Would you shoot a bunny for fun???

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by taylan007, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. c20H25N3o Shiny Heart of a Shiny Child Registered Senior Member

    When I was a kid my neighbour had an air rifle. It had a telescopic sight and it all seemed very grown up to me aged about eight or nine. He liked to shoot animals for fun. The fun for him was hitting the target which affirmed his skill in shooting accurately. He would get upset if it was not a clean headshot for two reasons. Reason 1) he had been off target and Reason 2) He had left the animal to potentially suffer before it died.

    One day he let me have a go, probably thinking I couldn't hit a barn door with a baseball from 10 yards. I did not even think about the animal which was a small flying blip in the telescopic sight. As it moved into the cross hair I pulled the trigger and saw the flight halted and the black blip plummet. My neighbour patted me on the back and said 'nice shooting'. I just felt cold though. I had just killed something. It didn't seem so difficult to line something up in a crosshair and pull a trigger. I remember feeling sad for at least a couple of days thinking how that bird could still be flying and sucking juicy worms out of the ground.

    No, i wouldn't shoot a bunny for fun.


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  3. dsdsds Valued Senior Member

    You shot a bird IN FLIGHT with a pellet gun? Wow. That WAS "nice shooting"!
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  5. Darkman Registered Senior Member

    I wouldn't
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  7. c20H25N3o Shiny Heart of a Shiny Child Registered Senior Member

    It was a Webley .177 air rifle. The tin of pellets had a picture of a wasp on it. Very powerful for its time if I remember. It was my neighbours pride and joy anyway.

    I joined a shooting club (paper targets) when I was twelve but couldn't afford an air gun so had to use theirs. They were quite old an innacurate so you had to adjust the line of fire to compensate for the anomalies in the barrel. I saved and saved for my own new gun but by the time i had enough cash I had gotten into fishing. I quit the shooting club and bought some carp rods and bite alarms. Still had all my fishing stuff until I got married. Then the fishing stuff seemed to be surplus to requirement (well that's what she told me anyhoo

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    These days I play pool. i LOVE shooting pool.

  8. taylan007 Madman Registered Senior Member

    Would you shoot a bunny that was eating your carrots????
  9. c20H25N3o Shiny Heart of a Shiny Child Registered Senior Member

    Depends how dependant I was on the carrots. If I was that dependant on the carrots then the bunny would prolly make a nice addition to the meal.


  10. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    I would drain some rabbit blood and shoot it up. Then I would have all the power of the rabbit I could see really well, run fast, and breed prolifically.
  11. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

  12. cato less hate, more science Registered Senior Member

    not really, its quite natural for creatures to kill things for sport. moreover, what is unnatural? are humans somehow not a product/part of, a natural world?
  13. GodlessEvil God is dead Registered Senior Member

    Well we are part of the natural world, but just because you can do something does not mean you should.

    I prefer that people kill things because there is somewhat a need to, like foxhunting is not so bad because you can establish some sort of motive, the enviroment for example i'm not so sure about the individuals involved but that is a different matter.

    Same with rats, i don't think you should kill a rat just because you want to, however you may have to terminate many for local or countrywide enviromental reasons.

    Illnesses are another reason, rabits for example can get myxomatosis, the only animal in fact.
  14. curiousgirl867 Registered Member

    just saying "beryl" that becuase someone has sudden urges means absolutly nothing about their mental stability. here is a poem i wrote in high school, and actually got it published there too.
    a fluffy white cottontail
    bobbing up and down
    the rabbit hops under a deep blue sky
    a sky with the clouds unlike the rabbits tail
    i look at the clouds and the rabbit
    and i cannot tell which is more beautiful
    i think the rabbit is
    i think its eyes are like glistening rubies
    rubies that reflect the deep blue sky
    tinting the sky purple in its eyes
    i dont think there is a cost of fur that is purer or whiter
    it looks so soft
    probaly soft when you touch it
    probaly could feel its heart beat when you touch it
    the beat of its heart
    wonder how it feels in my hand if i crushed it
    the melody of the hearts beat against my palm
    the pulses tempo under my thumb
    the shudder beneath my hands pressure
    the warm fluid blood between my fingers
    the remnants falling to my feet
    the beautiful rabbit hopping
    its heart is out of reach

    this basically says that you can have thoughts and wonders, but it says nothing about what your mind state is...
  15. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    no i would not shoot it atall, or any other animal for fun, but if im out in the wild stranded and im hungry and i see little thumper there i would skin his ass and cook a stew.
  16. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned

    and that poem has issues on some other level i dunno, peace...
  17. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Yeah, sure, why not? What the fuck have they done for me? Nothing. Worthless creatures.
  18. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    For fun? No. But rabbit tastes damned good!
    You were sad that the bird would not live to fly another day, but not that the fish would not live to swim another day?
    Did you catch and release only, and not feel bad about running a hook through another animal's mouth? Or was it that you ate the fish, but would not eat bird?
    I don't get it.
    Not challenging you, just curious.
  19. Slacker47 Paint it Black Registered Senior Member

    i kill lots of animals: cats, rats, dgs, mice, rabbits, deer, squirrels, hogs, prarie dogs. I kill alot of non native species to Texas cuz thats where i live... koi are alot of fun because i feel like its a japanese person somehow
  20. c20H25N3o Shiny Heart of a Shiny Child Registered Senior Member

    I released the fish, handling them as cleanly as possible. They swam away to live another day. My understanding back then was that fish didn't feel pain. I think the argument whether they do or not is still up for grabs although I think science is leaning towards 'they do feel pain' these days. The bird was just a senseless death.


  21. roid Registered Member

    move to Australia, where if you catch a rabbit, fox, wild pig, or wild cat it's prettymuch your DUTY TO KILL IT, they are all environmental disasters.
  22. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    Wild cats too?
    The others were atificially introduces to Australia, but I thought Australia had native wild cats. If so, why are they environmental disasters?
  23. roid Registered Member

    No Australia doesn't have native wild cats. Although generations of escaped domestic cats have bred into these strange wild cats that are larger (and more agressive) compared to their domestic ancestors. They are a disaster because much of australia's wildlife are birds, cute cuddly marcupials and rodents (probabaly why we have so many snakes). The ground dwelling rodents especially have little to no protection from cats, and as a result most of them are endangered species.

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