Would You Dare To Experience TIME~Travel?

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  1. TIME02112 Registered Senior Member

    OK I am Just as Sick & Fed Up With Power Hungry Corrupted Politicians & The Propagated Lies they Use To Fuel The Fear & Keep a Tight Grip on the People sacrificing their Lives For Lust & Greed Of Industry ....Rich Ridding On The Backs Of The Poor. This Is Why "GLOBALIZATION" Needs To Come into Fruition Regardless of The Consequences, as that the alternative bears far worse to sacrafice!

    ……. “As Man is contemptible to "Rule" Himself, so Shall He Be Ruled, but "No One Man Shall Rule Another" and Nothing Can Remain indefinite in a House Divided, and many houses coming together to Join forces to "Share" the Rulership Cannot Remain "One Sided" (Time02112)

    It Is My Contention That Not Only Is "TIME~Travel Real" But It Is Directly Related To The Fact That These "TIME~Travelers" are Responsible For Saving Humanity's Very Genetic Existence!

    A* (The Future Is In The Past!) .....Our Future Generation Of Offspring Eventually Become The Ancestral Parents of Our "Forefathers"

    B* I Have Pleanty Of Sufficient Hard Evidence from Various Resources To Prove That Not Only "TIME~Travel" Is Possible, But "GENUINE"!

    There are "Many" Alternate methods to enable one to "Time~Travel" without the creation of a "Power supply" equatable to that of a Sun.....you can "Tap~In" to an EMF Gridline that will also connect you to this Energy field with the power "Greater Than The Sun & More" !
    Mr. Gibbs Interview Link here>http://www.strangemag.com/gibbsinterview1a.html
    My BoltPage with many other links>http://pages.bolt.com/other/time02112 http://www.atlantisrising.com/cgi-bin/ubb/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro

    How do I Know This? I Have The "Damned Machine"
    and I will make it available to you to order one for yourself.
    (Serious! I Make No JOKE!)

    Mr. Steven Gibbs Has Created such a TIME~Machine, and I Have "Scanned into my computer his Catalogue which I make available for "FREE" to your Email!
    My Email if you want the “FREE” GIBBS “TIME~Travel Catalogue>TIME02112@bolt.com

    Mr. Gibbs Interview Link here>http://www.strangemag.com/gibbsinterview1a.html

    My BoltPage with many other Links> http://pages.bolt.com/other/time02112

    I am engaging in a most peculiar experiment that involves the recruitment of many other "Potentials" to train & prepare for a Myriad of "TIME~Travel Missions" in which the "Main Objective" is to use whatever means necessary to Protect our Future from any Means of "Mutual Assured Destruction".

    Traveling Back in different TIME~Lines, and influencing others to have more respect & careful consideration to our ENVIRONMENT is the biggest key in any or all of our missions.

    I Just Began This Process at the Beginning of Y2K, and I Am Already Reviewing other people to take my place when I am gone, or if anything "Clandestine" should ever befall me.

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  3. Peter Dolan Registered Senior Member

    Human time travel in the physical sense of the word, always brings to mind the often quoted paradox of : "If a man did travel back in time, met his grandfather and intentionally or unintentionally killed him, how would that man have been born in the first place to go back in time?" Human time travel in the nonphysical sense, such as what "remote viewers" are trying to do, would seem to have little affect on past events unless you do believe that "remote-influencing" can achieve that. Jim Schnabel's book "Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies" made some passing references (pages 188-189) along the lines of "remote-influencing" experiments that the former KGB and GRU had conducted. I take it that this is what you are talking about when you mention human time travel. If I am wrong, then you must be saying that you have some physical electromagnetic process (sort of like the "Philadephia Experiment")that you are working on. When I first read your article, I couldn't help but be reminded of that certain English "Doctor" who would take his "TARDIS" out for a spin so to speak and encounter "Daleks" and "Cybermen" and such. On further reading, I think that I know where you are going, but am not too sure if anything feasible will come of it since it's all tied up in the theoretical for the most part. This isn't to say that theories are false, they just take seemingly forever to ascertain whether they are indeed the truth or not. Then again, if you physically can travel through time, you should have already told us about it by now, shouldn't you?
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  5. tablariddim forexU2 Valued Senior Member

    do you have a Beta version I can download for free?

    I used to think I was weird...till I discovered Excoscience messageboards!
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  7. TIME02112 Registered Senior Member

    Time Travel Research Center ...Explore The Possibilities™

    Time Machines in our Future!...
    Interview with David Anderson, Ph.D.
    August 3, 1999 in Frankfurt, Germany

    * * * Introduction * * *

    Dr. David Anderson is the President and founder of a very unique company called the Time Travel Research Center based in the United States of America. His background is one of the world's most experienced in the field of space-time study and includes more than twenty years of activity in the field of time control research.

