World War 2 !

Discussion in 'History' started by bellbottom31, May 22, 2013.

  1. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    The end of Third Reich!
    Why is that it seems looking at world war 2 nazi germany soldiers pictures, videos that they used to wear poland country army uniforms!
    Frederick Nietzsche said...'Germany is a great nation,' Nietzsche would say, 'only because its people have so much Polish blood in their veins.... I am proud of my Polish descent.'

    And Germans then were killing poland people themselves as jews and other scientific experiments!

    Or as the Byzantine empire had ended in 1650s till 1880s! Then the world countries had annihilation of some nations on their minds?
    So had americans, russians and britishers attacked poland or germany had attacked poland?
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  3. arauca Banned Banned

    I don't think American and British attacked Poland , but Russia and Germany divided halve for each other . Are you equating Byzantium empire with Ottoman empire ?
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  5. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    Where i never said anything about ottoman empire!!!
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  7. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    During the Second World War, (to my knowledge) there were Polish units on both sides (Russian and German).
    Mass graves found in Poland of executed victims were from both German and Russian attacks. (One historical Russian made grave was recently exposed as being made to look like the Germans committed it.)

    As for the "Byzantine" empire, I doubt that had much to do with Poland directly, although there would of been the effects of remote lands being fought over.

    The two main players (other than the Polish kingdom itself) would be the The Knights of the Teutonic Order (Prussia) and the Holy Roman Empire.

    Later during the Napoleonic period, Polish Legions (French Foreign Legion) were used by Napoleon and saw many different battles (in many different locations)

    Historically Polish people had fought against Germans and Russians on many occasions.
  8. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    I won't like to discuss Knights of the Medieval times!
    But lets say in 1880s, there was modernised society across the world. And as you say that poland had no connection with Byzantine Empire of 800 a.d.! Only 25% were to be byzantine. Lets say that poland itself was a individualised monarchy back in 1200 a.d. till 1880s! But still poland in the modernised reformation of 1800 a.d. had to live under european nations germany and russia!
    Then i read that most of the 'death camps' set up were for poland country the holocaust!!!
    It was not perhaps just poland but many countries as i read were transported to poland concentration camps. So were the people exterminated self willingly into pursuit ? Like who were then Jehovah's Witnesses?
    Suppose as its written the german nazi medicine bluffs needed test labs subjects?
    Or is it fakingly written that genocide were massacred.
    Why its written that rowdy gangsters of germany in 1880s grouped together, wear nazi uniforms and stated as ranks of german monarchy!!! Does that mean they were commoners and not descendants or they were descendants?
    When since 1670 till 1800 there had been already medicine advancements then why was there need for concentration camps!
    Or were the germans believed in some life, death, rebirth karma principles and through concentration camps they tried to scrutinize and tweak in by their means!!??
    So are the pictures of nazi death camps infact of some ghosts souls? In most of pictures there are dark soul spots over the affected people! Or was there souls inhibited to live the other day in some magical mantras in modern world societies of europe!
    What if the said jews weren't jews themselves and in modern times many people are jews across the globe!

    I just saw a vision in dream european people standing in a circle in a scenery field and crosses appearing like special effects.
    Last edited: May 25, 2013
  9. arauca Banned Banned

    There were 7000 polish officers taken prisoners by German as the German were drawing back they give the prisoners to the Russian and the Russian executed them . That was called the massacre of Katin
  10. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    I read about the Katyn massacre ...
    Germans then handed over the poland nationals to russians who were having some church spiritual means to soul transferance!?
    And it seems till 1943 the world war 2 was a controlled warfare.
    It never seems an all out war with no media no politics interferance! Might be that poland would had been a crucial country in those times.
    So it was just chaos wars with no sides claiming to be winners!
    Last edited: May 25, 2013
  11. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    In the medieval times, as you mentioned roman knights, teutonic red knights, poland knights, byzantine knights! There is a mention that frederick nietzsche studies subjects of 'ubermanch' / superman. And modern britishers of 1800 a.d. looked up the subject as a fun joke theatrics. But i think were the knights really of some grace of some high supernatural powers like superman superhuman who could fly in the sky! Suryavanshi 'pertaining to the sun?
  12. leopold Valued Senior Member

    WW2 was an all out war for most of the countries that fought in it.
    there were a few european countries that were over run by the germans and didn't pit up much of a fight.
    there is plenty of video that was shot during WW2.
    the political aspect of america can be summed up with the following quote:
    "we will win the inevitable triumph so help us god."

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