell almost entirely due to fire, with an unknown amount of physical damage. once again a perfect fall.

    the fact that on the day of 9/11, all of NORAD was under a practice mission that had planes smashing into the twin towers... causing much confusion when it actually did happen.

    by the way I made the comment regarding you posting in this thread not because you're threatening any conspiracy theories, you're just annoying to talk to. like, how is NIST an NGO? it is run by the US dept. of commerce... it seems like you do not even know what an ngo is.
  17. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    Don't forget almost the exact same thing happened on 7/7 in London.

    - N
  18. shaman_ Registered Senior Member

    Why do you say that these falls were "perfect"? Is there some other way a building should collapse once it loses sufficient structural integrity?

    It's not like planes crashing into skyscrapers is a common occurence and we should be very experienced with what should happen.

    There were practice missions that day which is not unusual at all. There wasn't a simulation that had planes crashing into the twin towers. Your souce for this claim please?

    Maybe you are referring to exercise Operation Vigilant Guardian which some claim was simulating hijacked planes.

    Do you think that these points are compelling evidence for a major conspiracy?

    If you look back over the last few pages I think I have refuted just about everything you have brought up. If you don't agree with that there you are welcome to respond to those points. Or you could just say "I can't talk to so many people at once" and stop responding...

    I have been quite patient with you Hurricane Angel. You have made sarcastic comments like -

    "you know, if you actually spend some time to find pictures of wtc 7..." when it is clear that there are some very important photos that you haven't seen.

    "another thing you did not know is that thermite (the bombs to melt metal) do not explode in the presence of heat. " when it is clear that you know very little about thermite.

    "But you're not really posting many resources. The problem I see is that we are posting many links and such," when I have posted a lot more links than you have.

    I have also ignored your insults. So don't complain to me that I am annoying to talk to.

    No, I never said NIST was an NGO.

    My inital comment regarding an organisation being suspicious was a sarcastic comment (see the rolling eyes) regarding conspiracy theorists not trusting anyone. For example, many NGOs rely on governments for funding so they would also be considered suspicious by conspiract theorists. See my point? If you are able to create some (probably fake) link between Popular Mechanics and George W then you could probably create links to anyone. It would be hard to find anyone supposedly "independent". It was facetious comment but you wanted to go one about it...
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2007
  19. madanthonywayne Morning in America Registered Senior Member

    Why is this nonsense still being debated? Is there some new evidence?
  20. shaman_ Registered Senior Member

    1. Because I am argumentative.
    2. Nope.
  21. Hurricane Angel I am the Metatron Registered Senior Member

    wow madanthonywayne... 4,000 posts later and you're still an idiot.

    Shaman what's the point of debating anything when you're always on the defence, you fall back to the "well that's the accepted theory (the usual 9/11 explanation)" so there's no need for you to prove anything. Can you prove to me those buildings collapsed due to fire, can you prove to me those hijackers are now dead and not alive, can you prove there was no insider trading regarding foreknowledge of 9/11?
  22. shaman_ Registered Senior Member

    You are welcome to respond to any points that you don't agree with. You haven't been doing that. You are just complaining that I am refuting your posts.

    You have already been shown that steel buildings can collapse due to fire. These buildings had a lot more than fire causing them damage.

    Can you provide any evidence for a controlled demolition at all?

    They're alive? Where are they? Evidence? Why would US government risk the conspiracy and try to pin it on guys that are still alive? That is stupid.

    There were some spikes leading up to 9/11 but nothing out of the ordinary.

    "If a United Airlines spike of 8,072 in March didn’t suggest an imminent attack, then why should 3,150 puts in September have any more effect?"
  23. James911 Registered Member

    All those who took part in 911 planning and execution raise their hands :truce:

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