    GMD: Dr. Anderson, thank you for joining us.

    Anderson: You are quite welcome. I appreciate and thank you for the opportunity to be here today.

    GMD: Dr. Anderson, I have to say that your company is one of the most interesting I have ever encountered. Can you tell us a little about the Time Travel Research Center?

    Anderson: Of course. The Time Travel Research Center is a privately-owned research laboratory based on Long Island, New York in the United States of America. The company was founded in 1995 and is exclusively dedicated to the advancement of the science, technology and research that will deliver practical time control and someday time travel capabilities. I believe we are a leader in the development of capabilities to pursue this goal and are the only company of its kind dedicated exclusively to pursuing the achievement of time control and time travel. We support private research and development and also pioneered and manage the development of the TRI-STAR Information System which is the worlds largest knowledge base of science, technology, and research applicable to the subject of time and time travel. The TRI-STAR system's simulation programs also represent one of the most advanced space-time virtual laboratories in the world today, designed and optimized specifically for research in this field of study. The Center also founded and manages the Time Travel Research Association, the largest time travel interest group in the world.

    GMD: I have heard a lot about the Time Travel Research Association. But before we discuss this could you tell us exactly how did you get started? How does someone become interested and involved in time control research and development?

    Anderson: It initially began when I was very young. I suppose I had developed a strong interest and ability in mathematics and physics at an early age. After scoring very high on a government exam of some type the United States Air Force began repeatedly trying to recruit me to join the Air Force and participate in their advanced research and development programs. This continued for a couple years during high school and while I was finishing my undergraduate degree program at West Virginia University. At the time I didn't know that I might be involved specifically in space-time research, but it was a strong interest for me at this time. I finally accepted their offer and then spent almost five years as a United States Air Force Officer, Flight Test Engineer, and Scientist, conducting advanced space-time research at the prestigious Air Force Flight Test Center in the Mojave desert.

    GMD: What did you do during your tenure at the Air Force Flight Test Center?

    Anderson: I did many things... many things that I still cannot discuss today. But I can say that the focus of my work was in the research, development, test and evaluation of space-time models and systems. It was here at the Air Force Flight Test Center that I began building a detailed understanding and passion for space-time physics. I moved from project to project developing new mathematical methods and models to help advance space-time study, test and evaluation. I remember that just as I was finishing my graduate program with California State University that I became almost completely obsessed in trying to solve a very specific and elusive problem. The problem was to explain an unpredicted and inexplainable variance in position that some of our space-based satellite systems experienced over longer periods of time. I was finally successful in solving the problem by creating a predictable and reliable mathematical model. However, even though my model worked, it took several more years for me to refine and really understand it. When I finally did I couldn't believe what I was looking at.

    GMD: What was it?

    Anderson: It turned out to be an absolutely complete space-time model. It included every aspect of relativistic physics even including consideration for details like frame-dragging that is caused by the gravity and spin of the Earth and the Moon. This resolved the discrepancy in the satellite position almost perfectly. What was most exciting wasn't the existence of the mathematical model itself, but the relationships that fell out of it. At this point in time I began to develop what I labelled "Time-warped Field Theory" to describe these relationships and how they could be applied for practical time control applications. I left the United States Air Force to continue my work and spent almost all of my time since then working to fund my research, advance my theories, build our TRI-STAR virtual laboratory, and plan the launch of the Time Travel Research Center.

    GMD: So is the goal of your research is to produce a time machine?

    Anderson: It does seem that anytime someone mentions space-time physics this question arises almost within the same breath. Can we build a time machine that we can step into that can teleport us anywhere-anytime? Sometimes it seems that this is always considered to be the "holy grail" of space-time physics. I won't deny that some of our research focuses in this direction. This will be realized, I am sure of that. But I believe most of us will see the application of time-warped field theory and time control in more practical everyday applications first.

    GMD: What kind of applications? I have heard something about your ties to something called "Project Darkstar." Is this a military weapons program and the application you are referring too?

    Anderson: Well "Project Darkstar" is one of our projects... and I suppose the name does sound a little sinister and brings to mind weapons of mass destruction. However, Project Darkstar's first application will probably be in medical applications, but its not limited to this field. Where did you hear about the project?

    GMD: From two different places, one in Australia and another in the United States. But that isn't important. Can you tell us more about the results you have produced and anything you can about project Darkstar?

