Worlds smartest man, a bouncer?! IQ 210

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by TimeTraveler, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. dagr8n8 Registered Senior Member

    This guy is a RETARD. Don't watch the videos, they are a waist of time and will just make you upset!
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  3. John Connellan Valued Senior Member

    According to Wiki, he says you can prove the existence of God, the soul and the afterlife using mathematics! :bugeye:

    I'd love to see them equations!
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  5. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

    Actually unified field theory attempts to do just that and seems to prove at least on paper the existence of God. There is the many worlds interpretation and the many minds interpretation, there are also theories of consciousness.
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  7. another one Registered Member

    as to eugenics and so on

    From the gist of what was written as response to the 'smartest' guy, one could say that if one were to control who reproduces then the 'advancement' of humans would be propelled forward significantly within only a few generations. To be kind, one could create a world where those that are not selected for reproduction are ensured that their lives are very enjoyable and worthwhile, as one does for those that have special wishes when riddled with cancer and are about to die (ofcourse am not meaning to be so dramatic in this comparison). Ofcourse low IQ people sometimes have high IQ children, as is evident, since none of us are presently chimps, are we? The IA has been increasing overall and some of those super high IQ people have very ordinary parents. Thus, one cannot discount those with low IQ from being potential parents. Perhaps a better way of 'fiddling' with nature would be to implement genetic engineering or blastocyst screening, to ensure that the result has a high IQ.

    In a world where IQ would be, say, twice of what it is today, the world would become a different place. Perhaps most things would be automated or mechanised to free up people for positions requiring more thought. For instance, prior to inventions and designs of machinery mining was carried out by hand by people who may as well have been children; and infact they were. Advent of machinery in mining has led to the employment of people that have enough brain power to operate it safely, thus, no longer requiring a child at the end of a pike. The average IQ of people employed within that industry in that particular role, of digging, would have increased significantly over the past 200 years. We have seen the same movements within every area of industry and every path in life within the first world. There are some societies still around where this progress has not occurred and their average IQs are well below our modern average of 100. Ofcourse their 'average IQ' would have been our 'average IQ' perhaps 300 years ago.

    The smartest man today will be an average man of the next century, perhaps. Although, it is not clear whether natural IQ has moved forward by that much or whether it is a function of cramming knowledge and thereby expanding the mind as part of education. There could also be biological limitations on natural IQ, brain size could be one of those, however, it is not necessarily the amount of brain that gives someone a higher IQ, rather the connections they have between cells within the brain and many other factors of such nature. Perhaps with greater knowledge of how our brains work we can overcome some of those limitations as well and increase overall IQs. At this point it is clear that just the brain size does not mean greater IQ, though greater brain sized people may have on average a slightly greater IQ. There is only a very slight chance that given an individual with a bigger brain and one with a smaller brain, the bigger brained person will have a higher IQ. It is likely that there will be no difference measured in their IQs.

    Perhaps what the 'smartest' guy might ponder is how one can achieve one's full potential for a happy and satisfying life. Whether this means creating something like a theory or body of knowledge or some other piece of art, or whether this means having a huge social circle and being in constant social contact, or whether this means being a hermit and/or communing with God, or whether this means having children and a family. With this last meaning, one could be happy and satisfied as a parent and nurturer, watching, assisting and supporting the growth or the next 'einstein' or 'newton', the next bank teller, the next shop assistant, the next cleaner, the next doctor, the next 'van gogh', the hopefully not the next patient (of anykind).

    Healthy and satisfied with one's lot sounds like a step in the right direction for any person. To this end one could throw in a number of things... compassion, kindness, understanding, patience... and so on. Hope this helps

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  8. Zap Facts > Opinions Registered Senior Member

    Smart people realise that the best way to be happy is to be dumb.
  9. John99 Banned Banned

    This is bullshit though. I dont know much about him so i will give a standardized response. Having the ability to answer or solve certain problems is all well and good but there is so much more than that to be a really influential and an ndividual that stands out above the rest.

    Most things he can figure out are kind of impractical and useless in real world situations. It is an ability though and not much different than a person who can run further or jmp higher etc.

    Often times too much of one thing is not good and after awhile it can...can work against you if you are not aware of it.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2009
  10. Zap Facts > Opinions Registered Senior Member

    His website is shitty and he's not eloquent, creative, or interesting. He's also ugly.
  11. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    I only read his wiki entry. Seems he probably is an intelligent person on one hand yet, IF he has said mathematical models of reality, THEN, he should publish them.

    Put up or shut up

    Also, he is screwed up in thinking there is a god, there is no evidence for gods (or Xenu's).
  12. Betrayer0fHope MY COHERENCE! IT'S GOING AWAYY Registered Senior Member

  13. justjeffrey37 Registered Member


    I find Christopher quite interesting...I think genetic profiling is flawed, because it is our flaws that cause us to make mistakes of which we as a society can learn...our concentration should be on understanding, communicating and believing in ourselves, others and the entire collective energy we are part of...I too, believe in all religions, because they are tools people use to believe, communicate and understand...Christianity is about Father (believe), Son (communicator), and holy spirit (understanding)...All living things grow, we grow through understanding, to control ones life we must control our ability to respect (or my definition, to listen to understand, based on the person, concept etc. we are respecting, so we grow). The problem many have, is that we are taught to reciprocate behavior to learn as infants, to grow...and because of this and our differences, most people will only listen to or respect those that are able or willing to respect them...and disease and flaws are reactions to stimulus, those who understand themselves based on them (self respect), tend to be able to control their reactions...I am also a bouncer, attempting to understand people, and as people are as Christopher points out, part of the Creator (God), I am trying to understand God.

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