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    The following is a newsletter which will be updated every week. Probably (not sure!) I will delete the old one than, because otherwise it will take to much space.

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    March 4, 2002

    #1. Will ET Be Hostile? Alienated People Are More Likely to Say 'Yes' by: Doug Vakoch
    #2. The Tunguska Incident - An Overview by: James L. Choron
    #3. I, Chip? Technology to Meld Chips into Humans Draws Closer
    by: Paul Eng, #4. March's Award Winner Of The Month! Conspiracy Journal..Featuring an article "Paranormal or Extraterrestrial?
    #5. Shamed Star's "Aliens Claim"
    #6. Odd Goings-On Haunt Capitol Halls - Lawmakers Report 'bizarre' Incidents by: Trent Seibert #7. The X-Files Come To Inkerman by: David Stonehouse
    The Ottawa Citizen

    #1. Will ET Be Hostile? Alienated People Are More Likely to Say 'Yes' by: Doug Vakoch SETI Institute

    Astronomer Frank Drake, the Father of SETI, has argued that ET will likely be altruistic, rather than malevolent. Drake reasons that if extraterrestrials are hostile, then their civilizations wont last very long, and were unlikely to make contact with them. Only extraterrestrials with a long-lasting, stable society will be around long enough to be detected by our SETI programs.

    And yet, extraterrestrials we encounter in movies such as Alien and Independence Day are certainly not friendly. But is the possibility of malevolent aliens really just a matter of overworked imaginations in Hollywood? And to the extent that these images are held by people in general, might concerns over hostile aliens say more about ourselves than about ET?

    Recently, the SETI Institute and conducted an informal survey of Internet users to answer just that question. The exercise was in part a demonstration of the sort of research methods that social scientists use to further our understanding of SETI. Indeed, all of the standard caveats that apply to Internet polls apply to this
    survey as well. For example, the fact that the poll was conducted through the web site means that people who participated are more likely to have pro-space attitudes than the average Internet user. Nevertheless, when the numbers were all in, we found a very strong connection between peoples beliefs about extraterrestrials and their feelings about how meaningful life is. What makes the results even more compelling is that they match the findings of an earlier study conducted under more stringent testing conditions.

    When someone is confronted with ambiguous information, what he or she makes of the information can sometimes say a lot about the person. Thats the basis for what psychologists call projective tests. One classic example of a projective test is the Rorschach. In this test, people are asked what they see in a series of inkblots. When skilled examiners study the patterns and themes in a persons responses to the inkblots, they can sometimes begin to understand how the examinee sees the world.

    If the event that some day our radio telescopes pick up signs of intelligent life beyond Earth, its unlikely that that the signals will contain a clear, unambiguous message. For starters, current search strategies look for strong artificial signals, rather than searching for small variations in these signals that may tell us about the knowledge and views of alien civilizations. And even if we do detect information-rich signals, it could take considerable time to
    understand what extraterrestrials are trying to say. Thus, its likely that well know that ET exists long before we have any clear-cut evidence of what they might be trying to tell us.

    In the face of missing information, however, people have a tendency to fill in the blanks. Even if people may not be sure what ET is like from scientific evidence, they will tend to form opinions, in part based on their habitual ways of seeing life.

    In our Internet survey, we tested the hypothesis that if people feel like the world is cold and cruel, theyre more likely than other people to imagine extraterrestrials as being cold and cruel as well. Thus, we set up the survey so we could measure two things. First, to what extent do people feel "alienated," and second, how hostile do these
    people imagine extraterrestrials would be?

    For starters, we reviewed the research literature in psychology and sociology to find an existing method to assess how alienated people feel. The measure we chose, the Margins of Society Alienation Scale, was described by Robert Travis in the journal Social Indicators Research in 1993. This scale taps peoples feelings of alienation by
    asking them to respond to the following statements:

    - I feel all alone these days.
    - My whole world feels like its falling apart.
    - I wish I were somebody important.
    - Its hard for me to tell just what is right and wrong these days.
    - I dont like to live by societys rules.
    - I often feel discriminated against.
    - Ill never find the right person to care enough about me.

    While no single one of these statements can capture a persons overall feelings of alienation, as a group of statements, they do a quite good job. We asked each participant in the survey to indicate how strongly they agreed or disagreed with each statement, which provided us with a quantitative method to identify people who were feeling very alienated, those who didnt feel alienated at all, and those who fell somewhere between those extremes.

    Similarly, to assess peoples beliefs about how hostile aliens are likely to be, we used a set of statements that psychologist Yuh-shiow Lee and I developed to measure just that. Specifically, we asked people who completed the survey to imagine that we had received a radio signal with a message from intelligent life in outer space. They
    were then asked to rate how strongly they agreed or disagreed with each of the following statements on a six point scale. If they agreed completely, they were to rate the item a "6". If they disagreed completely, they gave the statement a "1." And if they were somewhere in between, mildly or moderately agreeing or disagreeing with the
    item, they were to choose an appropriate number. Here are the statements that they rated:

    - ETs are probably looking for planets they can take over for themselves.
    - We should not reply to the message from ETs because they might be hostile.
    - ETs would probably look at humans like we are nothing more than animals that belong in their zoos.
    - Humans would probably not be able to understand the message from ETs because humans and ETs are just too different.
    - If we reply to the message from ETs, they might come to Earth and take over our world.
    - We should not believe what the message says, because the ETs may be lying.
    - ETs would probably want to make humans their slaves.
    - The message from ETs may contain a hidden message that could be harmful to humans.

    Again, we tallied up peoples total scores for all the items in the scale, then calculated their average score for the scale. Thus, each respondent provided an average ratinga number between 1 and 6of how hostile they imagined extraterrestrials would be. People with average ratings near 6 thought extraterrestrials would be very hostile. People
    with ratings near 1 were not concerned at all about ET malevolence.

    The critical question is whether more alienated people are more likely to view ETs as hostile. As we hypothesized, the answer is "yes". To understand this better, lets compare the responses of the most alienated people and the least alienated people. As the graphs to the right show, people who dont feel at all alienated were very unlikely
    to view ET as hostile (bottom graph).

    On these graphs, the average ratings of ET hostility are shown across the bottom. Since we are looking at the average ratings of several items that tap attitudes about ET hostility, many peoples ratings fall between even numbers. The height of the bars shows how many respondents had scores in the corresponding range. For example, 109 of the least alienated people had average ET hostility scores between 1 and 1.5. In contrast, only 15 of the most alienated people thought extraterrestrials would be this harmless.

    As we examine the graphs as a whole, we can see a strong pattern. First, for both groups, most people thought extraterrestrials would pose no great danger. If we look at the number of people who fall above and below 3.5 on the hostility scalewhich is the "neutral point" between 1 and 6we see a much higher percentage of people who think that extraterrestrial motivations will be malevolent when we look at the group of alienated people. Fully 20 percent of the alienated people score above 3.5 on the ET hostility scale, as compared to a mere 4 percent of the non-alienated people. In fact, not a single person in the non-alienated group scored above 5 on the ET hostility
    scale. The pattern is clear: people who feel alienated are much more likely to be concerned that ET has evil intentions.

    These figures show the differences between the most and the least alienated people among the 3000 respondents to our survey. But what about all the restthe majority who fell somewhere between these extremes? Isnt it arbitrary to look at only the most and least alienated people?

    Indeed it is. When we look at every one of the respondents, not just the extreme cases, we see the same pattern. Of course, its always possible that the patterns we see in studies like this are due to chance, but with some basic statistics, we can even measure the likelihood of that. As it turns out, the pattern we detected between peoples level of alienation and their views about ET hostility is such a strong pattern that the probability it occurred due to chance alone is less than one in a trillion. In short, the pattern we found is really there, and not just an artifact of the study.

    If some day SETI succeeds in detecting a signal from extraterrestrials, we will be faced with the frustration of not
    knowing as much about the senders of the signal as we would like. As with all scientific experiments, it will be vital for us to sift through the data, always careful not to jump to hasty conclusions. By better understanding how our own biases might creep into our interpretation of the data, we will be better prepared to remain as objective as possible. Humankind will face many important decisions upon detecting ET, such as whether or not we should reply. It would be unfortunate indeed if those decisions were based more on personal prejudice than on well-reasoned analysis.

    ©1999 - 2002, inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

    #2. The Tunguska Incident - An Overview by: James L. Choron

    At 7.00am on 30th June 1908 near the lower Tunguska River, Siberia, a large explosion occurred. The explosion was so massive that it caused damage 400 miles away, and was heard even further. Even the heat that came out from the explosion was felt hundreds of miles away. The blast was so intense that hundreds of square miles of Siberian forest were flattened and burned by a mysterious fireball. Only now, nearly a century decades later, are we learning what really happened… and not a minute too soon a vast fireball raced through the dawn sky over Siberia, then exploded with the force of 1,000 Hiroshima bombs. The heat incinerated herds of reindeer and charred tens of thousands of evergreens across hundreds of square miles. The effect was much like that of a great volcanic eruption, yet there had been no eruption. The only objective indication of the extraordinary event was a quiver on seismographs in the Siberian City of Irkutsk, indicating a moderate quake some 1,000 miles north in a remote region called Tunguska.

    For several nights all over northern Europe, the sky glowed enough to light the street of London, and as far away as western Europe people were able to read newspapers at night without a lamp.
    At first it was assumed that a massive meteorite had collided with the earth.

    In about 1500 BC most of the island of Thera in the Aegean disappeared in a blast. Tidal waves from the explosion swept across 70 miles of sea, rolling over the palaces and temples. There is a theory that in the sudden destruction of Thera and the related Cretan empire may lie the beginnings of the legend of Atlantis.

    No similar catastrophe, of this magnitude, affected history until AD 62, when an earthquake caused by the eruption of Vesuvius toppled much of the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum near Naples. The same thing happened 17 years later.

    The Vesuvius blast was dwarfed by the destruction of the volcanic island of Krakatoa between Java and Sumatra. On the early afternoon of August 26th 1883, the volcano began to explode, eventually discharging a 17-mile high cloud of dark ash, and at 10 a.m. on the following morning the whole island was shaken by a cataclysmic blast. Ash fountained 50 miles into the sky. The sound was heard 2,200 miles away in Australia. Tidal waves more than 100 feet high killed 36,000 people. The dust so saturated the upper air that it lowered the world temperature 0.5 ëF for many years.

    None of these explosions could surpass the sheer force of the Tunguska blast in 1908. Even the Hiroshima blast and the nuclear tests of the early 1950s are dwarfed by it. The estimated energy output of the Siberian blast- 10^23 ergs -would be comparable only with the explosion of the heaviest hydrogen bombs. Also, all of the earlier disasters are completely explainable… There is no mystery in the eruption of a volcano, and there is certainly no mystery in the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    The year after the Tunguska blast, in 1909, an expedition was dispatched to the area by Tsar Nicholas II, to investigate the occurrence. This expedition found an area of near complete devastation, in which trees were carbonized where they stood, and the sand near the center of the "blast" area was fused into beads of glass. No cause for the blast could be determined, although the scientists of the expedition theorized the impact of some "celestial" body with the Earth… possibly a small comet or a meteorite.

    Given the remoteness of the area it was not until 1927 that another expedition was mounted to investigate the crash area. This expedition could not locate any bits of meteorite, or other "foreign" debris, which puzzled them due the size that the meteorite or other object, would have to have been to create such a large explosion.

    Another puzzle, for both of the expeditions, was the way the tress were felled in an outward motion and that in the center, a fairly large area of trees were still standing, although completely carbonized, and all their bark and branches have been destroyed.

    These observations, taken together, indicated to those examining the area, that whatever had caused the blast had not, in fact, impacted with the earth, but had, rather, exploded some distance above it. In this way, debris would necessarily be scattered over a wide area, and not readily locatable. It also led those investigating the site to believe that the object had been, contrary to the original theory, rather small in size.

    It is interesting to note that of both these expeditions, the scientists and other personnel involved all developed symptoms of a strange illness, which, in time, claimed the life of each participant. In it's early stages, the "sickness" was characterized by "wasting away" and a loss of hair. Onset was fairly sudden, and the illness progressed rapidly, with each person dead within six months of visiting the site. No treatment of the time was effective in either curing, or slowing the advance of the disease.

    After the Second World War and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, photos of the cities were compared with aerial photos of the Tunguska blast, and they were stunning similar. This not only included the conditions around the area of detonation, but also the symptoms of radiation poisoning suffered by survivors of the blasts, and those who had worked in contaminated areas. As a result of this, various scientists speculated that a nuclear explosion had taken place over the area, hence explaining the tree formation, and because no nation possessed nuclear device the logical conclusion was that it was from an exploding alien nuclear, or antimatter powered craft.

    This theory is supported by the fact that many of the witnesses to the original crash spoke of seeing and oval-shaped mass moving across the sky, as well as seeing the object change course, and of having a very low speed. This description fits, almost hand in glove, with other reports of Unidentified Flying Objects of that time, which were primarily "cigar shaped" or "oval"… such as the Aurora, Texas "Airship" of 1897. Also… since the time of the blast, researchers have found embedded in Tunguska trees tiny particles of matter, which have an extraterrestrial signature.

    In 1956, as part of the activities of the "International Geophysical Year," then Soviet Premier Nikita Khruvschev authorized yet another expedition into the Tunguska region. This group, equipped with the most up-to-to date of equipment protective clothing, found, some fifty years after the blast, that the conditions at the epicenter of the blast had changed little, if at all. Extremely high levels of radiation were found in the area, and, once again, no sign whatever of a meteorite, or any other "foreign" object. As was the case with earlier expeditions, every member of this team began exhibiting symptoms of radiation induced illness almost immediately, even though they were in possession of, and used, protective clothing similar in nature to that issued to members of the military assigned to function a radioactive, battlefield environment, and by workers in the core area of a nuclear power plant. Although none of the members died immediately, since the time of the expedition, each member of the team has subsequently passed away from some form of cancer, the most prominent being Leukemia.

    The radioactivity in the area seems, according to most experts, to be decreasing, at a slow, but normal rate, and has lessened dramatically since the time of the original blast. Still, unusual levels of radioactivity are present, and apparently will be for some time to come.

    In the early 1980's, Soviet Leader Yuri Andropov authorized a similar expedition, equipped with a vastly enlarged array of protective equipment and recording instrumentation which observed similar results as those of the 1956, team. Radiation levels at the site are still over twenty times normal for other parts of the region, and toward the epicenter of the "blast" are over one hundred times that of any naturally occurring phenomenon. It should be noted that radiation levels of this nature, while not immediately fatal, would, in fact, produce the symptoms noted in all of the previous expeditions, and would be, if not immediately treated, fatal. Exposure for lesser periods of time, or in the presence of first-generation protective equipment, such as used by the 1956 expedition, would, according to experts, most probably account for the high incidence of cancer among the returning team members.

    At this point, other theories started to be proposed, each becoming more and more far-fetched, ranging from pinpoint black holes, and "free existing" antimatter particles. The point is, no one really knows. Most of today's "scientific community" believe, or profess to believe, that what happened in Tunguska was simply the impact of a meteorite, or perhaps a small comet, whose composition was such that it exploded, well before impact, several thousand feed abode the Siberian forest. Naturally, those who espouse other theories are ridiculed, and their theories called "absurd."

    Still, in light of known facts, the alien craft theory still has a much credibility, in that it would explain, at least to some degree, the high levels of radiation which are still present at the site, not to mention the fact that the explosion seems to have been an "air blast" with the exploding object making no physical contact with the earth. Bear in mind that the explosion, whatever it's nature, occurred in 1908, long before even the theory which made controlled nuclear chain reaction, and the atomic bomb possible.

    Likewise it happened at such an early point in the Twentieth Century, that one must also raise the question as to whether or not the mostly illiterate Siberian Peasants of this point in time (a group which constituted the majority of witnesses to the "object sightings") would fabricate stories of seeing objects in the sky… something which they almost certainly had never seen before… not even the primitive flying machines of the day, which had been invented only five years before the incident, and certainly had not been introduced into Siberian Russia. The nature of the people of that time, their basic character, and the conditions under which they lived run contrary to the thought that such a story would be simply "dreamed up." The influence of the Russian Orthodox Church, especially the sect known as "Old Believers", which is the predominate religion of the area, is, and always has been, opposed to "frivolous" reading and entertainment, which would generally preclude the notion that these people, event the five (5%) percent, or so, which was at that time literate, would have encountered similar stories, such as existed, through literature. As is the case with the earlier "Aurora Incident," in which an "Airship" allegedly crashed in the small Central Texas town of Aurora, the citizens of this remote region were not prone to "tall tales" unless they were plainly stated to be such, as there would be nothing whatsoever to gain from the activity. The telling of such tales would instantly label them either mad, drunken, or "possessed of the Devil" in the culture of the area, as it existed at that time. Nor would such people be particularly open to repeating such stories to the authorities, especially considering the fact that the questioning authorities were the infamous 'Okrana", the Tsar's Secret Police, an organization which believed in the old Roman axiom that "Pain is the mother of Truth" and whose methods were considered by those who sampled both, to be worse than those of the "Cheka" or it's descendant, the "NKVD."

    What actually caused the Tunguska blast. That it happened is beyond question, the scars remain, even today. Was it, as the majority of the "scientific community" would have us believe, the impact of a meteor or a small comet? Was it the explosion and crash of an Unidentified Flying Object? Was it something else entirely? As with most of these cases that occurred long ago, we shall most likely never know for sure.

    What is known fro sure is this… Even today, when strange lights dance in the distant Siberian skies, as they often do, the children and grandchildren of those who knew the force of the Tunguska blast look to the skies and cross themselves… mumble a quiet, fervent prayer… and shudder.

    #3. I, Chip? Technology to Meld Chips into Humans Draws Closer
    by: Paul Eng, ABC News

    It's 10 p.m. You may not know where your child is, but the chip does.

    The chip will also know if your child has fallen and needs immediate help. Once paramedics arrive, the chip will also be able to tell the rescue workers which drugs little Johnny or Janie is allergic to. At the hospital, the chip will tell doctors his or her complete medical history.

    And of course, when you arrive to pick up your child, settling the hospital bill with your health insurance policy will be a simple matter of waving your own chip — the one embedded in your hand.

    To some, this may sound far-fetched. But the technology for such chips is no longer the stuff of science fiction. And it may soon offer many other benefits besides locating lost children or elderly Alzheimer patients.

    "Down the line, it could be used [as] credit cards and such," says Chris Hables Gray, a professor of cultural studies of science and technology at the University of Great Falls in Montana. "A lot of people won't have to carry wallets anymore," he says. "What the implications are [for this technology], in the long run, is profound."

    Indeed, some are already wondering what this sort of technology may do to the sense of personal privacy and liberty.

    "Any technology of this kind is easily abusive of personal privacy," says Lee Tien, senior staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "If a kid is track-able, do you want other people to be able to track your kid? It's a double-edged sword."

    Tiny Chips That Know Your Name

    The research — and controversy — of embedding microchips isn't entirely new. Back in 1998, Brian Warwick, a professor of cybernetics at Reading University in London, implanted a chip into his arm as an experiment to see if Warwick's computer could wirelessly track his whereabouts with the university's building.

    But Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. in Palm Beach, Fla., is one of the latest to try and push the experiments beyond the realm of academic research and into the hands — and bodies — of ordinary humans.

    The company says it has recently applied to the Food and Drug Administration for permission to begin testing its VeriChip device in humans. About the size of a grain of rice, the microchip can be encoded with bits of information and implanted in humans under a layer of skin. When scanned by a nearby handheld reader, the embedded chip yields the data — say an ID number that links to a computer database file containing more detailed information.

    Building a Built-in Digital Guardian

    Keith Bolton, chief technology officer for ADS, says that VeriChip is only the beginning.

    According to Bolton, the company has already started experimenting with
    combining the Verichip with another ADS product called Digital Angel. That pager-sized device allows caregivers and parents to monitor the health and whereabouts of seniors and children through the use of space-based Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites.

    "In the migration path, those two products that can be bundled together," says Bolton. The resulting product would be about the size of an American quarter coin and offer an improved way of monitoring patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease, for example.

    Safety Against Terrorists?

    And the interest in testing embedded chips has been steadily increasing
    — especially since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    Dr. Richard Seelig, a former surgeon but now a medical consultant for ADS, became the first to embed a VeriChip in his arm and hip on Sept. 16. He says his decision to become a willing guinea pig came when he saw World Trade Center rescue workers scrawl information on their skin as an identifying marker should they get hurt in the wreckage.

    "There is a clear need for a more secure [form of] identification," says Seelig. "This was another useful application for VeriChip and to move the process along and [help] evaluate the possibility, I had the chips inserted."

    And Seelig isn't the only one who feels this way.

    According to ADS' Bolton, about 50 people have already signed up with the company to become part of the VeriChip experiments. Some volunteers, such as the Jacobs family in Boca Raton, Fla., believe that the technology will provide for a much needed additional security and safety.

    "What it does for me is give me a peace of mind because it speaks for you when you can't," says Leslie Jacobs, a journalist in Boca Raton, Fla. Her 14-year old son, Derek, had first heard of the VeriChip on a local newscast and had persuaded Leslie and her husband that this new chip technology would be the wave of the future. And after looking into the technology, she believes that her son was right. "I really think this could help make the world safer in the future," she says.

    Chipping Blocks

    But making the world safer or allowing missing children to be found easily won't happen anytime soon. In addition to waiting for FDA approval — a process that may take years — some experts point to many other obstacles that would need to be cleared.

    Most embedded chip designs, such as ADS's VeriChip, are so-called passive chips which yield information only when scanned by a nearby reader. But active chips — such as the proposed Digital Angel of the future — will need to beam out information all the time. And that means designers will have to develop some
    sort of power source that can provide a continuous source of energy, yet be small enough to be embedded with the chips.

    Another additional hurdle, developing tiny GPS receiver chips that could be embedded yet still be sensitive enough to receive signals from thousands of miles out in space.

    In addition to technical hurdles, many suspect that all sorts of legal and privacy issues would have to be cleared as well.

    Tien of the EFF is concerned that while embedded chip technology may be
    beneficial in locating lost loved ones, he worries that it could be easily abused. "Once this thing is in you, what's the guarantee that not just anyone won't be able to track you?" asks Tien.

    Tien is also concerned that the "benefits" of being able to track people clandestinely may be forced upon others. "If it works here — finding lost loved ones — so then we'll use it for released prisoners and sex offenders," says Tien. "If the choice is offered to a person to either stay in prison for another year or to go on parole as long as they have this monitoring chip in them, then that's not really much of a choice in my opinion," he says.

    And while the EFF isn't openly condemning embedded chip technology, "Our critique of proposed technology solutions — whether they be chip implants or national ID cards — is that people will abuse them," says Tien. "That's the fundamental issue of human nature."

    Crawling Toward a Race of Cyborgs?

    Such qualms over privacy, whether real or overblown, are likely to keep any mass "chipping" from happening in the near future. And that may be the ultimate problem for the technology overall.

    "It's a chicken and egg problem," says Paul Saffo, director of the Institute for the Future, a research firm in Menlo Park, Calif. "Hospitals and ambulances aren't going to invest in new detectors [for these chips] until people start using the chip, but people aren't going to use these chips until there's a wide availability of readers," he says.

    Still, Saffo and others don't doubt that one day we may become a race of cyborgs — part man and part machine.

    "We put all sorts of implants in [our bodies] today," says Saffo. "If we have metal hips, it only makes sense to have chips in, too."

    #4. March's Award Winner Of The Month! Conspiracy Journal..Featuring an article "Paranormal or Extraterrestrial? by: Tim Swartz

    Conspiracy Journal is the web home for Timothy Green Beckley's Global Communications. Global Communications and Inner Light Publications have been the leading publishers of books about UFOs, conspiracies, the paranormal, New Age etc., for more than thirty years.

    The Conspiracy Journal website, along with its free, weekly e-mail newsletter, is produced and edited by Tim Swartz. The exciting new venue of the internet has allowed writers such as Commander X, Tim Swartz, Brad Steiger, Sean Casteel and Diane Tessman to reach and inform a whole new audience from all across the planet.

    Conspiracy Journal is dedicated to uncovering news and information of UFOs, conspiracies, the paranormal, and everything else weird and strange that might not be published in the local morning newspaper, or seen on the nightly six o'clock news.

    If you have never read "The Conspiracy Journal" I would suggest that you sign up, what can I say is that it is free of charge and you will get some very fine stories along with a dash of for Tim's Books that is another Story, I myself have mostly all of them and I find them totaly make sure you check out the website!

    Some of Tim's Books are:
    The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla : Haarp - Chemtrails and Secret of Alternative 4 </exec/obidos/ASIN/1892062135/qid=1014849737/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/002-5880062-0827222>

    Evil Agenda Of The Secret Government </exec/obidos/ASIN/1892062003/qid=1014849737/sr=1-2/ref=sr_1_2/002-5880062-0827222>

    Teleportation How to Guide : From Star Trek to Tesla </exec/obidos/ASIN/1892062437/qid=1014849737/sr=1-3/ref=sr_1_3/002-5880062-0827222>

    Time Travel: A How-To Insiders Guide </exec/obidos/ASIN/1892062046/qid=1014849737/sr=1-4/ref=sr_1_4/002-5880062-0827222>

    Secret Black Projects of the New World Order </exec/obidos/ASIN/0938294806/qid=1014849737/sr=1-6/ref=sr_1_6/002-5880062-0827222>

    Paranormal or Extraterrestrial? By Tim Swartz

    There seems to be a fine line between certain UFO experiences and classic haunting's. That is not to say that all UFO sightings will lead to paranormal experiences. However, based on a number of reliable reports, there does seem to be a certain aspect of the UFO phenomenon that either closely parallels psychic occurrences, or originates from the same source.

    In other words: Some UFO incidents can be considered the same as haunting's and other paranormal events – with the same sorts of phenomena, such as: ghostly figures and visits from seemingly physical, yet bizarre people, unexplained noises, teleportations, the psychokinetic moving of objects and furniture, and even possession.

    One such case that blurs the line between UFOs and the paranormal was investigated by Timothy Green Beckley and Brad Steiger. Brian Scott claimed to have been abducted by extraterrestrials and taken to a secret underground base within the Superstition Mountains of Arizona.

    The Superstition Mountains has a long and colorful history of unusual events and hauntings. There have been several reported cases where strange voices have driven treasure-hunters insane and, in some cases, driving them to kill their partners. Brad Steiger, in his book The UFO Abductors (1988., Berkley Books., N.Y.) describes Brian Scott's experiences as follows:

    Brian Scott's first abduction reportedly occurred in the Arizona desert near Phoenix in 1971, and he claimed that another had just occurred on December 22, 1975, in Garden Grove, California. In between, Scott said, there were three other terrifying sessions with the aliens and repeated visits to his home by balls of light and a transparent being that called itself The Host.

    Incredibly, Scott found that a friend of his was already inside the craft. The two of them were taken into a small room that began to fill with a fog or a mist. Then they were confronted by four or five 'very horrifying' creatures. Scott described them as having gray skin like that of a crocodile or a rhino, with a thicker patch of hide over the front torso. The beings were seven feet tall, according to Scott, and, had three fingers and a thumb kicked over to one side.

    In his book, Steiger detailed a fascinating conversation between noted author and UFO investigator Timothy Green Beckley and Brian Scott.
    Tim Beckley: What happened on the day when your wife was sent to the hospital?

    Scott: She had been to work, pretty much handling everything that was going on around her. Then I got a call that she wasn't feeling very well. I brought her home, and after about fifteen minutes of sitting there talking with her, she was saying several things, none of which made any sense to me or to her. She said that she had been in the bathroom and suddenly felt hands all over her body. It was as if someone had broken into the house and molested her. When she calmed down and started making explanations to me about what the hell was wrong with her, it was as if, from her description, the guys I had seen aboard the craft in 1971 had visited her. This is odd, because she has never seen nor shown any interest in the sketches that I made of those entities.

    Beckley: So this was an actual materialization – if you want to call it that – of the entities in the house?

    Scott: I don't know what is was.

    Beckley: But she was so upset that you decided to take her to the hospital?

    Scott: Later that evening, it seemed as if she was okay. I was on the phone, and the baby was getting into everything so I couldn't carry on the conversation. I got up and went looking for my wife. I heard a bumping sound and a moan coming from the bathroom. My wife was on the floor, hyperventilating. I got her up and onto a chair in the living room. I was on my way to call her mother when she just fell flat on her face. I called the paramedics, and while they were on the way, she got up and fell down again. Then she began to become hysterical. It took four paramedics to hold her down. She was throwing people around as if they were tissue paper. Guys were thrown backward against the furniture. Finally they loaded her up in the ambulance. I came back in the house, and the baby was not in the playpen. I panicked, because I couldn't find our one-year-old baby who got out of a playpen!

    Beckley: Who is The Host?

    Scott: There is one entity that comes through that calls itself The Host, whatever that means. It speaks in what sounds like some kind of computerized language. The voice seems to come out of me, an inner voice that is not mine. The entity says that I am one with it. It says, ‘I am; I am,' or ‘You are one with me.' When I asked if it has a name, it will just come back and say, ‘I am; I am.' The other night we heard some strange sounds coming from the bedroom, and I began to speak in a foreign language that we later found out was Greek. Where that came from, I don't know. I wrote in Greek BACKWARD. On top of that, I was writing with my left hand, and I am right-handed. This voice was talking. We asked who it was, and the name Ashtar came out. Then it began to use the name Ashtar and speak to my wife. It told her things about her past that only she could know. This went on for a while, then it went on to say it would give her all the money in the world. It only wanted one thing in return – her soul.

    Beckley commented that it sounded as though diabolical entities might be coming onto the scene, attracted by the extreme vibrations. He also observed that ASHTAR, which has surfaced often in the strange world of UFOs, sounded very much like ISHTAR, an ancient Babylonian goddess.

    Tim Beckley later asked J.D. (an investigator associated with a civilian UFO investigations group who studied the Brian Scott incident) how he would differentiate between what may have originally been an abduction case and the various types of poltergeist phenomena that now seemed to prompt Scott's resultant trance state. Are they one and the same? Are they closely related mysteries? Or are they entirely different aspects of a more general phenomenon?

    J.D. indicated that he was aware that there had been other cases such as Scott's. The manifestations of balls of light streaking through the homes of contactees and abductees apparently are more frequent than many investigators realize. J.D. mentioned that one voice, a horrible voice, came through and claimed to be Beelzebub, the Devil. J.D. was convinced that the entity was simply trying to frighten away the investigators.

    Aside from the 3-fingered, 7 ft. tall "Crocodilian" creatures encountered by Brian Scott, there was another group involved in his abductions as well.

    According to Steiger: "The secondary group was composed of beings who were small, with frail bodies, milky white skin, large bald heads, thin lips, and enormous eyes... supposedly this group, perhaps from the sixth or seventh planets around the star Epsilon Bootes, have the power to veto actions planned by those beings of the secondary world, the reptile creatures."

    In reference to the supposed mission these creatures had chosen for Brian Scott, Steiger states: "Scott was to design a transportation technology that would move matter through space. He was to master quantum displacement physics and begin to develop a mind transference machine to be used to unite all humans. Such a machine would help to develop a philosophy of cosmic brotherhood. The above tasks, of course, would seem impossible for a combination of Einstein and Superman, but they are typical of the type of grandiose mission(s) assigned to so many contactees and abductees."

    The name Ashtar appears often in UFO contactee literature. One cannot help noting the ancient origin of the name Ishtar, Ashtar, Asta, described always as a god of evil and negativity in the Bible, but whose roots as a highly respected god go back to the beginnings of recorded history. Ashtar seems to belong more to the contactees than the abductees, but there are instances where those who claim to have been forcefully taken aboard UFOs describe an interaction with beings who represent themselves as emissaries of Ashtar's Grand Plan.

    The Brian Scott case is just one of hundreds, maybe thousands of nonsensical interactions with nonhuman entities. As noted in Brad Steiger's book, often UFO experiencers will be given some supposedly monumental task by the extraterrestrials, who solemnly tell their chosen emissary that the fate of the world depends on the successful completion of his mission. In the case of Brian Scott, his building of a super-scientific teleportation machine would help unite all of mankind with the aliens in a cosmic brotherhood. So far, Brian has yet to accomplish his goal, but he is optimistic that he will help pave the way to a new way of life for all of mankind. A way of life that will involve not just the people of planet Earth, but also a myriad of other intelligent races from all across the universe.

    #5. Shamed Star's "Aliens Claim"

    A triple gold medallist who was kicked out of the Winter Olympics for
    failing a drugs test claims he is being told what to do by aliens.
    Cross-country skier Johann Muehlegg said the mysterious beings have had
    a profound effect on his life.

    "I have seen them," he declared, before insisting he had not taken any

    German-born Muehlegg, 31, defected to Spain in 1999 - apparently on the
    instructions of the aliens.

    He said: "I was contacted and told what to do by people from the other

    Blood booster

    "You might think it's funny but it has paid off. I'm now an Olympic
    champion and the record books will show it."

    Muehlegg denies drug claims

    Muehlegg, who failed a second dope test on Tuesday, has only been
    ordered to hand back one of his gold medals - for Saturday's 50km.

    The International Olympic Committe have no power to seize the gongs
    given out for the 10km and 30km events because they took place before he was tested.

    But Muehlegg will face a two-year ban if the positive results for blood
    booster darbepoetin are upheld.

    If that happens, he might still get a call to the Other
    World Championships, due to be held on Mars in July.

    #6. Odd Goings-On Haunt Capitol Halls - Lawmakers Report 'bizarre' Incidents by: Trent Seibert
    Denver Post Capitol Bureau,1002,53%7E424317,00.html

    Monday, February 25, 2002 - Ghosts and guillotines and thieves and threats.

    These and a rash of other unexplained crimes and hauntings at the Capitol have legislators buzzing about how this year is so, well, weird.

    "I've been here 11 years and I've never seen anything like it," said Vickie Agler, a former legislator who now serves as assistant to the House speaker. "There are some bizarre things going on."

    Lawmakers have been menaced by interest groups, with one even threatening to bring a guillotine to the Capitol.

    Add to that a drug bust on the Capitol steps, a flasher roaming the grounds, a senator's flashy pickup stolen right off the statehouse lot and the return of one of the Capitol's infamous ghosts, and suddenly politics has become a lot more paranormal.

    One of those "bizarre things" is the group of people that is leaving voice mail messages with lawmakers, threatening to sue them for malfeasance. They say they will be showing up at the Capitol with their guillotine.

    This group, led by a nurse named Betty James, protests for more civil rights. In a recent phone message to House Speaker Doug Dean, she demanded an "immediate display in the rotunda of the people's last resort: the guillotine."

    Indeed, she even called the State Patrol, which is in charge of security at the Capitol, asking for the best way to bring her guillotine into the statehouse. Officials said she wasn't allowed to bring it at all.