    Anderson: Well Project Darkstar is one of our first projects to apply time-warped field technology for practical application. So far we have been successful in creating and demonstrating small self-contained time-warped fields. The current field size we are moving to now is about 10 to 12 centimeters in diameter. A considerable amount of work will be required to increase the field size from here but it is definitely achievable with more time and funding. But the field size of 10 to 12 centimeters we are creating now is more than enough for many short-term applications we are already researching.

    GMD: Wait, lets slow down. I don't understand exactly what this field is. What is it and how it can be used?

    Anderson: It is a self-contained spherical time-warped field. Within its boundaries we can actually accelerate or decelerate to a certain degree the rate at which time passes relative to the rate of time outside of the field. Perhaps the best way to describe it is to discuss some of the applications of this technology. Lets go back to the medical application.

    We are currently researching several applications in the medical field. One would be transplant organ preservation. The time-warped field will be used to preserve organs or tissues awaiting transplant. In this case the organ would be stored in a special container within the time-warped field. Here it would be exposed to a significant retardation in the rate of time passage that would keep the organ healthy and fresh for a longer period of time. This will greatly increase the success rate of transplant operations and will also provide a solution for organs to be stored and made available for longer periods of time... so they can be available when they are really needed.

    Another area of great interest and application of this technology is for scientific test acceleration or retardation. Not only in the medical field but in many others. In many disciplines the speed at which research can be accomplished, or results can be produced, is gated by the length of time required by certain natural processes or chemical reactions. Utilizing the time-warped field technology we will be able to actually accelerate this testing and research, hopefully without compromising the quality of the results. This will have tremendous advantages in many industries and research around the world. The number of new avenues in research and development this could open up are significant.

    GMD: So this is all theoretical, right?

    Anderson: No, the technology is real.

    GMD: Well, this sounds hard to believe, what actual results have you produced to verify this?

    Anderson: Several. First, we have demonstrated time rate acceleration and retardation using both mechanical and electronic clocks. Placing one clock with the field and a reference clock outside we can show the time rate divergence as the field is "adjusted." We also recently demonstrated the effect on a living organism successfully accelerating and retarding the gemination and growth of plant seedlings. We set up a control group outside of the field and repeated several tests where a seedling was allowed to germinate and grow within the field itself. Here we repeatedly and consistently demonstrated control and actual time rate divergences between the two test groups.

    GMD: Why plants? Why wouldn't you... or have you tested this on people or animals?

    Anderson: No, testing this on animals or people is much too dangerous at this time. First the field size is much too small. But more importantly this would be very dangerous for the following reason.

    The field boundaries have some very "unique" characteristics that would be very dangerous if mis-applied at this time. This is why we decided to focus on organ preservation and scientific test acceleration first. But we don't exclude the possibility and we even anticipate that after much more development that we will be able to create stasis fields and then eventually certain types of disease regression capabilities in the future.

    But given the dangers it is much better that we walk before we run here.

    GMD: It sounds like you have a lot of passion and interest for the application of your T.w.F. Technology (Time-warped Field technology) for medical and health care use?

    Anderson: Yes, I do. The impact this technology could have on accelerating research and finding cures for diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and aids is profound. We do believe that our TwF Technology will eventually permit certain types of actual disease regression as our development continues and we find safer ways to use it on a living person. But in the short-term the benefits in accelerating and opening up new avenues of research will have such a large positive impact that we feel it may entirely change the way the world looks at and performs research and may help us move more quickly to new cures or treatments for these diseases.

    GMD: It sounds like the benefit of this new technology could have a tremendous influence on medical cure and treatment research.

    Anderson: Yes, absolutely.

    GMD: You mentioned earlier that Project Darkstar wasn't limited to just medical applications. What other applications do you see for this technology?

    Anderson: Well the applications we just discussed as I mentioned are short-term applications. As we continue to study and develop our Time-warped Field technology we see other possible uses of the technology emerging. One of the first is the development of "containment fields."

    GMD: Containment fields... What is this and how would it be used?

    Anderson: As I mentioned earlier the boundaries of a Time-warped Field have some very unique characteristics. Some of which are very dangerous to living tissue. But some of these same characteristics that make them dangerous may allow them to be used to contain materials or energy that if exposed could cause damage if released. I suppose I'm not explaining this well. Its usually easier to discuss the technology and application with my presentation materials.

    But for example, we see T.w.F. technology possibly being used to create a containment field that can be used with nuclear reactor cores to prevent the escape of dangerous radiation which can be very harmful or deadly to people, or any living creature nearby. Another application would be to protect against the escape of hazardous materials during handling, storage, or transport. There are many materials and organisms that are very deadly if exposed to living organisms and this could be another new application where this technology could have a tremendous impact.

