Would a one world government be doomed to fail since its an empire?

Discussion in 'World Events' started by desi, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. desi

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    Something has been bothering me about a one world government and maybe this is it. It seems like the Romans and the British failed in their efforts. Why would a "new world order" work now when it has failed in the past? Is it possible an effort to make the NWO would make things worse for many people and forge a new dark ages?
  2. draqon

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    nukes make unshattering walls of trust
  3. s0meguy

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    It wouldn't work now unless it was made so that absolutely every single person has the same amount of power and influence over what happens and that is impossible.
  4. s0meguy

    s0meguy Worship me or suffer eternally

    Not to mention that the currently powerful entities in the world would want to keep their power and thus not cooperate with creating this world government.

    What laws would there be? Everyone has different opinions. And you can't just enforce the laws that 60% want on the other 40% that wants different laws.

    What would the role of the world government be? What kind of power would it have?

    How would the people be protected from this insanely powerful government?

    People would need to be taught to be very critical of the actions of their government and there's no room for religion, it's too easily used to control large populations.

    The government wouldn't be democratic, as large populations (and thus the elections) are too easily controlled.
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  5. quadraphonics

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    A world order is not the same thing as a world government. In fact, the phrase "world order" implies that there are *multiple* polities, which are placed in some kind of pecking order. A single world government obviates the notion of an "order," since there is only a single polity in that case.
  6. s0meguy

    s0meguy Worship me or suffer eternally

    The same still applies... too much power with too little people.

    And by the way... that's still called a government. Even if you disagree, what kind of power would this order of yours have, and how would it be elected, if at all?
  7. nietzschefan

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    All Pyramid schemes fail. The dumbest shit humans do over and over again.
  8. quadraphonics

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    Err... that's true of a one-world government, but a world order doesn't imply anything about how big or (un)representative the constituent polities are. Complete world anarchy is just as valid a world order as a one-world government, or anything in between. People use the phrase "new world order" to indicate that the old pecking order has been replaced. It doesn't imply that the new pecking order includes a one-world government. "World order" is not a form of one-world government that I'm proposing; it's simply a description of the power relationships as they exist.

    No, a world order describes the power relationships between various governments. It is not in and of itself a polity or institution. It is not possible for there *not* to be a world order, short of the complete elimination of mankind. Any and every conceivable configuration of geopolitical power qualifies as a world order. It does not matter how centralized, or orderly, this configuration is.

    It doesn't have any power, because it is not a polity. Nor is it "mine." I'm simply trying to get you guys to stop misusing the term "world order" as a synonym for "one-world government." There is nothing to elect, or not, because a world order is not a government. It is a set of relationships between polities. As long as people exist, there will be polities, which will relate to one another. This set of relationships constitutes the world order.
  9. s0meguy

    s0meguy Worship me or suffer eternally

    Fine, I understand what you mean, but if it's anarchy you're proposing, that's impossible anyway. The world would be a unorganized mess full of conflicts.
  10. quadraphonics

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    I haven't proposed anything beyond a proper understanding of what is meant by the terms "one-world government" and "world order."
  11. iceaura

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    "Every government needs an enemy government" Abbey.
  12. s0meguy

    s0meguy Worship me or suffer eternally

    Any government with a lot of power compared to the others yes...
  13. BlueMoose

    BlueMoose Guest

    It is slow progress, but it will happen. First came European Union, the progress of making North American Union is going on as we speak, options to create African Union is in rhetorics already and then finally Asian Union. Then later something major catalysm-force do bring all the Unions under One World Government. The goal is shift paper money to purely digital numbers in RFID chips, and then the Elite owns and control everything.
    Far out, I dont know, evidence of that kind of path is there to all to be seen, it will happen so slowly that people dont get it before its too late. Just a theory, but I see it this way. One World Government, One Religion, One Currency.

    "We shall have World Government whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent"

    -Paul Warburg - Council Of Foreign Relations/architect of the Federal Reserve System

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