    Why ask for permission?

    "I wanted to give them a heads-up," James said.

    It's not uncommon for lawmakers to be threatened, and it happens several times a month. But since the legislature opened for business in January, legislators and the State Patrol officers who protect them concede those threats seem odder than usual.

    Some speculate that it stems from the country being so united over the war and the Olympics, that protesters have to make more of an effort to be noticed.

    "People are becoming more dramatic, trying to make a bigger statement," said State Patrol Capt. Doug Shelton.

    One example of a dramatic statement came during a recent shut-down of a committee hearing.

    A group of people identifying themselves as journalists showed up at the hearing. However, they turned out to be activists who blocked the committee room's doorways, grabbed a sergeant-at-arms, and broke into an off-key rendition of "God Bless America."

    Another apparent threat came as recently as Tuesday during a committee hearing. Lawmakers say they felt uncomfortable after threatening statements made during testimony by a man named John Walker, the ominous namesake of the American Taliban.

    "With his body language and his tone, it certainly felt like a threat," said Rep. Debbie Stafford, who's considering getting a restraining order against Walker.

    It's not just threats. There's weird crime, too. Sen. Ken Chlouber's 1998 black Chevy half-ton pickup, adorned with painted flames on each side, was stolen from the state Capitol parking lot, right under the eyes of the State Patrol and security cameras.

    The weirdest occurrence, some say, is the return of one of the Capitol's legendary ghosts.

    The night janitors report seeing the spectre floating in the ornate lobby outside the Senate. They describe her as an older woman in a hood, garbed in black, with her arms crossed.

    "I have no idea who she is," said Ron Enriquez. "I was shocked. I was scared."

    Sen. Ed Perlmutter said he wonders if the ghost is behind the recent spate of bad karma that seems to have descended over the gold dome like a dark cloud. He says he just might ask her.

    "I think I'll stay here late one night and see if she shows up," he said.

    #7. The X-Files Come To Inkerman by: David Stonehouse
    The Ottawa Citizen{BB38DCF4-CB98-4484-B832-16F9013E6991}

    If UFOs have indeed been hovering in the skies above this tiny New Brunswick town, as the many sightings suggest, the folks here aren't bothered. Except, of course, for those who say they've actually seen the alien spacecraft.

    INKERMAN, N.B. - It was a crisp, clear January night, and 22-year-old Mathieu Robichaud was at the wheel of his Chevy Cavalier, his girlfriend next to him holding his hand, headed for the video store the next town over.

    They were looking forward to a quiet Saturday night -- just the two of them nestled together, watching movies back at the apartment they shared in the basement of her mother's house.

    The conversation between the two had fallen to silence. The familiarity of the road, the music on the radio and the tranquilizing hiss of the car heater cranked on high had lulled them into a quiet comfort.

    Then: "Jesus!" he exclaimed. "What's that?"

    Two lights low in the sky.

    Jenny Laplante noticed them just at that moment, too. "It's a plane," the 17-year-old high school student thought, "and it's about to crash."

    But as they drove closer, the details became clearer: two lights morphed to four white lights -- translucent, like light spilling through a distant window. Smaller blue lights were set between the white.

    There was no way, they thought, that it was an airplane: it wasn't the right shape and it moved too slowly.

    Craning his neck to follow it as it approached, Mr. Robichaud also noticed white lights on bottom. He quickly pulled into the nearest driveway and jumped out of the car.

    He figured it was only about 15 metres above him. He couldn't see the body of it in the dark, but the arrangement of lights made it appear as if it was shaped like a diamond. It looked to be about twice the width of his car and four times as long.

    He was struck by the silence -- the thing made no noise. He watched as it banked into a sharp turn over the house to his right and floated off toward a neighbouring thicket of forest.

    He jumped back into the car. His girlfriend was frightened, crying. He raced down the road, trying to follow it. He lost it over the woods.

    He remains convinced that what he saw that night at about 9:30 p.m. was not an earthly invention, but a spacecraft from another planet. A genuine alien-owned-and-operated Unidentified Flying Object.

    "I'm sure it was," he says, driving the same two-lane stretch of mottled road weeks later. He is a confident young man, square of jaw, unassuming, earnest. He earns his living outdoors, cutting back trees that encroach on hydro lines. A black leather jacket hides the athletic build on his six-foot-plus frame. His hair is short and ink-black, his eyes framed by small, metal-framed glasses. He sports a wispy moustache.

    He has come without his girlfriend. She would like to forget it all. She went to bed that January night and dreamed about coming face-to-face with a big-headed alien with red eyes that chased her through a neighbour's yard.

    He has agreed to talk about what he saw only if his real name is not revealed, nor that of his girl. He says he has talked to none of his friends about the incident -- he has disclosed this to only a select few, for fear others will think he is a lunatic.

    He is not alone -- in either the sighting or his fear. There have been more than 15 other reports of similar objects in the sky over this stretch of northern New Brunswick since -- making Inkerman, a fishing village of 900 souls on the Acadian Peninsula, the new UFO capital of Canada.

    Like Mr. Robichaud, most folks who are reported to have witnessed a UFO in the skies above the village will not talk about it if their real identities are revealed. Either that or they flat-out refuse to discuss it.

    "I don't want to talk about that," firmly declared one reported witness when called at home.

    Those who weren't eyewitnesses themselves don't mind chatting about it.

    "My brother saw it three weeks before Christmas," says Nicole Gagnon, a 27-year-old who works at the 30-bed nursing home in the village. "He saw it with two of his friends."

    A friend of hers also saw it, she says. It came in low and falling as if it were about to crash. "It's strange," Ms. Gagnon says. "Very strange."

    Almost all of the sightings have been over Pallot Road, a two-lane stretch of asphalt dotted with modest homes, barren farms and thick brush. It cuts through Inkerman's main intersection -- a four-way stop home to the only gas station, along with an auto parts store and a convenience store-deli, the Marché Inkerman. "Try our hot'n'Tender Pressure Fried Chicken," suggests a white banner tacked to the front of the store.

    Ask the attendant at the Shell what else the village has to offer, he mentions the nursing home, the peat moss plant and "and the strip club over the bridge." He forgets to mention the Catholic church.

    Declared one New Brunswick newspaper in its dispatch on the Inkerman sightings: "If an extraterrestrial explorer wanted to check out the planet Earth without attracting a lot of attention, this is a pretty good place to do it."

    Indeed, the folks in this village -- unfailingly polite and friendly -- go about life without paying much care for the reason behind their new notoriety. If alien spacecraft have indeed been hovering the skies above, it doesn't bother them. Their reaction is neither excited nor scornful, only nonchalant. Life meanders along as normal.

    The UFO was supposed to have sailed right over Cyrus Robichaud's farm.

    "It could be," says the 68-year-old, his face heavily creased, weathered by all those years working the railway. "If I had seen it, I'd tell you the truth. But I didn't see it."

    A mother who lives the next farm over seems unfazed.

    "I can't say I don't believe it," she says, standing in her doorway of her well-kept farmhouse as three children do homework at the kitchen table behind her. "I can't say I believe it, either. I'd have to see it."

    The village started attracting attention after L'Acadie Nouvelle, the province's French-language daily newspaper, wrote about the first eyewitness account. Others started coming forward saying they had seen the same thing. In at least one case, it was a sighting three months earlier, but most were in mid-January.

    Gaëtane Caissie read the newspaper report and called over her 11-year-old daughter, Janick. "That's what I saw," the girl said.

    She was outside the hockey arena in Baie-Sainte-Anne -- roughly 150 kilometres south of Inkerman -- with a girlfriend on Jan. 13, the day after the first reported sighting. Their brothers were playing a bantam game inside, their folks cheering from the bleachers.

    The girls were bored of the game and went outside to grab some fresh air. It was about 3:30 p.m. Janick noticed a black, diamond-shaped object in the sky. It looked bigger than a car. She watched as it cleared the arena rooftop. If it made any noise, she could not hear it.

    The girls ran back to get their parents and convinced them to come outside. They made it out in time to see it sail out over the mouth of Miramichi Bay.

    "I watched it until it disappeared," Ms. Caissie, a 41-year-old mom and part-time tree farm worker, says from her home in Neguac, a coastal community roughly halfway between Baie-Sainte-Anne and Inkerman. "It was weird."

    To this day, she still wonders what it was. She is skeptical that it could have been a craft from outer space. She says she doesn't quite believe in such things.

    "Not really," she says. "Do they come out in the daytime?"

    Chris Rutkowski would say yes. The Winnipeg science writer, schooled in astronomy, tracks UFO sightings across Canada. He has been collecting reports and keeping statistics for more than a decade as part of his research into unidentified flying objects. He received the initial report from Inkerman and doesn't know what to make of the others -- he is waiting for documentation on those.

    "At this point in the investigation of the Inkerman cases," he says, "we do not yet have enough data to understand the breadth of the flap."

    A flap is a sudden surge in sightings in one area, and this one has pushed Inkerman over the top. There have never been so many sightings in New Brunswick in such a short space of time.

    According his records, the highest number previously reported was nine -- in one year, for the whole province. In all of last year, there were five. None were from the Inkerman area.

    He took the first Inkerman call, phoned in by the distress line that Mathieu Robichaud's father called that night after his son dropped in to tell him what happened, body trembling.

    After getting the call, Mr. Rutkowski says he checked with the Coast Guard's Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Halifax to see if it could have been an aircraft and was told no -- there were none in the area at the time.

    He also called Stanton Friedman, a renowned UFO researcher and lecturer who just happens to live in Fredericton, some 300 kilometres southwest of Inkerman.

    Since that call, Mr. Friedman has been collecting reports of other sightings from Inkerman. He doesn't tend to get excited over reports of lights in the sky. After all, his work is largely focused on what he calls the "cosmic Watergate" -- a government coverup of an alien ship crash landing in the desert at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

    "Is there a bigger story than visits to planet Earth by alien spacecraft, and successful coverup of the best data, bodies and wreckage by the government for 55 years?" he says. "I don't know a bigger story than that."

    The New Jersey-born nuclear physicist was the first to begin documenting Roswell. He's written books about it, including The Roswell Incident and Top Secret/Majic, a volume of classified government documents from the late 1940s and early 1950s belonging to a top secret group of scientists, military leaders, and CIA officials that dealt with Roswell and provided briefings to the White House. The United States government has insisted the documents are bogus and that no such group existed.

    Mr. Friedman, 67, is firm in his belief that aliens exist and they have visited Earth -- though he hasn't seen any himself. He has given more than 700 lecturers around the world, debated the subject at Oxford, and given countless media interviews.

    After interviewing witnesses to the Inkerman sightings, he remains intrigued -- even though they are just lights in the sky, not crash sites. He says the witnesses impressed him. They did not appear to be attention-seekers, he says, their claims were not outlandish, and they all had others with them at the time that also saw the lights.

    He is convinced a UFO was hovering over the Acadian Peninsula.

    Airplanes don't have the same lights, he says, nor are they able to turn so sharply or cruise so slowly.

    "It is a good unidentifiable flying object," he says. "Certainly not anything conventional," he says. Still, he cautions, that doesn't mean that he believes quite yet that there were extraterrestrials looking to land in Inkerman.

    "I can't guarantee that the drug-runners of the world haven't come up with a new kind of vehicle," he says and laughs. "But it's unlikely."

    As for Mathieu Robichaud, he went back out with his father that January night to try to find the flying object. But now, he says he would be happiest if this stayed a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    "I would like to see it again -- if I had a camera and some film," he says. "But if I don't have that, I don't want to see it."

    © Copyright 2002 The Ottawa Citizen
    "World of the Strange"
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Permission is granted to reproduce or redistribute this edition provided that attribution is made to the Author or Authors noted. In order to reprint or reproduce any copyrighted material contained herein, if not using the FULL newsletter, you MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder noted. For their permission in use of their said article.
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  5. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    #1. Missouri Mystery Mound by:Charles Teague
    #2. Different Child © 2001 by Sandy Nichols
    #3. New Web Site Sheds Light on "Indian" UFOs
    #4. A Tone From The Deep by: Seth Shostak Senior Astronomer, Project Phoenix
    #5. Let's Do The Time Warp Again by: Scott Mowbray
    #6. Study: Left-handers Have Different Brains by: Robert Lee Hotz

    #1. Missouri Mystery Mound by:Charles Teague

    The beginning of my search for an ancient mound in the backwoods of Middle America began quite innocently several years ago while listening to the late night talk show with Art Bell. Since that time, I have been trying to ascertain if my quest was going to lead me to ancient caves and a trove of lost artifacts. Even today I'm not sure what it is I have found and what its significance is. What first piqued my interest was the interview with an Indian shaman and mystic who was on a life quest to find and explore ancient sites in North America. His goal was to map these ancient sites and use this knowledge to protect them and also to achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness.

    He began the show speaking about an ancient site located in Middle America that he said was one of the ancient Halls of Records. This was a depository of artifacts from many ancient cultures around the world. He talked about going to this site and taking away artifacts for some special purpose. I was totally blown away by this revelation. Because I lived in Memphis, TN and was aware of many ancient archeological sites along the Mississippi River, I surmised that if there were such a place, it must be located somewhere in the same geographic area. The Indian mounds of lower Ohio and Illinois, the Serpent Mound in Ohio, the pyramid outside St. Louis, MO and many other sites too numerous to mention, all of these places are located near the Mississippi River or its tributaries.

    But where does one go to get information to start such a search? Having no expertise in archaeology, little experience in hiking, tracking, or mapping, I knew I had to use another method. The first thing I tried to do was contact the Indian shaman and his partner. Neither one could be found. Of course I didn't expect him to tell me where the Hall of Records was but, if he could see that I meant no harm to him and his friends and only wanted to join the quest and share the mystery, then I was sure if he would help me as much as he could. At this point I decided that there was no use in pursuing this search any longer.

    Now we shall venture into an area most people would not accept as a legitimate science. This is the world of Reverse Speech. I have been an advocate of this strange and exciting science for several years after hearing about it on the Art Bell show. The technology was discovered and developed by David John Oates, a true originator. I immediately ordered the correspondence course and later took the follow-up course as well. While not certified as a Reverse Speech Therapist, I have developed a degree of efficiency in interpreting reversals. Reverse Speech, in a nutshell, is the process whereby you record and play a person's conversation in reverse, listening to the reverse speech patterns. What you hear is the unconscious mind speaking. It comes out in short phrases every 10-20 seconds. They reveal what the unconscious mind is processing. You don't actually hear the person's thoughts but hear the motivational processes behind the unconscious thoughts. What is revealed is what is kept secret from the world and the individual? Who we are and what we think, feel and do is controlled by the unconscious mind. It speaks the truth and does not lie. This concept is a very frightening thing for people to accept or even to get their mind around. Most people fear what they don't understand and sometimes with good reason. The truth can set you free, but it also can scare the hell out of you. I won't go into the mechanics that are involved but state that you receive snippets of the unconscious mind that reveal the truth.

    Well, I thought why not apply Reverse Speech and see if my Indian friend would reveal to me clues to the whereabouts of this ancient mound. Little did I know where this search would lead me and the fun I would have in the process. Clues! Getting clues to the location of this site was my goal, and also could I find out where the site was, how to get there and explore it. What could the reversals tell me and how could I plot a course of action? This was the center of my focus over the next few months. Normally you could decipher a two hour tape in several days, but I wanted to make sure I missed no clues. So with this in mind I carefully went through the tape time and time again. I reasoned if this was a valid and reliable technology then my Indian friend would provide hints to its location. The only information the Indian shaman provided was that the site was located in Middle America. Well, that was a big help!

    What I found was a wonderful revelation that has led to seven forays into the backwoods of America. Now I will reveal for the first time some of the clues that were revealed to me. I would like to first state that I will not reveal the location of the site for obvious reasons but, the clues have not been changed or altered in any way. I was led to this site by a higher power and if fate or God leads you there, so be it. Here now are a group of reversals that are interesting as well as revelatory. Many are metaphoric in nature with several interpretations.

    Reversal ®

    ® 1. "Maps yield it"
    This told me that the location could be found on a map. Whether it was a general map or a personal map, I wasn't sure.

    ® 2. "Seize the fault in America"
    I surmise that the site was along a fault line.

    ® 3. "Missouri, you fear it"
    This confirmed it was located along the New Madrid fault in Missouri.

    ® 4. "You seize the fault in it"
    Find the fault and seize your goal.

    Now I would like to turn your attention to a group of metaphoric reversals that reveal a mystery and a promise.

    ® 5. "The owl sitting in the shaft"
    Owl means knowledge.

    ® 6. "My ark, sit by Bael"
    Possibly religious and pagan treasures.

    ® 7. "Ark, the missing share"

    ® 8. "Be ark, here benefit, he open it"

    ® 9. "Me and my bow and that Ozarks. There where found it"
    The site was found in the Ozarks.

    All of these reversals suggest some sort of storage of records located somewhere in the Ozarks. Now I realized that the location was somewhere in the Missouri Ozarks along the New Madrid fault.

    Now these reversals note key characteristics of the site itself:

    ® 10. "Mill"
    Denoting mines of ore and minerals.

    ® 11. "Rock, there it's hiddeth"
    The Hall of Records is under a rock or the entrance is.

    ® 12. "Mile de wet"
    There is a mile of wet ground or water or swamp, possibly a ravine, canal or stream.

    ® 13. "You realize the igneous mountain shape"
    I went to the dictionary to get a better definition of igneous - deposits of ore minerals with igneous rocks typically originating along volcanic arcs in zones of plate convergence (fault lines).

    ® 14. "Mill is lizard"
    The location of the site has something to do with a lizard. This totally confused me. What did a lizard have to do with the Hall of Records?

    ® 15. "Moss make gather"
    "We all soily and knows it"
    "See bury gift"
    "The wig go wet"
    "Moss may gather"
    this group of reversals reveals that the location of the site is covered in moss, lots of soil and wet ground. So to see the buried gift one must get wet and dirty. One must go down a "shaft" to reach the Hall of Records.

    ® 16. "Alsup dug the site"
    Who is Alsup? Has an Egyptian ring to it.

    ® 17. "How to get to old Missouri"
    "the grid ox-bow"
    "they reached down below the roots"
    "heal the mirror doll"
    "hid the palace"
    The site is on the oxbow grid map. You have to go underground past the Reflective Statute and then you find the palace or ancient temple.

    ® 18. "Cedar up and near the box sitting off head"
    There is a cedar tree near the entrance to the tunnel sitting off to the side of the head.
    What head? The head of the mound.
    ® 19. "see lunus - the arch that gives to the cactus"
    Apparently they approached the entrance went under an arch that is sided by a cactus? Image of a cactus? See the light of the moon?

    ® 20. "the monkey hurt ya"
    Monkey? What's going on here? Monkeys in the Ozarks?

    ® 21. "walk hornets"
    "needers bend on the belt lay"
    Possibly hornets in the woods. Some sort of bend on a belt, like a beltway.

    ® 22. 'see elk foot"
    "greasy horse head"
    More clues.

    ® 23. "the east dude's secret hall"
    I know exactly what this means.

    ® 24. "it's in swamp"
    It certainly is in a swamp.

    Now here is a group of very strange reversals:

    ® 25. "he charm the bark in it"
    "a sea in the hornets"
    "they must do right"
    "sit down, see luna"
    "the alps peaking in the woods"
    "moss lay over the shaft"
    "the knoll dubs a girth slope"
    Moss lays over the entrance and there is a wall running round the slope of the mound.

    ® 26. There is a lion reversal but I will not reveal it.

    Interesting Note: The Mormon's believe that Missouri was possibly the original Garden of Eden. The revelation given to them was to go to the land of Missouri where the Lord would reveal the Center Place of Zion. The final temple of the Mormon's will be built on this site in Missouri. The site has not been finally selected yet but several places are being considered.

    Having grown up near Memphis and near the banks of the Mississippi River, I was well aware of the sacred Indian mounds. Could these mounds hold a clue to the mystery of the Hall of Records? I decided to find out. I studied the history of the mounds and found a fascinating story that would aid me in my search. General Hernando Desoto in his quest for the Seven Golden Cities of Cibola had stopped here when he came upon the Mississippi River. While trying to get the uncooperative Indians to help him, he kidnapped the Chief's daughter. She was returned to her tribe but not till concessions were made. Was General Desoto given information to help him in his quest? You be the judge.

    He built rafts to cross the river, but the hostile Indian tribes on the other side would not let him land there. So instead of traveling by land he forced the rafts upstream against the stiff and dangerous currents and landed at a bend in the river called Greasy Bend. (Note the reversal word Greasy.)

    I suggest the reason for this was the many Indian mounds located there and information provided from the Indian nation. Today all the mounds have been plowed under by farmers, except for one that was spared because it was a cemetery. The site today is near he town of New Madrid, Missouri. It is quite beautiful and I felt a kinship with the past when I stood high on the mound's plateau and gazed off into the far distance. I found no exact record of where he went next other than the recorded record of going south to Hot Springs, Arkansas and suddenly turning back east traveling to the mounds near Earle, Arkansas. Unfortunately, Desoto caught yellow fever and died on the banks of the Mississippi River. I also suspect that he was going to head back north because of the information he had was in error.

    Now I will reveal the tale of the "Peacemaker" and where it fits into this puzzle but first I want to tell of the other trip General Desoto made. Because of the information known to me by the Peacemaker's legacy, I was able to find historical records of where Desoto went when he left New Madrid, Missouri.

    According to the records, he lead his band to a certain area and then ascended to within a few miles of this site when for some inexplicable reason he veered east and then went south until he ended up around Hot Springs, Arkansas. Since he was traveling in a straight line and was nearing the site, what would have caused him to backtrack and then go in a southward direction? This was very strange indeed. I think he was either fought off by the Indians or was given incorrect directions to lead him astray. When I discovered this information, I was positive I was on the right track.

    How did I finally find the site? Well, that's a whole another kettle of fish. From the clues I had deciphered before the Peacemaker revelations, I knew the general location within a 100 mile radius or so. Still this would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Wow! Talk about frustrating. I was temporarily stuck even though I knew the clues were there. I just didn't know how to decipher them.

    Well, guess what? Providence reared its beautiful head. Are you getting the feeling yet that someone or something was leading me? Here the story starts to get unreal. My friend Eddie Middleton, UFO paranormal researcher and radio host occasionally brings speakers to Memphis. He told me that he was having a lecture featuring a noted expert on American ancient culture and mythology and asked me to attend. I said sure, can't wait to hear him. Little did I know he would provide the key to the mystery. We attended the lecture and heard all about the Peacemaker. There have been many peacemakers but he was speaking of one in particular. I make a note to find out everything I could about him.

    I checked the library and came across a biography of the great man, a little known but important figure in our fight for independence from Great Britain. It was a fascinating read, and what I discovered would lead me on my first step in my incredible journey. Encoded in the book was information that would lead me to a certain area in southeastern Missouri. I was amazed to see how this information was encoded, and in a way awe struck at the ingenuity of the Peacemaker. Why he had left these clues and for what purpose I'm still not sure.

    My next step was to go to the maps of the area and look for points of reference. This was very time consuming and tedious because there were many areas that fit the code and the area itself was so large and backward. Over the next few weeks I mapped many points but was no closer to finding the site. Finally I went back and reviewed my reversals looking for some additional clues.

    I noticed that several clues could have been talking about towns. With this in mind I plotted several courses of towns that fit my map grid. Now I could proceed with caution as well as a little educated guessing. My next inspiration came from an unexpected source. While browsing through BookStar, I came across a magazine called "Ancient American." This intrigued me since I also was looking for an ancient American site. There was an article by an archaeologist about an ancient grid code spread across America in the form of pentagrams. When I studied the pentagrams, I noticed some startling correlations between points in the grid and areas I was looking at. I immediately went to the University of Memphis Library and spent several days studying grid maps of the area. Viola! I not only found a match for my hypothetical site it was a perfect match to the grids and angles. One further note of interest, the site lies in the 33rd grid. If you are acquainted with esoteric lore, then you realize the significance of this.

    Now my next step was to talk my wife and daughter into journeying into the backwoods of Missouri to see what we could find. Neither of them expressed a great desire to do this but I convinced them it would be a grand adventure. It turned out to be a mini-nightmare. I'm not saying we didn't have fun, we did, but Murphy's Law was in full bloom. We made reservations at a resort and loaded up the van and headed out. The temperature was near 100 degrees and our air conditioner was on the blink, so you can imagine that any hint of trouble would be magnified with the heat. That night I stood on the bank looking across the river in the direction where I hope to find that ancient mound and wondered what awaited me. The resort manager told us that there were many people digging illegally for artifacts along the river bank.

    Bright and early the next morning we took off and drove an hour to the woods that we suspected held the secrets. We were lost in the woods and couldn't make heads or tails of the map we had. We found a house and asked for directions. The owner asked us what we were looking for since there was nothing there but woods. We told him we were exploring the woods. We traveled down some dirt side roads but couldn't decide which way to go. Finally, I found a road that held promise and we traveled down it till it dead ended at a swamp.

    Our German Shepard "Al" jumped right in the water and was having a ball cooling off. Meanwhile I looked across the swamp and decided we had to get to the other side to continue our search. Now we started hiking along the edge of the swamp and continued fighting through thick bushes, thorns and brambles in our quest to find a way across. After about 45 minutes, we came to a tree that had fallen across the swamp. I was ready to crawl over and continue but protest was heard. My young daughter could not take the heat any longer and wanted to go back to the air-conditioned resort cabin. Did I mention it was close to 100 degrees and we were in a swamp. We decided to go back to the resort and try another time. Hardly Indiana Jones types, we decided the risk was too great in the heat. The next day we headed back to Memphis, but I was already planning my next trip.

    A short time later I decided I might need a little more information to find the site so I called the archaeologist who had written the article for Ancient American Magazine. Well, imagine my surprise when he told me he was going to be in the area that weekend visiting with a Native American nation doing some research. I made plans to meet him at the Indian village and my brother, Freddie, agreed to go with me. The village was in a remote area of the forest and we arrived late Saturday afternoon. We met the archaeologist and the Indian families. That night we viewed many Indian artifacts and attended Indian ceremonies. We discovered that our paternal grandmother may have been a member of their family. When we told them our purpose they were very interested and two of the teenage boys wished to travel with us. We spent the night in the village and the next day Freddie, the two teenagers, the archaeologist and myself set off in search of an ancient site. We followed the swamp till we reached the fallen tree and crossed over. The heat got to Freddie and he returned to the van. Next we walked through the woods where we found two undisturbed Indian graves and signs of a canal dug in the woods. We found no mound but caught a ride with a farmer in a pickup truck that saved us hours of walking. On the way out of the woods the archaeologist pointed to a high hill and stated that's where we should look for a mound. I filed that fact for future reference. Although we didn't find anything major we knew we were getting closer to our goal. Plans for my next trip were already formulating in my brain.

    One curious note was while were parked at the dead-end of a cul de sac miles from anywhere, camouflaged men in a large white pickup truck came by to check on us. Their questions and the fact they were carrying shot guns made us suspect that they had more than the usual interest in this part of the woods. You never know what people may be hiding in the backwoods of Middle America.

    Several months later we put together another trip. This time Freddie, my son Stephen, and myself made plans to stay at the Indian village. We were happy to see them.

    Scott, one of the village elders, had a computer and decided to download a picture of the area. When he received it we were pleased to see three mounds. We took off immediately for the mounds. It was late in the day when we finally reached the area, so we decided to check out the smallest one first. We marched across a wide open field and climbed to the top of the hill, exploring all the while. We found a deer stand and so interesting rock but little else. Disappointed but not discouraged, I thought about the trips I had made and wondered when I would find any clues that would draw me closer to my goal. The only thing we that found was a stone head of a tomahawk that Freddie had given to the archaeologist. Other than that zilch.

    We decided for the next trip to made it there and back in one day so we didn't have time to pick up our Indian friends. Freddie, Larry, and myself went to check out one of the larger hills. We walked up the front of the hill where there was thick bushes, briars, and overgrown trees. There at the top we found a circular ditch maybe a hundred yards in circumference. It was very unusual to say the least. From the top we walked down the middle of the mound till we reached the bottom. There we saw the most exquisite snake shaped stone path. It was a dried up stream that ended when it reached a deep crevice. It was like a magical walkway through the woods. The beautiful clearing of green trees and grass caused me to stop and admire God's handiwork. Walking back south from here about fifty feet we found a circular depression some 30 feet round with a flat squared stone in the middle. What was this and what could it represent. The most revealing discovery was that the whole area was covered in moss. It was everywhere and cedar trees dotted the landscape. I was getting excited and wondered what we would find next. We searched but didn't find any entrances to any caves so we climbed down the slope into the ravine and headed back the direction we had come, all the while looking for anything that would catch our eye. Well, the first thing I noticed was down the center of the ravine was a road or wall that extended as far as the eye could see. This reminded me of the reversal of a wall that ran in front of the Hall of Records. So far I was very gratified to have found many of the reversals coming to life before my very eyes. As we walked down the wall or road my brother exclaimed that there where cliffs extending out from the side of the hill. Well, we scurried up the sides of the slope as fast as out feet could carry us. Man, we were having a ball! We found two small caves and a pathway between the cliffs. Again Freddie made a discovery. He exclaimed " Hey! That rock sticking out from the side of the cliff looks like the head of a lizard or something." You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had not mentioned to either of them about my reversals regarding a lizard. I took out my trusty camera and took a series of pictures. We explored some more but by this time the sun was getting low on the horizon and I didn't relish the thought of being in the woods after dark. As we traveled down the wall I was sure I had found my mound and knew it would be only a matter of time before I found the entrance.

    Several months later we contacted the Native American Group and made arrangements to meet them for our next adventure. The Chief and the Medicine Man decided to come along and check the mound out for themselves. We took them down the ravine wall and showed them the lizard head and the circle. They marveled at the stone head and did ceremonies in the circle. The snake shaped path was now flowing with water and we took off our shoes and waded in it having a wonderful time. Next we took them down to the bottom of the mound where we discovered many holes with mounds of dirt piled beside them. The Chief told us he believed that these were ancient graves or they were holes dug by thieves trying to find artifacts. He pointed out the absent of any bone fragments in the area led him to believe the later was true. Next we walked along the ravine wall heading back to our cars, but all the while looking and scanning the sides of the slopes for new clues or anything unusual.

    About half way back I noted an overhang extending several hundred feet above us on the opposite slope and rushed up, slipping and sliding all the way. What we found made the trip well worthwhile. In front of the overhang was a 10 foot high freestanding rock with an unusual shape. I then noticed to the rear a framed door in the side of the overhang and went over to investigate. Looking inside the cave I saw beautiful red colored rock covering the inner chamber Everyone came running and stumbling up the slope to check out this new find. We found three caves in all, but the first cave was the largest. It had a framed door and window for ventilation of a fireplace that had been built inside the first chamber. There was a wall built inside the first room with a window looking into a circular room resembling a kiva. Darkness again had come upon us as we were making new discoveries and we had to depart. On the way down the slope to the southern side I found a large flat stone some 8 ft by 6 ft that resembled a head of a helmeted warrior. It seemed to have slid down the slope and to have suffered some damage. I'll leave it to the reader to form their own opinion as to whether it is natural or not. Wow! That trip turned out to be a blast and after 5 trips into the backwoods I was finally making some progress.

    On the next trip we explored the caves that turned out to be much smaller than we had hoped. However I did find and photograph something on the ceiling of one of the caves that has an appearance of a painting. We made fire in the fireplace and it vented through the cave window. Whoever built this place sure went to a lot of trouble because a hunter could stay at a lodge or cabin and be way more comfortable. Could this place have been used for another purpose altogether? Well, by now we had pretty much explored one side of the mound and our next sojourn was a family outing. My wife, daughter, son, niece, and brother made a day's picnic to the backwoods. While there I wanted to explored one small area that had caught my attention earlier. This small area was about 100 by 100 ft and it contained several small mounds. What I found was a rock shaped like the head of an alligator or lizard sticking out of the ground at a 45 degree angle. Near it was a flat rock with the imprint of an elk or deer embedded in it. Despite all my looking I came no nearer to finding the entrance to the HALL OF RECORDS.

    Now a very curious aspect of this investigation will be revealed. The mound itself when seen from the air resembles the head of an animal. I know this seems unlikely but it's a fact…We couldn't reach a consensus on what kind of animal it was but further research has provided an entertaining alternative. Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara have been doing some interesting research on the FACE ON MARS and have revealed that the FACE is half humanoid and half lion-like. This is known as an anthropomorphic representation. There are numerous examples of this kind of art found in many cultures around the world. Because the mound appeared to be asymmetrical, I wondered if it might be a double image also. I took an image of it to a photo shop and had negatives made and reversed the images. Then I split the two images and recombined them. This created two separate images with the two halves of the one original image What we finally ended up with was a zooanthropomorphic representation. We created the head of a lioness and the head of a baboon like creature. The almost funny part of this was the mosaic of Rorschach Images that also were created. I'll leave it to your imagination to interpret what these are and what they mean. On one further note, the mound is over a quarter mile long and wide. This is an enormous enigma. As for now, I await further developments before I proceed to the next level. We must proceed carefully, but not tarry in our quest, because there are ominous signs on the horizon that behooves us locate this ANCIENT HALL OF RECORDS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!! .

    #2. Different Child © 2001 by Sandy Nichols

    Reviewed by Katharina Wilson

    (Editor's Notation: This review was featured in the February Issue of the "MUFON Journel" No. 406)

    "He wondered if he were 'crazy,' he wondered if he was just making it all up, he wondered if his fascination with UFOs had influenced his thinking, and he wondered if he would ever find peace," writes Patricia McCormack Kerr, M.A., a licensed professional counselor in the Foreword for Different Child.

    Pat McCormack worked with Sandy Nichols in order to help him try to make sense of the strange memories and recurring dreams he was dealing with. She states,

    "Because we are still working toward his healing, and at the same time,
    continuing to uncover information, I am continuing to keep most thoughts to myself. What I am willing to share at this time is that his experience appears to be genuine in regard to affect and consistency."

    As I read Different Child, I found Sandy Nichols to be a sensitive, sincere and apparently honest individual who deeply wants to understand what has happened to himself. And, because he also wanted to help others, Sandy started Alien Research Group (ARG) in 1998 and with a close network of friends, helps people who believe they have had abduction experiences find counseling and support groups.

    One of the many interesting things about this book that I immediately noticed was its beautiful cover. The artwork and the title tie in together with the abduction phenomenon in a way that touched me deeply and I believe it will have the same effect on others.

    Sandy keeps a journal and like many abductees, he states that by periodically reading his journal, he is able to remember small, but important details that he originally thought were inconsequential when he wrote the events in his journal. After reviewing his journal from time to time, some of the details now appear to hold a deeper meaning than before. He views his abductions as something that occurs against his free will and for the present, he does not feel that abductions are for the good of the abductee.