    I have to stress that analysis of the Time-warped Field boundaries is difficult and we still have much to learn. Another of our projects, "Project Prime-Zero", is dedicated totally to the analysis of the boundary characteristics of the field. This is where our Tri-Star simulator and virtual laboratory is key. So far the results of simulations on the system have been very promising and have not excluded that these types of containment fields may be possible with further research and development. In fact, the results suggest strongly that they are completely possible within the realm of the mathematics and physics of T.w.F. theory.

    GMD: It sounds like your computer simulators are critical to projects like Prime-Zero and some of the others. Can you tell us a little about this?

    Anderson: Well, you are absolutely correct, our virtual laboratory is key to analyzing and learning more about Time-warped field technology and its application. Our simulation programs may represent the most advanced space-time virtual laboratory in the world. It is a system that has been designed and optimized specifically and successfully for space-time research and development. Hmm... I probably should control myself here because this is a topic I like to talk too much about and we do not have that much time. But we are very proud of our programs and they have been invaluable to our research. I have personally invested now more than fifteen years in the development of the Tri-Star system and with that type of "investment" its easy to get carried away.

    GMD: That's okay, tell us more about it.

    Anderson: Okay. As I mentioned the system can simulate a complete and accurate space-time model for almost all of our research needs. The Tri-Star system's simulation programs were designed with one goal in mind -- to advance our efforts to achieve time time control and time-travel technology. It is a very unique scientific research platform.

    The system is probably most unique in that it is very flexible and quickly adaptable to the various types of T.w.F. analysis and testing we need to do. By bridging the walls between physics, mathematics, and computation... and injecting our space-time model... the Tri-Star system now delivers a powerful research and development environment for us.

    The system is used extensively before and after our hard experiments to compare actual results v.s. computer predictions. More and more though the greatest value has been in exploring and documenting the nature and possible applications of time-warped field boundaries. Overall I can't express how valuable this program has been to our success and progress across the board.

    GMD: I would like to see the system someday. You mentioned that the system addressed "almost all" of your research needs. Why "almost all?" Can you explain?

    Anderson: I did not realize I was that revealing. Yes, there are some areas where we need to improve our simulation efficiency. The nature and characteristics of the time-warped field boundaries as I mentioned are very complex. I was probably understating this point. The mathematical model of the field in this area is extremely complex. Our Tri-Star simulation programs model the time-warped field accurately but due to the complexity our analysis and research in this area is progressing slower than we like, but it is progressing.

    GMD: Perhaps you should put your simulator inside the time-warped field to accelerate your work.

    Anderson: Actually, we have seriously thought about it and are looking at this as a possible long-term application of time-warped field technology. We believe that when we increase the field-size that we may be able to in fact do this.

    There is much we still need to learn but it is quite possible that T.w.F. technology will create new possibilities and avenues to increase computer power and performance. Today we have parallel processing... who nows, tomorrow we may have multi-dimensional processing in an accelerated time domain. The technology may also have some separate advantages in the computer manufacturing process and it is very possible that T.w.F. technology will open some new paths in super computer development and applications.

    GMD: It seems like there are some exciting applications for use of this technology today. And it seems that there are even more you are trying to explore for the future. Are there any other applications out there you have considered?

    Anderson: Certainly, but we will have to wrap-up after this so I can be sure to make my flight. If not... I will have a very long walk to Bucuresti.

    GMD: Okay.

    Anderson: Well, researching this particular application its not a high priority effort, but as our Prime-Zero Project reveals more about the nature and characteristics of the time-warped field boundary we may find that the technology might provide a new source of power. This power source efficiency could be extremely high efficiency and would be a 100% environmentally clean technology. Again, there are many unknowns and much research to do, but this is a real possibility.

    GMD: Our understanding of time has certainly changed in recent years, hasn't it?

    Anderson: The quest to understand time has been going on for thousands of years. But yes, you are correct. The last hundred years have revealed a lot. Time dilation and time control are achievable. This is science-fact not science-fiction. Its easy in each of our daily lives not to see this. But time control and even time travel are no longer considered to be a psuedo-science... they are accepted scientific, mathematical and physical fact. In fact, they are a essential basic element and part of the fabric of the universe we are living in right now. I suppose for many its just another example of how science-fact can be stranger than science-fiction.

    GMD: If someone is interested how can someone learn more about time and time travel?

