worm holes?

Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by god-of-course, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. god-of-course Bluegoblin. Registered Senior Member

    do they exist, i mean are there any theories as to their existence? does relativity discuss it? if so can someone explain to me how the physics of it supposedly work, thnx
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  3. LondonCynic Registered Member

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  5. GodLied Registered Senior Member

    Wormholes are the shortest distance between two points in space. We travel in space from one point to another based on our interpretation of our destination location relative to where we are based on what we infer from observable data. When we can see that object, our sense of direction is based on line of sight. Since light bends in the presence of magnetic and gravitic fields, traveling in the line of sight is not necessarily the shortest path to a point in space. That means a traveler in space might fly 2 light years when they could have actually just traveled 1 light year to get to the same location.

    Using a laser, mirrors and a maze, one can see that a person follwing the light might walk farther than one that knew the light could be reached by walking around the other corner to the box containing the unidirectional light source.

    Perceptions determine paths taken which might not actually be the shortest paths to take. That happens with wormholes and math problems, amongst other things. In the case of a wormhole, a person with a navigational aid can plot their path taken between points and then compute the trajectory for a future wormhole which might not be in a path of sight.

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  7. blobrana Registered Senior Member

    Hum, to me it seems as if the worm-hole will connect with other
    dimensions ( for the theory/maths to be complete), however since
    we are talking about tiny sizes 10<sup>-33</sup> then they may actually connect with compactified dimensions. i am thinking about the 6 other dimentions in string theory....

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