    Each chapter in Different Child has a quote beneath the name that gives the reader a hint as to what the chapter will be about. There is also poetry in this book written by Sandy and other abductees like Michelle Guerin. Incidentally, Sandy has actually had several of his poems purchased by publishers, which attests to his writing abilities.

    While fighting the idea that abductions were really occurring to him, he also tried to prove to himself that he was not "doing this to himself" as debunkers incorrectly believe. He wore gloves to bed at night to prevent the cuts, scrapes and scratches from occurring. He hung Christmas bells on his door to awaken himself in case he was sleepwalking. He set his alarm clock at one-hour intervals to prevent strange dreams from invading his sleep, but nothing seemed to change things. He still found himself in strange places, he still awakened with cuts and bruises and he still had the strange memories.

    Sandy then asked his doctor to conduct a physical examination to determine if he had weak blood vessels in his nose to account for nosebleeds, and to examine his skin to determine if he bruised more easily than most people did. Nothing seemed to explain his memories or cuts and bruises except for the fact that unusual things were indeed happening to him and the possibility of abduction by unknown beings became a distinct possibility.

    Another thing that touched me early on in this book was reading something that my mother said to me a long time ago and finding out that Sandy's mother said the same thing to him:

    " 'You have always been my different child,' shaking her head as [my mother] slowly turned around and waked down the hallway toward the other end of the house. I could read her thoughts as easily as I had heard her words and they sent a chill cascading through my entire body. For the first time in my life, my mother had verified the way that I had felt for a long time. With the challenge that parents face in shaping and molding their children for life's journey, I was a piece of the puzzle that did not quite fit."

    Sandy shares his feelings that deal with the difficulty of low self-esteem, which many abductees experience because of their abduction encounters. There are the familiar feelings of failure and the difficulty of living in two separate, but coexisting worlds: one is the "status quo" world and the other is a "secret" world that is not supposed to exist.

    One of the consistencies about all abductees, no matter how they view their experiences, is the fact that they all appear to go through an Awakening. Sandy's Awakening revolved around having three different dreams on the same exact days of the month for four-and-a-half years with all three dreams involving strange dancing lights.

    Sandy navigates his way through his Awakening and finds support from his wife and two couples he met at Shoreline Park near Gulf Breeze, Florida. He finally breaks his silence and shares his "terrible secret" with the Morrisons and the Pollocks of the Gulf Breeze Research Team, four people who listened when no one else would or could.

    Sandy describes meeting them, "It was like reuniting with lost family members or long forgotten friends who had my best interest at heart. The kindness they showed me was unlike anything else I had ever felt from strangers." Speaking from experience, I know that the Morrisons, Pollocks and other members of GBRT have been listening to and trying to help abductees for many, many years and I commend them for their kindness and effort.

    Different Child also contains a list of 58 possible "indicators" to help an individual determine if they might be an abductee. To his credit, Sandy does state that everyone has at one time or another experienced some of the indicators on his list and they do not necessarily prove you are an abductee. The indicators are really only guidelines that may indicate the "possibility" of being an abductee.

    I also found Sandy's description of his interaction with the beings
    excellently articulated when he states "…the beings actually merge with my conscious and unconscious thoughts. With this merging it is almost as if they can read my thoughts before I even think them."

    It would not be a fair and unbiased review if I did not mention the fact that this book has several editing mistakes, but Sandy is a good writer and they can be easily overlooked because of his interesting case, good descriptions, clarity and sincerity.

    Different Child is packed with information including a substantial listing of helpful Web sites and a list of Sandy's favorite books. I also came across new abduction related information I had not read about before which I hope everyone will find as interesting as I found it to be. After Sandy's personal story ends, he shares with us several submissions from other abductees and these expose the reader to additional fascinating and very touching encounters with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings. These submissions are exceptionally interesting and are left unedited so you feel the nuances from each individual personality sharing their encounter.

    Sandy Nichols boldly shares his abduction experiences with us for the first time and I believe his story and the submissions from several other abductees he has faith in, are honest and sincere representations of what is occurring to many people on our planet. There are similarities to other cases, but Sandy is a unique individual and as with all abductions and abductees, each case and each person is special and has something new to teach us. Different Child will teach you something new and I believe you will find Sandy Nichols' journey a very interesting one!

    Different Child © 2001 by Sandy Nichols, Write to Print, P.O. Box 1862,
    Merrimack, NH 03054: 209 Pages, $16.00 + s/h. All inquires about this book should go to: Sandy Nichols, 551 Turtle Creek Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027

    Katharina Wilson is the author of The Alien Jigsaw, The Alien Jigsaw
    Researcher's Supplement, and a monograph, Project Open Mind.

    #3. New Web Site Sheds Light on "Indian" UFOs

    Most reports explain UFO objects as disc-shaped flying saucers like the one pictured above. is the first Indian Web site to bring India's UFO sightings to the world.

    The Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have inspired science, fiction and Hollywood, and while the mystery persists, a new venture has provided Indian UFO enthusiasts a platform to exchange information on sightings of these 'flying saucers.'

    A new website serves as a forum for Indians to share experiences of 'alien' interaction - even as scientists refuse to believe their existence, while not entirely ruling out possibility of extra-terrestrial life.

    Prashant Solomon, who runs the website, India's first such forum to share UFO sightings, has received considerable response from India and abroad, going by the sightings reported. But unlike "monkeyman" and "milk-drinking Ganapati idols'" UFOs remain an unsolved mystery.

    "My aim is not to spread rumours, but to create a forum for discussion as we are not yet sure if such things as alien intelligence and UFOs exist," says Solomon, a former journalist.

    UFOs caught the American imagination from the 1940s onwards when some people saw strange 'flying saucers' moving in the sky. There were even stories that UFOs brought alien creatures, which sometimes got killed. Some claim to have "photographed" them, and a number of magazines and journals on the subject came up which led to a sub-cult of other worldly alien.

    Numerous organisations working on this include NASA's Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Programme and FBI's undercover department which looks into such strange occurances, which inspired the hit TV serial 'X-files'.

    Alien interactions have inspired a host of movies- many of them blockbusters like "ET', 'Star Wars', 'Species', 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' and 'Contact', to name a few. Soon there will be an Indian version - 'Koi Mil Gaya' directed by Rakesh Roshan and starring Hritik Roshan and Preiti Zinda- which would feature flying saucers.

    Solomon insists there should be some truth in the similar sigtings of UFOs or alien-like creatures by people who do not even know one another adding the "monkeyman" who caught Delhi's fancy last year, could well be one such incident.

    "One cannot dismiss something as supernatural just because he or she does not have proper explanations for it."

    But Dr Ratnasree, Director of Jawaharlal Nehru Planatarium, New Delhi says it is a mix of ignorance and media attention which leads to claims of such sightings by "those who do not know much about the sky."

    "I myself had seen one such object in my childhood and was very excited about it, only to learn later that it was just a weather baloon."

    Even if one accepts these are some objects mistaken for UFOs, what could these 'objects' be?

    "They could be some planets which become bright against the night sky, or satellites, weather baloons or even some aircraft," says Dr Ratnasree.

    Sometimes the artificial satellites are closer to earth and people may notice it. In any case, there is no possiblity of radars not intercepting UFOs, before the naked eye could see them, she says.

    But then how does one explain the early recordings of such extra-terrestrial encounters much before artificial satellites came into being, or for that matter the many Biblical allusions?

    Try this from Ezekiel 1:4: "...Behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire unfolding itself and a brightness was about it... Out of the midst of fire...

    ...Out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures... They had the likeness of a man... They sparkled like the colour of burnished brass."

    Mere divine symbolism or something more?

    In India too, the research on the sightings pre-date the advent of weather balloons and artificial satellites. Reports include from all parts of India, from Bihar to Pune to Coorg in Karnataka to Kerala. The latest is from Pune in January this year.

    "On January 17, 7.30 pm, I and a friend were travelling on a motorbike in Deccan, Pune. Then we saw an UFO, which was disc-shaped. The lower half was rotating and the upper half was made of a red-coloured circle. There was red light emitting from its edges," says Uttam Chakraborty of Pune.

    Chakraborty claims the UFO hovered at between 80 and 100 metres altitude. "There was no sound. It rotated in a circular pattern for about 40 seconds and then remained stationary for about 15 to 20 seconds at one spot, and vanished."

    Last year, Sunila Tandon of New Delhi spotted a similar object in the skies. "On August 15, I observed a huge dark silver grey flying saucer-shaped UFO for 7 or 8 minutes, flying low," she says.

    "The object looked like two saucers inverted over each other and moved slowly across the sky," she adds.

    While it is interesting that the shape and descriptions of UFOs are of near-universal nature, Dr Ratnasree says people have reported such experiences in the Planetarium, but wavered when asked further questions to explain what they saw.

    People come to us insisting they have seen UFOs. But when we try to pin them down with specific questions on the nitty- gritty, often they are unable to explain what they had seen, she says.

    While the mysterious UFOs can be traced back to early times, the present obsession with UFOs started in the 20th century, when Kenneth Arnold reported a sighting.

    Using 'flying saucer' as a word to explain UFO sighting for the first time, Arnold, from Mount Rainier, Washington described what he saw in June 1947 as discs which "moved like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water."

    This was followed by the famous UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, which later became a sort of pilgrim centre for UFO enthusiasts, complete with a museum.

    Such incidents have finally led to NASA's SETI programme, which uses radio waves to listen for possible signals emitting from the outer space.

    But from the SETI programme what emerges is that while the possiblity of life outside earch is not totally ruled out, the galaxy is not teaming with such forms of life, maintains Dr Ratnasree.

    #4. A Tone From The Deep by: Seth Shostak Senior Astronomer, Project Phoenix

    Once again, members of the Project Phoenix team have returned to the
    big antenna on the small island of Puerto Rico, continuing their
    search for radio whispers from distant civilizations. Outside the
    window of my office, only a few dozen yards away, hulks the Arecibo
    radio telescope. It is a twenty-acre nerve ending of aluminum mesh,
    exposed to the sky and carefully attuned to regularities in the radio
    noise that pervades the cosmos. For three weeks, we will aim this
    enormous metal neuron at nearby star systems, hunting for signals
    produced by extraterrestrial intelligence.

    The Phoenix equipment - specialized digital electronics capable of
    sifting through 57 million channels at a time - sits in a trailer
    outside the Arecibo control room. We never move the trailer, but
    simply fire it up each time we come to the telescope. This requires
    both time and expertise, as the Phoenix team coaxes a mass of
    squirrelly electronics out of dormancy. A crucial part of the
    startup is to make tests, to be sure that this complicated system is
    working as advertised.

    The most compelling of these tests are the short observations of the
    far-off planetary probe, Pioneer 10. Launched in 1972, NASA's first
    emissary to the outer solar system is still capable of making weak
    radio broadcasts, and its distant signal is a perfect ping for our

    Unfortunately, Pioneer 10's on-board reference oscillator failed in
    2000, twenty-eight years into a five-year mission. The craft's radio
    squeal became unpredictable and impossible for us to find. But
    thankfully, not all was lost. NASA can still prod Pioneer 10 into
    transmission by sending it a reference tone from Earth. Of course,
    since Pioneer 10 doesn't speak unless spoken to, we have to rely on
    the space agency to turn on its cheeky chirper.

    In anticipation of our return to Arecibo, Phoenix team leader Peter
    Backus rang up NASA's Pioneer office in December, to see if they had
    plans to bestir the spacecraft. "No dice," was the reply. NASA's
    world-wide phalanx of communication antennas - the Deep Space Network
    (DSN) - was already heavily booked, with no opportunity for any
    wakeup call to Pioneer 10. It looked as if our best test was simply
    not going to be available.

    This discouraging story took a turn for the better when someone at
    NASA realized that March 2 would be the 30th anniversary of the
    spacecraft's launch. Why not make a celebratory contact to mark
    humankind's first mission to Jupiter and beyond? The DSN managed to
    paw some room in their schedule, and prepared for a three-hour
    broadcast to Pioneer 10.

    Hearing the news, Backus sought permission for some extra telescope
    time at Arecibo and at our confirmation telescope at Jodrell Bank,
    England. He got it. The next step was to cajole the Phoenix hardware
    back to life, while simultaneously dealing with such major annoyances
    as a dead power generator at Arecibo and a mechanical failure at
    Jodrell Bank. Large radio telescopes are, after all, complex devices
    that sit out in the weather. Malfunctions and mechanical difficulties
    come with the territory.

    Despite the hurdles, all systems were "go" at Arecibo on March 2, and
    the signal from Pioneer 10 came booming in like a Valkyrie. It was
    not E.T., but the signal from this spacecraft was still impressive: a
    broadcast from 7.4 billion miles away, nearly twice Pluto's distance,
    and one that takes 11 hours to make its way to Earth. Thanks to the
    Pioneer test, the Phoenix team can now search for alien transmissions
    with confidence. Watch this space for additional reports that will
    chronicle our current observing run.

    "It was like seeing an old friend," says Peter Backus, speaking of
    the Pioneer 10 test. But can you call a thirty-year old spacecraft
    'old'? "Sure," Peter says with a smile. "After all, it's not the
    age - it's the mileage."

    #5. Let's Do The Time Warp Again by: Scott Mowbray,12543,211042,00.html

    Dreamworks' remake of The Time Machine, which opens this month, is the latest expression of our fascination with time travel.

    The science and the fiction of time travel are weird. But the science is weirder.

    When H.G. Wells sent the hero of The Time Machine into what Wells called "futurity," it was on a grim 30-million-year round-trip to pretty much the end of Earth time, when the last, poorest excuses for life were flopping around like squid under a darkening sun. Wells wasn't the first writer to imagine time travel, but he advanced the idea that a machine, rather than an angel or a bonk on the head, could accomplish it, and he pushed his machine to the limit. It moved through futurity like a bucking bronco: "I have already told you of the sickness and confusion that comes with time travelling," Wells' hero remarks. "And this time I was not seated properly in the saddle ..."

    To Wells in 1895, time was a dimension much like forward and back, or up and down, but he gave no clue as to how the machine might move a human being through the fourth dimension into the future: He just wanted to get there. Einstein offered an answer seven years later, in 1905, with his Special Theory of Relativity. Time, by Einstein's equations, was not a fixed property of the universe (moving in one direction at the same rate for everyone, which was Newton's view), but a relative property of things in motion. A clock in motion ticked slower than a stationary clock; a moving clock traveled into the future relative to the clock at rest. It turned out that we'd been time traveling all along, we just didn't have clocks precise enough to show it. (Later we built such clocks, and they did.)

    So began a century of strong, almost gravitational, attraction between physics and fiction, as both orbited around an idea that seems fantastic whether tackled by Rod Serling or by Einstein's heirs. The neatest, and certainly the most famous, example of the synergy may be that of Carl Sagan and his novel Contact. In the early 198os, Sagan turned to a physicist friend, Kip Thorne of Caltech, when he needed to jump a character through space. Thorne developed a theory whose byproduct was, essentially, a blueprint for a time machine that would require a "supercivilization" to build. Sagan's book became a movie starring Jodie Foster. Thorne's so-called wormhole theory was published in the eminent journal Physical Review Letters.

    Nearly every time travel theory offered by physicists, such as black holes, wormholes, or multiple universes, has been taken up by storytellers. Time travel gives good box office; Arnold Schwarzenegger will reportedly get $30 million to star in the third Terminator film. Time travel makes for a nifty plot device, a catalyst that works across genres, including comedy, romance, horror, fantasy, and detective story; in the film Time after Time, H.G. Wells himself chases Jack the Ripper through 1970s San Francisco. In print, Bradbury, Dick, Heinlein, and their successors filled the shelves with time-travel variations. But the greatest success may have come to a romance writer. Diana Gabaldon has reached the bestseller lists several times by sending the 20th century heroine of her Outlander bodice-ripper novels into the arms of 18th-century hunky Scotsman Jamie Fraser.

    Which brings us to the present. This month we can enjoy the curious fact that Dreamworks' remake of the classic 1960 film The Time Machine is directed by H.G. Wells' great-grandson, Simon Wells. It retains the original film's Victorian decoration—a time traveler in tweed vest, a time machine with brass fittings and steam-era dials—as well as the Hollywood happy ending: Handsome Guy Pearce battles Morlocks in 800,000 A.D. and gets the girl, although both the girl and the special effects have been spectacularly jazzed up. As fascinated as he was by the conundrums of time travel, Simon Wells says he knew the darker end-of-history aspects of the original novel would not yield a blockbuster; he pitched the movie as "an essay into the nature of causality in which we blow a bunch of stuff up."

    This is what the good time travel stories and the physics share: interest in the nature of causality. Time travel yields paradoxes with the narrative power of Greek myth, causing scientists to ask questions like, "What would happen if you journeyed back in time to kill your grandfather before you were born?" Well, a good story would happen, and that's what fuels the time travel fiction. What fuels the scientific interest is that time, since Einstein, has been entwined with the problems of gravity, quantum mechanics, and the search for a unified theory of everything. And time travel—into the past, where the paradoxes spring up—appears not to be in conflict with the laws of the universe.

    I Canna Get No Power, Captain!

    If we're all time travelers, the problem is that we can't get very far using current technology. Spending just over two years in Mir's Earth orbit, going 17,500 miles per hour, put Sergei Avdeyev 1/50th of a second into the future, according to Princeton astrophysicist J. Richard Gott III, and "he's the greatest time traveler we have so far."

    To move through time at a serious clip, you have to go very fast—say, 99.995 percent of the speed of light. At that rate, if you "go out 500 light-years, then come back at the same speed," Gott notes, "when you arrive back the Earth would be 1,000 years older and you would only have aged 10 years."

    But to attain this sort of velocity you have to overcome what Michio Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York, calls the "gasoline" problem: the need for an almost inconceivably powerful energy source. This problem crops up constantly in time-travel theory, from simple extrapolations of relativity (go really fast so you can travel to the future) to more complex ideas such as the wormhole engineering that Kip Thorne theorized for Carl Sagan.

    "Back to the Future is one of my favorite time travel stories," says Kaku. "The DeLorean is energized by plutonium. But that's not enough. To really energize your time machine, you need what's called the Planck energy ... roughly a quadrillion times more powerful than our most powerful atom smasher." Physicist Paul Davies—author of How to Build a Time Machine, which will be released in the United States this month in happy synchronicity with the Wells movie—notes: "At the moment it looks like making a wormhole ... would require something like a particle accelerator bigger than the solar system. So if you just look at current technology, then it looks to be pretty hopeless."

    The foundation of time machine physics is Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, completed in 1915, which describes gravity as a warping or curving of space and time by matter. "If," as Gott says, "space and time are curved, you can have a situation where space and time are sufficiently twisted that you can circle back and visit an event in your own past." (Picture an ant crawling along the edge of a piece of paper, trying to get from one corner to the far corner; then fold the paper so that the corners are brought together and the ant's journey is drastically shortened. To travel in time, just fold space and time in the same way; the time machine does the folding.)

    It takes a lot of gravity to significantly warp time. A black hole has such enormous gravitational force that it creates a tear in space-time itself, but a black hole is no portal because it will suck a would-be time traveler into the cramped quarters of infinite density, forever. A properly engineered wormhole, however, theoretically creates a passage between two black holes that leads to another place in the universe through the space-time tear; a bit of galactic-scale fiddling with one end of the wormhole turns it into a time machine (more on wormhole engineering).

    "What Kip Thorne and his colleagues noted," says Gott, "was that if you moved the wormhole mouth correctly, Jodie Foster (in the film version of Contact) could have come back before she left... . Jodie Foster would have been waiting at the same spot to shake hands with Jodie Foster when she arrived." The notion of creating a hopeless causal loop in time is childishly easy to understand. In Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox finds himself fading from existence after journeying back in the souped-up DeLorean and attracting his mother's romantic interest at a time when she was supposed to be falling in love with Fox's future father. (According to one academic paper, this "is the first science fiction film to make explicit the incestuous possibilities that have always been at the heart of our fascination with time travel.")

    Davies says the paradoxes of time travel have repelled some physicists, who were afraid of being ridiculed. Igor Novikov, a Russian astrophysicist who has written extensively on the subject, says that for decades, "very serious mathematicians, very serious physicists were not brave enough to declare that time travel is possible."

    Many resolutions to the paradox have been proposed. One simply maintains that the universe won't let paradoxes be created: If you try to kill your grandfather, you won't be able to. You'll change your mind, or the gun won't go off, or you'll be a lousy shot. This notion, it will be noted, has serious implications for the existence of free will. Other approaches say there really are no paradoxes; every problem can be solved mathematically without producing a paradoxical inconsistency.

    But the paradox problem does not bother David Deutsch, a theoretical physicist at Oxford University. Deutsch dislikes the violent aspect of the grandfather paradox, which he says is only confused "by the issue of human conflict that people put into the story to make it more interesting." Deutsch has instead created a gentler paradox.

    In this experiment, a person watches a time machine to see whether a copy of himself emerges on, say, Tuesday. If it does not, on Wednesday he journeys back in time one day—emerging from the time machine on the same Tuesday when he had not emerged before. The experiment can be reversed: If, in the opposite scenario, he does emerge on the Tuesday, he simply waits until Wednesday and chooses not to get in the time machine. In either case, a paradox is created: The time traveler is there on Tuesday and not there at the same time—a phenomenon that, intriguingly, echoes some of the fundamental mysteries of particle behavior at the quantum level.

    Indeed, Deutsch reaches into quantum mechanics for an explanation of the paradox. He is a leading proponent of the many worlds theory, in which multiple new universes are triggered by each quantum event. If two subatomic particles collide, for example, one of the particles does not go either right or left, but rather it goes right in one universe and left in another universe that is instantly created in the so-called multiverse. In the Deutsch experiment, one universe contains the lab in which the experimenter did not journey back, another the lab in which he did: paradox resolved.

    In any case, a hundred years after the Special Theory of Relativity, time travel is theoretically possible, and therefore theoretically in the future of human development. So the big question is: When will we have a machine to test the theories? Wormhole engineering doesn't offer much promise, since it involves near-light-speed travel, antigravity, and the like. But Paul Davies is hopeful. He says we would begin by sending a particle, rather than a human being, back in time to test the paradoxes. Emerging theories about the nature of gravitation already suggest, he says, that "it might be possible to reconfigure space-time with energies that could be accessible by the next-generation of particle accelerator." If so, "We're talking about more like 100 years," Davies says, "than about who knows how many years."

    © 2002 Popular Science Magazine

    #6. Study: Left-handers Have Different Brains by: Robert Lee Hotz

    People who grow up left-handed have a different, more flexible brain structure than those born to take life by the right hand, say researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, who used twins to study heredity.

    The reason is that right-handers have genes that force their brains into a slightly more one- sided structure, according to research published yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Left-handers appear to be missing those genes.

    "There really is a difference in brains that results in a more symmetric brain in left-handers, where the two sides are more equal," said UCLA neurogeneticist Daniel Geschwind, who led the research team. "There is more flexibility, and that is under genetic control."

    In the effort to understand how the brain shapes the mind, researchers have been striving to document the way genes and environment affect intelligence and mental abilities. The human insistence on preferring one hand over the other poses a particularly nagging question that touches on both anatomy and behavior.

    "There is clearly something fundamental here we need to comprehend if we are to understand what makes us uniquely human," Geschwind said.

    Of all the primates, only human beings display such a strong predisposition to right-handedness. Right-handers make up about 90 percent of the population. The left and right halves of the brain are different in both their anatomy and their functions, related in part to hand preference.

    But until now, no one could document the connection.

    The UCLA study is the strongest evidence yet that heredity shapes the brains of left-handed and right-handed people differently, Dartmouth neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga said.

    The UCLA researchers conducted brain scans on 72 pairs of male identical twins between 75 and 85 years old.

    Identical twins, who share the same genes, offer a unique lens through which to study the relative effects of heredity on human nature.

    Right- and left-handedness is partially determined by genetics. If a person inherits the gene for right-handedness, that person will be right-handed. People who do not have that gene, however, can be either left- or right-handed. There is no specific gene for left-handedness.

    Right-handers typically have a larger left brain hemisphere, where their language abilities are concentrated.

    Conversely, left-handers have more balanced brains, with both sides relatively symmetrical. The language abilities of left-handers more often are concentrated on the right side.

    If identical twins carry the gene for hand preference, both must be right-handed. If they lack the gene, one twin can develop right-handed while the other develops left- handed.

    The researchers found that the brains of identical right-handed twins were very similar in size and structure. But when a left-hander was part of the twin set, the brains were different. The conclusion, researchers said, is that the absence of the gene for hand preference allows the brain to develop differently as the individual grows up.

    A similar pattern did not appear in 67 sets of fraternal twins used as a control group.

    Copyright © 2002 The Seattle Times Company
    "World of the Strange"
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Permission is granted to reproduce or redistribute this edition provided that attribution is made to the Author or Authors noted. In order to reprint or reproduce any copyrighted material contained herein, if not using the FULL newsletter, you MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder noted. For their permission in use of their said article.
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  7. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    18 - 03 - 2002

    #1. By Way of Explanation #1 by: Peter Farley
    #2. Grand Strategy of the Reptilians by: James Bartley
    #3. BOOO!-DA-BING CLUB by: Al Guart (New York Post News)
    #4. The Mind Parasites: A Mirror Into The Soul Of Mankind - Towards An Understanding Of The UFO Phenomenon © 2002 by: Clive Potter ceepotter
    #5. The Shadow-Of-Man by: Clive Potter

    #1. By Way of Explanation #1 by: Peter Farley

    The Illuminati Elite and the "Good" Organizations.

    One of the most common criticisms I face in doing my work is the fact that all of us seem to know someone who is a wonderful person, but also happens to work for or belong to an organization that is held up as a part of the New World Order and an archenemy of our Freedom in the lower worlds. All of us, for instance, know very good and well-meaning people in FEMA, our local/state/Federal government, the military, the Freemasons, the Mormons, and the police-force, etc. So why is it that good people work for organizations which supposedly support, or are in fact the back-bone of, the New World Order?

    I think David Icke expresses it best when he speaks of the Illuminati (the Illuminated Ones) who are the capstone of the pyramid-- the rest of the pyramid being composed of the various organizations that go to make up society in the rest of the world. It is only the very highest of any organization who know the real aims and intentions of the work and the policies which then filter down to the 'worker' bees in the hive of society to carry them out. No one 'worker bee' knowing all the little pieces of the bigger picture.

    To many people this seems like the height of conspiracy paranoia. In writing the four volume history of the NWO as I have done, it was, however, much easier to see how this planning has taken shape over the past 10,000 years or more, and how relentlessly these organizations have pursued their ultimate goals that are now coming to fruition in such a very short time, and which we already see manifesting all around us in the world today.

    The Gothic Cathedrals of Europe, and indeed similar kind of structures built all around the world, are a good example of the tenaciousness with which this agenda has been carried out. Many of these structures took more than one life time to complete, sometimes even multiple lifetimes. Why then should a man or even a group of men spend all their lives working upon something which would seem to see them no personal benefit in that particular lifetime? Herein lies the power of the brotherhoods to control their followers to a greater end.

    Much like the Assassins cult from which the Knights Templar learned so much in the days of the Crusades, and as we see inherent in the suicide-bombers in today's Middle East, rewards can be promised to a person in the afterlife which will then affect their behavior in this lifetime.

    The Assassins were given a taste of Paradise here on the planet, and promised that they would live in eternity in much the same way. Success in one of the Brotherhoods is tasted through there varied influence in every field of human endeavor throughout this lifetime, and much more is then said to be gained also in the afterlife.

    Herein lies the catch. The immediate Higher Worlds or higher dimensions above this one are also controlled in many areas by these same groups much as is done here [one cannot discuss aliens or interplanetary interaction without also speaking of interdimensionality]. There is no one heaven, but rather the various levels of heaven spoken of by so many prophets and seers throughout our history--the various dimensions of existence in the God-worlds of the Creator. Since the actual process of re-incarnation can be manipulated or controlled by these same groups using the Secrets of the Ancient Mysteries, and since Time itself can be altered using the information laying buried in the symbolism and terminology of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the old saying that "once a Freemason always a Freemason" takes on new meaning. It suggests that people can be controlled from one lifetime to another by the powers held over them by such Brotherhoods and secret organizations and by their connection to that DarkSource of energy which they serve.

    As for the rest of us, only seeing the illusion of the MATRIX and its linear timeline in which we exist and into which our consciousnesses are locked, we cannot comprehend that something so sinister can not only have been going on for so many thousands of years, but also that it involves everyone and everything around us in its drive toward completion. The best person to read here (other than my own work) is Edgar Cayce. In his work he talks about the rise of Atlantis again and that so many of us are back here reliving that very same situation as Darkness threatens the entirety of the planet, and that all of those who have returned to this time are being given the chance to, this time, make different choices about what it is we are doing and what it is we are aligned with.

    So many people I do spiritual healing work with were in that time of Atlantis, and often they were 'forced' or coerced into using their gifts for the negative powers and the Dark Sorcerer Warlords who controlled Atlantis and brought it to its doom. This time around, they have the choice once again to be strong and not to falter in their commitment to both their own healing and to that of the Planet.

    One thing that truly puzzles me in doing this work, however, is that in every aspect of our lives, especially in entertainment such as TV and movies, we are inspired as we watch heroes rise and conquer their adversities. rarely do we not wish that it were us doing exactly that same thing with our own lives. Then, however, when we are given the opportunity to do something even grander on the spiritual battlefield on which we are now playing, so many of us head to the bleachers to sit this one out.

    As much as anything in my own spiritual training, it was a question posed in the book, The Only Planet of Choice, that got me to thinking and then to acting: 'What will it be like for you to go through eternity knowing that the one lifetime when it really mattered you did not step up to bat?'

    And funnily enough, what I see around me is that those who are not stepping up to bat, even though they are very capable of doing so, are the ones with the least to lose in going through the process of changing their lives.

    At no time in the history of this Universe, nor the history of this planet, has your help been more needed and more important. The struggle which is about to go into its final rounds here on this planet is one which effects all of Creation and even to every level of Heaven.

    How can it be said any better than Leanne Womack's recent anthem for the new paradigm: "When you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance . . . ."

    #2. Grand Strategy of the Reptilians by: James Bartley

    This paper is meant to acquaint the reader with the tools they will need to raise their level of awareness about the abduction phenomenon and allow them to avoid the misfortunes which are common to many abductees.

    My name is James Bartley and I am a colleague of Eve Lorgen's. I am an abductee. I am a student of military history and have studied the occult connection with the UFO phenomenon.

    We humans reside in what is essentially a reptilian sphere of influence. The symbology of the reptilian over-lordship is all around us. Phallic worship and the marginalization of the feminine principle have reduced the human race to what it is today, a thundering herd of bewildered sheep.

    The Grand Strategy of the reptilians has been to divide and conquer the human race by exploiting inherent vulnerabilities and weaknesses within us. I know this is a bitter pill to have to swallow but we must be mature enough to look the facts in the eye and not allow ourselves to be held in perpetual spiritual bondage by our own ignorance and wishful thinking. The strategy of divide and conquer manifest itself both in our personal lives and on a global macrocosmic scale.

    We have been subjected to a long-term process of genetic and soul matrix manipulation. The human life span has been artificially shortened to facilitate the recycling of our souls for purposes known only to the reptilians who see the human race as a resource. The dark gods of this world are well aware of the geological calendar of this planet and have prepared themselves accordingly.

    What we are involved in is nothing less than all out spiritual warfare on a cosmic and multidimensional scale. What is at stake are our very souls. We can either choose to break out of this state of spiritual bondage and spiritual enslavement or we can be recycled once again and our descendants will have to start all over from scratch with little of no understanding of what has gone on before. The Dark Ages revisited.

    Spiritual Warfare

    As Spiritual Warriors we must be mature enough to realize that the reptilians and their followers know our weaknesses and vulnerabilities better than we do. Many abductees, no matter how metaphysically oriented
    they are, have to endure sheer misery in their lives. Abductees typically experience one emotional or psychological trauma after another never realizing for a moment that much of the negativity in their life has been
    externally imposed.

    Trigger mechanisms are programmed into abductees to detract them from coming into their own truth vis a vis the reptilians and the other dark gods of this world. Likewise certain individuals are sent into our lives specifically to sow confusion and discord. Now more than ever we must be wary of who or what we allow into our experience.

    There is a fundamental occultic basis for much of the abduction phenomena..There are aspects of this phenomenon that are indistinguishable from Demonic Infestation and demonic possession, Sorcery and Witchcraft, as frightening and unpopular as that may be.

    The ongoing interaction between humans within the Deep Black World of the Intelligence/Security apparatus and the Aerospace community with non-human intelligences has an occultic basis which was thousands if not millions of years in the making. There is nothing new about humans interacting with and working for non-humans.

    Under the Influence: Reptilian Hosts

    Most abductees are not even aware that possession does occur and that a significant number of individuals heavily involved in UFO research are literally hosts ( alien entities attached/ indwelling) for reptilian and other malevolent entities. These hosts have lectured publicly, written books and spoken on the Art Bell show. So why is the average abductee ignorant of this fifth column within our very midst? Because most abductees are still looking for the truth outside of themselves rather than from within. As stated above: We are the products of a long term genetic and soul matrix manipulation designed to keep us individually and collectively in a subservient status vis a vis the reptilians and the dark gods of this world.

    Discernment and Maturity

    Now more than ever we must recognize that there are trigger mechanisms programmed into us which are meant to keep us in perpetual bondage. Whether your particular vulnerability is over-eating, substance abuse (especially
    crank or crystal meth which is the drug of choice of the dark gods) promiscuity, love obsessions et al., it's all spawned from the same source. This is all predictable. What is also predictable is that there will be "people" in your life who will characterize you as being "fear based" and "spiritually un-evolved" merely because you have the self worth and the self respect to want to get at the truth of your experiences. Don't listen to these weather-beaten New Age La Dee Dahs. The latter are merely useful idiots. They are members of the "Muppet Show" meant to keep you under the control of the dark side. Now is the time to proclaim our personal sovereignty and throw off the yoke of spiritual enslavement and cosmic vassalage and give our children and our children's children a fighting
    chance to break out of this mess.

    Sincerely, James Bartley San Diego California

    #3. BOOO!-DA-BING CLUB by: Al Guart (New York Post News)

    DEAD BREAK BREAD: Danza's owner Stephen Carroll says strange incidents at his eatery include ghosts sitting down for dinner and tablecloths fluffing up and dropping back down on their own. - NYP: Spencer A. Burnett

    March 10, 2002 -- Talk about mob haunts!

    The owners of a Brooklyn restaurant that was once the headquarters of murderous gangster Salvatore "Sammy Bull" Gravano claim they've been spooked by ghosts and disembodied voices - maybe those of victims executed there.

    Danza's restaurant at 6205 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst was once Tali's restaurant & lounge, a Gravano haunt where at least two men who co-owned the place with the infamous mob stoolie met a grisly end.