    Anderson: I would first recommend visiting our web-site at www.time-travel.com. The web-site present many views on the study of time and time travel including views on physics, mathematics, philosophy, metaphysics and even its implications and ties to spirituality. We also publish a quarterly journal called The Space-Time Journal that is packed with a lot of good and exciting information on many subjects surrounding the study of time.

    There are also many good books available on the subject. One of the best I always recommend for someone just getting started is Paul J. Nahin's "Time Machines." Also, "Space-time Physics" by Edwin Taylor and John Wheeler is a great introduction to a more mathematical view of space-time physics. We also maintain a comprehensive index and guide to hundreds of books and videos on the subject on our web-site if someone needs more sources.

    We also manage an association called the "Time Travel Research Association." This is an association that networks time travel information and interests from around the world. We currently have more than 8,000 members from more than 78 countries. We sponsor the association in an effort to try to help advance the study and development of time control and time travel for anyone who is interested. The Time Travel Research Association is a great way to keep informed on news an updates and we even offer a free membership option. Its a great way to study and learn. Another organization I think many would find interesting is the "International Society for the Study of Time." I believe they have a web-site at www.studyoftime.org.

    GMD: One last question. What should we look for coming from the Time Travel Research Center in the future?

    Anderson: Well if our research continues to resolve itself as we've planned... and we predict it will... we will all be seeing some fascinating changes and the opening of an entire new industry based on this technology. Time-warped Field (TwF) technology, as we continue to refine and enhance its application, will have a profound impact on our world. The future will definitely be an exciting "time."

    GMD: Dr. Anderson, thank you for your... "time" today.

    Anderson: Your quite welcome. Thank you.

    * * * end of interview * * *

    Dr. David Anderson can be contacted by e-mail at danderson@time-travel.com or by regular mail by writing to the Time Travel Research Center, P.O. Box 1047, Smithtown, NY 11787-8547, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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  8. TIME02112 Registered Senior Member

    http://www.time-travel.com/timetech.htmBiography of David Anderson:

    David Anderson. Born in a small town in West Virginia, United States of America, he developed a quick interest and ability in mathematics and physics at an early age. He graduated with honors from West Virginia University and was recruited by the United States Air Force to participate in advanced scientific research and development programs.

    He spent five years as a United States Air Force Officer, Flight Test Engineer, and Scientist, conducting advanced space-time research at the prestigious Air Force Flight Test Center. It was at this time that he began formulating his breakthrough concepts in the areas of space-time physics and time-warped fields and also continued his education receiving his Master of Science degree from California State University. At this point he left the Air Force to pursue other interests and to continue advancing his own research and theories.

    He was best known at this time for the development of new mathematical methods and computer models used to advance space-time study and research and for his advanced theories on time-warped fields. In 1995, he founded the Time Travel Research Center, a privately-owned research laboratory dedicated to the advancement of the science, technology and research with the goal to deliver practical time control technology and capabilities. From its inception the Center has remained a leader in the development of capabilities to pursue this goal and still remains the only company of its kind dedicated exclusively to pursuing the achievement of practical time travel and control.

    He was fascinated by not only the physics and science of time, but also by an awareness of its ties to human spirituality and philosophy. He complimented his scientific education receiving his Ph.D. in Philosophy and Metaphysics where he focused his study and research developing new perspectives on the connection between science and spirituality, including their intricate relationship to our basic concepts of time and reality itself.

    Dr. Anderson also founded the Time Travel Research Association, now the largest time travel interest group in the world. This global association networks members from more than twenty-five countries and is dedicated to the single goal of advancing the study and development of time travel technology and capabilities. Today he continues his work at the Center, dedicated to advancing his research towards achievement of his goals.
  9. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    Silly me. When I want to see what it was like in the past, I read books. Eh, maybe I'm just old fashioned. With the cultural intolerance and hideous hygeinic conditions of the past, as well as the notion of somebody stopping me from even being born, I have no desire to see time travel made into reality. As far as the future is concerned, I don't believe it is written, so I don't see the sense in traveling to it. That whole Michael J. Fox thing aside, no good can come of it.

    I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight, kill, and die for your right to say it.
  10. TIME02112 Registered Senior Member

    OXEGEN, Let's Not be an "OxHeadMoron" about saying that you do not "Believe" in "TIME~Travel" when it is a "SCINCE" Not a Belief, moreover how can you deny somthing that alredy exists? (Dugh) it is like telling me that you do not believe in "Computers" or the "Internet"....even though it has been around for many years!

    Read the Liturature, These are PHD's Scientists & Physicists that claim it not to be just a mere "Possibility", but it already Exists! C'Mon Man, "Get with the program".........."HELLO"!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Rambler Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    How can you be so sure that time travel is a reality? Aside from the mathematical possibilty of time travel via wormholes etc, which as I understand it are only gonna let you go backwards anyway.