    It was at Tali's that Gravano's "right arm," Joseph "Stymie" D'Angelo, 37, was fatally shot in 1995. In his book "Underboss," Gravano claimed a coked-up Colombo associate blasted D'Angelo in the head after an altercation.

    And on Nov. 2, 1987, Gravano had his partner, Michael DeBatt, shot numerous times in the head and neck while tending bar.

    DeBatt's lifeless body was left face-up on the floor in front of a jukebox. His pockets were emptied, his jewelry removed and the cash register cleaned out.

    "We tried to make it look like a robbery," Gravano later confessed.
    Bullet holes still mark the restaurant's brick walls, but it is more ghostly matters that have the restaurant owners and staff spooked.

    They have reported seeing figures seated at tables or heading down to the basement, but the men then mysteriously vanish. They have also heard voices and the noise of a chainsaw, smelled foul odors and felt they were being watched.

    "The place is definitely haunted," said Angela Perrone, a cousin of the restaurant's owner, Stephen Carroll. "There's a creepiness, as if someone's always watching you. It's a sinister energy."

    Carroll said he hadn't paid much notice about the restaurant being haunted until an incident when Perrone was alone in the basement.

    "I heard someone speaking to me and thought it was my partner," Perrone said. "But he was outside packing the car the whole time."

    A frightened Perrone called in Westchester-based "ghostbuster" Frances Bennett, a parapsychologist. Staff were interviewed, and infrared video cameras, tape recorders and an electromagnetic-field meter were set up for four hours at the restaurant.

    Bennett said her probe turned up a host of "spirit" activity that included:

    * Voice recordings of the dead repeating the name "Mike" and saying, "I'll kill you."

    * The image of a man's face reflected in glass at the bar and another image seen at the entrance.

    * An apparition of a man crouched down near the bar.

    * Video footage of "orbs" of light - a sign of individual spirits, Bennett says - moving around the restaurant.

    * Tablecloths fluffing up and dropping back down on their own.

    DeBatt's sister, Roseanne Massa, believes her brother Michael may be haunting Danza's because Gravano spent less than five years in jail for killing him and 18 others as part of a deal with prosecutors for testifying against Gambino boss John Gotti.

    #4. The Mind Parasites: A Mirror Into The Soul Of Mankind - Towards An Understanding Of The UFO Phenomenon © 2002 by: Clive Potter

    Since the first publicised sightings of what are today known as UFOs were made back in 1947, the study of UFOs (ufology) has floundered like a stranded whale on a deserted beach, attempting to substantiate not only the reality of the reports but what they represent. This has often been done within the context of prevailing values and beliefs.

    Over half a century later proponents of the subject are still grappling with the Phenomenon. Although great strides have been made with regards to elucidating a substantial proportion of UFO reports through the development of the earthlights hypothesis, the plasma-vortex hypothesis, inversion mirage effects, electrical sensitivity effects, knowledge of secret military technology and covert experimentation and advances in understanding human psychology, the Phenomenon itself remains largely unresolved. The core phenomenon seems to represent structured craft, alien encounters and abductions, "alien" messages and bizarre interactions with phenomena that only today do we label as "extraterrestrial".

    Despite years of research and debate we are still no nearer in unmasking the UFO phenomenon, proponents do battle with one another, not only over the very existence of the phenomenon, but also as to what they may or may not represent. We have the sceptics on one hand who have a tendency to dismiss all reports or consign them to an area marked 'psychological'; in other words a convenient vehicle with which to deal more easily with experiences that defy all rational explanations and scientific laws. Equally, on the other side, we have an army of believers who tend to accept without question the existence of UFOs, by which term is generally meant to be "extraterrestrial" and the rest of the rag-bag of beliefs that go along with it. All reports are believed, rationality is suspended and assumptions that we are dealing with a variety of alien, demonic, angelic or divine entities involved in the wide range of encounter experiences spread across the globe and throughout history are common place. These assumptions have taken over and corrupted serious investigation of the Phenonemon, except for a few independent stalwarts, and has ensured that not only do we remain kept in the dark about the true nature of the Phenomenon, but it has meant that few outside the closeted world of ufology have taken the subject with much seriousness.

    Alternatively, why are we supposed to believe that the UFO Phenomenon is amenable to a solution? After all, the Phenomenon has purportedly been manifesting in our skies for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Are we any nearer to its elucidation? Are we capable of solving it? Do we really want to? Safe in the security of our belief systems and present day values, many are content in seeing them as a mystery which has nothing to do with their lives, whilst others prefer to see them as symbolic of a mystery that has, to all purposes, replaced a lost religion with a plastic spirituality. Are they not simply projecting their own present day technological and cultural viewpoint on to a phenomenon that, by its very nature, has been able to evade definition throughout time and has seemingly manifested in a variety of guises - airships, foofighters, ghost rockets and aeroplanes - to spaceships; their occupants ranging from demons, angels, and faeiries, to extraterrestrial beings? Encounters with extraterrestrial beings seem to range from tall blond Nordic types to small grey foetus-like beings, monsters, imps, faery-like entities and ghost-like apparitions. Meanwhile, the home planets of these entities are as diverse as their actual appearances. Earth is, seemingly, a truly multi-species community!

    When one begins to look at the entire spectrum and how witnesses perceive the Phenomenon one begins to feel uneasy and suspicious about not only the beliefs and intentions of some of the people studying it, but also as to its exact origin and nature. The Phenomenon has hidden its tracks well, always maintaining a parallel course with mankind's technological and cultural developments and expectations. Rather like mist, it shifts with the winds of man's consciousness, obscuring its real nature and all too quickly evaporating when the light of reason or scientific tools are applied - only to condense once again when conditions are right for it to reform, in a form that can be assimilated within the culture it manifests. Today the abduction phenomenon has forced itself upon us, giving rise to countless victims to this otherwordly terror, rooted out by the 20th-century equivalents of medieval witchfinder generals - the abduction researchers - aided and abetted by a sensationalist media and eager public. Are we to expect that we are to acheive any sort of success in identifying the perpetrators of these cosmic crimes? Abductions have been occurring in various guises for hundreds of years, throughout mythology, and have often been the catalyst of religions. Are we expected to break through this curtain of smoke and mirrors now?

    Despite the seemingly inpenetrable nature of the Phenomenon and its effects on the belief systems of humanity - which I believe is an essential component of the phenomenon and its purpose - I do not think that we are never going to solve the true nature and origin of the UFO Phenomenon because I believe that we can. Any real understanding of the Phenomenon must encompass three stipulations : it must offer an adequate explanation for all the features encountered; it must not not run counter to any established fact, and it must be predictive. All previous attempts at finding a satisafactory solution have failed in at least several aspects. These attempts are from either end of the spectrum: that one accepts either the reality of an extraterrestrial agency visiting earth, or that one assumes that the subconscious mind can create a hallucinatory reality as the result of conflicts within the mind of a witness.

    The UFO Phenomenon is, by its characteristics, full of inconsistencies, distortions and paradoxes that are senseless if seen from the viewpoint of the ET hypothesis. There are simply too many close encounter reports, often involving different types of craft and of occupants, bizarre communications and ghost-like qualities for these to be a real, physical visitation from another world. Individual witnesses present together often produce different descriptions than mere observational errors suggest. In other cases there has only been a single witness experiencing something, sometimes in a built-up area where one would expect a mass sighting. In other cases, a witness experiences an encounter at the same time as being observed by others who do not see anything. Yet in other cases the witnesses have the experience whilst in the bedroom asleep, or have the experiences suddenly retreived by hypnotic regression.

    Many of these experiences exhibit a dream-like quality in their manifestation and contents, with objects materialising and dematerialising, in a manner that physical objects operating in the physical universe could not possibly do. Occupants will emerge through the sides of crafts, rather than a door. Abductees are transported through walls without anyone seeing them. The interior of the crafts are sometimes bizarrely decked out or occupied by strange creatures and paraphanalia; witnesses do not seem to be able to remove artifacts from the crafts. Occupants will float in the air, appear ghost-like and leave no residues or artifacts behind. Objects make landings yet leave no traces that can be tested scientifically. These suggest that what we are dealing with is not objective, but subjective.

    Yet the majority of these reports are genuine with witnesses relating something that they genuinely believe has happened to them. But we are dealing with a different reality that obeys different laws. Where we must depart from those explanations that suggest that UFO interactions are merely subjective imagery and derived from the murmurings of the subconscious mind, is the realisation that there is also a very real and external agency involved, one that has remained undetected or ignored throughout the history of the UFO myth. Yet it has been recognised and described throughout history as otherworldly intelligences, end even worshipped or feared in different cultural guises. Within different religious texts and occult works, descriptions of the interactions of these beings with humanity occur, some of them depicting the same behaviour as what is happening today.

    The UFO Phenomenon is therefore merely the latest in line, a technological manifestation, of archetypal imagery in which hides the intelligences behind such manifestations. There is more to the subjective imagery than that described by the psychosociological school of UFO debunkers. Carl Jung, in 'Flying Saucers - A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky", on more than one occasion hinted at deeper reasons for the archetypal imagery because it seemed to take his hypothesis of archetypes beyond the theme of the collective unconscious. It seems as if there is another kind of intelligence within man's psyche which produces these archetypal images - and that is the crux of the problem and, indeed, the solution to the final understanding of the UFO Phenomenon.

    Ultimately, we are drawn towards a conclusion that suggests that behind the UFO Phenomenon lies a manipulative intelligence, and that this sort of control system can manifest as aliens, angels and demons, faeries, monsters, the Virgin Mary and, in many cases, as seemingly human spirit guides. The one variable that seems to determine the content and behaviour of the manifestations would seem to be dependent upon the particular level of human acceptbility. To be more specific the vast pool of archetypal imagery that encompasses the human collective unconsciousness determines its presentation, be that within a Christian context of a demonic possession or Vision of the Virgin Mary, or within a UFO context in modern day USA or UK, such as that of an abduction by grey aliens. In each case neither agency involved is aware of any other scenario. The demon in a possession case never speaks of space ships or the need for genetic supplies. Each agency feeds off the realities of each particular human consciousness. These agencies act as we both expect and fear them.

    Closer examination will show, however, remarkable similarities. Real demonic possession cases only account for a small percentage of reported demonic cases as do the unexplained UFO reports. The demonic intelligence behind a possession will often impart a sense of importance or a mission to the possessed, exactly as we find in the contactee side of ufology. There is, too, the archetypal conflict of 'good' and 'evil', exactly as we find demonstrated in much of the contactee scenarios, whilst the human victim often produces an impressive array of paranormal abilities whilst under the control of the demon. Many of the beliefs of contactees and abductees, allegedly passed on by the space brothers or abducting aliens, are reminscent of beliefs held by those who are demonically possessed, passed on to them by their parasitic intelligences, such as the belief that an intellectual elite rules the world. Many of the physiological symptoms described by missionaries as "possession" are similar to those suffered by contactees and those who experience a close UFO encounter - unaccountable faints, nightmares, headaches, loss of memory, often accompanied by strange psychological and psychic events - visions, poltergeists, nocturnal visitations of apparitions ( described in medieval times as incubi and succubi).

    Each category of intelligence seems to occupy its own defined world, totally ignorant of the existence of these other intelligences. And that is exactly the defining circumstances that separate the spectrum of intelligences. Each intelligence acts and appears only within the expectation and values of the culture within which it manifests. The determining control are the individual packets of belief that make up the total human collective unconsciousness.

    The group consciousness of mankind is that set of imagery and experience, expectations and emotion that make up the psychic life history and future expectations of the human race. Layers of belief and awareness, worship and fear has, over the thousands of years that mankind has evolved, developed a complexity of belief systems and levels of human emotional and psychic acceptability. Within the overall human unconsciousness there exists side by side, the world of the Christian and of the Muslim, of the primitive shaman, of the extraterrestrial believers and a host of innumerable group worlds, sometimes interacting to produce hybrid beliefs but usually remaining independent and powerful in their own right.

    This is the region of the hidden mind, the vast reservoir of the human collective unconscious to which we are all indivisbly linked. The lowest levels are penetrable only through the use of, for example, hypnosis or the skills of the shaman or medium. This is the environment through which the mechanisms of the paranormal operate.

    The collective unconsciousness is also the environment in which the intelligence that manifest as UFOs and aliens, faieries, demons and angels and spirits, can operate. The phenomenon of clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and psychokinesis are used to link in with sections of humanity it wishes to influence, manipulating the subtle yet more powerful parts of man which are the emotional and archetypal centres.

    The power of such controlled manipulation of these realms can be illustrated by the magical adepts who can create a mental three-dimensional object and then draw it into this reality in the form of a consciously-controlled apportation. Similar examples occur as apports that arrive unannounced in seance rooms where a physical medium is used to bring about physical manifestations.

    So it is within the collective unconsiousness that one must look to for the source and nature of the UFO phenomenon. This is the environment of external intelligences that are of this earth and bought into existence by an alien creative source. The studies of researchers as Christian O'Brien and others have suggested that early human civilisations were founded by outsiders of advanced intellectual and spiritual calibre, whom the native cultures called 'gods'. Ancient texts and myths offer evidence for this interaction that also included genetic manipulation of the aboriginal human species. For instance, Sumerian myths from the ancient Middle East describe these creator gods as the Anannage. In the Bible they are known as the Elohim, the Shining Ones. The Sumerian Kharsag Epics (amongst other ancient texts) describe the activities of the gods and their creation of mankind (lullu - a labouring creature) in ninth millennium Sumer. The Book of Enoch also gives an account of an order of beings known as the Watchers (egregoroi), who acted against the commands of the Archangels and Anannage (the rebellion of the angels) because they had wronged mankind in various ways. This may be a simplified version of events which in fact describe how the angels, or Watchers, had become contaminated by the baser instincts of mankind as they were indelibly linked in with mankind's collective unconsciousness. The Anannage then destroyed the Watchers as suggested in the hypothesis, that is, the physical annilihation of the beings and the removal of their spiritual consciousnesses into spiritual or interdimensional realms.

    Ultimately, when the 'gods' departed, the messengers of the gods, the angels, were physically destroyed and consigned to spiritual realms. Before they had acted as teachers and communicators between the 'gods' and mankind. Man could not differentiate between the 'gods' and 'angels', since both possessed divine form and abilities. From mythology and ancient sources it seems that they had been annilihated because of unauthorised interaction between them and man. It is possible that the 'messengers' or 'angels' had been corrupted by man's consciousness, since the fusion of the physical animal part of man with the spiritual part was not working. The intermediaries, since they were designed to work with man, would have been gradually submerged with man's more baser instincts. Certainly we have records suggesting that the process was not working and that the 'rebellion of the angels' and the 'war in heaven' saw the destruction of these beings from earth. But their spiritual essences were placed in spiritual realms where their functioning continued.

    We could describe these beings, or angels or Watchers, as AIs, that is as "Artificial Intelligences", because they were in effect artificial creations designed like computers with spiritual programming. It can also mean "Artificial Intermediaries" because these beings were designed to mediate between man and the gods, to oversee mankind and help him evolve, to act as messengers like those of the two ravens in Norse mythology who acted as the messengers for Odin. Their names when translated are Thought and Memory, the two principle attributes of man's consciousness. The computer terminology serves to place these beings outside the realm of religion and mythology, and help to characterise them as complex purposefully designed computer-spiritual creations. These AIs were beings of energy, functioning in a manner of a computer, modifying their programmes according to changes in man's consciousness.

    The AIs would have helped in constructing that consciousness with the purpose of guiding man's evolution in a direction that the original creators of humanity desired. Thus the AIs themselves would have contributed in modifying it, whilst undergoing changes as man's thoughts and emotions developed. But ultimately mankind failed to develop in harmony with the divine plans and it was the animal instinct with its powerful drive of emotion and unbalanced individuality that gained the upper hand.

    Throughout mankind's history it has been the AIs that have continuedto propagate their programming, updating the beliefs and values of humanity and in turn being reprogrammed through man's collective unconsciousness. They have been a primary driving force behind man's development, both positively and negatively. Although their forms and behaviour have changed in accordance with prevailing cultural and technological changes of man, their role has remained constant.

    Most of the detailed information about the angelic orders are derived from esoteric texts. There has always been a certain ambiguity between angels and demons. Prior to the third century AD angels had a dual nature, very dynamic and constantly evolving. Similarly, the faeries of the Middle Ages were actually large and malevolent entities, unlike the much later Victorian concepts of faeries. It is within pre-Christian traditions, however, that we find much evidence of the image of angels as intermediaries between God and man. Plutarch, in "on the Cessation of Oracles", describes a family of "Daemons" who are intermediate between gods and men " and after a certain fashion bringing thought together and uniting in one society of both". In Plato's Symposium, Eros is described as "a great spirit (daemon), and like all spirits he is intermediate between the divine and the mortal". Eros "interprets between gods and men... he is the mediator who spans the chasm which divides them, and therefore in him all is bound together, and through him the arts of the prophet and the priest, their sacrifices and charms, and all prophecy and incantation, find their way". Then it is concluded that "These spirits or intermediate powers are many and diverse".

    Sceptics have argued that within UFO reports there is simply the collective unconsciouness behind the imagery of the alien. But it may be that what we are dealing with is an alien within the human collective unconsciousness. So we have the scenario of a hidden intelligence creating images and experiences from within the collective unconsciouness of human witnesses.

    Alien abductions do not seem to represent what they appear to represent. Often we find that an abduction is geared purely as a stage-managed display for the witness. Despite the reported emphasis on the manhandling activities of the aliens and the medical experimentation, it is the more covert and less obvious manipulation of the human mind that seems to lie at the heart of the experience. All sensations of fear and panic are quelled with speed and witnesses claim a sensation they describe as that of the contents of their minds being withdrawn, then replaced, sometimes with thoughts which are almost alien to themselves. With a contactee the emphasis of the alien experience seems to be on the process of motivation rather than confrontation.

    The so-called medical examinations that are allegedly carried out seem to serve no purpose which could not be easily achieved by far subtler means. Considering the obvious technical superiority displayed by the crafts and the aliens, the obvious disclosure of scars upon an abductee is odd. We can perform operations today which leave little scarring. Similarly, Japanese scientists have been able to raise goat foetuses inside artificial wombs, whilst test tube babies are a reality. Does this not tend to mock the supposed 'alien' beings who continue to remove reproductive material from abductees on a ceasless scale, far more than what would be required for any sort of genetic programme?

    The abductions on their own give a good example as to how the Phenomenon reflects humanity and its interactions. It is precisely because these AIs are self-functioning and mutable intelligences buried deep within the collective unconsciousness of mankind are so interwoven into the very essence of man that facets of man's behaviour and thought will become manifested in some aspect of the Phenomenon.

    Once that reality is understood so the various inconsistencies and paradoxes that are encountered within the realms of ufology - and other areas of entity experiences- appear to make sense. We are thus dealing with a intelligence that is at once separate and distinct from mankind, yet on a very deep level is indissoluble from him. Hence the highly symbolic nature of many UFO encounters (and other entity experiences) and the intense emotional impact such an encounter has upon a witness. A witness to an encounter is literally exposed to the hidden depths of humanity, with all of its archetypal forms and historical emotions - the raw experiences that have accumulated since the development of the consciousness of homo sapiens.

    This is partly why there is such a wealth of mythological imagery within the UFO experience and why psychosociologists have a field day in dissecting components from the experience. Such studies that are undertaken 'demonstrate' that a 'shared myth' was experienced, the externalisation of a repressed desire or fear, or a derivation of a psychological hypothesis that remains unproven.

    We are dealing with the totality of mankind, all that he has experienced and that he wants or fears to experience. What humanity projects into the collective unconsciousness has the effect of re-orientating the AI agencies within it. In so doing this is reflected back as a form of re-programming, which further reinforces and updates the parameters of acceptability of human consciosness.

    These intelligences, linked to man on a mental and emotional level, are essentially what we would term as 'spiritual beings'. They have posed as angels, demons, spirits, gods, apparitions, extraterrestrial aliens, etc, and through these forms have conditioned and motivated mankind throughout history by way of belief, indoctrination and revelation. They generally manifest as anthropomorphic entities because that is characteristic of mankind and how mankind sees itself. Thomas Aquinas said "Angels need an assumed body, not for themselves, but on our account". These beings do not themselves evolve but they do reflect the totality of mankind.

    Modern Western cultures find such encounters with entities difficult to concieve. Its world view does not allow for such experiences as it identifies the physical with the literal. We see the alien encounters as physical because we have not yet accepted the reality that we are both physical and psychic, and that the non-physical consciousness of us takes precedence. We are single beings with dual aspects, and these can differ according to the perspective we take. The UFO, as a "cosmic shaman", appears in the appropriate archetype or symbol, to guide the individual and collective consciousness at times of initiation and transition. The AI in its role has the result of working alchemically upon the soul of mankind, working against and ultimately transforming the World Soul of humanity.

    The AI, in using an archetype to manifest to a witness, thus appears at the confluence of spirit and matter. The AI is acting as the mediator, or messenger, between the conscious and unconscious, passing a vital message to the conscious self. The alien encounter, or entity experience, is the mechanism by which this intelligence rebounds our own emotions and unconscious thoughts with a slingshot force - to remind us of our need for oneness and respect for the physical and spiritual worlds.

    A very large number of people are in contact with these intelligences whether they appear as the Virgin Mary, Christ, Hindu gods or extraterrestrial aliens. Of the latter many believe that these beings come from other planets, and this is why these beings see the stars from a human perspective, naming constellations as their point of origin. That is why, too, various planets have fallen into disuse as places of origin as mankind gradually learns more about them and most people reject these worlds as supporting life.

    The reason why there is so much nonsense and absurdity involved in the abductee and contactee encounters is because so much of the reported material is drawn from the human collective unconsciousness. That is why there is an abundance of science fiction motifs, especially so as science fiction is a creative activity where inspirational ideas that find their way into print and film can sometimes appear within a UFO encounter. This sort of 'psychic parallelism' suggests that fantasy and factual reality can coincide, so that the boundary between realities is blurred. The 'Green Stone' affair involving psychic quests, paranormal phenomena, psychic communications, UFO phenomena and the retrieval of physical artifacts in the English Midlands during the 1980s is a case in point. There are very close parallels between the fictional works by Stephen Donaldson centred on the adventures of Thomas Covenant that were written at the same time as the quests but before they were printed.

    Within science fiction dying worlds are commonplace in alien invasion movies, as in 'This Island Earth", mirroring the experiences of abductees and contactees. An abductee in the 1954 movie 'Killers from Space" has a strange scar and a missing memory of the alien encounter that caused it, years before the media market was saturated by Streiber and Hopkins. The mysterious impregnation of women and the subsequent birth of intelligent hybrid children is the theme of the 1960 film 'Village of the Damned". Brain implants are featured in the 1953 movie 'Invaders from Mars". The type of entities that feature so prominently in Hopkins work, for example, are identical with the creatures of the 1957 movie 'Invasion of the Saucer Men," whilst in 'Earth vs the Flying Saucers" (1956) features an abduction in which thoughts are taken.

    Psychosociologists have used such comparisons between science fiction and UFO reports to argue that abductions and the UFO phenomenon in general are products of culture; psychological traumas manifesting as experiences using material already within the subconscious of the individual. This is indeed a very shallow interpretation that fails to answer, amongst other things, the consistency of the experiences across cultures and time, from witness to witness. Indeed, medieval artists painted many scenes of the medieval concept of hell, using imagery that crops up today in abduction accounts. In Bosch's paintings, for instance, demonic creatures abduct humans to hellish places, torturing them with instruments, performing seemingly medical experiements and even copulating with them!

    Abductions are the latest manifestation of the Phenomenon, in a sense it is a forced contact. The intelligence behind it is now literally seizing us, the collective unconsciousness of humanity is attempting to communicate with us ideas and experiences that we, perhaps, may not wish to confront. Earlier encounters with space brothers bringing benevolent messages have been gradually superseded by such cosmic confrontations.

    The despair, technological dehumanisation, deracination and ethnic conflict, spiritual decline and violence of mankind has seemingly evoked a response from the Phenomenon. The medical experiments are perhaps a symptom of how sick a species and how despiritualised we have become, cut off from our inner selves and consumed by materialism. The detached and methodical manner in which the aliens conduct their abductions is symptomatic of mankind's consumptive and exploitative nature, his false ownership of both the Earth's natural resources and of both beast and fellow man. This manifestation of the alien intruders mirrors the way that humanity subjects one another as fodder for abuse and exploitation. The aliens, as well as the other entities encountered, represent the shadows of ourselves, the projected images in the appropriate cultural and technological form that seem to represent our own cruelty, selfishness, violence and indifferences to ourselves as a species.

    Alongside this dark aspect are also elements of a more positive symbol, the genetic manipulation and cross-breedings involved in some of the abductions, as well as within faery lore (the changeling myths, where a human baby is kidnapped by faeries and replaced by a faery imposter) can be recognised as a call to evolve to a higher state of consciousness, to sit alongside the gods and to become superhuman. But again, even here there are elements of manipulation for what can be seen as malevolent reasons. Today, with the preponderance of psychic channelling and the so-called "Star-Children", the chosen who are guided by their "New Age" star beings, are expected to follow in the cosmic philosophy that they bring. All of this bears connotations of elitism and even racism taken to its extreme. No longer is humanity now divided by its skin colour, it is divided according to the belief as to whether one is a "superior" being from outside of the planet, or whether one is an "inferior" native of the Earth. The ultimate conclusion of such philosophies are obvious, as seen in the Heaven's Gate cult, or Nazism, for instance.

    The typical greys are now almost the ultimate expression of the mechanised and soulless state of humanity, dominated by computers, leading lives devoid of real human contact. The greys mirror us - ageless, sexless, devoid of anything resembling human emotion, personality. They communicate telepathically, or through their eyes, the eye itself being the ultimate symbol of the human psyche, particularly of guilt and conscience. The aliens are literally ourselves, thus we are being confronted with our truly horrendous collective guilt and shame. These beings are literally our avenging angels.

    The foetus-like nature of the grey aliens are almost representative of the perfection of mankind, the innocence of humanity. The hybrid beings produced from alien and human captive are symbolic of the soul of humanity, confronting us with our worst nightmares. The aftermath of an abduction is testament to this horrific confrontation and bears similarities with the Near Death Experience. Several post-abduction experiences that are reported include an increased appreciation of life, greater self-acceptance, deeper concern for others, and an increased level of concern with social and planetary issues.

    The AIs were essentially brought into being by an all-encompassing creative consciousness at the time that man was being genetically changed from a primitive ape-like being to a more evolved homo sapiens. They were created to measure and monitor man and his thoughts and emotions. These beings were the angels that walked with man in the beginning. Their continued existence as spiritual beings in non-physical dimensions has ensured that the powerful link that these intelligences have with mankind remain constant. Mankind has sought out these beings and they have responded by manifesting according to his wishes and expectations. Like a computer programme these AIs are updated by man's collective unconsciousness.

    The intelligence behind the UFO and abduction experience, the AI, is so deeply buried within the mask of man's collective unconsciousness, that we can only understand it when we have finally come to grips with the mind of man. The aliens of today are the embodiment of the experiences and emotions of makind. The powers of the AIs are as wielders of a magical technology, holding the position of judge and executioner of divine authority over mankind.

    The response to an alien confrontation is that of fear. When one takes into consideration the fact that the AI is the reflection of the totality of man, it is not surprising to see witnesses overcome by fear at the enormity of their close encounter, for they have literally been staring into the very eyes of humanity, the collective pain of humanity.

    UFOs, in the majority of cases, behave like agents of chaos. The AI is the instrument in reflecting back the quintessental elements of humanity, its crimes against itself and against nature. In some scenarios organs have apparently been removed and replaced. Sometimes the body is completely ripped apart and put back together again. Limbs and heads are pulled and squeezed by the aliens. Abductees are subjugated to rape, castration, impregnation, abortions, choking, drowning, freezing, bleeding, temporary blindness, being stripped, their brains scrambled, and being confronted with their personal phobias. Such experiences are also described by shamans who undergo initiation rites which involve being physically destroyed and recreated anew, or in having limbs torn off and being replaced. Initiations such as these have the effect of destroying the rational ego's literalistic perspective and to show that physical death is not literal death, that the Otherworld is more powerful than the physical world. The abductions are in a sense de-literalising ourselves since no other culture believes as rigidly in the literal reality of our physical reality as our modern Western culture does.

    Such initiatory experiences are symbolic of the rebirth of the shaman as a spiritual being, who has transcended the barrier between the physical world and the magical spiritual world inhabited by gods and spirits. Indeed, the experiences are usually conducted by the shaman's gods, spirits or demonic monsters - a cosmic shaman. This facilitates answers to all kinds of life questions. The shaman's role is to act as a messenger, or intermediary, between beings in the spiritual worlds and his own earthly community or tribe. Like the Near Death Experience and the alien abduction, both experiences seem to illuminate the individual in a very powerful way. The NDE is very similar to a shamanic astral journey or indeed an abduction in some scenarios. Kenneth Ring wrote of the NDE that "You wish you could talk about it, but who could understand, even if you found words adequate to describe it?".

    The modern Western abduction experiences are essentially reflections of what man has done to others and to other species on this planet. One has only to reflect upon mass mechanised factory farming or the horrors of two world wars, or indeed, the horrors of the Nazi and Communist death camps, to realise the enormity of this fact.

    Man has particular basic primeval fears, such as the dissolution of mind and body, of being destroyed, mutiliation, castration, isolation or abadonment, or inability to control one's body. The dramas that are evoked amongst abductee accounts utilise the basic elements of such fears - chase, capture, torture, imminent catastrophe, eerie background fears such as fog or silence.

    Today, the greys have taken some of the traditional features of the faeries and hybridised them into a modern form - over-cultured, over-controlled, mechanised. The soullessness of them can be equated to the loss of emotional responsiveness, as Western society in particular undergoes a trend that involves mass consumerism, coldly efficient and mechanical, relying on impersonal technology, the fragmentation of communities due to globalism, industrialisation and multiracialism. The greys represent Anti-Life, their small mouths and lack of external sex organs coldly conveys that meaning.

    The abduction experience is in fact mirroring the human shadow, magnifying our cruelty and indifference. The darkness that we inherently see in an abduction is the darkness within the soul of mankind itself. Perhaps the display of terror and darkness is that part of the AI that is there to make humanity conform. The interplay of light and dark is the principle feature of the alien contact experience, the mingling of angelic and demonic in its literal sense because humanity's collectivity has both. There are also elements of the AI too which encroach upon the experience since the AI is, after all, also an intermediary of the gods too, and thus elements of exotic, or alien, features will occur.

    The predominant colour of the greys is highly indicative of the 'greyness' of humanity, as racial types begin to blend with one another so that racial types gradually disappear and submerge themselves into one common mass of deracinated and rootless cosmopolitan humanity. The aliens obsessive interest in genetics and hybrid babies also suggests that another agenda is at issue here, involving the racial engineering of mankind, again reflecting the direction that humanity is moving towards as globalism and multiracialism drives the motor. Are the greys showing us how we will progress and look like in the future? Are they showing us a choice as to how we wish to progress or regress? Why are the aliens so interested in our genetics and our breeding patterns? What is the future of mankind? Then take a look at the AIs and what they are telling us.

    The AI, as an intelligent form, with its domain within the collective unconsciousness of mankind, can occupy all manner of belief systems. The AI that occupies one belief system will be singularly unaware of another belief system, unless it is reprogrammed. That is why one can still hear of faery encounters, of demonic possessions, of shamaic interactions with the spirit world, and the ritual occult magician evoking an ancient god form or demonic entity. The evidence seems to point strongly at an intra-dimensional origin of the UFO phenomenon, as well as of faeries, demons, spirits, and so on. The AI will take from the wardrobe of the witnesses mind those elements that convey a symbolic or archetypal form best suited for the manifestation for it to be meaningful. It has to mould itself into the acceptance levels of the witness, the world view, for it to be able to superimpose itself to conform to the witnesses beliefs. This phenomenon is able to transmogrify itself from out of the witnesses beliefs and cultural awareness, yet it outside of the witness. The AI is both manipulative and guiding, an intelligence that is a part of mankind yet existing outside of him, inhabiting that part of him that is so clear yet so hidden, a symbiotic relationship. It is elusive and buried within humanity's consciousness like an iceberg, with only a small part of itself posing above the sea, yet its true identity and extent remains beneath, hidden from view and denied by those who only see the floating part. The AI remains that part of us that has always existed but has been denied to us because we have not had eyes to see. Within the sea of consciousness that surrounds the islands of humanity, sweeping up upon its shores the flotsam and jetsom of mythology and beliefs, there lies the scattered remnants of human, and AI, experiences, that serve to manipulate and guide humanity. If we testify to the existence and power of the AI we will be free to evolve higher using the AI as our guides and mentors, not the masters and manipulators as of old. That choice is ours.

    Clive B. Potter ©2002

    #5. The Shadow-Of-Man by: Clive Potter

    *To Order This You may contact Clive Potter at or send £5 plus £2 postage drawn on a British bank, payable to Clive Potter at PO Box 5054, Leicester, LE2 3EE England

    'Shadow of Man,' produced in February 1992, can be considered unique. It is a symbol of two things-the first is the fulfillment of two groups of 'messengers'.

    In October 1982, Robert France's partner received a message from Robert's disincarnate source to the effect that when the time was right, they would meet a UFO investigator who would help them in their work. In April 1983, Robert received a similar message, except that this one suggested that he would work with some Scottish musicians. With the complexity of the work that was unfolding before him, he could see the necessity for an understanding investigator, but the link with the musicians baffled him completely. It was in July 1990 that Robert met the investigator, Clive Potter, but the musicians had been long forgotten, he could not see a possible connection.

    In August 1991, after holding a lecture in Northampton, Robert went back to the home of Clive Potter in Leicester and it was there that he played a tape that he wanted Robert to hear. The tape was entitled 'Abduction' by a group called 'CE IV. Robert had never heard of them before but listened nonetheless. After the first few bars he realized that he was listening to something radically different from anything that he had heard before. Robert's preference is classical music but here he was virtually gripped by this rock group. He quickly realized that their music held precisely the type of message that he himself was speaking.

    It was a virtual last minute decision which prompted Robert to attend the Sixth international UFO Conference at Sheffield held by the British UFO Research Association and the independent UFO Network and, although he saw from the programme arrangement that CE IV were performing at the event, it did not seem to register that they were in fact Scottish musicians.

    It was there that he met Brian McMullen, guitarist and vocalist of CE IV, and although they had little opportunity to speak, he felt an immediate empathy with both Brian and his work. It was then that the prophesy of April 1983 dawned on him and he began to think more deeply about this situation.

    Robert had become very deflated and disillusioned over many of the so-called 'contactees'; some were blatantly self-deluded, others considering themselves as above co-operation with anyone else. After discussion with Clive it was decided that they would approach CE IV with a view to a unique enterprise, the merging of their talents with those of the bands'.

    CE IV showed immediate enthusiasm to the project, but this did not seem surprising considering the '83 prediction, which is even more bizarre since the group were not even operational until 1984 and, without contact with Clive, Robert would not have known of them. This is indicative of the planning which, over the years, Robert has come to know as being employed by these intelligences.

    Thus, 'Shadow of Man' was born, the amalgamation of the spoken word and of music. Also, the second side holds an authentic reconstruction of the abduction of his partner, Shelagh Gill, an event which precipitated the work in August 1975, the abductee herself assisting in the reconstruction.

    A close symbiotic relationship between Robert and Shelagh became an essential part of Robert's 'mission,' and this seemed to have been directly initiated after an hypnotically-induced regression of Shelagh's missing-time experience of 1975. The regression in '82 produced in many ways a classical abduction scenario with several elements not known to either of them at the time, nor it seems to much of the UFO research community. As a result of the regression, Shelagh became a direct channel for psychic links with a disinearnate source that soon after made its presence known.

    The bulk of the lecture consists of the research material of Robert France, himself a contactee, the onset of his contactee-style experiences in 1992 leading directly to the present-day where, under the auspices of the disincarnate source with which he is intricately linked with, he is performing a 'mission' on its behalf.

    It is in fact in Ufology that many contactees either remain 'underground,' the so-called 'silent contactees', or attempt to set up cults, initiate their own brand of religion, or to issue self-aggrandized statements that serve only to promote themselves of convey pseudoscientific nonsense, presenting the urologist with little in which to understand the UFO phenomenon, except the psychological motivations that lie behind the contactee phenomenon.

    This is certainly the experience of Clive Potter who has been researching many contactees through the British UFO Research Association and the Northern UFO Network, and which led him to investigate the experience of Robert France. The coherency of the Contactee-derived material, coupled with the critical and detached approach of both Robert and Shelagh, have produced a unique case, and with it a perceptive and penetrating analysis of the heart of the UFO mystery.

    The essential message of 'Shadow of Man' is that of the existence, nature and influence of so-called intelligence's and their part in such areas of Ufology as the crashed saucers scenarios, the alien abductions and the messages of the contactees. The result is the formulation of an advanced hypothesis to account for the bizarre nature and diversity of such manifestations. The unifying link throughout many high-strangeness areas of the UFO phenomenon is that of the Al- 'Artificial intermediaries' - intelligence's that have pervaded across the spectrum of encounters with the unknown from earliest times to the present-day.
    "World of the Strange"
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Permission is granted to reproduce or redistribute this edition provided that attribution is made to the Author or Authors noted. In order to reprint or reproduce any copyrighted material contained herein, if not using the FULL newsletter, you MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder noted. For their permission in use of their said article.
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    25 - 03 - 2002

    #1. The Little Girl in the Garden by: James L. Choron
    #2. Interiors: Ghosts Are Not The Only Horror by: Karen Hesse
    #3. Go Home Ghost! by: Paul Duchene (The Tribune)
    #4. Spectre Inspector Makes Record Books
    #5. UFO Fever Growing by: Debra Mayeux/Staff writer
    #6. We Saw 'Bigfoot', Claim Villagers by: Rahul Karmaker
    #7. Annabelle - From Ed and Lorraine Warren's website.

    #1. The Little Girl in the Garden by: James L. Choron

    I moved out to Mamontovka in 1991. Up until that time, I had lived in Moscow, and only came out to our “Country House” on weekends. I like living in the country, although it does, especially in the winter, have its drawbacks. In the spring and summer, I usually walk the two kilometers from our house to the railway platform and take the train into the city. Its a beautiful walk, and I like being out in the fresh air. Besides, the train is actually faster than driving, since the traffic on the M-8 is absolutely awful.

    In any case, I know everyone who lives along Kutuzovski Prospect, our main street, and the one leading to the platform. Mr. A.A. Shugapov and his granddaughter live in the one nest to the school, about half a kilometer up the road from my own house. I see them out in their garden almost every day as I walk along. Mr. Shugapov is in his late eighties, and very spry for a man his age. He is known for having the best garden in Mamontovka. His grand daughter is about five, and an adorable little girl, with braided, long blond hair and a face full of freckles… you know the kind, all knees and elbows… long legs and arms… not quite out of the “baby” stage. She makes a funny sight, kneeling there in the garden, dressed in a frayed old “workers” jacket over her cute little blue dress and a pair of her grandfather's old army boots that simply swallow her tiny legs.

    Every morning, you can see either Anna or her grandfather in the garden, working around the plants. When I first moved here, I didn’t know them… we only waved to each other as I walked past their ancient log house with the beautiful gingerbread around the eaves of the roof and around the windows.

    One Saturday morning, in late March of 1992, I decided to take the train into Moscow and do a little shopping. I didn’t have to work that day, which was unusual in those days, and wanted to take advantage of the free time, As I neared his house, I could see that Mr. Shugapov was standing out by the road, waiting for the mail truck when I walked by. I decided to stop and talk with him for a moment and get to know him. I had already heard about his fine vegetable crops and award-winning potatoes. We had a nice chat, and then, I asked him about his granddaughter. Actually I asked him who the cute little girl was who was so diligent in helping him in his garden.

    The old man looked at me like I had two heads. There was a genuine look of shock in his face. He smiled thinly, then said…”You have seen my granddaughter?”

    “Yes,” I replied. “I see her almost every morning. I walk this way going to the train, and we wave to each other across the fence.”

    “That is quite impossible,” he replied, looking at me a little strangely. “Are you sure that you've seen her?”

    Something here wasn't quite right. I was at a loss for words. Then I described the little girl that I saw every morning, thinking that it might be a neighbor child that had taken to helping the old man.

    “Oh, that's my Anna,” he said… “but she isn’t my granddaughter… she's my daughter.”

    “Your daughter?” I was startled. Judging from the old mans obvious age, that seemed a little far fetched to me, but, I had learned long ago to never be surprised by such things. In Russia, all things are possible, and May/December marriages are the rule rather than the exception… Extreme age differences are rare, but not unheard of.

    Before I could make any further comments, the old man invited me inside for coffee, and a “little something to warm you up." Of course, I accepted. It was March, and there was still a little chill in the air. I followed him inside, and had a seat as he retreated to the kitchen to prepare our snack. I looked around his living room as I sat there on his overstuffed, leather bound sofa. As I did, I marveled at the little shrine that he had erected to his beautiful little girl. There were pictures of her everywhere. It was odd, since they were all in black and white, and some of them looked quite old.

    In a few moments, he returned, bearing a hand painted wooden tray on which sat two cups of tea, a teapot, sugar and a small pitcher of cream. Under his arm was a bottle of vodka with two glasses balanced on the neck. He placed the tray on a small table in front of the divan, then sat the glasses down and started opening the vodka. He pointed to a framed picture of his daughter on the table. It had been taken in the garden, and she was dressed exactly as she had been dressed every time I saw her.

    “That's her,” I asked… “a beautiful child. You are a lucky man.”

    “Yes, she was beautiful, wasn't she,” he said, a faraway look clouding his face.” He poured the vodka slowly into the glasses, then handed one to me. “You're going to need this,” he said.

    “What do you mean, Mr. Shugapov,” I asked. “ What do you mean WAS lovely. She still is a beautiful little girl. How old is she? Five or Six?”

    “She was five.” He paused. “On her last birthday, she was five."

    “I don't follow, you, sir. What are you saying.”

    The old man downed his vodka in one gulp, then told me “drink, then I will explain."

    I took my vodka the same way he did, then he looked at me and said, “Dima," that's how I’m known here. Dmitri is the Russian equivalent of James, or one of them, anyway. “My Anna had her last birthday in October of 1935. I loved her more than my own life. We did everything together. She died of Typhus before her next one came around, with her mother… but… she's never left me… I just thought…” he paused and took another shot of vodka, this time straight out of the bottle… I just thought that I was the only one who could see her."


    The story doesn't quite end here… In July, 1999, Mr. A.A. Shugapov passed away, at the age of 85, after a long battle with cancer. He was buried in the Mamontovka City Cemetery, alongside his wife and daughter. I attended the funeral, and assisted as a pall bearer.

    Since that time, I have had the great pleasure of waving to Mr. Shugapov and his daughter, almost every morning, as I walk to the train… they are really together now, and always will be… He’s not “old” anymore… he looks about 30… Anna still looks about five… They are happy, and laughing, and seem glad to see me… they ALWAYS stop weeding their little garden, or whatever it is they are doing, and wave…

    #2. Interiors: Ghosts Are Not The Only Horror by: Karen Hesse,,184-236648,00.html

    If creaking boards and noisy plumbing are enough to make you dive for cover, spare a thought for the owners of Leap Castle, the most haunted house in Ireland. Traditional musician Sean Ryan, his girlfriend Ann and their daughter Ciara have taken on a lifetime’s work renovating an ancient property that boasts more ghosts than your average Hallowe’en.

    That the house is featured in the book Haunted Britain and Ireland would be enough to put most mortals off the renovation. Pictures of the castle in all its crumbling, ivy-clad glory in another book, In Ruins, would send shivers up the spine of even the most battle-scarred DIY expert.

    Despite this, Ryan, who bought Leap Castle in 1991, is doing it all himself. He has no budget to speak of and his help comes from the immortal residents, who he says mimic the sounds of his work.

    To help pay for the restoration, Ryan offers intimate evenings of song and dance to visiting tourists. But the nights are far from the scenes in High Spirits, the Irish film in which a castle owner dresses in sheets to entice American tourists.

    Ryan says that his ghosts do not live up to the hype of Hollywood ghouls. They leave the residents up to the business of renovation and make only occasional appearances.

    The ghosts of two little sisters, Emily and Charlotte, who lived in the castle in the early 1600s are seen playing in the main hall. Emily died when she fell off the southeast corner of the castle, aged 11. One of the most active spirits is an Elizabethan governess, who likes to touch visitors, but in general they are all good spirits, Ryan says. Even to the born sceptic, Leap Castle’s history seems to make it rich with spiritual possibility. In pre-Christian times, a wooden tower was built on the site and, when two wings were added to the present castle in the 1700s, the builders found Bronze Age artefacts.

    Leap Castle was the main stronghold of the O’Carroll family and, in the 1600s, became the home of the Darbys when an O’Carroll chieftain married his daughter into the family. It remained the family’s home until 1922 when it was burnt out in the civil war.“The Darbys had it well insured with Lloyds and, as a gesture, left the ruined castle and five acres to the head gardener, Sam Spencer,” Ryan says.

    Since then, the keep has changed hands a number of times, until Ryan’s friend Lady Rosse, of nearby Birr Castle, asked if he was interested in buying a castle. “At the time we were doing up an old rectory, but once we saw the castle we couldn’t say no,” he says.

    The heavy entrance doors, with gothic-style windows either side, had survived the blaze. Inside was a mass of rubble, which Ryan began to clear out in 1994. A self-confessed scavenger, Ryan has a keen eye for salvage and used beams from a mill in Birr to replace the joists in the entrance hall.

    Only a small part of the original floor remained so Ryan laid a new one of salvaged flagstones. An impressive fireplace was created with marble from an altar. The family moved in three years ago “wearing 10 woolly jumpers against the cold”. Ryan says he would rather throw on an extra jumper than compromise the castle with double glazing.

    Ryan has taken care of all the plumbing, electrics and reconstruction himself, with occasional help from willing friends, who often tip him off about salvage finds.

    At the back of the large entrance hall, Ryan is creating a conservatory with five church windows he retrieved from a skip in Oranmore, Galway, after a phone call from an eagle-eyed friend. The doors were a gift from Lord Rosse at Birr Castle.

    The battlemented tower to the right, which was reroofed by the previous owner, now houses a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Granite stairs spiral upwards to the main hall. These well-worn “stumble steps” were built at uneven heights to slow down the advance of invaders.

    Upstairs, the central hall retains the original vaulted ceiling and 9ft walls, which have now been whitewashed. A minstrels’ gallery at mezzanine level has been brought back into commission by Ryan and his musician friends.

    The hall contains a motley collection of antique furniture, including heavily carved pieces, textile wall-hangings and a chaise longue covered in red velvet. A large table is constructed, like some of the castle doors, of timber from crates donated by a glass factory in Nenagh.

    Further up the winding stairs is Ryan’s current project — the reroofing of the former chapel. The chapel was given a tin roof in the 1930s, which Ryan says probably saved the whole castle from total dereliction.

    Chillingly, the room is known as the Bloody Chapel, because there were so many murders here. During previous work, 150 human bones were found in a small bricked-up dungeon in a corner. Ryan is hoping for donations of oak to help recreate the complicated medieval roof structure, which will be constructed entirely by hand with wooden dowels.

    When the large flag-floored room is complete, Ryan plans to whitewash the walls, put in a four-poster bed and enjoy the panoramic views. To his left, he will see the crumbling ruin of the second battlemented tower, still adorned with nesting birds and voracious ivy. But that, as they say, is another day’s work.

    #3. Go Home Ghost! by: Paul Duchene (The Tribune)

    Ghost hunter Jeff Davis waits as psychic Janet Reiner tunes into the ghosts of the Christie School, where stories of hauntings have been told for years.

    The tale of a haunted school continues — in a writer’s home

    Some ghosts just don’t get the message that they’re dead.
    That includes a deceased student from the Christie School in Marylhurst whom we disturbed by a visit last fall. His story continues, though in a different city.

    Back in September, I visited the Christie School with psychic Janet Reiner from Olympia, Wash., and archaeologist-ghost hunter Jeff Davis of Vancouver, Wash.

    Davis has written several books about Northwest ghosts. He was most intrigued by the Christie School because part of it has been condemned for almost 40 years, and there are numerous stories about child spirits that sleep there uneasily — if at all. So we arranged a nighttime visit.

    It was, literally, a dark experience. Reiner was extremely upset by the atmosphere on the abandoned top floor of the 1910 building, where there is no electrical power. She began to sense the ghosts of children in the darkness.

    Reiner’s observations corresponded with stories I’d heard from longtime school staff members about unexplained occurrences — recollections I had not shared with her. She described a child playing where I had heard that an administrator’s dog would not walk, for example, and commented on children crying, a prominent feature in a number of other stories.

    She also disturbed Tribune photographer Kyle Green — who went in as an unbeliever — by describing a little blue-eyed girl he could feel hanging onto his leg.

    Reiner smudged us with sage and sweetgrass smoke at the end of the evening “so nobody would follow us home.”

    I closed my story by remarking that I had heard footsteps in my gravel driveway at 2 a.m. when I alighted from my car. I couldn’t see anybody and attributed it to imagination, or maybe a neighbor walking a dog.

    But I slept fitfully that night. I awoke tired, yawning and with gritty eyes. This continued for several days, until I got a call from Reiner, who had read the story.

    “Let me guess, you’re only sleeping 21³2 or three hours and then you wake up — wide awake, right?” she said. “You took somebody home. I’d better come down.”

    She wasn’t able to smudge my house for several weeks. By that time I was feeling rundown and thinking about the fact that tests show sleep deprivation seriously compromises the immune system. I had a flu shot — then got the flu.

    Oddly, if I stayed overnight elsewhere, I slept fine.

    The other thing I couldn’t explain was that somehow the house seemed darker. The lights weren’t burning as brightly, and replacing bulbs didn’t help.

    I concluded that, whether the problem was real or in my head, something needed to be done.

    When Reiner arrived, she shooed me away while she concentrated. On my return she had news.

    “It’s my fault,” she said. “I should have smudged your car. You’ve got a 10- to 12-year-old boy here who hid in your car while I was smudging you. His name’s Mark or Michael, and he feels an affinity to you. He’s English or Irish. I think I mentioned him to you when we were up on the fourth floor of the school. He’s kind of a ringleader. Not a bad boy, but stubborn.”

    “I’m not opposed to him staying here,” I said. “But I have to get some sleep.”

    Reiner explained that the boy just stood in the corner of my bedroom and watched me. It didn’t matter when I was awake, but when I went to sleep I entered his dimension in some way, and he prevented me from entering REM (rapid eye movement) sleep — the level that revitalizes you.

    “I’ve told him to go back to the school,” she said. “We’ll see if he does. Sometimes it takes several visits.

    “By the way, there’s an older lady here. Do you know anybody with gray hair that she piles up on her head? She’s sort of bent over, probably in her 70s or 80s.”

    “That sounds like my grandmother,” I said.

    “She’s trying to tell you something, but you’re not getting it. I’ve told her she’s in charge, in case anybody else shows up. She and the boy were just avoiding each other.”

    For a couple of nights things seemed better. The house was brighter. I slept through the night. But it didn’t last. After 10 semisleepless nights I called Reiner again.

    “I was afraid of that,” she said. “I’ll come back.”

    Reiner stopped by in late December, and I left so she could get to work. When I returned, she was sitting in her car.

    “I think I have a solution,” she said. “Michael says he won’t go back to the Christie School, so I’ll take him home with me. Monday I can drop him off at a grade school nearby. There’ll be lots of children for him to relate to and he’ll enjoy being in a learning environment. I don’t think he knows astral projection, so if he doesn’t like it he won’t come back this far.”

    I called Reiner later to see if she had delivered her charge safely.
    “I did,” she said. “But Sunday was very busy at my house. The bathroom taps kept turning on, and my video collection was all piled up in the middle of the floor.”

    Reiner didn’t discuss the delivery of Michael with anyone else. But the second week in February she was driving two of her children to the same school — L.T. Brown Elementary School in Olympia — when she heard a disconcerting question from the back seat of her van.

    “Did you know our classroom is haunted?” said 7-year-old Joshua to his 8-year-old brother, Jeremy.

    “Why do you think it’s haunted?” Reiner asked with a sinking feeling, as she remembered where she had released the uneasy spirit.

    “Because strange things happen in the room,” he said. “The clock in the room does funny things. Things get moved around a lot, and some of the children felt somebody touch them.”

    This announcement posed a problem for Reiner.

    “I know the spirit is there, and he likes it, but children tend to be psychic, and they understand something is going on,” she said. “I don’t want them to be freaked out.”

    And there’s a larger issue, Reiner explained.

    “If he ends up liking one of the children, he’ll follow him or her home, and we’ll have lost touch with him. I feel responsible, and I’ve been thinking about what to do. I think there’s some unfinished business here. Before he causes any more havoc, I may have to convince him to go back to the Christie School.”

    #4. Spectre Inspector Makes Record Books

    A parapsychologist has made it into the record books for staging the biggest ghost hunt ever.

    A catalogue of spooky encounters was reported in the experiment which was recognised as the "most systematic scientific study into haunted locations" by the Guinness Book of World Records.

    The hunt, conducted at subterranean vaults in Edinburgh by Dr Richard Wiseman, of Hertfordshire University, involved 250 people and an array of hi-tech equipment.

    But despite a number of creepy tales from volunteers, no definite proof of the supernatural was found during the experiment in April last year.
    Some 125 male and 125 female volunteers, aged between 16 to 80, took turns to stand in parts of the reputedly haunted 18th century underground chambers for about 20 minutes during the experiment.

    Dr Wiseman also used a magnetometer, thermal imager, air temperature and movement sensors and a light meter, as well as photographic and video cameras to pick up any spooky activity.

    The study took place between April 4 and 17 at vaults beneath South Bridge and in Edinburgh Castle. Volunteers for the study were recruited through the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

    Welcoming the recognition of his record achievement Dr Wiseman - who does not believe in ghosts - said the spirit hunt had been "fascinating".

    The academic, who has been investigating paranormal phenomena for 10 years, said: "The vaults and the castle were ideal for the study because they have a reputation for being haunted and recording people's reactions was truly fascinating.

    "Some people reported hearing heavy breathing and some saw ghostly lights while a woman said she saw a strange figure walking about. But none of the stories convinced me ghosts exist. I first got into this subject because I used to be a magician and I saw how easily people could be tricked."

    Thanks To The Ananova Website at:

    #5. UFO Fever Growing by: Debra Mayeux/Staff writer,1002,6572%7E469854,00.html

    AZTEC - New information has surfaced surrounding the alleged March 25, 1948, crash of a UFO in Hart Canyon north of Aztec.

    UFO investigator and journalist Linda Moulton Howe has claimed that the crash date is wrong, and she has talked to the eyewitnesses to prove it. Howe will present her findings during the Fifth annual UFO Symposium this weekend in Aztec.

    "I have interviewed some people who are still alive, who saw it in March of 1949," Howe said in a telephone interview. "They can pinpoint the year because they were living in a rental home at the time."

    Howe said it was the only time in the lives of Hulon and Geneva Pace that they lived in a rental home. The couple and their son have come forward and said they remember the crash, and they read about it in The Farmington Daily Times, which was published weekly in the 1940s.

    "The Pace's son Glen had a paper route, and he remembers that there was a headline about a crashed disc ... or a crashed object in Hart Canyon," Howe said.

    The Paces and a few others interviewed by Howe, also have claimed that the newspaper retorted the article a few days later, stating that it was a hoax.

    Numerous people including Daily Times staff have searched the archives for articles on UFOs. There was nothing found to be published between 1947 and 1949 concerning the crash in Aztec.

    Howe has also spent time searching for these lost articles the Paces told her about.

    "For seven years I went on the same kind of search," Howe said. "I called maybe 50 small newspapers' libraries."

    She too came up empty handed.

    There was, however, a front-page article March 19, 1950, about a UFO armada flying over the city the previous day.

    In an article in 2000, Glen Pace recalled the day the armado flew over Farmington. "I was 10 years old at the time," he said.

    "I came out on the playground for recess and someone said, 'Look up there.'"

    When he looked up, Pace saw approximately 30 disc-shaped, silver ships hovering over Farmington.

    "They were in a triangular formation, and they made sudden moves all together," he said.

    The ships were visible for about 10 minutes before they disappeared.

    "When they left, they turned on their side," he said. "They were gone in a second. Boom, they were out of sight."

    "Something very unusual happened in March 1949 and 1950 in the Farmington and Aztec area," Howe said.

    Howe alleges that someone cleaned out the newspaper libraries. When asked who, her answer was, "No question, our government," she said. "There could be no other explanation. For our government to go in and say, 'We're going to clean those libraries,' would not have been too great a deal."

    Howe, who has received a number of awards for investigative reporting, said the government had a lot more control over things in the '40s and '50s. She used now deceased New Mexico Congressman Steve Schiff as an example.

    "In 1997, Steve Schiff asked the Government Accounting Office to make public all military files pertaining to New Mexico and Roswell," she said.

    Schiff was told that all of those documents concerning Roswell Army Airfield in 1947 had been destroyed without authorization.

    But how would the government go into a private newspaper and clean out its archives? Howe said that perhaps the government appealed to a man like former Daily Times publisher Lincoln O'Brien, using patriotism as a motivation.

    "Would the government have appealed to him to suppress information in the interest of being an American patriot," Howe asked. "The government has thought that they are super patriots by keeping this secret."

    Howe said that Hulon and Geneva Pace know what they saw in 1949.

    She will broadcast their tape-recorded interviews at the upcoming UFO Symposium making her presentation similar to a live radio report with slides.

    "There will be four segments in people's voices, possibly a fifth," she said adding that these recordings hold a great historical significance. "These voices will not be with us forever."

    This will be Howe's second visit to Aztec, an area that she feels is a major find to ufologists. "Aztec is a very important piece, because of the technology (the government) received there," she said.

    Howe, who has been a featured guest on the Art Bell show, does draw a crowd. She will join other noted UFO researchers like Stanton Friedman and Dennis Balthaser.

    "We're giving Roswell a run for their money," said Beth McClure, a member of the Friends of the Aztec Library, the group sponsoring the event.

    Howe will speak from 8-10 a.m. Sunday during the symposium, which opens Thursday with an original play festival at the Farmington Gateway Museum.

    Information: Aztec UFO Information Center, (505) 334-9890 or on the Web at

    Debra Mayeux:

    #6. We Saw 'Bigfoot', Claim Villagers by: Rahul Karmaker,1870,108731,00.html?

    One villager in north-east India captures a furry creature on video, but experts say it could be a bear.

    IN GUWAHATI (ASSAM) BIGFOOT is back. So claim tribal villagers in the north-east Indian state of Meghalaya.

    When Mr Nebilson Sangma revealed last month that he had stumbled across a scary, furry creature on a hunting trip in the jungles of the West Garo Hills, many thought he was spinning a tale.

    But they changed their mind when Mr Dipu Marak captured on video the nesting place of the creature a few days later.

    The video footage apparently revealed tell-tale signs of the existence of Mande Burung - the mythical monster in these parts of India akin to Bigfoot or Yeti of the Himalayas, last spotted in 1992.

    Wildlife experts and biologists had then discovered footprints measuring some 50 cm in the same area - the foothills of a peak in the Nokrek National Park.

    According to Mr Sangma, the creature walked erect like a human, had built a house-like nesting place and would emerge from it frequently to feast on a banana grove.

    ''After overcoming the initial shock, my brother and I observed this gigantic hairy creature for three consecutive days from afar,'' he said.

    A trader by profession, Mr Sangma informed forest and wildlife officials about his discovery.

    ''It's difficult to say for sure,'' said the divisional forest officer of West Garo Hills, Mr W.G. Momin.

    According to forest officials, the creature could in all probability be a bear that had come down from the Himalayan forests to the north of Meghalaya. The area is also a known elephant habitat.

    But Mr Sangma contended: ''Having read books and watched television, I can differentiate between animals.''

    Meanwhile, officials and villagers have been hunting for the creature in the forests, but Mande Burung seems to have disappeared as furtively as it had appeared.

    Copyright © 2002 Singapore Press Holdings. All rights

    #7. Annabelle - From Ed and Lorraine Warren's website.

    This is a terrifying case of a raggedy Ann doll named Annabelle. The case is from the 1970's and is highlighted in the book The Demonologist. This is one of the Warrens most asked about cases. The referral came from an Episcopal priest. A somber toned clergyman told Ed Warren of two young nurses who had communicated with what they thought to be a human spirit. One of the girls friends had been attacked physically, and the activity was still in progress, so Ed accepted the case. With that the priest gave Ed the phone number of the girls. Ed immediately called the number and upon reaching one of the girls, Ed verified the existence of the problem and told the young
    women that he and Lorraine were on their way.

    Ed and Lorraine arrived at the apartment and the case begins. "Ok girls, I'd like to hear the whole story, Who here can tell me?" "I can" said Donna. "All right, Lou, Angie, please add any details she leaves out," Ed directed. "There are two stories," Donna said. " One that began earlier in the week with Lou. The other one¹s about Annabelle. But I suppose they¹re both about Annabelle." "Who's Annabelle?" Ed promptly asked. "She belongs to Donna, she moves, she acts alive, but no, I don't think she¹s alive. She¹s in the living room" said Angie, pointing across the table. There, sitting on the
    sofa." Lorraine looked to her left, into the living room. "Are you talking about the doll?" "That¹s right," Angie replied, "the big raggedy Ann doll. "That¹s Annabelle, she moves!" Ed got up and walked into the living room to inspect the doll. It was big and heavy, the size of a four-year-old child, sitting with its legs stretched out on the sofa. The black pupil-less eyes stared back at him, while the painted-on smile gave the doll an expression of grim irony.

    Looking it over without touching the thing, Ed then returned to the kitchen. "Where did the doll come from?" Ed asked Donna. "It was a gift" Donna replied, "My mother gave it to me on my last birthday." "Is there some reason why she bought you a doll?" Ed wanted to know. "No. It was just something novel-a decoration" the young nurse answered. "Okay." Ed went on. "When did you first start noticing activity occur?" "About a year ago," replied Donna. "The doll started to move around the apartment by itself. I don¹t mean it got up and walked around, or any such thing. I mean when we'd come home from work it would never be quite where we left it." "Explain that part to me a little more" Ed requested. "After I got the doll for my birthday," Donna explained, "I put it on my bed each morning after the bed
    was made. The arms would be off to its sides and its legs would be straight out-just like it¹s sitting there now. But when we'd come home at night, the arms and legs would be positioned in different gestures. For instance, its legs would be crossed at the ankles, or its arms would be folded in its lap. After a week or so, this made us suspicious. So to test it, I purposely crossed its arms and legs in the morning to see if it really was moving. And sure enough, every night when we'd come back home, the arms and legs would be uncrossed and the thing would be sitting there in any of a dozen different postures." "Yeah, but it did more than that," Angie added. "The doll also changed rooms by itself. We came home one night and the Annabelle doll was sitting in a chair by the front door. It was kneeling! The funny
    thing about it was, when we tried to make the doll kneel, it'd just fall over. It couldn't kneel. Other times we¹d find it sitting on the sofa, although when we left the apartment in the morning it¹d be in Donna's room with the door closed!" "Anything else?" Lorraine asked. "Yes," said Donna. "It would leave us little notes and messages. The handwriting looked to be that of a small child." "What¹d the note say?" questioned Ed. "It would say things that meant nothing to us," Donna answered. Things would be written like HELP US or HELP LOU, but Lou wasn't in any kind of jeopardy at the time. And who us was-we didn¹t know. Still, the thing that was weird was that the notes would be written in pencil, but when we tried to find one, there was not one pencil in the apartment! And the paper it wrote on was parchment. I tore the apartment apart, looking for parchment paper, but
    again neither of us had any such thing." " It sounds like someone had a key to your apartment and was playing a sick joke on you," Ed stated flatly. "That's exactly what we thought," said Donna. "So we did little things like put marks on the windows and doors or arrange the rugs so that anyone who came in here would leave a trace that we could see. But never once did it turn out that there was a real outside intruder."

    "While the doll was moving around, and we'd become suspicious of burglars, when something else screwy happened." Angie added next. "The Annabelle doll was sitting on Donna¹s bed, as was usual. When we came home one night, there was blood on the back of its hand, and there were three drops of blood on its chest!" "God, that really scared us," Donna said frankly. "Did you notice any other kind of phenomena occur in the apartment?" Ed asked them. "One time around Christmas, we found a little chocolate boot on the stereo that none of us had bought. Presumably it came from Annabelle," said Angie. " When did you come to determine there was a spirit associated with the doll?" Lorraine questioned. "We knew something unusual was going on," Donna
    answered. "The doll did change rooms by itself. It did pose in different gestures, we all saw it, but wanted to know why? Was there maybe some plausible reason why the doll was moving? So Angie and I got in touch with a woman who¹s a medium. That was about a month, or maybe six weeks after all this stuff started to happen. We learned that a little girl died on this property," Donna told the Warrens. "She was seven years old and her name was Annabelle Higgins. The Annabelle spirit said she played in the fields long ago before these apartments were built. They were happy times for her. She told us. Because everyone around here was grown-up, and only concerned with their jobs, there was no one she could relate to, except us. Annabelle felt that we would be able to understand her. That's why she began moving the rag doll. All Annabelle wanted was to be loved, and so she asked if she could stay with us and move into the doll. What could we do? So we said yes."

    "Wait a minute here," Ed interjected. "What do you mean it wanted to move into the doll? Do you mean it proposed to possess it?" "Right, that was the understanding," Donna replied. "It seemed harmless enough. We're nurses, you know, we see suffering every day. We had compassion. Anyway, we called the doll Annabelle from that time on." "Did you do anything different with the doll after you learned it was supposedly possessed by a little girl spirit named Annabelle?" asked Lorraine. "Not really," said Donna. "But of course it wasn't just a doll any more. It was Annabelle. We couldn't ignore that fact."

    "All right, before you go any further, let's back up a minute," Ed
    requested. "First you got the doll for you birthday. After a while the doll began to move ­ or at least change places enough for you to notice it. This made you curious, so you decided to have a séance, and a spirit came across that called itself Annabelle Higgins. This supposed little girl was seven years old and asked if it could come live with you by possessing the toy doll. You said yes, out of compassion. Then you renamed the doll Annabelle. Right?" "Right," said Donna and Angie. Have you seen the ghost of a little girl at any time in this apartment?" Ed asked. "No," both the girls answered. "You also said a chocolate item showed up here once," said Ed. "Has anything else strange ever happened that you couldn¹t explain?" "One time a statue lifted up across the room," Donna recalled, "then it tumbled
    in the air and fell on the floor. None of us were near the statue-it was on the other side of the room. That incident frightened us totally." "Let me ask you something else." Ed went on. "Didn¹t you think that maybe you shouldn¹t have given the doll so much recognition?" It wasn¹t a doll!" Donna corrected him. "It was the spirit of Annabelle we cared about!" "That's right," said Angie. Ed added "I mean, before you knew anything about Annabelle?" "How were we to know anything?" Donna asked. "But looking back on it now, maybe we shouldn¹t have given the doll so much credence. But really, we saw the thing as being no more than a harmless mascot. I t never hurt anything at least until the other day." "Do you still think what's
    moving the doll is the spirit of a little girl?" Lorraine queried. "What else could it be?" Angie said in reply. "It¹s a damn voodoo doll, that¹s what it is," Lou blurted out. "I told them about that thing a long time ago. The doll was just taking advantage of them"

    "Okay, Lou, I think it¹s time you told your side of things, tell them about the dreams," coaxed Angie. "Well," Lou picked up, "The thing gives me bad dreams. Recurrent ones. But yet what I¹m going to tell you is not a dream as far as I'm concerned, because I somehow saw this happen to me. The last time it happened I fell asleep at home, a really deep sleep. While I was lying there, I saw myself wake up. Something seemed wrong to me. I looked around the room, but nothing was out of place. But then when I looked down toward my feet, I saw the rag doll, Annabelle. It was slowly gliding up my body. It moved over my chest and stopped. Than it put its arms out. One arm touched one side of my neck, the other touched the other side like it was making an electrical connection. Then I saw myself being strangled. I might as well
    have been pushing on a wall, because it wouldn't move. It was literally
    strangling me to death, I couldn't help myself, no matter how hard I tried." "Yes, but the priest I spoke with said you'd been attacked?" Ed pressed him. "No," Lou asserted, "That happened here in this apartment when Angie and I were alone together. It was about ten or eleven o'clock at night, and we were reading over maps because I was going off on a trip the next day. Everything was quiet at the time. Suddenly, we both heard sounds in Donna's room that made us think that someone had broken into the apartment. I quietly got up and tip-toed to the bedroom door, which was closed. I waited until the noises stopped, then I carefully opened the door and reached in and switched on the light. Nobody was in there! Except, the Annabelle doll was tossed on the floor in a corner. I went in alone and walked over to the thing to see if anything unusual had happened. But as I got close to the doll, I got the distinct impression that somebody was behind me. I swung
    around instantly and, well."

    "He won¹t talk about that part," Angie said. "When Lou turned around there wasn't anybody there, but he suddenly yelled and grabbed for his chest. He was doubled over, cut and bleeding when I got to him. Blood was all over his shirt. Lou was shaking and scared and we went back out into the living room. We then opened his shirt and there on his chest was what looked to be sort a of claw mark!"