    You seem pretty damn sure thats all. The small amount of research I've done on the subject only lead me to BS like the phil. experiment etc. Accounts from suspect sources, unsubstantiated claims etc etc.

    work to LIVE...don't live to WORK.
  12. TIME02112 Registered Senior Member

    Are You Not Getting This or What?
    Have You Not Went To The Website, and reviewed the research conducted by "Dr. David Anderson PHD"??????
    Former USAF Officer! www.time-travel.com

    If TIME~Travel does not exist, then tell me why Dr David Anderson, and our GVT has spent millions of your tax dollars to construct build, and supply materiels, and employees, to continue the operation of "The TIME~Travel Research Center, located in Smithstown, New York?

    C'mon, If this does not exist, than niether does "Area 51"!!!!!!

    If You want to argue with me in spite of the undeniable evidence that it is not,
    "Un-Supported" as for the validity of evidence with the existence of a "TIME~Travel Research Center, Need I remind you people, You only need to think outside of the box, and look beyond the nose on your own face to really take notice, and see what is real, and what is the illusion.
  13. TIME02112 Registered Senior Member

    Oh, By The Way........
    The "Philadelphia Experiment" Was NO B.S!!!!

    It Was Very Real, and did Happen!!!!!
  14. TIME02112 Registered Senior Member

    Time~Travel Historical Research… (Tesla & Einstein)

    Philadelphia Experiment: Montauk Experiment
    I read the book about the project. and after research I learned of Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek, all of whom claimed to have been involved in both experiments which according to them actually link.
    The Philadelphia Experiment was a time travel experiment that took place in Philadelphia Harbor in August of 1943. It was also an invisibility experiment. The goal of the US government was to make the navy ships invisible to radar to defeat the German navy. Allegedly the Philadelphia experiment was our government's first attempt at stealth technology, making a ship invisible to radar and water mines. This process was called degaussing The navy ship, US Eldridge purported became invisible for a period of time. The ship became invisible but the personnel couldn't take the effects. When it materialized again, several hours later the bodies of many of the crewmembers were actually part of the physical makeup of the ship. Many of them died. Body parts had to be amputated. Many of the men went crazy.
    Carlos Allende was a merchant marine in the Philadelphia harbor when the Philadelphia experiment was tried.In his notes he spoke of a terrible experiment he had witnessed on a ship named the SS Eldridge back in the days of World War II. The notes verify this story.
    Purportedly the initial research that led up to the disastrous experiment in the Philadelphia naval shipyard in 1943 was conducted years earlier by the famed scientists Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. In the 1930's Nikola Tesla got involved with a group with was experimenting with moving through the Time/Space continuum.
    Experiments started in Princeton back in 1939. They made small objects invisible. They presented this technology to the government. The military, because we were at war wanted to pursue it in their direction. Tesla had finally come to the same conclusion that Einstein did that this technology if developed would not be used for the benefit of mankind. In 1943 the government conducted a test using animals on a ship. They were placed in metal cages on the Eldridge. The ship became invisible but when it materialized many of the animals were missing
    on had radiation and other burn marks on them. Yet on August 12, 1943 the USS Eldridge with a full crew aboard reported reportedly underwent the Philadelphia experiment. The men did not know what was to happen. The generators were fired up.The controls were turned on. The ship disappeared and all seemed well. But the ship was gone from the harbor for about 4 hours, not just a few minutes. Legend has it that the ship was transported through space and time. It arced through Space / Time. Four hours later it returned to its original place. According to observers there was a greenish haze on deck. Some of the sailors were on fire. Some seemed insane. All were sick. Some had heartattackes. Some were dead. Some were part of the super structure of the ship, buried in the deck or walls of the ship. Some reports said that men just seemed to disappear and were never seen again.
    But where had the ship gone for 4 hours? Some witnesses placed it in Norfolk Harbor. Others say it voyaged 40 years into the future and wound up at Montauk, New York.
    The Navy denied everything and said the men were lost at sea. Perhaps one day the truth will be known.The Montauk Experiment purported links several of these sailors to Montauk, New York with supposed time loop to
    The Philadelphia experiment originally began back in the 1930's in Chicago with three people. Dr. John Hutchinson Sr., who was the Dean of the University of Chicago, Nickola Tesla, and Dr. Kurtenaur, who was an Austrian physicist who was on staff at the University.
    They decided to do something with the speculation regarding the concept of things and people being invisible.
    This subject had been discussed for several year. They got together and did some research at the University of Chicago around 1932. In 1933 the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton was formed and the project it was transferred there in 1934. One of the people on staff at the Institute was Dr. John Erich Von Neumann, who was from Budapest Hungary. He got his degree in chemistry in 1925
    and his Ph.D. in mathematics in 26. He taught in Europe for about four or five years and transferred to the United States. He taught at the graduate level for three years and was invited to join the Institute. Other people at the Institute included Albert Einstein, who left Germany in 30s. He went to the
    California Institute of Technology for three years and taught there and then went to the Institute upon their invitation and acceptance. The project expanded in 1936. In the meantime, Tesla was named director of the project. He was a friend of President Franklin Roosevelt,whom Tesla met FDR when he
    was secretary of the Navy. Tesla was asked at that time to do some work for the government for the war effort, which he did. He became director of the invisibility project until he resigned in 1942. In 1936, after intensive study, they decided to have an initial test of their work. They achieved partial invisibility. The Navy and everyone else was encouraged to continue the work,and the Navy supplied money for research.
    Scientists were coming to the United States from Germany until 1939, when the war with Germany was started. In 1940, after research using Tesla's approach, they decided they were ready for a full test at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They had a small ship and a tender ship at each side. One ship provided the power and the other supplied the drive for the coils. They were tendered to the test ship by cables. The idea was that if anything
    went wrong they could cut the cables or sink the test ship. Everything worked and the project was declared a success.