    "Can I see the mark?" Ed asked.

    "It¹s gone now," the young man told him. "I saw the cuts on his chest, too," Donna spoke up in support. "How many were there?" Ed asked. "Seven," said Angie. "Three were vertical, four were horizontal." "Did the cuts have any sensation?" Ed queried "All the cuts were hot, like they were burns," Lou told him. "Did you ever have cuts or wounds in the same area of your chest before this incident happened?" questioned Ed. "No," the young man replied. "Did you lose consciousness before or after the attack took place?" "No," again he replied. "How long did it take the wounds to heal?" Lorraine questioned. "They healed up almost immediately," said Lou. "They were half-gone the next day, and fully gone the day after." "Has anything else happened since that time?" asked Ed. "No," came the joint reply. "Who did you first contact after the incident occurred?" "I contacted an Episcopal priest named Father Hegan." Donna told Ed and Lorraine. "Why did you call him instead of a doctor?" Lorraine asked. "Do you think someone off the street would have believed where that claw mark on Lou's chest came from?" Donna asked rhetorically. "Besides, we agreed the cuts weren¹t half as
    important as how Lou got them. We wanted to know if this was going to happen again. Our problem was who to ask." "Was there some reason why you specifically called on Father Hegan?" Lorraine questioned. "Yes. We trust him," said Donna." He teaches nearby here, at a junior college, plus Angie and I both know him.

    "What did you tell the priest?" asked Ed. "The whole story-about Annabelle and how it moved on its own, and especially about Lou¹s cuts," Donna replied. "At first we were afraid he might not believe us, but that was no problem, he believed us all right. He said he¹d never heard of such a thing happening these days. At the time we were all scared out of our wits, and I asked him what he thought had happened to us. He said he didn't want to speculate, but he did feel it was a spiritual matter, possibly an important one, and that he was going to contact someone higher up in the Church, a Father Cooke." "That's what he did," Ed told her. "Did the name Annabelle, or Annabelle Higgins mean anything to you in real life before this incident occurred?" "No," they replied. "Although we never saw anything in here, Lou
    said he felt a presence in the room before he got hurt, there is something in here," Angie stated firmly. "In fact, I can¹t stand to be here. We have decided to get a new apartment. We're moving out!" "I¹m afraid that's not going to help very much," Ed said dryly. "What do you mean?" Donna asked, astonished. "To put it in a nutshell, you inadvertently brought a spirit into this apartment-and into your lives. You're not going to be able to walk away from it that easily."

    After a long minute, Ed spoke again. "We're going to help you, beginning right now. Today. First thing I¹d like to do is call Father Cooke and have him come over here." Ed had no trouble getting hold of the Episcopal priest who had been waiting for his call. "All right," Ed said "when Father Cooke comes here, he¹s going to have to perform a sort of blessing, an exorcism of the premises. "I knew it!" Lou proclaimed. "I knew it would lead to this." "Yes, I think you did," Ed told him "but I'm not sure any of you know the reason why. To begin with, there is no Annabelle! There never was. You were duped. However, we are dealing with a spirit here. The teleportation of the doll while you were out of the apartment, the appearance of notes written on parchment, the manifestation of three symbolic drops of blood,
    plus the gestures the doll made are all meaningful. They tell me there was intent, which means there was an intelligence behind the activity. But ghosts, human spirits, plain and simply can¹t bring on phenomena of this nature and intensity. They don¹t have the power. Instead, what has happened is something inhuman has taken over here. Demonic." Ed told them. "Ordinarily people aren¹t bothered by inhuman demonic spirits, unless they do something to bring the force into their lives. Your first mistake was to give the doll recognition, that is the reason why the spirit moved into the doll to, draw attention to itself. Once it had your attention, it exploited you, it simply brought you fear and even injury. Inhuman spirits, enjoy inflicting pain, it's negative. Your next mistake was calling in a medium," Ed went on. "The demonic has to somehow get your permission to interfere in your life. Unfortunately, through your own free will, you gave it that

    "Then the doll is possessed?" questioned Donna. "No, the doll is not
    possessed. Spirits don¹t possess things, spirits possess people," Ed
    informed her. "Instead, the spirits simply moved the doll around and gave it the illusion of being alive. Now, what happened to Lou earlier this week" Ed proceeded, "was bound to occur sooner or later. In fact, you all were in jeopardy of coming under possession by this spirit, this is what the thing was really after. But Lou didn¹t believe in the charade, so he was an ongoing threat to the entity. There was bound to be a showdown. Had the spirit been given another week or two, you might have been killed." Ed calmly concluded. "There is only one entity involved, but its behavior is completely unpredictable." said Lorraine.

    When Father Cooke arrived, the interview session ended in the kitchen, Ed was eager to have the house blessed, remove the doll, and return home. Once the preliminary greetings were out of the way, Ed told the priest, that in his judgment, the spirit responsible for the malicious activity was inhuman, and still in the apartment, and the only way it could be made to leave was through the power of the words written in the exorcism-blessing. "I¹m not totally familiar with demonology," admitted Father Cooke. "how do you know such a spirit is behind the disturbance?" "Well, in this case, it wasn¹t all that difficult to determine." Ed said frankly. "These spirits work in characteristic ways. What¹s going on here is essentially the infestation stage of the phenomenon. A spirit, in this case an inhuman demonic spirit, began moving the doll around the apartment through teleportation and
    othermeans. Once it aroused the girls¹ curiosity which was the spirit¹s
    purpose in moving the doll-they made the predictable mistake of bringing a medium in here, who took matters a step further. She told them, in the trance state, that a little girl spirit named Annabelle was moving the doll. Communicating through the medium, the entity preyed on the girls' emotional vulnerabilities, and during the séance managed to extract permission from them to go about its business. Insofar as demonic is a negative spirit, it then set about causing patently negative phenomena to occur; it aroused fear through the weird movements of that doll, it brought about the materialization of disturbing handwritten notes, it left a residue of blood on the doll, and ultimately it even struck the young man, Lou, on the chest
    leaving a bloody claw mark. Beyond the activity, Lorraine has also discerned that this inhuman spirit is with us now. Lorraine¹s an excellent clairvoyant, and she¹s never been wrong about the nature of a spirit that¹s present. However, if you want to go a step further, we can challenge the entity right now with religious provocation?"

    In this case, the recitation of the exorcism-blessing took the priest about five minutes to perform. The Episcopal blessing of the home is a wordy, seven page document that is distinctly positive in nature. Rather than specifically expelling evil entities from the dwelling, the emphasis is instead directed toward filling the home with the power of the positive and of God. There was no trouble or mishap during the procedure. When he was finished, the priest the blessed the individuals who were present, and after doing so, declared all was well. Lorraine also confirmed that the apartment and people were free from the spirit entity. Ed and Lorraine¹s work was done, they then took their leave and started for home. At Donna's request, and as a further precaution against the phenomena ever occurring in the home again, the Warrens took the big rag doll along with them. Placing Annabelle in the back seat of the car, Ed decided it was safer to avoid traveling on
    the interstate, in case the entity had not been separated from the rag doll. His hunch was correct. In no time at all, Ed and Lorraine felt themselves the object of vicious hatred. Then, at each dangerous curve in the road, their new car began to stall, causing the power steering and breaks to fail. Repeatedly the car verged on collision. Of course, it would have been easy to stop and throw the doll into the woods. But if the item didn¹t simply "teleport" back to the girls' apartment, at the least it would place anyone who found it in jeopardy.

    The third time the car stalled along the road, Ed reached into his black bag, took out a vial, and threw a sprinkling of holy water on the rag doll, making the sin of the cross over it. The disturbance in the car stopped immediately, allowing the Warrens to reach home safely.

    For the next few days, Ed sat the doll in a chair next to his desk. The doll levitated a number of times in the beginning, then it seemed to fall inert. During the ensuing weeks, however, it began showing up in various rooms of the house. When the Warrens were away and had the doll locked up in the outer office building, they would often return to find it sitting comfortably upstairs in Ed's easy chair when they opened the main front door.

    It also turned out that Annabelle came with a "friend", a black cat, who would occasionally materialize beside the doll. The cat would stalk once around the floor, taking particular notice of books and other objects in Ed's office; then return to the doll's side, and dematerialize from the head down.

    It also became apparent that Annabelle hated clergymen. During the follow-up process of the case, it was necessary for the Warrens to consult the Episcopal priests associated with the incident in the young nurses' apartment. Returning home alone one evening, Lorraine was terrified by loud, rolling growls that reverberated throughout the house. Later, when she was listening to the playback of the telephone answering machine, they were back to back calls from Father Hagen. Between his two calls was heard the incredible growling noises she¹d heard earlier in the house. One day Father Jason Branford, Catholic exorcist, had been working with Ed and asked about the new addition to the office-Annabelle. Ed told Father Jason about the case and gave him the paperwork for his review. After hearing Ed's account of want had happened, the priest picked up the rag doll and said "You're just a rag doll, Annabelle. You can¹t hurt anything." The priest then tossed
    the stuffed figure back on the chair. "That's one thing you better not say again," Ed warned him with a laugh. Yet when Father Jason stopped to say goodbye to Lorraine an hour later, she pleaded that he be especially careful driving, and insisted that he call her just as soon as he arrived at the rectory. "I discerned tragedy for that young priest," says Lorraine, "but he had to go his way." A few hours later the telephone rang. "Lorraine" said Father Jason, "why did you tell me to be careful driving?" "Because," she told him, "I felt your car would go out of control, you would have an accident." "Well, you were right," he stated flatly. "The brake system failed. I was almost killed in a traffic accident. My car is a wreck."

    Later in the year, at a large social gathering at the Warrens' home,
    Lorraine and Father Jason went into the den to chat for a few moments. By a strange coincidence, Annabelle had moved into that room the day before. While speaking with Lorraine, the priest saw an ornamental wall decoration make a quick movement. Suddenly, the twenty-four inch long Boar's tooth necklace above them exploded with percussive force. Hearing this stunning noise, the other guests immediately converged on the room, at which time someone in the crowd had the foresight to snap a photograph. When developed, the print appeared normal, except above the doll were two beacons of bright light, both pointing in the direction of Father Jason Bradford.

    "On another occasion," Ed recounts, "I was in my office, working with a
    police detective on a case that concerned a witchcraft related murder in the area. As a cop he¹s seen every kind of crime, he¹s definitely not the sort of man who gets scared. While we were talking, Lorraine called me upstairs to take a long distance call. I told the detective he was free to look around my office, but to be careful and not touch any of the objects, because they'd come from cases where the demonic had been invoked. Well, I wasn't away for five minutes when upstairs came this detective stark white. When I askedhim what had happened, he refused to tell me," Ed remembers, breaking into a grin. "He just kept mumbling The doll, the rag doll is real." He was talking about Annabelle of course. That little doll made a believer out of him! In fact, as I think back on it, any meetings I've had with the detective from that day on have always been in his office."

    "Profane objects like the Annabelle doll have their own aura. When you touch them, your human aura mingles with theirs. This change attracts spirits, it's almost like setting off a fire alarm. Therefore, for protection, I bless myself with holy water then bless the rag doll with holy water in the sign of the cross. Like I say when we're doing field work I've never met an atheist in a haunted house."

    It¹s difficult for people to accept the existence of something they¹ve been conditioned not to believe in. Still, lack of knowledge allowed this negative spirit to wrangle it way into the lives of these three unwary young people. Many, nevertheless, contend that the notion of spirits is irrational or unfounded. They say the phenomenon is an illusion, or a hallucination, or it doesn't exist at all. At best, the activity can be explained away by science. Or can it?

    Copyright © 1998 - 2002 by Ed and Lorraine Warren
    "World of the Strange"
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Permission is granted to reproduce or redistribute this edition provided that attribution is made to the Author or Authors noted. In order to reprint or reproduce any copyrighted material contained herein, if not using the FULL newsletter, you MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder noted. For their permission in use of their said article.
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    01 - 04 2002...

    #1. Book In Review - "The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection" by: Patrick Cooke
    #2. The Russell Park Incident (a true story of my extraterrestrial encounter) Part 1 of 2 by: Paul M. Davis
    #3. Award Winner For The Month Of April - DarkPlanet
    #4. Jurassic ART by: Dan Eden
    #5. "Ghost" Haunting XP Computers Unmasked by: Will Knight
    #6. Tomb Raiders by: Fiona Harvey
    #7. Heaven's Gate Survivor Keeps Faith
    #8. Theories Abound at UFO Meeting by: Lewis McCool-Herald
    #9. There Are Currently "2" Life Forms Visiting Weird World! The Noonday Devils by: Paul Schroeder
    #10. The Ghost Highway by: Paul Devereux

    #1. Book In Review - "The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection" by: Patrick Cooke

    I was most impressed when I finally had gotten "The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection" in, with over 450 some pages of references and information. The reader will soon be lost for words as they search through this most brilliantly written voyage through the ages of time...

    You will find many references to the Bible broken down..
    Yhovah Whirlwinds, Glowing Object Passes over, The Burning Bush, Wheels Ascended, Synchronized Accession, Voices In The Sky, Dark and Shiny Objects, Spinning Objects, The Immortals, Technology Of The GODS, Technology of Life and the list will go on and on. But "The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection" does not just cover the BIBLE it touches on much more to bring to light the evidence that has been know for millenniums, but have been pushed around..never to be heard from again.

    "The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection" is a much valuable source for the readers of academe who wish to take on the challenges posed by the UFO phenomenon and not be afraid to voice their opinion
    Learn of the infamous Crop Circles, the Mighty wonders of the world and the great misconceptions of the common Bible. Learn about the Churches and their FEARS.

    You will also learn of the feats about, Human Anomalies such as the massive giants that walked with us. The Ancient technology and what we have lost through the years. Special Talents, Effects and People will amaze you..also touching on the Cattle Mutilations and embedded artifacts, along with the crop art and Agriglyphs..

    I applaud the goal of the writer (Patrick Cooke) for putting together this most interesting, serious and impressive book. I'm sure that both the scientific and religion aspect will remain controversial and maybe one day we will answer the Who? What? Where? and Why? questions...

    Mr. Cooke is available for the media. Call 510-665-3129
    (Tell him you heard about it through WOTS)
    The Oracle Research Institute
    2342 Shattuck Ave
    Suite 834
    Berkeley, CA 94704

    Patrick also runs a discussion group called "Oraclechasers" which you can sign up on by sending a blank email to,

    Do Bible scriptures really speak about UFOs? ¨ Do mysterious clouds, strange lights and unusual phenomena recorded in the Bible mean that God piloted flying vehicles? ¨ Will the Second Coming be in a fleet of glowing UFOs or clouds? You may wonder what the relevance of these and other questions posed by this work could be. This book will demonstrate that the answers are far too important to ignore and that the concepts taught by the pulpit and religious leaders are brought into serious question. You will never see the Bible the same mysterious way again!

    The True Nature of the Gods of the Bible and the World through his work, the first of its kind, Patrick Cooke reveals truths never before exposed. In his research he has scrutinized every verse in the Bible in great depth to find the references and narrations that prove there is more to know about the Gods of the Bible and the world. He also reveals the logic of greed that those in power, hiding these truths, use to justify their deception.

    His arguments are crystal clear and his conclusions are presented with common sense and elementary reasoning. His broad understanding of biblical concepts and their heretofore-unrevealed relationship to the history of mankind are based on decades of independent research not blind supposition. The Great Deception is a ground breaking and unique work.

    Once you read this book and speak with the author you will see that the pious religious spin masters are either grossly ignorant or willing participants in an incredible worldwide deception. UFOs will also take on a whole new reality. Patrick is an articulate, persuasive, and well-informed researcher with no religious affiliations and a simple desire to enlighten and not to convert. You will find him responsive, direct, and well aware of the controversy his conclusions generate. His frank and confident approach will insure one of the most interesting interviews you will conduct.

    This book can now be ordered through

    #2. The Russell Park Incident (a true story of my extraterrestrial encounter) Part 1 of 2 by: Paul M. Davis

    Hi, my name is Paul M. Davis. I have been interested in the subject of aliens, UFOS, and high technology since my first multiple-witness flying saucer sighting in 1984. A flying saucer came down from out of the sky on a clear summer day, and flew toward the windshield of a small Cessna airplane. Watching its erratic maneuvers and its continuous harassment of the people in the plane who did not have much of a way to avoid this thing, my family and I were horrified. My subsequent investigations have led me to an encounter like I will never forget. This true story of my alien abduction has allowed me to tell to whomever will listen about one of the least understood subjects of flying saucers, alien beings, the satellite government, as well as the evil little creatures who guide and pilot the flying saucers.


    This true encounter can be extremely intense and stressful to the readers! The account that follows is hinged on the old saying, “ be careful what you wish for you may get it!” Or shall I say the beings can get you anytime and anywhere.

    My friends and I had been going to this place called Russell Park, located in upstate New York, in the town of Ilion located in the Mohawk Valley because we had seen strange erratic moving lights in the night sky on other occasions when we would stay after dark. Year after year at night we began seeing flying saucers in the sky. We knew what they were from the media and books and stories told to us. Due to the flying saucer’s incredible aerial performance, (something that our laws of physics seem to prohibit), such as step maneuvers, hovering motionless, being noiseless and shooting from east to west in a split second, I believe that they were under intelligent control. They were able to perform hot rod-like movements and avoid each other in unison. These are not just lights in the sky, but metallic objects that seem to emit some kind of plasma trail as they travel and maneuver. I suspect that that is the reason why they look fuzzy in photographs. My friends and I had previously, on several occasions, experienced seeing strange lights in the woods. They were very bright and orange and white in color. We walked through strange hot and cold force field like pockets of air. One December night, the air temperature went from approximately 30 degrees above zero to approximately 30 degrees below zero in an instant. As we walked out of the zone we encountered another patch of air that felt over 100 degrees.

    I bent down to tie my boots and noticed strange footprints in the mud that seemed to start and stop as if something was beamed up or picked up from that spot. I used my flashlight to examine the print. I am familiar with many animal foot and paw prints, as well as human boot, sneaker or shoe prints. This was not like any of these. The prints were from a being that must have been bipedal, as they had a curved or horizontal instep to them. It also had three toes and no pattern name or sneaker tread on the bottom of the print. I came back the next day after it had rained. The prints were all damaged except for one. I got a shovel and a box and tried to transplant the entire foot print, feeling that this was better then copying it with plaster or fiberglass resin. The print was so water logged that it fell apart as I tried to transfer it to the box. I was very disappointed that I did not get the print. At least it would have been some sort of proof.

    The biggest mistake I made began when my cousin Israel Dupont and I went into Russell Park one night with our flashlights to poke around looking for more alien footprints. We found nothing. We approached a soccer field near a giant water tank near the main road. We were again confronted with flying disks in the night sky flying about erratically. We decided to sit down in a field and watch the show. After few minutes had passed, I noted that my analog watch read 2:00 am. We were to be picked up within the next half an hour.

    We sat across from each other and began to talk. A few moments later my cousin Israel says, "what’s that over your head"? I thought he was playing a joke on me so I flashed my flashlight up above my head in a signal like motion. The next thing we recall is coming to slowly, in great muscular or nerve pain. I tried to focus my eyes. We had been attacked by a beam of blinding white light. Similar methods are used to stun animals that our scientist study and tag. I could hear my cousin moaning in pain. He was as stunned as I was. I called out to him, "What the hell was that?”. I was having some sort of muscular and or nerve spasm all over my body. It felt like a major electric shock or as if I was hit several times all over my body by baseball bats. Since I had known about this kind of “blinding technique” as seen, for instance, in the Travis Walton abduction account in Snowflake, Arizona many years previously, I remembered to look at my watch since missing time is also a common occurrance with these types of abductions. For an event to take place in our reality as of the type of things described by abductees it clearly must exist scientifically in our time. Sure enough, 20 minutes had passed. I told Israel that now we would have hurry back through the woods to catch our ride that would be coming at 2:30 am. We barely made it. We kept quiet about what had happened. We thought of filling out a police report but thought that they would laugh at us or lock us up.

    Several weeks later, I began having awful nightmares about demonic-like aliens. I became a nervous fearful person soon after. I have been put on medication to keep me calm. I was able to recall the incident fully. The alien craft came down. It was noiseless. I assume it had landing gear because it was not resting on its belly. I saw a ramp open as if inviting me in. I went up the ramp, ducking as I went in, the floor of the ramp felt strange on the bottom of my feet almost most like a skin more then a metal ramp. I went inside where I noticed it was somewhat dimly lit. I did not see my cousin Israel anywhere. Before me were huge walls or doors. I'm not sure. The inside of the craft appeared to be larger then the outside of the craft. The walls were about 12 feet high. They were metallic in color and arranged in an octagonal design. There were about 5 walls. Each wall had a large symbol that looked like it was burned into it. It was complex looking. Each wall had a different pattern on it.

    I began to receive messages in my head from an outside source. I turned my head to the right, where I saw three horrible looking gray aliens with large heads and child-like bodies sitting around some sort of flying saucer biological hi- tech computer device. They did not look up at me. I asked questions with my mind. I got answers quickly.

    My first question to these technological, demons as I call them, was

    “What are you and where are you from”?

    I was informed that these creatures were just advanced, bipedal animals with the soul or spirit of demons with great scientific knowledge that we on earth could not begin to understand. Their physics seems to have no limits. I was very shocked by all this. I prayed to God for help. I began having heart palpitations, shallow breathing and tunnel vision. I fought to keep my senses. I began thinking about all the abduction cases I had read about. The ship did not have a matter antimatter reactor in the center of the floor as Mr.Lazar has led the public to believe or anywhere else on the ship. It was surprisingly simple. The floor of the craft had an interesting giant, wagon like pattern with lines coming out from the center from a single focused point. There were no windows immediately in view. I believe they were behind the octagonal doors. I was told that each symbol on the doors were of an advanced demonic language. One symbol was the equivalent of a massive database of knowledge.

    "How do you navigate through space and survive?'' was my next question.

    I was told that they used their minds for navigational purposes. A biological to digital control as best as they could explain it to me, in human terms. It took 3 aliens to properly fly and navigate this thing for interstellar travel. I could see the top of the cylinder. It was like looking at an advanced 3-d computer monitor with images stacked over images, like a hologram. The screen was round like a computer monitor that would be laid face up. What I think I saw were star charts. I saw lines connecting the constellations on it and it had alien font or hieroglyphics data on the outer rim of this device. The aliens told me that they made it work by placing their hands on what I could only describe as a control panel that the aliens had both their hands placed into the indentation that matched their hand shape perfectly. Two fingers and what looked like an opposable thumb. It was clearly an advanced computer keyboard.

    I asked them about the strange spandex like suits they were wearing.
    This is something I have wondered about from speaking with others who have been abducted that mention these little uniforms.

    The ET’s told me that the tight diver suits that they were wearing had a triple fold purpose, allowing them to travel in space by blocking radiation, offering muscular resistance, and as a body temperature regulator. It had a stun gun like defense weapon when touched or attacked by any abductees.

    I asked how the craft's power plant worked.

    I was told that the craft worked off of highly advanced electromagnetic propulsion. Some sort of drive unit residing in the underside of the craft that could create a bluish-white shield to help cope with particle collision and debris in space as well as allow the craft to be pulled from one large body or planet to another.

    I was told that the spacecraft could contract and expand space itself once the saucer’s pilots were ready to go from planet to planet or from any large gravitational object such as a moon or a sun. In front of the saucer, space was contracted and behind the saucer expanded what was once contracted.This was accomplished by sending electrical power to all six sides of the gravity manipulation drive hidden under the floor of the craft. Moving from point a to point b, basically traveling without going beyond light speed and little linear travel. Trying to build a science fiction like warp engine such as Star War’s Millennium Falcon. Since that way is still so slow to reach any new planets that method would take 37 years to reach our nearest neighboring star.

    I asked them what their purpose here was.

    I heard no answer at first. So I asked again, almost demanding to know what they are doing to mankind. I thought this question over and over.

    Silence, then deception was sensed by me. I felt a real link to these beings by this telepathy communication that was transpiring. They began communicating with each other telepathically, then one of them sitting at the far end of this cylinder looked at me which scared me when I saw the size and blackness of its eyes. They related to me that they have been studying our defense systems for a long time, as well as our spiritual development. They are trying to live on this planet but are still unable to breathe our atmosphere to some point. I sensed that this is why they are taking sperm and eggs from abductees to produce a being that can live on earth.

    I got the feeling that these things have a devious mission that is being carried out all over the world. I was told that their technology was 9,000 years more advanced then ours and that they have been coming to earth for 6,000 of those years in these crafts. The design of these crafts have not all been the same. I was told that big city-like saucers exist that are 10 to 20 miles in diameter! I was shown a satellite photograph of the

    Mars landscape, in a region they named Nephilim by my CIA friend and they had a computer calculate the size of this thing compared to the volcano and it was about 5-10 miles across. I also was told that the large v-shaped crafts that were seen over cities such as Arizona, Illinois and Belgium were there to test our military and public response. This can only mean one thing in my mind. I n v a s i o n!

    I did have a chance to ask them where they come from, for that was a burning question on my mind.

    They would not answer me, as one looked away from me with his head down. They seemed to be in a trance like state and I'm glad they were.

    I asked again and again.

    There was no answer.

    I saw them place their hands on the cylinder-like device before them. I felt the ship lift up. As the door closed I became weightless and disoriented as if the saucers hull material could block gravity waves. I seemed to black out after that. 20 minutes gone?

    Was I taken into space?

    I'm not sure. I can t recall everything. It was a lot of information for me to remember. I’m surprised I have had such recall. Recall as I call it began about 6 months after the encounter.

    “Looking into the creature’s eyes was the most frightening moment of this encounter!”

    The more I remember the more sick I feel. I can remember looking out of a window-like viewer at the earth as part of the craft’s hull became see through. I became very fear-stricken in the years to come.

    I have not really benefited from this incident. Once you get something inside your head you may not get it out. While my encounter with the aliens was not too bad compared to other well known documented alien abduction cases such as Betty and Barney Hill or Travis Walton or the Alagash Incident, it did frighten me nonetheless. I just couldn't believe I was there. I touched the wall of the craft and felt a lot of heat but the inside of the craft was cold. I have training in martial arts and guerrilla warfare since the age of 14, but nothing could help me that night, except for prayer. I am now 31 years old.

    If the government is allowing aliens to come here to abduct people and there is strong evidence out there that this is happening. The aliens seem to be learning or studying everything they can about our current state of technology possible for an exchange of technologies and or even the flying discs themselves. After all, this thing can me made into quite a weapon in our government's hands. Instead of using it for high speed travel, they immediately want to reverse engineer, it such as the case with the foreign technology divisions all over this country as well as research and testing of E.T.S’ crafts at Area 51 in Nevada.

    My Conjecture as a Believer in Jesus Christ and in God

    The fact that I am a Christian may be one of the reasons I seemed to have some control over these aliens by asking them questions and not being poked and prodded by some alien test probe or implant. I do pray against these beings and against their technology and pray to keep my sanity after such a bizarre encounter, however many point out that god is in control somehow watching over people. I would like to say that god did not stop the deaths of all those people who died from the Atomic Bomb. Did he? Nor did he stop the bombings during World War II that devastated civilian areas of Germany. So I don’t see that he would necessarily stop these beings from coming here to do their apparent malevalent purposes.

    I feel the end time will take place in 20 or 30 more years. I believe when the born again are taken up bodily by the millions, that the public will believe aliens came with giant saucers and took everyone away to prove their power over us. I believe the antichrist will come from or say he is from outer space. He will be Satan's son. Satan always copies god. This man will be of great value to the United States government because he will be able to answer any question put to him. Questions such as medical, technological and highly advanced knowledge on how to build super computers and star wars defense like systems, clearly making him the seemingly most important man on earth. He will be sought after my millions. He will claim to bring peace that will unite everyone just before world war three breaks out. After all, in the nuclear, age the true enemy cannot be destroyed. That is the nature of war and the missiles and their technology.

    I feel that these beings have a soul or are demon possessed, because demons cannot influence mankind very well without a body. I feel that now that they have a body and a potentially infinite weapon of destruction and travel that is the awesome and powerful flying disc itself. The bible says that demons will walk with men on earth some day. You say, no one would allow this, they would all be scared of them. Well, what if they were called aliens, wouldn’t the public be more receptive to them and also if they promised us medical and technological advancement. Believe me if they are smart enough to build the ultimate high tech interstellar craft, they certainly could give us all sorts of medical and technological knowledge. Demons are smarter then men. They have powers that we do not fully understand or even know about. Just imagine the facility that it would take to built a flying saucer. Awesome, yet frightening!

    I feel that these aliens have been coming here for thousands of years. They are not something imaginary or fictitious. They seem to be gathering massive amounts of data on us. They know how to sabotage our power systems causing blackouts, cars to stall, machines to start running with no operator, as if some form of magnetism had turned them on or is powering them.

    Believe me or not, this is my testament. I have waited years to release it for fear of public and family ridicule. I am burdened by this knowledge and not as enlightened as one might think. I think about it often and am quite disturbed about it. I don't enjoy many things any more like I used to. I feel awful panic and have anxiety spells when I think of where I was what I saw and what I have learned. Knowledge is sometimes a burden. Be careful what you wish for you my not like what you get.

    My witnesses at Russell Park:

    Israel Dupont of Utica, New York-is witnesses to alien footprints and flying disc aerial sightings-

    Justin Davis of Little Falls, New York is witness to the alien footprints and flying aerial sightings

    Patricia Bonville, of Utica, New York-as well as Donald Avery of Herkimer, New York and Justin Davis-
    witness to strange force fields in the park.

    Ray Hagadorn, my friend and Jimmy Hagadorn, Ray's cousin and my friend

    witness to more footprints at night and to strange hot and cold pockets in the forest.
    Donald Avery and myself Paul M. Davis

    I finally felt that I had to tell this story to the world, and to share the E.T.S’ technology to the rest of the world.

    Flying saucer and alien footprint sightings took place approximately early June through August of 1994-97
    Abduction date Early August 1997

    (My background)

    Private studies and interests

    Ufology, science, physics, automotive engineering, advanced aircraft design, robotics, martial arts weaponry and guerrilla warfare training.

    Any suggestions from reader that have been abducted or have encountered alien activities can e-mail me. Paul M. Davis

    Part 2 Of This Story Is In The 4/8/02 Issue and it will cover "UPDATES" (More recalled missing time aboard the ET. craft)
    © 2002

    #3. Award Winner For The Month Of April - DarkPlanet

    Here you will find a host of articles and subjects, in this well maintained site. In every aspect of the Paranormal and anomaolies..

    Read about-the long promised Nasa/MSSS Conspiracy story...Possibly the strangest conspiracy to date. This is a must read, it will truly set you hairs to standing on ends.

    While I do my best to stay true to my story deadlines and updates, sometimes life just gets in the way. If I havent said it enough I'll say it again...This is a hobby-site and I receive no profit from DarkPlanet (DarkMatter has sold exactly "zero" product). Having said that understand that I have two "paying" jobs one of which has recently become very hectic. This is a temporary situation and DarkPlanet stories and updates will return to normal within a couple of weeks. Here is a rough timeline for DP "upcomings"

    #4. Jurassic ART by: Dan Eden

    High atop the Andes Mountains, the "Rockies" of South America, there is an arid region in Peru that is both unusual and unnatural. Seen from the air, this region could easily be mistaken for an abandoned airport. Someone has carefully cleared and carved a series of laser straight lines that span many kilometers. Most of these lines are just wide enough to be called a path. Other areas form huge rectangles and trapezoids, hundreds of meters in width and length.

    Indeed, it looks as if the area was made to accommodate a fleet of DC-747's, But these "runways" are thousands of years old.

    This is just one of the many mysteries to be found in the region. On neighboring mountain tops, the intact remains of walls and buildings can be seen. This architecture is all made from massive stones-- some weighing as much as a locomotive-- each meticulously carved and transported to the high peaks from a quarry some five miles away. The precision of each stone's final finish is so exact that there was no need for mortar or cement. The stones are joined so tightly that not even a pin can be inserted between them.

    When the Spanish came to Peru and discovered this construction, they asked the native people if they had made these huge monuments. But the natives of Peru had only legends of "the ancients" that came and went, long before they established their villages. Their identity is still a mystery.

    Images on the Ica Stones show human type figures riding in Pterodactyls while hunting dinosaurs (left), an amazing global map showing the continents (center), and other activities not yet understood.

    In this area, rain is infrequent. In the mid 1960's it rained a lot. The dry washes quickly filled to capacity and normally calm rivers were scoured by the torrential flood. In a small town near the Nazca lines, the narrow Ica River was eroded away along the banks, revealing several hundred carved stones that had been buried in subterranean chambers. As the water receded, the carved stones were left on the Ica's banks.

    As the locals began to collect these stones, a particular image of a fish caught the eye of Dr. Javier Cabrera, the town's physician. Dr. Cabrera recognized the outlined image as that if an extinct species of fish. His curiosity peaked, he sought more of these stones. Gradually, the villagers knew that he was interested in these strange objects and so they gave him what is now his collection-- something Cabrera calls his "library"-- of stone enigmas.

    The stones come in all sizes. There are small ones that can easily fit your palm and there are rocks as large as a dog. All of the stones have images that have been carved with continuous lines etched into the rock surface. The etching reveals a lighter color than the original dark varnish of age, yet the etched grooves also bear traces of this varnish, indicating that the carving was done in ancient times.

    Curious images of a comet and an astronomer, using an object that looks like a telescope, are found on the stones.

    One could easily attribute these stones to any pre-Columbian civilization were it not for the uncanny and unmistakable pictures of dinosaurs, humans flying on Pterodactyls and vivid scenes of human heart transplants and continental world maps.

    Sophia Melewska is a Geomorphologist who was commissioned to investigate the rocks, summarize their content, and comment on their authenticity. After studying the collection of Ica stones, Dr. Melewska said that she was in a state of "intellectual shock." The art that surrounds the entire rock face shows evidence of an advanced civilization that knew about surgery, the history of man's past, and the Earth's evolution. But how? Melewska is one of the scientists now trying to direct the attention of professional research toward this mystery. But her battle is a tough one.

    Unlike clay figurines that have organic material (i.e. straw) in their composition, there are no organic materials in plain old rock that will tell anything of its age. Traditional radiocarbon dating techniques rely upon organic material (that was once alive) to determine age. The surface of these rocks, however, has a varnish that is the result of bacteria and minute organisms which have adhered to the surface. A good black varnish or patina will take thousands of years to discolor and coat each stone. Etching these rocks would have removed the existing varnish, revealing the bare rock. Since these rocks have developed additional varnish in the grooves, it seems likely that they have were carved a long time ago. But how long?

    In their video production, Jurassic Art <>, the producers again sent Neil Steede to examine this phenomenon. Neil, as was suggested with the Julesrod report, is unbiased. He travels the globe looking at stones and listening to all sorts of claims and stories. Some stories are blatantly fake, while others seem shockingly real and genuinely perplexing. Neil examined the varnish on the stones but was not able to guess at the date. They looked old, but exactly how old was old?

    In cases where no organic material can be dated, the setting and strata where the objects are found can often give a clue to their age.

    Unfortunately, since these stones were revealed by accidental erosion, their original resting place is not known. Perhaps there were other ways of determining their age.

    Acting on a rumor, Steede traveled to a nearby village where he met a local man who was in the process of carving similar stones for tourists and anyone else that could be duped into believing that they had a piece of antiquity. The rumors of Dr. Cabrera's collection have brought tourists to the area, seeking what they are assured are the "real stones." Steede found that the artist managed to emulate the style on the Ica stones, but his technique was not quite as good. Moreover, the tell-tale varnish was absent from his grooves. Despite this, skeptics point to these reproductions as proof of a hoax, and dismiss any serious study of the original collection which is still maintained by Dr. Cabrera. And if reproductions were not enough to cast doubt on the age of the Ica stones, their fantastic images of extinct animals and flying humans inhibit any serious scholar from taking a second look at the phenomenon.

    If these stones are to be taken at face value, the time frame of our past history is askew. Either humans were able to remember dinosaurs and medical procedures as part of their history, or some species of dinosaur lived to fairly recent times.

    Of course, dismissing them as a hoax is the easiest way to avoid this brain teaser. But since the stones seem to be associated with a culture possessing highly developed engineering and mathematical aptitudes, it is not an impossibility that such civilization might also have had knowledge of Earth's history and human evolution.

    Could dinosaurs have lived until recent times? There is some evidence for this. Certain species of animals, thought to be extinct, have been found frozen and preserved. Mastodons (a type of hairy elephant) have been found in Siberian ice. These animals could have survived through the last ice age, some 13,000 years ago. Their bodies were so intact that, upon autopsy, fresh daffodils and sweet grass was found undigested in their stomachs. Unfortunately the stones do not show Mastodons, and no frozen dinosaurs have yet been found.

    So the question to be answered is this: If there was an advanced civilization in South America thousands of years ago, why did it vanish? Who were they? How did they know of dinosaurs and stone masonry? These questions are brought to clarity in the video, Jurassic Art <>.

    Surprisingly, a sane answer is available and will be the subject of the next chapter in the amazing history of this third rock from the Sun.

    Also, if you enjoy this type of archaeological story, check out The Picket Wire Canyon People <picket1.html>-- a recent Viewzone expedition to an amazing find of rare petroglyphs in Southeast Colorado.

    NOTATION: Our Thanks To Viewzone for their permission to WOTS for printing this article in FULL...© 2002 VIEWZONE

    #5. "Ghost" Haunting XP Computers Unmasked by: Will Knight

    Some home computers pre-installed with Microsoft's Windows XP and Office XP software have been found sneakily inserting words into documents.

    According to Microsoft, this mysterious behaviour can be explained by the built-in voice recognition software, which may be installed and activated by some computer retailers as a default option. This means a new machine could start listening to its owner the moment it is turned on, attempting to turn sounds into text and interpret commands.

    "If you have turned it on, it will do what you are asking it to do, which is listen to what you are saying," a spokesman says. He added that so far the phenomenon has only been reported in the US.

    But the problem has left some Windows XP users bewildered. The voice recognition software does not just type words in documents but can perform commands and open documents as well.

    "When I run MS Word a 'ghost' takes over and toolbars, options, etc, keep popping up that I haven't even requested," reads a message posted to one newsgroup for Windows XP users. "Also, in applications where I can type text and even on the internet sometimes, letters just start typing themselves."

    #6. Tomb Raiders by: Fiona Harvey Stories

    FOR nearly 40 years, no one at the British Museum was sure what the strange object on the head of Nesperennub's mummy could be. They are now. And it's all thanks to a 3D imaging technology that is set to change the way we use museums.

    Nesperennub was an important Egyptian priest who died in about 800 BC. The museum acquired his mummy in 1899 and its cartonnagea papyrus-based papier mch casehas never been disturbed. In the 1960s, the mummy was X-rayed and a strange curved object appeared on the priest's head, something that had not been found in any other Egyptian mummies.

    Egyptologists decided the object was most likely the priest's placenta. They suspected that keeping someone's placenta and burying it with them might have been in vogue for a short time during that part of Egypt's Third Intermediate Period.

    But it wasn't a placenta. New imaging technology has revealed the bump for what it is simply an unfired clay bowl.

    Now a mummy has been turned into a 3D virtual exhibit for museum visitors to explore from head to toethe first time this has been done. Other mummies have had only part of their bodies transformed into 3D images, or they haven't offered much in the way of interaction for visitors.

    Detailed scanning made it possible to identify the object on its head. First, the mummy had a CT scan at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, close to the British Museum. A CT scanner takes many cross-sectional X-rays of an object and then, via a computer, integrates them to form a complete image. A total of 1500 cross-sectional images of the mummy were taken, each with a resolution of 512 by 512 pixels, making 750 megabytes of data in total.

    The cross-sections of the mummy were fed into a Silicon Graphics supercomputer running "volumiser" software that converted the slices into a 3D image you can view from any perspective. Such software is normally used in oil and gas exploration, where it highlights promising rock formations in 3D.

    It was only when Silicon Graphics engineers switched on the software's virtual lighting feature that the mummy's strange headgear finally came into view. The lighting revealed the bumps and scratches on the surface of the bowl in such detail that researchers could see from its texture that it was made of unfired clay.

    Also revealed was a hole in the mummy's skull, on the left temple, that no one knew was there. "It was really exciting to be able to see such detail, so vividly, and it will help enormously to advance our knowledge," says John Taylor, assistant keeper in the department of Egyptian antiquities at the British Museum. He'd now like to figure out what the bowl was used for.

    When the interactive exhibit goes on display in the museum in a few months' time, visitors will probably spend little time worrying about that and concentrate on whooshing through the mummy's body with the 3D "fly-through" technology. Using VR headsets or polarised glasses, they will be able to zoom in on the mummy's wrappings or even look out through the mummy's eyes.

    #7. Heaven's Gate Survivor Keeps Faith,2933,48797,00.html

    Associated Press

    SAN DIEGO — Rio DiAngelo walked away from the regimented life within the Heaven's Gate cult in 1997 after three years, but a message from cult members drew him back a month later to the group's rented hilltop mansion.

    There, on March 26, 1997, he uncovered the worst mass suicide on U.S. soil. The 39 cult members killed themselves, believing they were shedding their earthly ``containers'' to catch a ride on a spaceship trailing the Hale-Bopp Comet.

    Five years later, DiAngelo, or ``Neody'' as he was known in the group, still sees himself as its messenger.

    ``I'm really the only one left,'' the 48-year-old Los Angeles resident said.

    Interviews with news organizations five years ago left DiAngelo angry at the media, but he agreed reluctantly to a phone interview with The Associated Press last week.

    Little remains from the group whose androgynous-looking men and women downed a lethal concoction of pudding or applesauce spiked with vodka and barbiturates. They sealed their fate by placing plastic bags over their heads.

    The group's possessions have been auctioned off. The 9,000-square-foot mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, one of San Diego's northern neighborhoods, was sold for a fraction of its value.

    Now a free-lance designer who makes ergonomic items, DiAngelo is applying what he learned from Heaven's Gate to his earthly life and cashing in on it. DiAngelo is auctioning off the cult's van on eBay to mark the Tuesday anniversary of the suicide.

    He is asking a minimum of $39,000 for the 1992 Ford van, which cult members once used for road trips to SeaWorld and Las Vegas.

    Some victims, who ranged in age from 26 to 72, had traveled around the country with the group for decades. They included Jackie Leonard, a grandmother who was the eldest member of the group, and Thomas Nichols, 59, whose sister, Nichelle, played Lt. Uhura on TV's ``Star Trek.''

    Clad in black outfits with ``Away Team'' patches and Nike tennis shoes with their trademark comet-like swoosh, each packed a small bag and carried identification, $5 and some change for their journey toward what they believed was a ``level beyond human.''

    Two other cultists later followed with similar suicides.

    ``They weren't trying to kill themselves because of a crazy idea, although some people saw it as a crazy idea,'' DiAngelo said. ``It really is an advanced level of being.''

    DiAngelo said cult leader Marshall Applewhite, 66, known as ``Do,'' was from another planet and taught DiAngelo to be more aware, honest and sensitive to the world around him: in short, a better person.

    ``What I've gained from this group is phenomenal,'' he said. ``If he is just a gay music teacher from Texas how he could teach all these advanced ways of being that really work?''

    At the same time, DiAngelo, is not sentimental about the past.

    He signed a development deal to write a TV movie based on Heaven's Gate, but the project never got off the ground. A tabloid offered him $1 million for exclusive rights to his story five years ago, but he refused, preferring to preserve the dignity of his departed friends. Today, he said he'd take the money.

    His life today is far from his days in Heaven's Gate, when members watched selected TV programs in assigned seats and wrote the ``Individual Needs Department'' when they ran out of deodorant.

    He has re-established contact with his 19-year-old son and earns his living working in the nation's second-biggest city, slogging his way through daily traffic jams.

    ``Here I am a slave to commerce like everybody else,'' he said.

    #8. Theories Abound at UFO Meeting by: Lewis McCool-Herald Technology Editor

    AZTEC – The final day of the Aztec UFO 2002 symposium got down to the nitty-gritty Sunday beginning with Linda Moulton Howe’s discussion of the Aztec saucer crash and the "Farmington Armada" sightings.

    Despite published reports that an alien craft crashed in Hart Canyon in March 1948, Howe says evidence suggests the crash occurred a year later.

    Johnny Eaton, 81, and his wife, Erva, take a break between presentations at the Aztec UFO 2002 symposium Sunday at the Old Aztec Theater. Mr. Eaton was one of numerous witnesses of a UFO "armada" that appeared over Farmington in March 1950.

    She played segments of a taped interview with Glen Pace, who lived with his family in the area in 1949 and remembers discussions about the crash and a newspaper headline and story recounting it. Howe has searched archives for the newspaper but has come up empty. She fears government agents "sanitized" as many credible accounts as possible.

    The Farmington Daily-Times – in those days the weekly Farmington Hustler – has no issue with the headline or story. Perhaps it was from another paper in the region.

    "If that headline exists, it’s something of a ‘smoking gun,’" Howe said, and asked for help in searching for it.

    The Farmington Armada event was more clearly documented. A banner headline in the March 18, 1950, Daily-Times announced, "Huge ‘Saucer’ Armada Jolts Farmington."

    The accompanying article quotes several witnesses who said they saw numerous objects in the sky appearing to "play tag" at unbelievable speeds, changing directions instantaneously.

    Johnny Eaton, a real estate and insurance salesman, was 29 at the time. He was one of the witnesses quoted in the 1950 article.

    Now a resident of Blanding, Utah, he recounted the event in person Sunday.

    "I’ve never seen anything like it in my life," he said. "There were five red objects. They would hover then immediately change directions ... but stay in a group. That was the amazing thing." A few minutes later, a much larger, "cigar-shaped machine" moved rapidly across the sky. The red objects flew toward it, then disappeared. "It looked like they went right into the front part."

    Eaton said that a few days later military people came to town to interview witnesses. They told him it was probably a weather balloon.

    "I’m not stupid," he said. "I know dang well they weren’t balloons.

    "They told me to forget it. ‘Forget it? You can’t forget something that happens once in a lifetime.’"

    Howe told the Aztec crowd that the Aztec and Farmington events were "history that is so relevant to where we are sitting. ... We are not alone. Our government has known that for so long."

    The concealment is no surprise to Jim Marrs.

    With an East Texas drawl, Marrs charmed – and cautioned – the audience of more than 100. "There’s something going on in the skies above us. We’re here trying to find out what it is," he said to open his presentation that would delve into cover-up conspiracies involving far more than UFOs.

    Marrs is the author of Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy. His book, Alien Agenda, published in 1997, is a compilation of his UFO investigations.

    Two months before his assassination, President Kennedy pressured the CIA to turn over its UFO files to the White House. That may have played a role in his death, Marrs said.

    He outlined conspiracies ranging from the assassination and Marilyn Monroe’s death to the war on terrorism, and from fluoridation to high-altitude chemical dosing of the population ("chemtrails").

    Marrs warned that the conspiracies, national and international, could have dire consequences for freedoms Americans have taken for granted since independence.

    "Folks, we are being scammed," he said. "We are the ‘mushroom people’ – kept in the dark and covered with crap."

    Reach the Herald’s Technology Editor Lewis McCool at <>.

    #9. There Are Currently "2" Life Forms Visiting Weird World! The Noonday Devils by: Paul Schroeder

    Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for me;a confirmed atheist until I saw aliens float me out of my body,in my bed,at night.Then,I knew they were interested in an essence I never suspected I had;a soul .I had neatly placed god on the same shelf with the toothfairy until evil ones,unseen ones tormented me;it is impossible to be tortured by the devil and not believe in god.Science and medicine do not distinguish between psychiatric and spiritual problems;i have had to within myself. My faith has grown with each bizarre experience,spiritually..Even when ones soul is not tampered with by interdimensionals , at night ,your astral body travels to realms from angelic to demonic,a spirit world of myriad vibrational levels and the pictures you see on the backs of your eyelids,while you rem,are not dreams but visits,souvenirs of a greater reality.Like a goldfish who never suspects a greater world beyond the ponds surface,the limited awareness of humankind floats beneath the surface of a greater reality;groping,mouth agape in total ignorance.After studing all major religions,out of body experiences,near death experiences,hauntings,psychics and memories of previous lifetimes through regressive hypnosis techniques, i have indeed deduced that we are not people having spiritual experiences,it seems,but spirits having human experiences.We can,indeed appeal for help from the dimension we come and go from;heaven.

    My glimpses into my last lifetime; glimpses afforded me directly by the entities who trouble me, either imposed, as lies, or retrieved, as truth, tell me that we were inside precisely the SAME, in nuance and predilection and different, on the outside. That may be the reason we still have the same unresolved issues; we evolve so slowly, it may be a curse to continue, painfully, over and over and over just to make a little headway towards our spiritual goals. Those soul needs are acceptance, forgiveness, and love.

    But, here, in the flesh, those very spiritual feelings make it easier to become parasitized by these intruding, nighttime bedroom harassers who are the occupants of ufos ,and the demons they have access to, and who stay with us from lifetime to lifetime; like the dali lama they find us again, early in childhood.Our spiritual powers that interest and addict them are the very powers we can use to thwart further attacks, but like spraying for cockroach infestation it must be effective, as well as be regular, in application.

    They infect our auras with themselves and ride the reincarnation roller coaster with us to avoid the death they fear and steal the spiritual recycling we have but for the most part, as a race of entities, are dully unaware of and its amazing implications. A loving god gives us many lifetimes to refine evolve our souls and we choose the lessons but these joyriding grey aliens and the demons they throw into the equation to muddle the picture and to punish one for resisting, are discorporate, incarnate souls stuck to our energies who bring a new meaning to the concept of a silent invasion

    About me: by: Paul Schroeder

    As an abductee for my whole life I have stumbled through unknowingness to suspicion to resistance and offer rare insights and advice to detect and thwart alien soul and body tampering Degrees & Certifications: published widely and recognized as an eloquent note in the chorus of barbaric yawps concerning experts who've never seen or confronted these myriad entities,personally for 45 years .

    At night ,your astral body travels to realms from angelic to demonic,a spirit world of myriad vibration levels and the pictures you see on the backs of your eyelids, while you rem,are not dreams but visits,souvenirs of a greater reality.Like a goldfish who never suspects a greater world beyond the ponds surface,the limited awareness of humankind floats beneath the surface of a greater reality; groping, mouth agape in total ignorance.

    Aliens have failed to hybridize and now invade astrally,to abduct, monitor,and possess;entangle their energies with ours to ride the reincarnation roller coaster of our auras giving a new meaning to a silent invasion;these are my experiences;I am a fifty year old happily married father of two extraordinary teens ; I am one who writes, landscapes,crafts his own ales,hunts mushrooms,breeds native giant silk moths and teaches.

    My wife and I have been friends and lovers for over twenty years and she supports my hobbies and writing with a skeptical and cautious approach which has helped to keep me centered.I have seen different subspecies of alien entities since I was a young child living on shore road Brooklyn up to now,a long island resident in later years and am convinced many others also have struggled to assess and grasp similar indigestible experiences which challenge everything we've ever been taught. Abductions and their remnant elusive memories have opened all this for me;a confirmed atheist until I saw aliens float me out of my body,in my bed,at night.Then,I knew they were interested in an essence I never suspected I had;a soul MIND CONTROL AND HYPNOSIS

    by: Paul Schroeder <>

    #10. The Ghost Highway by: Paul Devereux

    Black dogs, phantom cars, white ladies - folkloric figures which still haunt lonely stretches of road. PAUL DEVEREUX finds that renewed study of this phenomenon may give us an insight into consciousness itself.

    As I was traveling south along the almost traffic-free M6 near Birmingham one morning. I glanced sideways at a shabby-looking mini-pickup truck; it looked empty. Puzzled, I sped on. Then, glancing in my rear-view mirror, the motorway appeared deserted. With a primal chill, it dawned on me that I had seen a phantom vehicle. I often traveled the same route at the same time, yet never had a similar experience. It was no trick of the light.

    The incident languished at the back of my mind for 20 years until I began researching the history of haunted landscapes for a new book. The belief that we share our environment with ghosts of the dead, wraiths of the living and various elemental spirits is very ancient. Bronze Age rock carvings in Sweden depict footprints coming down from hilltop cemeteries - some are shod, and ancient Norse lore tells that the newly
    dead wore hel-boots for their trip to the otherworld. Tiny spirit footprints were carved on desert rocks by New Mexican Indians 1,000 years ago. The names of certain fields, woods, hills and tracks in Old Europe marked them as the haunts of boggarts, demons, and the ubiquitous Puck, and there were special pathways - visible and virtual - along which they were supposed to travel. The land is still haunted today. I decided to expand my inquiry to include road ghosts and
    haunted highways.

    I reconsidered my M6 experience. The pickup apparition had not been so odd after all; there were many examples of ghostly lorries bearing down on drivers before fading away. And then there were spectral vintage cars. Where the A6024 rises out of the Longdendale Valley over the bleak moorland of Holme Moss, an old-fashioned black car "in mint condition" appeared out of nowhere behind motorist Andrew Sylvester in 1999. It disappeared. Mr and Mrs Stephen Bale encountered a 1920s black Daimler, one July evening in 1964, near Dartmouth in Devon. It vanished. The predecessors of these ghostly motorized vehicles were that most celebrated of supernatural motifs, phantom stagecoaches. In the 1970s, a young couple saw the "outline" of a stagecoach on Rodborough Common near Stroud in Gloucestershire. Other people in the
    area have reported headless horsemen, spectral coaches, and ghostly galloping.

    Lonely spectres treading the dark highways of the otherworld appear fleetingly in our world. The A23 London-to-Brighton-road is particularly haunted. Patrick and June Geary were driving north one dark, rainy evening in 1976. They saw a girl in a light-coloured raincoat who seemed to have no hands or feet. She ran in front of the Geary's car... but there was no impact. Eight years earlier, another couple saw a figure in a white trench coat run across the A23 and
    fade away. One man claims to have encountered a ghostly fellow attired in cricketer's clothes; others reported a man in shirt-sleeves who staggered in front of a car and vanished on 'impact'; and two figures in light-colored clothing who dissolved when headlights were blinked full-beam at them.

    Some apparitions appear to be time-warped. Cheryl Straffon, editor of the folklore fanzine Meyn Mamvro, told me that "between 1976-1979" she and a friend were driving one evening towards Calstock, near the
    Devon-Cornwall border, when they saw a line of men wearing old-fashioned miners' helmets with candles as lights crossing the road and dissolving into a roadside wall. There were further local reports of
    miners crossing this same stretch of road.

    'Time-warp' road phantoms include Civil War soldiers, highwaymen, and World War II airmen, but occasionally they come from more remote times. Respected prehistorian RCC Clay was crossing Bottlebush Down, in Dorset, an area strewn with earthworks, during the winter of 1927-28. A horseman was riding on the Downs in the same direction. Slowing his car, Clay saw that the horseman's legs were bare and that he wore a long, loose cloak. The horseman turned his face towards Clay and waved a weapon threateningly above his head. Clay realized he was looking at a prehistoric man. Horse and rider abruptly disappeared. Shepherds who used Bottlebush Down had seen a similar spectral figure there. What is interesting is that the prehistoric phantom clearly saw Clay.

    A popular sub-category of road ghost is the "phantom hitch-hiker"; it is often associated with the US, but occurs in other countries and preceded the automobile. (A Swedish case, in which the vehicle involved was a sleigh, was recorded as early as 1602. For other reports see: FT10:4, 21:32, 24:13, 33:34, 34:14, 44:73, 46:26, FT56:52, 86:10, 73:27, 81:46, 95:19)

    It became obvious that road ghosts fall into distinctive categories - phantom vehicles, roadside spectres, phantom funerals and so forth - and that they possess a part-myth, part-incident ambiguity which seems to apply to landscape spirits in general. The stereotypical Black Dog of folklore is a giant with large, glowing, red eyes; but in most
    contemporary reports of ghostly experience it appears as a more normal-looking dog - at least at first glance. It is traditionally associated with certain stretches of road, parish boundaries, and other liminal locations like bridges, coastal areas, and cemeteries.

    Horses figure quite prominently in the land-haunting stakes. One Ley Hunter correspondent recalled such an encounter when he set off on a hike from Litton Chaney in Dorset. As he approached a gap in a thick hedge, he became aware of the sound of a horse's hooves. A dark horse-sized shape began to materialise in the gap. Terrified and bereft of other ideas, he shouted aggressively at it. It melted away into nothing.

    A particularly bizarre category of landscape haunting involves spectral houses and scenes. Devon folklorist Theo Brown has recorded many cases; in one, two women saw a house materialise in countryside near the
    village of Slapton in November 1939. "I knew there was no house there," informed Brown's correspondent, who knew the area well. "Although the house was perfect, it had no substance." A 1938 report described the brief appearance of a whole spectral landscape near
    the coast at Churston Ferrers, Brixham.

    The 'White Lady' is one of the most ubiquitous of the old landscape spirits. Like many other outdoor apparitions, it sometimes retreats into pure folklore yet, at other times, people have direct encounters
    with it. Two Welsh instances illustrate the dichotomy. As late as 1863, people near the village of St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan claimed to have seen a spectral white lady (Ladi Wen), supposedly buried
    alive there by her enraged husband, who wrongly thought she had been unfaithful. But Ladi Wen was more than old folklore; surfer 'CP' was driving through the village of Llangennith to catch the 'Atlantic roll' at Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula when he almost collided with a mysterious female covered from head to toe in diaphanous white material. CP knew nothing about White Lady ghosts or that his encounter had been on a stretch of road close to an ancient holy well, a typical location for this type of apparition.

    Along with the Black Dog and the White Lady, there is a third major category of landscape spirit: the 'Black Monk'. A number of reports of these spectral monks have come from the ancient Cotswold town of Winchcombe in Gloucestershire, where they are seen in the aptly-named Cowl Lane near the Abbey. In 1993, a man noticed a robed figure walking in front of him; he glanced at the ground, and when he looked up, the
    figure had vanished. Cowl Lane reports sometimes mention that the ghosts' legs cannot be seen, giving them the appearance of floating or walking on a surface lower than the modern one.

    Monk-like ghosts have also been reported on roads around Winchcombe (above). Above the town is the Neolithic long barrow of Belas Knap, where Paula C climbed to the top of the ancient mound. From that
    height she saw a group of hooded figures walking briskly across an adjacent field towards the monument. She couldn't see their lower limbs and assumed they were walking through tall grass. The hooded and
    apparently robed figures never seemed to get any closer despite their energetic gait. Concerned that they were about to be disturbed by strangers, Paula climbed down to where her family waited. When no
    newcomers appeared, she returned to the top of the mound. No one was in sight, but the field looked different - there were fewer trees around it, the path was in a slightly different location, and what had seemed to be a deep dip in the ground was barely apparent.

    I had had enough experience with UFO reports to know that people can make crass perceptual errors, and that some readily hoax and lie. But the testimony about landscape spirits had an overall consistency, even
    though the witnesses were widely separated in time and space... and, of course, I had my own experience. If there was something behind the reports, what was it? Either apparitions are ghosts of the dead or else the whole business is a mix of hallucination, misperception and hoax. Commonsense was telling me that there could be some truth in both positions. The basic spirit model - that apparitions are the ghosts
    of the dead - seems, at first glance, the most persuasive approach, but there are problems with it.

    My phantom mini-pickup truck, for example... there was no driver, just a vehicle. Do cars, trucks and stagecoaches have souls? What about the ghost houses and scenes? It has been suggested that some apparitions are place-memory images, replaying some emotion-charged action time and again. How are such recordings imprinted? And why should only a few
    actions from the whole history of human activity be replayed? And why only in some places? This theory does not, in any case, account satisfactorily for apparitions of objects and scenes.

    I noted accounts of what seemed to be time-slip phenomena - the ghost houses, spectral landscapes, and phantoms in old-fashioned dress. Yet with the phantom houses, at least, it was possible, in some cases, to
    confirm that no such buildings had ever existed at the haunted locations. What is the 'half-life' of a ghost? Historian and folklorist Jeremy Harte pointed out to me that ghosts seldom seem to date from much before the 16th century. Is this because of some intrinsic property of ghosts, or is it because witnesses have a modicum of knowledge of how people looked back to that time, but are hazier the further back they go...unless, like RCC Clay, the witness is a specialist?

    People tend to see what they know. I was pretty sure that genuine apparitions were indeed hallucinations - a fusion of subjective and objective qualities - but how could they be place-related hallucinations? Why should a particular stretch of, say, the A23 be
    haunted over decades?

    Around 10pm on 26 August 1998, hospital anæsthetist Guy Routh was driving along the B4068 near Naunton, Gloucestershire, (above) when he saw in his headlights a woman in a cream-coloured dress standing on the
    verge (reported in FT137:8). She waved, and Routh stopped to make sure she was all right, but she vanished in the brief moment he took to pull up his car. The aroma of wood smoke filled the vehicle; outside, it was imperceptible. He looked in vain for the woman in the pale dress. Late one evening in April 2000, a night security guard was driving to work on the same stretch of road. "A figure all in white appeared in front of the car out of nowhere," he reported. "It looked like a monk and was six feet [1.8m] tall." His car plunged right through the figure before he could stop; no trace of it could be found. Another report from that stretch of road tells of a car stopping inexplicably and its occupants feeling as if water were seeping up over their feet. Why should that stretch of country road produce three different hauntings, when to my certain knowledge none of the roads for many miles around produce unusual reports?

    This place-related characteristic shows up in some subtle ways. In a study of over 70 haunted road locations in Dorset (The Ley Hunter 121, 1994), Jeremy Harte found that 54 per cent of his cases occurred within a tenth of a mile of a parish boundary. By chance alone, no more than 20 per cent of the cases should show such a pattern. "Some places have repeated hauntings, others are quiet at night," Harte observed. "Is this simply a reaction of psychology - an acknowledgement that some places feel spookier than others? The evidence suggests not." As an example, he refers to a White Lady haunting reported for over 50 years at a location called Washer's Pit. He notes that many other places in the parish were as dark and lonely as Washer's Pit, yet no one credited them with a ghost. "It is strange that people should see ghosts at all, but that they should always see them in the same place is very strange indeed," Harte concluded. "After all ghosts are spiritual things, while location is a property of matter."

    That is precisely the conundrum. I began to wonder whether the roads were haunted, or if they were located in "zones of disturbance". The lane between Nunney and Frome, in Wiltshire (shown left), has been notorious as a haunted road since 1977, when the local press reported that a motorist picked up a phantom hitch-hiker. Investigating the location in his excellent study, The Evidence for Phantom Hitch-Hikers
    (1984), Michael Goss found that a number of motorists had told the local police of similar encounters. Goss found reports of the Nunney-Frome lane ghost dating back years before the press coverage, and discovered that the rumour of the road being haunted went back at
    least a couple of generations. It may indeed be more ancient than Goss supposed, because an area of land adjacent to the lane was once named 'Pook Fields', suggesting that the old land spirit Puck had been
    known to haunt there since at least Anglo Saxon times.

    Although the Stocksbridge bypass (A616) near Sheffield is relatively new, it has been the scene of many traffic accidents and boasts some eerie hauntings. In his fine study of the area (Supernatural Peak
    District, 2000), folklorist David Clarke points out that a spectral 'monk', 'dancing children' or fairies and other apparitions reported on or by the road were already known in the area before the bypass was
    constructed. It is not just roads that develop a reputation for being haunted; a coastal rock outcrop on the Scottish island of Islay and Hound Tor on Dartmoor share it.

    I don't know why certain places promote apparitions. Initially, I wondered if some geophysical anomaly could trigger hallucinations in susceptible individuals. It seemed likely in the case of three
    apparition reports in the space of a fortnight, in 1980, along a 100-yard stretch of road beside the Rollright stone circle on the Oxfordshire-Warwickshire border (see my book Places of Power, 1990). They were reported to me by people who did not know one another.
    One witness (now a county archæologist) saw a huge dog pass alongside his van and vanish; another (now a retired Oxford University surveyor) witnessed a car with two occupants disappear. The third case involved
    the brief apparition of a traditional-style gypsy caravan. What I knew (but the witnesses did not at the time) was that that stretch of road - and that stretch alone - exhibited a high level of natural
    radioactivity, presumably due to particularly active granite in its foundation.

    I took Geiger-counter readings at a few other reported haunted road locations (with David Clarke monitoring the Stocksbridge bypass), but logged nothing abnormal. While this line of enquiry deserves further detailed study, I found myself looking for another approach to the subjective-objective, hallucination-place conundrum. I had noticed two recurring factors. First, ghosts can provide legendary motifs, yet also display the same characteristics in reported actual occurrences. Secondly, there was the unsettling impression that ghosts were more like ideas than individual phenomena. There were the pristine vintage
    black cars, the hooded figures, the black dogs and the white ladies. And, again, there were cases like the A23, a road which over many years was haunted by different figures, but almost all were in pale dress,
    as if a theme were being spectrally displayed.

    Ghosts are often reported as headless or incomplete, like unfinished sketches; and even where one appears solid, the feeling of it being an idea persists. I asked Guy Routh to describe the apparition he had
    encountered on the Naunton road; he said she had average mousy hair, neither short nor long; was neither young nor old; her face was more or less average; and her cream-coloured dress was calf-length (so not particularly long or short) and was not of any distinctive style, but rather a simple, classical cut. In other words, the figure was non-specific and more like a stereotype, a norm, an idea, than some relic of a specific individual.

    I concluded that these outdoor ghosts are essentially archetypes, a possibility also considered by a handful of other ghost researchers. At its simplest level, CG Jung's concept of an archetype is that it is a
    primordial pattern embedded in the human psyche which generates images and concepts upon which our conscious mental activities embroider ever more complex interpretations; they are so stable and enduring that
    they can evolve without losing their inherent integrity.

    While each of us builds up our own personal store of memories through our lives, Jung felt that archetypes exist within the inherited collective unconscious mind as distillations of all the recurrent experiences of humanity across countless generations and cultural
    boundaries, and even encoded experiential material from our pre-human origins. Archetypes are unconscious entities; we can never know them directly, Jung argued, but only through the images, ideas and
    symbolism they provide the model for.

    The archetypal nature of landscape spirits would also explain their ambiguity. My confidence in the archetype approach increased when I delved deeper into 'Black Monk' apparitions around Winchcombe and in the Cotswolds generally. Cirencester museum has a locally-found Romano-British slab of rock about a foot across with three hooded figures carved in relief on it.

    They stride purposefully from left to right. They are genii cucullati ("hooded spirits"), pagan cult images found in various locations around Europe. The two main English cult centres were around Hadrian's Wall, in northern England, and on the Cotswolds. The folklorist Hilda Ellis Davidson notes that genii cucullati give an impression of supernatural power. Could the supposed monkish spectres seen today be a phenomenon
    which was ancient, even to the Romans?

    One of the most common apparitions reported by sufferers of the involuntary altered mind state sometimes known as ASP ("Aware Sleep Paralysis") or RISP (Recurrent Isolated Sleep Paralysis) is a cowled
    figure. During ASP/RISP episodes, the figure appears completely solid and real, and percipients' descriptions do not differ from those of witnesses of Black Monk ghosts.

    Funerary wagons have been found in early steppe, Celtic, and Norse tombs; they were obviously thought capable of transporting the dead to the afterlife, as Alby Stone has suggested (see Fortean Studies 5,
    1998). He argues that this is the deeply-rooted archetypal-symbolic foundation for phantom coaches. Ghost vehicles are an archetype as old as the wheel. I was by now satisfied that the prime categories of
    outdoor ghosts were archetypal and appeared in witnesses' perceptions by means of brain-mind mechanisms similar to those that produce
    hallucinations. But how did this mindstuff get out there on the haunted highways?

    Jung considered archetypes to be the confluence of spirit and matter, and stated that the collective unconscious - where archetypes lurk - sinks down into the very chemistry and physics - the molecules and
    atoms - of the brain. The neuroscience and the quantum (sub-atomic) physics of his day had not yet advanced sufficiently to accommodate his great insight. Serious scientific effort is now being made in probing how consciousness arises in the brain. Numerous investigators are confident that quantum-level conditions - perhaps represented by 'the Dao' in Chinese philosophy - underpin mental and physical reality. They are earnestly trying to identify the brain architecture where the primary organisation of mind and matter takes place. Archetypes emerge from that alchemical quantum-interface zone, for the immaterial mind is as inseparable from the material brain as the grasp is from the hand. Consciousness is the 'interior' of physical reality.

    The archetype-quantum explanation for ghosts of the great outdoors may seem like a cop-out to people unfamiliar with the current studies of the mind-matter interface at the sub-atomic, quantum levels, but it
    isn't. It is true to say, though, that it is currently something of a halfway house, for it relies on ongoing research. It is enough here to note the irony that the ancient spirits of the land could be leading us
    towards some profound revelations about the very fabric of reality.
    "World of the Strange"
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Permission is granted to reproduce or redistribute this edition provided that attribution is made to the Author or Authors noted. In order to reprint or reproduce any copyrighted material contained herein, if not using the FULL newsletter, you MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder noted. For their permission in use of their said article.
  10. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    08 - 04 - 20-02...