    In the up coming papers we will examine the technologies used in the Philadelphia Experiment and theories of Maxwell and other scientist to try to establish a consensus for a serious debate for time travel.
  15. TIME02112 Registered Senior Member

    Temporal-Networking: is in it's self a highly sophisticated natural frame work of time lines and points in our thoughts that speak to us through time and space. Incursions (time changes) of time lines do to it, to fit other time lines where it corresponds to it's harmonic properties of accommodating a common goal. To a thought that triggered and started it to a change, and how it will affect all other points in the network spread across through life in this 3-Dimensional plane of human existence.

    It's a thought that changes 1 present, but 1 thought that was present in another past that changed that past to make sure that present had this thought to initiate another psychic pulse to make you feel phased... Somewhat the same feelings as of déjà vu, but a lot more profound..

    (Temporal Synchronicity)
    Has the thought ever crossed your mind?
    It's a cross point where one event in your life will correspond with another at a later time in the present & future. 1 event that will incur you to make a change, that later on in your 40's or 50's feel a deep echo from your past speak to you. All meaning that you experienced this network completing 1 cycle out of thousand or more in your life time. That profound feeling of familiar-ness would mean it was successful about what it had to do, going through all points in your history and finding a match for it to be a karmic impression. It's allowing your mind, in which ever past, present or future it may be in, to constantly be regulated to what is to be. Perhaps manifested for most of us, as a lesson or more commonly known as "what goes around, comes around" ideal. Making sure the payment is paid in full before going any further.

    To me, this feels more like a pull or a tug in my consciousness where I feel able to communicate with my self in a way I never could before. Almost a dialogue between me and my future & past selves.

    Allow me to elaborate more on what I mean...

    Did you ever listen to a song or been to a place and it just sounded like you heard or been there before? No, it wasn't déjà vu you felt, but something a lot more connected to something you found ancient, but so new to you.

    Well, suppose you in a few years from now are listening to the radio and just happen to listen to a song that reminds you of your youth, the beats and harmonics make you feel in tune with it. You like the song, it sounds like you heard the beat and melody before, but you just don't know where.

    In reality it's more like placing a phone call from your future self, to your past self. The mind has an interesting way of associating and organizing things to specific categories in our memory banks. But what's still a mystery, that neurologist still can't fully explain why déjà vu happens, (they have theories, and some ways to simulate déjà vu experiences, but don't know why the need for it is there).

    Anyhow, back to the song on the radio. I believe that the song will trigger a frequency in your cerebral cortex where your left and right hemispheres would somehow create a singularity to it's reaction to how your brain waves are designed. It's different for everyone, but it all happens to us in some way or another. It's like making a bridge between your past and future self, where information can be exchanged do to this small singularity that also involves quantum space and particles.

    It's been proven scientifically that quantum particles travel faster then light (time). I believe that our minds own "thoughts" piggy back on these quantum particles flows through time. With our own thoughts on these quantum waves being sweeped through time, match up to our specific brain wave pattern in another time, instant déjà vu or Temporal Synchronicity."Where have I heard that song before?; I feel drawn to; this feels great" feelings are exhibited in this case. This perhaps also explaining the enlightenment one receives from meditation, and other such metal relaxation disciplines.

    The reason I say, "Synchronicity" is because bad deeds; mistakes stay with us for a long time. And if regrets and fears are our only thoughts traveling back and fourth through time. Progress for us to become anything more is or will be futile. Such thoughts may lead to constant anxiety, compulsive feelings and behaviors or other psychological "bad" habits.

    Lately I been feeling these temporal tugs and pulls more and more in my own consciousness. Especially now in my new job and in many new songs coming out. Never have I felt the way I feel now. I guess I'm making up for something I done wrong, and finding new reasons to be happy.

    Section 3. Where are we now, and where will we be tomorrow?

    A zig zag time line of incursions that are you with and always changing (compensating) to fit your needs and the situation of what has happened. Prevents causalities, but is capable of informing of what the future has done to the present, and what the future has done to the past. And vice versa.

    These events in your life connect and are in harmony with all other events. With many other different events and emotions to other events and emotions that it's to much of a coincidence to speculate of it in a linear frame of mind when they happen. 1 thing that you might have been into is a move in your life's chess match that was done as a counter effort to accomplish a move you had or might have had trouble with in this cross point of your existence. Where it would feel as if you been tugged or phased if you cross the point where you felt something was once there.

    All these connections and temporal incurious make up the network. A single connection to your past, present and future that expands to complex smaller connections, but all still controlled and managed by one single consciousness. Just imagine if from the comfort of your own work desk you control the actions and decisions of your life. How would you live it from an observers point of view? It's all up to you... Will you be reckless and mess up what life you have to be #1, eliminating anything that threatens you, but require a stronger karmic lesson to learn, to prevent destruction of your time line. Or will you be gentle and honest, always assisting man to his needs, but know nothing about pain and suffering, and die short of lack of strength of mind. Only the strong survive, but only the good go to heaven. So in a way, it's all about creating a balance, I guess that's why we have Earth. A little bit of both, for those who ask of it I suppose...

    That time line of yours, being your very existence on Earth sustaining you, is nothing more then complicated series of events and emotions that will forever be necessary to accomplish your past and future lessons and back again to your present. Which your present may hold the very key to a better yesterday and tomorrow. It's a thread of your network passing by in a parallel coordinate of a thought that will be tugged and you will experience an echo of what the future and past will hold from now on.

    In conclusion, we have gone through numerous examples of Temporal Networking and what it's all about. We have learned that Temporal Networking is a process of life and experiencing it. The meaning of giving it one, the process of feeling what has and will be there. It's going back and seeing the connection to what has been and why.
  16. Peter Dolan Registered Senior Member

    TIME02112, What's your view then on the year 2012? Why is there a "block" preventing direct passage through that year? Why do people claim that they can only go "around" 2012? Do you believe what they claim i.e. that basically it's a dead world after that end date?
  17. Rambler Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    Hi Guys,

    First I have to state my view on this: If time travel technology is being developed then I for one would be very VERY excited by it. I read a few accounts on experiments (PX, Montauk etc) and that started me on a little research of my own. As far as Anderson is concerned I have to admit that I haven't looked into him very much, no more then a brief visit to the site, so I can't coment on him. But as far as Preston, Beilek, et al are concerned.....Please tell me your convictions are based on more then their accounts. For one if you do a bit of background on Beilek you will find that his accounts started to change AFTER HE SAW the PX movie. All the accounts are unsubstantiated moreover the "holes" in his accounts tend to be filled with metaphysical answers, i.e. they can't be questioned by known scientific methods.

    The research I have done to date has lead me to believe that something strange happened in Phil. Exp, and MAYBE theres a link to Montauk but I'm not sure if its to do with time travel????. Don't get defensive I want to believe this stuff but as yet nothing I've read has made me believe it...its only got me interested.

    P.S. I will take some time to read your posted links, who knows maybe I'll be another believer?......

    work to LIVE...don't live to WORK.

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  18. Pookums Registered Senior Member

    Uh, Time?

    Am I to understand that simply because you found a website saying that time travel exists, that you now believe that the technology is at hand? As mentioned in previous posts on other subjects, I think that if it existed, there would be no stopping the media fanfare (quoting an interview posted on the same website does NOT count).

    Tell you what, if you use only a website to support your beliefs than give me a couple of days and I'll link you to a website that is selling prime land for real cheap.

    Bye the way, I am a scientist and a Ph.D., I have read NOTHING in refereed journals that suggest that time travel is anything beyond the theoretical stage.

    Now be nice to oxygen or I'll tell the trackers where you are.

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    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.
    -Mark Twain
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