    #1.(UPDATES) The Russell Park Incident (a true story of my extraterrestrial encounter) Part 2 of 2 by: Paul M. Davis (More recalled missing time aboard the ET. craft)
    #2. Sliders "Through The Wall" © 2002 Mark Andrews
    #3. Moon Hoax or Hoaxer Lunacy? by: Bill M. Tracer btracer
    #4. 'There's Something Weird Going On' Ghost Stories Are Pouring Out Of The Sackville Area by: Yvette d'Entremont (Daily News)
    #5. Local Woman Having Paranormal Experiences Lead Them To Mass Grave Site by: Delfin T. Mallari Jr. Inquirer News Service

    #1.(UPDATES) The Russell Park Incident (a true story of my extraterrestrial encounter) Part 2 of 2 by: Paul M. Davis (More recalled missing time aboard the ET. craft)

    I have spent a lot of time making sketches from what I can remember, as well as trying to understand what was inside the craft. I have recalled more of the experience as time went on. Reading about some of our technology in books, and studying my own mechanical designs, would suddenly trigger memories from the incident. I was told the basics of how the E.T.S’ spacecraft works. I was told to tell others. I was told in the simplest form of communication of what did what inside the craft. I have a small background in engineering that I have studied out of books and some hands on experience that helped me understand what they were relating to me.

    Everyone has always wondered how these craft are able to defy gravity in some form and propel themselves toward other planets. Robert Lazar who lied when he claimed to reverse engineer these things out in area 51, has been exposed for what he truly is, a liar. I read all his b.s. about how these craft were powered what they looked liked, how they traveled in space etc. Nothing I saw in the craft was like anything he described.

    “Here is more recalled information on what I saw inside the alien craft”

    I stood inside the saucer. I remember seeing even smaller gold cryptic symbols or hieroglyphics on the floor. They seemingly were linked to the center of the craft’s floor, spanning towards the bottom part of the inner walls of the craft. From where I was standing, I could see a large spinning gold or copper like ring beneath me, under the partially transparent floor, that aside from having small cryptic symbols, was partly like a giant circular tinted glass, maybe 25 feet in diameter. I also could see a giant copper like electrical control bearing the same diameter as the ships inner hull. Before I could ask, I was told by the E.T.S. that this device was part of the drive unit of the ship. I could see bluish-white electrical bolts or the consequences of them actually that looked somewhat dim due to the floors tinted glass. I could feel a vibration in my legs that also seemed to hurt the fillings in my teeth. I was told that this copper band spins to generate power much like a giant automotive alternator. I could see part of the gravity drive manipulator, as explained to me by them in basic terms of English language that that’s what I should call it. It was in the shape of a square or rectangle placed in the center of the craft. Before I asked about what this thing beneath me was, The beings confirmed my thoughts, that it was the engine of the craft. I did see large thick, bolts of lightening shooting out of this box that seemed to be twisting in the form of an arc. The color of the electrical bolts was bluish white. It seemed to pulsate, as though the saucer was a car just idling in one place. I heard a humming noise that sounded like a diesel truck running in the distance. The hair on my forearms felt like it was standing up or being pulled straight from static electricity. The hair on my head also was magnetized. It was like the same effect when you touch your television after you have just turned it on or off and you feel and hear the static electricity with your hands or forearm as you wipe dust off it. I saw what looked like a giant circular copper coil winding on top of the box. I would like to state that the knowledge in my head that seemed to be directed from the aliens at me was not like hearing one word at a time but like entire paragraphs of sentences answering my thought questions and telling me things that I must know. I know this all sounds real wild and crazy but I think I can provide a scientific explanation of how certain devices on the craft worked.

    They told me that these copper-like rings were insulated by a diamond, or quartz-like element that enhanced the ships performance and stability. I was told that the craft can emit a shield-like generation of highly pressurized electricity that protects the saucer from dangerous floating and shooting debris encountered while traveling in space.

    The gravity manipulator as I was told, had six fixed points on it, north, south, east, west, up and down. I thought about this for a few weeks and figured out that the reason why these craft look jerky when seen flying around on video tapes and by eye witness reports, is due to the craft being pulled by its gravity manipulator.

    For example, they can be traveling north, then move south without turning it jerky movements that we have seen in videos and by eyewitness accounts, but no diagonal movement in between while in flight, but no movements as northeast, southeast, north west etc. Maybe they should have added more sides to the manipulation unit to allow four more sides to the box with four more coil windings that would allow those other movements thus making the crafts flight not so seemingly erratic. It is movements like these that make some physicists and UFO researchers make these crafts not from earth. They give themselves away by non- standard flight, such as the way our aircraft fly. Then again, maybe the craft is built that way to purposefully evade our earthly aircraft with high-speed step maneuvers that these craft are so widely known to perform. One ancient account reads as follows by a roman soldier “from Apary, east of Rome a burning shield passed by, it sparkled from the east to the west and was not unlike a discus.”

    This account certainly matches the sightings we have today proving that our government and Hollywood could not have influenced this witness from even television or radio since all that didn’t exist back then.

    I was told by the beings that they are able to with stand the punishing G forces these craft generate when flying around in our atmosphere. I was told that this ability is due to the fact that once the ship closes its ramp the crafts hull material blocks gravity. An incredible material for sure. That means that the craft's engine, beings, controls, etc. would become weightless. There would be very little momentum in space from the craft to allow it to do such incredible maneuvers. I feel that this incredible material, if we could make and harness it, could allow NASA to build giant spacecraft that could carry a great payload weight free and not have the weight of the engine holding the ship back. Maybe this hull material is what was reportedly recovered during the infamous 1947 Roswell Crash in New Mexico. Perhaps the flying disc can hover without an engine even being in it by using this gravity blocking material. It might even float like a blimp. Now you don't need to worry about an engine failure that downs the aircraft, because it would just sit still to some extent. With the craft's engine not being used exclusively for antigravity, it could be directed towards other important tasks aboard the craft such as space travel and maneuvering.

    Of course, the purpose of the drive unit inside the craft is to get it from point a to point b. I was told that the gravity manipulator, which is the engine of the craft is able to have one magnetic coil-winding “attract”, as the one directly behind it “repels”, to complete a powerful magnatomic drive system that uses the earth’s lay lines as a partial power source and guide-like path. I was told that the hull of the craft has an inner and outer shell formed in one piece. Between the two walls some sort of powerful chemical reaction takes place, much like a highly advanced hydrogen cell, allowing the entire craft's hull to act like one giant battery.

    I asked the aliens how they could stand the harshness of space. They told me that the ship's hull material also acts as a thermal protective barrier to protect the occupents inside the craft from heat, cold , radiation from sun flares, etc. that are a constant in space. They may have advanced minds but they still need to protect their rather frail bodies from exposure. I was told that their suits, (the tight gray diver-like suits that abductees say they see them wearing), were made for muscular resistance, using a type of artificial muscles within the suit to provide muscular resistance in space. This is so that their muscles would not atrophy as our astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts have experienced. The suits are also radiation and germ proof, and have an electric charge that can stun you if you touch them. I don't know why I was picked to tell this to the world but I feel that that is the wish of these aliens. I was told that from time to time they do give out technical and spiritual development knowledge to some humans. They told me that a man named Wendell Stephens had had a volume of information translated into books that tells about some of the things I have said. I am still trying to find this guy and have only seen him on an old UFO show that I watched recently. I'd like to get a copy of that data so I can confirm more of my account to myself as well as others. It seems that these beings have overcome and built a lot of things that we can only dream about. Their technology is the equivalent of magic in my opinion. We need to learn how to investigate these sighting by looking for types of minescule clues they may leave behind. After all consider that almost all hard core criminals are caught using similar forensic methods to collect microscopic evidence. If similar, both more advanced techniques could be used or developed could help prove people’s abduction claims and other E.T.S’ lose encounter claims.

    I’d like to remind everyone that the alien research going on at Area 51 or (dreamland) is no longer near Groom Lake in Nevada. How do we know this, the absence of activity in the sky? However their 40 story underground facility may still be there. You don’t much of the stuff because many of these types of facilities are underground. Most likely in the desert regions of the U.S. and one in Puerto Rico as well as a NORAD like defense and watch system inside an oil rig off the coast of Florida as I am told by my underground sources. We won’t be seeing any more activity from Groom Lake, thanks to Mr.Lazar’s b.s. story, about reverse engineering and seeing alien bodies at Area 51. It’s very unlikely that this technician and photographer would have access to the United States greatest secret, because of his foolishness it has now limited where we UFO Chasers can go to watch strange craft in the night sky.

    “It doesn’t matter if all the stories are true, are any true?”

    I'm sure many stories are not, or are simply mistakes by the witnesses. But how many are true? Some UFO’s are extraterrestrial but not all. I don’t want to be judged by some group of skeptics who heard a wild story from a guy trying to make money off of a bogus encounter as several of them like Robert Lazar have done. I have received no money from anyone for this account.

    This volume of information that I was taking in from the aliens from mind to mind felt like my head was going to overload or snap. That was the worst feeling I ever had. It seemed as if they all spoke as one, even though there were only three of them that I saw. I suspect that they were more behind this hexagonal wall shape.

    I was told that they have had these crafts for over 6000 years and have perfected them to their fullest. This may account for the UFO reports of the past., such as the ancient Roman's testimony that states. Some of the things I was told was that a secret organization called Avenger was formed with the help of NORAD, NASA agents from the NSA and CIA and men who work in the Pentagon play a large part in keeping this cover up going. They don't tell every president the truth. They have their expert sources tell the presidents that this entire phenomenon is in the heads of the American people and that any aerial sightings phenomenon are our American secret new sky and attack black project's aircraft. I was told that several presidents were told about this problem, namely Hoover, Truman, Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr., after all he did work as the head of the CIA for several years. I was told that alien who look like men who have been taken as children out of their mother womb and raised and have had their minds genetically altered for a super intelligence boost and raised as spies intelligence gatherers and government infiltrators. Yes. They look human in every way. That’s how they are successful. Just as if a Chinese man is raised by a middle class, white family, and people see him they assume he is from China for obvious reasons. But his allegiance will be to his family and he will have his own independent beliefs inside that differ from his fellow Chinese. This is the exact blending in that these aliens were telling me. I felt that I had authority over the mental conversations we had. I don’t know if these aliens were defectors or what, to be giving up such secrets but I was under the impression that all the alien beings do not share the same beliefs. The problem lies as the gray aliens seen to be the more malevolent beings then the full size reptile-like aliens that Betty and Barney Hill spoke to. I was told that they were very weary and tired of being the slaves to their agencies that govern their world. Since they can read each other’s minds, no crime takes place from one being against another wishing him harm. These alien bodies are someone’s genetic experiment with the soul of a demon. That was clearly understood my me. I did get a brief chance to look into the eyes of the alien at the far side of the computer cylinder as I call it, that gave me a real creepy feeling like I have never had. The creature’s eyes are very sensitive to the light. That is why most of their dirty work such as cattle mutilations and human abductions are done at night.

    I was told that these beings can not stay on earth yet. They do not breathe our atmosphere very well. They are trying to genetically change themselves so that they can breathe our earth's environment. As far as any alien abduction marks on my body, I do have a healed up hole in in my back down and to my left. The hole looks big enough that had I gotten hurt somewhere it would have needed stitches. I haven t had it all my life, so where did it come from. As far as any abductions that may have taken place that I cannot recall totally, I do recall more things when I am into my studies. For example sometimes I'll go to a hospital emergency room, hear someone screaming in pain and it will trigger a memory of me laying on a table in a dimly lit room held down and screaming from not understanding where I am or how I got there. I really wish these thoughts wouldn’t haunt me. It’s just something else in life that tries to destroy our way of living. I have coped with this subject for quite some time and I believe the advantage I had over the aliens is that I had studied the way mechanical and computer things work, as well as I can. This understanding has brought a little comfort to me. I really am intrigued and impressed by the being’s technology. I was told by the beings that they can travel from planet to planet by contracting space in front of them and expanding it behind them for a warp speed type of mode. I was told that the flying saucer stays on target because of giant lay lines that exist between the pull of two opposing planets. This advanced lay line also is the number one reason why the ship can go from planet or nearest star to nearest star in a relative short time.

    I was told that astronauts cannot pilot these ships for several reasons, one being that when they go from planet to planet, this lay line has such a incredible magnetic field that the minds of the astronauts cannot cope or overcome this. They would be left a mental and physical vegetable. Why do demons or the spirit of the beings need flying saucers to get around. Well, I figured out that one on my own. In order for then to do great damage or accomplish abduction feats they must use a physical body and the flying saucers as well as the alien's protective uniforms are needed to protect their somewhat frail bodies. These beings are conditioned for extended periods in space that go far beyond our astronauts physical and mental abilities.

    As far as standard abductions, go I asked why do people claim to be put back in the same position and location they claim to have been abducted at. Such as if you were reading a book, sitting upright in a chair as they abducted you and were left in the same place when the abduction was done. The answer was that these peoples' stories are less likely to be believed by this method and therefore, to skeptics discrediting them. These beings' fear exposure to the world's peoples. It seems that the government public lack of interest in these abductions is highly suspicious. Sometimes not saying something is like saying something. We don’t care if people are abducted. They must feel that we need to befriend at least some of the E.T.S, because they can wipe us out. Since my own personal background includes studying guerrilla warfare, I can say that the single most devastating way that these aliens and their technology can hurt us is by their ability to attack our electronic systems. Attacks such as cars stalling, trains stalling, military bases losing power as a UFO flys down their runway. There are government records that report this; see Col. Hult's UFO encounter back in the early 80's in Rendlesham Forest in England. Vehicles do not start if a flying disk is in the area as well as power outages on a large scale. Make the enemy deaf and blind and then devastate him by force to obtain your goal. All of our computer advancements are actually crippling this country, and if the E.T.S decided to invade we will be either destroyed or enslaved.

    I was told that the interest of these beings coming to earth in such great quantity in the summer of 1947 that has been verified my the military visually and on radar was due to the fact that the country of Israel had became a nation. I was told that the next time a great mass of sighting will occur is three years after Israel signs a new peace treaty.

    This is disturbing news, but it is also something we can all monitor and wait for.

    I was also told by these beings that some of our most intelligent scientists, such as Albert Einstein, Nikolei Tesla, and Sir Issac Newton, as well as some of our greatest spiritual leaders, had had their brains chemically stimulated while in the womb during alien abductions in an effort to help bring about the end of our world by giving us the nuclear bomb and other advanced weaponry. These famous men were able to use unknown areas of the brain due to stimulation using alien abduction techniques. This also may account for some incredible psychics like Sylvia Browne, who do have god-like powers.

    I was told clearly by the E.T.S that everything hinges on control and the battle for men's souls. I'm talking about the bible account from Ezekiel that talks of a flying saucer encounter as well as the word Nephilim which translates from the Greek into the “ones who fell from the sky”. What's interesting about his sighting near the Chebar River, was the fact that he said the objects moved but did not turn as they moved and that the souls of the beings he saw were inside the wheel within a wheel believed to be a flying saucer. They may have referred to the eyes of these craft that were simply some sort of alien collision lights used on the craft. After all I do read the bible and have seen statements that said that some demons had metal teeth! So if that’s true, can't they use metal to build flying saucers or even unknown underground cities on Mars or its moons? Satan a.k.a. the dragon, battled angels now turned into demons that had battled for heaven and then lost to God’s angels. I asked where exactly was heaven and they told me that heaven is not in one place but that is all around us. That it is like a giant circle with us at the center with billions of other galaxies that lie beyond our galaxy. They told me that the universe is teeming with biological and spiritual life. You cannot see spiritual beings in space because we are not spirits yet. The universe looks lifeless but these E.T.S say it’s not true but that it teams with more life than anyone on earth could possibly know about.

    I was told that World War 3 would happen. The United States and all its allies would be waring against the Middle East and China. Their first nuclear- based attack will be on New York City. I was also told that the Middle East considers it to be our greatest city and that will be why that is the first city chosen to be destroyed.

    *a possible starting place as to where World War III might begin*

    I've studied the Gulf War and Desert Storm, and I knew that unless the United States had eliminated Sadam Hussein, and not just simply crippled the Iraqes' sizeable military force for approximately 10 years, the way President Bush Sr. had planned, that all Sadam would do is learn from his mistakes and build a better army with better weapons for the next round by buying or stealing technology from the Soviet Union and from China. Technology that would be far more devastating than before, and weapons that can reach the United States. It seems very apparent that at least one type of extraterrestrial race would like to see us blow ourselves up. This is not a fantasy from the movie Independence Day either. This information deeply concerns me.

    “Did I have a real encounter with E.T.S or did I just dream it all?”

    Here is my defense. In many of mine, and in other people's dreams, they do not always dream in a first person perspective. I worked out a very simple solution to know how to differentiate most dreams from reality. Here my theory. If you can see your face or back or entire body then you are dreaming. It’s as simple as that. My encounter was seen directly through my own eyes and not as an observer to myself in a dream. Dreams do not cause temporary blindness and nerve and muscle pain and damage, as my cousin and I experienced from the light from the saucer overhead. Yes I have read UFO stories, but my first encounter back in 1984 was before I even got into the subject. As a matter of fact that multiple eyewitness sighting is what got me interested in this subject. As skeptics say these are memories from Hollywood. Well if that is true then why didn’t the saucers interior resemble something I have read in a book or saw in a Hollywood movie or remembered the Lazar story that did initially believe. I remember saying to myself as I walked up the ramp to the saucer that I wonder if I am going to see what Mr. Lazar said was in it. I did at one time believe him so that’s what my mind should have put there if it was just a dream or fantasy. I had never seen any device or aliens before. These beings looked similar to what people draw but not exact. Their eyes were more round than almond shaped. And as for the interior of the ship looking bigger then the outside I never would have thought that was possible as my education in engineering tells me this is impossible on this planet. I would like to say that the flying saucer was a dead ringer for that one that the individual government deep throat guardian provided of a saucer close to him on the ground in Canada. As for the aliens, they looked like the one in the short film called Alien Interview. No one draws these things exactly the same but they all are similar. I do have on medical record a muscle disease called fibrositis and fibromyalgia. This is a permanent condition that I have had since my encounter with these beings. I did not have it before the encounter, as the medical records will show. If anyone would like to try and get these medical records I can give them the names of the doctors I have seen for this on going condition. I can't work on my car anymore or lift medium weight objects without being in pain for hours and sometimes weeks after. I hope this speaks for my encounter as one form of proof. I also have post-traumatic stress disorder that no doctor seems to know what brought it on since I wasn’t in a war or anything like that.

    “my theories about”

    The satellite government nicknamed (Avenger) by those in black projects use underground areas like area 51. Other underground facilities similar to it are now playing a major role in the greatest galactic cover up of all time against the world people.”

    Are our government’s attempts at breaking down the E.T.S’ technology successful?

    Probably not. The two technologies involved here can't mate together well enough. We can't control interstellar crafts with our minds and simple control systems such as these beings are able to do and to prove my theory, no country has built a device that can match the performance and capabilities of a flying saucer. If someone had they would rule the planet, being able to attack other countries with complete immunity. Its potential for military use is great. That's the first thing governments all over the world will try to do. They always try to make a weapon out of new or recovered advanced technology. Instead of using it for better transportation from point a to point b or to fly to other planets.

    To try and control a device like a flying saucer with our technology and computers is simply too primitive to work effectively. We're talking about two different advancements of technology, quantum physics and their physics.

    These beings’ minds are clearly so advanced as to be able to effectively control their spacecraft easily, while keeping them from crashing into each other. As they have been seen flying dangerously close to our aircraft without a worry and many airplane pilots have reported these structured objects in the sky close enough to see that they are not from here. It's not a danger for them because they can read the minds of our aircraft pilots. They were able to read my mind.

    Some skeptics don't believe in telepathy or powers of the mind. Some skepticism is good for people, but not when a phenomenon this big is going on. People see these crafts and E.T.S all over the world and these are people who have lived through the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's that are strangers to each other telling the same story. And what about the reports that go back thousands of years can that be influenced by television or radio as skeptics still claim.

    I feel that any beings who can fly instellar in a short time using such advanced technology would have most likely have spent a very long time working on their development, making incredible biological technological and mental leaps as great as their technology shows that they are capable of. You can't teach a monkey to fly an F14 Tomcat, now can you? So why would someone think that we could fly and or even understand fully the E.T.S’ technology.

    As for the way the E.T.S explained the control mechanism of the ship, aside from the drive unit I spoke of earlier, they use a form of telepathy and advanced physical touch control systems that are used for a twofold purpose. One to help pilot the ship and the other two navigate it through space. I can barely image the support base or foundry that have the technology to build these things.

    I was told by one of my sources, that the beings out at Area 51, from at least as far back as the early 1970's, are helping to train our pilots to fly these space craft and that's if they have gotten any recovered alien space craft that have crashed here intact. They usually fall to earth from being shot down by microwave and particle beam satellites using the aliens own technology against them that was recovered from the 1947 Roswell craft. If one or two flying saucers, one at Roswell and one at Corona, New Mexico had not been brought down by their own error, or as believed by a mid-air collision or a fierce lightening storm in and around Roswell, we probably wouldn't have the power over the aliens that we do today and that's not even much. I believe the reason why so many flying saucers were seen in that area is due to the fact that a nuclear bomb had been tested nearby and it was the home of the United State’s atomic bomb wing. I feel that their job at that point would have been no different from our Intelligence gathering agencies. In order to keep a cover up of this magnitude going on, where the evidence is in our faces all over the world, both sides the government and the E.T.S. would have to be in a collaboration. To those naysayers and skeptics who say the government couldn't keep such a galactic cover up going, it should be remembered that the A bomb, the SR71 Blackbird, the U2 spy plane also, (until it was shot down), as well as many black projects that Congress is being told don’t exist such as the tr3b, told to me by my sources to be the ultimate aircraft short of an alien flying disk built on the principles of crashed flying disks that were out at Area 51 before it moved may be our only defense against these saucers if we could built an army of them. To learn more about the tr3b talk to Edgar Foo-shay, an electronics engineer who worked at Area 51. The craft was also seen in Belgium, easily out maneuvering their MIGS. Some Belgium police officers who witnessed the tr3b still think it was an alien craft due to its performance as seen on radar and in multiple eye witness accounts. All the triangular aircraft seen around the world in one way or another have been built copying some of the recovered flying disks. It's a shame to live in a country that is willing to trade warfare making technology for cattle mutilations and human abductions. Please realize that the aliens I saw were not like one ones Betty and Barney Hill told about in their story. Those aliens were said to have spoken using their mouths. It seems like there is more then one type of alien and different space crafts visiting earth or that may even be here such as former president Ronald Reagan said in over 18 lectures, “not an alien force already among us?”

    Any suggestions from reader that have been abducted or have encountered alien activities can e-mail me. ©2002

    #2. Sliders "Through The Wall" © 2002 Mark Andrews

    The House That Isn't There. / My Neighbors In A Parallel Universe.
    (a true account)

    Have you ever shared a wall and extended floor with neighbors in an apartment? If so, then you are very familiar with the muffled, echoing sounds and vibrations that come with the voices and movements of others in so close of quarters.

    Parties aside, you'll generally get an acceptable level of sound and rumbles "through the wall" and across the flooring.

    I have so often lived in such conditions that I'm practically oblivious to these types of neighborly intrusions. I've lived in the same mobile home (on the same lot) for 7 1/2 years.

    There are a number of historical points about the park that I've always found compelling.

    Our mobile home park is somewhat crowded and tightly enclosed by a freeway to the North (I-465); railroad tracks to the West - that were the path of the world's first electric commuter train line - (downtown Indianapolis to suburban Greenwood: 1901); a sub-division to the East, and a clearly defined ridge of land that separates the park from the neighborhood to the South.

    We have a lake at the center of the grounds that was once the space for the largest public swimming pool in the US. (Longacre Park & Pool).

    There's something about the area that seems very much "out of place" with the urban setting that encompasses it. Thriving communities of ducks, geese, and crane abound on the waters. The bank-side wild life includes racoon, opossum, musk rat, and beaver. (Not to mention the ominous black snakes that slither across the shore and atop the rippling waves.); also turtle, crayfish, frogs, and other amphibian residents. And - would you believe - that there are even stories of mysterious, lurking lake and land denizens; unknown to modern zoology? Directly adjacent to my lot to the North is Lick Creek, which flows through our lake, and on to White River.

    There is a great deal about the area that defies the urbanized region. And it would seem (as well) that there are reasons to believe that our understanding of the laws of physics and the Universe in which we reside are also challenged in Longacre Park.

    With the help of my parents, I became a mobile home owner and Longacre resident in December of 1994. The young couple from whom we purchased the trailer were most agreeable to our purchasing bids. As a matter of fact, they appeared to be "anxious" to sell the home to us. They both kept that "wide eyed", smiling glaze of a used care salesman who hopes like heck that you'll sign on the dotted line so that they can get their cash and flee as far away as possible; as quickly as possible. And that's exactly what the young couple did, just as soon as we handed
    them the check.

    They gathered their belongings and simply vanished (no forwarding address). "Kapoof!".....GONE!

    And so I settled in quickly with the home and area / all very nice, cozy, and "homey".

    On the lot next-door to the West sat a large grey & white mobile home. When I first arrived, it was occupied by two kind, elderly sisters. They were wonderful neighbors; always ready to help in times of need. One of the two was - for the most part - immobile. The other had to care for her in light of this fact.

    There are some things in life that sneak into your personal reality so very, very, gingerly that you become finally (and consciously) aware of them only once you are well inside of their range.

    But, you know, I guess I should have been a bit more curious as to just "how in the world" those two charming elderly ladies could generate such strong levels of "bumps" and "thuds"; crashes and pounding; heavy foot steps and "rumbling" voices; all through my West wall and along my floor.

    This was what I lived with "24 / 7". I had come to accept it as just another part of the "reality-scape" of my new abode.

    Not until much later did it occur to me that all of that "ruckus" was edging into my home -supposedly- from a structure that was 30 feet away (outer wall to outer wall); and assumed to have been produced from the life-styles of two gentle ladies in their mid '70's.

    As the years went along, the two ladies eventually sold the home to a young couple with small children. For reasons that somehow "made sense" at the time, the presence of these new residents made the on-going jostles and voices much more reasonable to my left-brain's required dossier of "scientific" plausibility. In the 7 1/2 years that
    have passed since I've lived here, the home was bought and sold by two additional young couples (all with small children) and was finally - a few months ago - vacated and removed from the property. There has been no other mobile home in its place for the past month and a half.

    That lot is vacant, as is the lot on the other side of my property. But the sounds of my very lively "next-door" neighbors continue (from time to time) to resonate into my space.

    And, yes, I've even seen and briefly spoken with them.

    Whoever they are, I would gather that they (in their reality) are generally much more aware than we of the existence of parallel worlds, and have managed somewhat of a technique for "sliding" through the barrier that (is SUPPOSE to) delineate their reality from ours.

    I said, "suppose" to.

    I have encountered three adults and two children from this co-spacial, parallel universe. It has not always been a comfy, "neighborly" relationship.

    As part of my daily, metaphysical pattern of living, I have always included various crystals and "power" stones; meditations, and various trans-dimensional tools.

    At some point, I inadvertently bore a sizable rift in the magnetic fence that keeps the two realities within their own realms. It was then that I was brought "face to face" with my rather disgruntled, co-habiting neighbors.

    As is so often the case in inter-personal conflicts, tensions had escalated due to the fact that I simply wasn't "listening" or paying attention to their very patient requests to "turn down the juice"! The combinations of my own metaphysical practices (in alignment with the vibrational potency of the terrain around me) finally made it so that my parallel-neighbors saw no other option but to step through the rift and to make their request for known for a little psychic "peace and quiet".

    ( "You are agitating the children" )

    That was about two years ago. From that time we have arranged a much more harmonious relationship. ( Although their "kids" will sometimes sneak through the wall and play a little "tag" with me when I'm trying to go to sleep. "Kids will be kids!")

    So,............. "What's up?" with all of this????

    Since moving into this home, I have seen more "UFO's" in the skies directly above this property than in all of my previous 43 years. ( and that's a BUNCH! ) - -

    I have been visited by human appearing extraterrestrials, and have seen very startling apparitions of Christ and the Virgin Mary in the sky to the South.

    The Gaian magnetic grid "lay-lines" that enwrap our planet apparently make a major conjoining and crossroad through this space.

    Do you recall that I earlier mentioned a "ridge" that defines our park's southern border? That ridge is known as the "Glacier Line". It was the southern- most stopping point of the massive North American Glacier that plowed and levelled its way south from the Arctic during the last Ice Age.

    As this ocean of ice subdued and absorbed all that lay before it, it shoved minerals in advance that gradually became deposits of subterranean crystal. The land on which my trailer rests is a flowing (creek-side) crystal "power house" generator worthy of the techno-savvy of Imperial Atlantis.

    The vast-ranging types of wild-life that can still survive and prosper on this land ( surrounded by 21st Century city-scape ) is testament to this fact.

    I would venture to guess that the folks from whom I bought this trailer had become a bit "freaked out" by all of the trans-dimensional properties of the environment. ( It's not for the psychically "squeamish".)

    But, after 7 1/2 years, I have to say that I've come to feel very much "at home" with the land and all of its bizarre idiosyncrasies.

    My own Mohican heritage may be a factor in my ability to thrive here and be at peace.

    Native American's were drawn to this area in very large numbers. Their spiritual awareness and sensitivities gave them the insight to be able to abide along and "ascend" within the magnetic (pranic) energy wave grid-lines connected with the buried crystal deposits; much like the wild-life now in Longacre Park.

    This was the land that the Delaware, Miami, and other nations would not concede to the settlers without a fight. This is the land over which they were finally willing to resist the invaders in a "last stand" conflagration. ( The wars of Tecumseh.)

    Why do you think the settlers called it: "INDIANa"????

    Like I said, all is now reasonably peaceful between myself and my neighbors across the magnetic, dimensional fence.

    Now, if I can just find a way to keep those "#$%^&" racoons from holding their nightly romping fiestas on my roof!

    #3. Moon Hoax or Hoaxer Lunacy? by: Bill M. Tracer

    (Notation: Our Thanks to Bill for letting WOTS do a repost on his article, you can also visit Bill's message board at <>

    Twice last year on February 15th, 2001, and then March 19th, 2001 the Fox TV network aired an excuse for a documentary called “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?''. In addition to that, there are already several books out on this topic, not to mention a plethora of web sites devoted to this theory as well. In all of these sources the conspiracy theorists make some pretty bold and ludicrous claims that the Apollo missions were all faked. Of course videotapes of this waste of film are available for sale on-line.

    Fortunately, in addition to web sites expounding boringly on this notion, there are as many, which reveal the other side of the coin. I include a list of links at the bottom of this Rebuttal to several of the best of these sites. I highly recommend them for several of them are written by serious scientists who are able to prove very well just how incorrect this silly conspiracy theory is. I applaud the writers of these most persuasive pieces for their work and devotion to the cause of truth. Like these other rejecters of the Moon Hoax theory, when I examine this so-called evidence, all I can see are examples of sloppy analysis. Every one of the pieces of data these folks call evidence can be shot down with a minimum of effort.

    I’ll illustrate that point with a few examples.
    For instance the assumption that there was only one source of light on the Moon is among the worst of contentions. Have you ever been out at night when the moon was full and the sky clear? The light reflecting from the Moon on such nights has enough brightness to cast shadows. So how much more brightly do you think the Earth reflected light into the Moonscape landing sites? Duh, a great deal more. I’ve read different estimates ranging from 60 to 100 times more brightly. So the Earth provided an additional source of light, and could easily account for part of the alleged light and shadow angle problems. But the sources of light do not stop with just the Sun, and the reflections from the Earth, but anyone with the most rudimentary observational abilities can see that the environment suits, the landing modules and in fact almost all of their equipment were made of highly reflective materials. This reflectivity contributed to creating more diffuse illumination at the landing sites. The Moon itself also provided ambient reflective light to all of the settings of these lunar photographs.

    The photo above shows some examples of this effect. Notice the small flag on the side of the landing module, just under the “K” indicator. The hoaxers claim this is evidence of a spotlight or later touching up. They say we should not be able to see this flag for it is in the shadow of the module. What they don’t seem to understand is the extent of ambient light from the highly reflective lunar surface, and the very reflective white equipment used by the Astronauts. In this case it is very obvious that the large white mass directly underneath this flag on the side of the module is providing the necessary reflected light. Furthermore, look at the visor of the astronaut in this photo. You can actually see the lower half of the visor is illuminated by light reflecting from the Moon itself, even though this astronaut’s front is deeply in shadow. No studio spotlights are involved here, just lots of ambient reflections.

    The hoaxers supposed photographic analysis fails to take any of this into account and makes the invalid assumption that there is only one source of light, namely the sun. That is a very incorrect assumption. But it seems is not the only incorrect assumption being made, and actually probably not the most important invalid assumption. Vanishing point perspective, and variations in elevation are also issues these analysts do not consider. Hills and valleys will cause shadows to appear to fall at different angles when translated to two-dimensional photographs. This actually accounts for the biggest part of the alleged shadow angle discrepancies, which the Moon Hoaxers site as examples of fake photos. If fact the vast majority of the inconsistent shadow angles in so many of these photographs is due to the effect of differing elevation.

    In the small photo above is found an example of differing elevation of the two astronauts, causing the shadows to fall at seemingly different angles, and of different lengths. This has nothing to do with multiple light sources as the advocates of the Moon Hoax theory suggest. Ian Williams Goddard created a web page, which explains these misunderstood phenomena quite well. Rather than reinvent the wheel I refer you to his excellent work, for a more thorough explanation of these ambient light, and differing elevation effects. This page is now found at: <>.

    Then one of my favorite Moon Hoax silly ideas is the notion that the lack of stars in the sky of the Moon photos is somehow evidence that they are faked. This one is the most ironic to me, for it is exactly the opposite of what it pretends to be. As it turns out starlight is so dim even on the airless moon, that the film used on these missions could not be exposed long enough for the stars to register in most cases. In other words if the film had been exposed for the stars to show, then the rest of the images would be over exposed and the astronauts would have been forced to remain motionless for more than 30 seconds to keep from being blurry white blobs out of focus.

    Above we see an example of the starless vista as seen in the Moonscape photos. How would you like to have that rock in your garden?

    But anyway, the part I find most ironic about this, is that if the Apollo missions really had been faked then one would think they would have provided the stars to be a convincing touch. If we had seen stars in the background of the Apollo photos then that would have been evidence of a fake. So the fact that the stars are not on the photos is actually evidence that they DID go to the Moon instead of evidence that they did not. There are a few examples of Apollo photos when they did longer exposures were a few stars show up very dimly, but again these exceptions were cases of intentional extended exposures. The clavius site listed below has some good explanations about this film exposure issue.

    Another one of the arguments that I find especially annoying is the invalid contention that the flag fluttered as if in a breeze. I read the actual transcript of the Apollo 11 mission, and found it very interesting that it was stated therein they had difficulty with getting the flag to remain stable in the soil. When the astronauts tried to insert the pole in the Moon ground it would go only a short way, then refused to go any deeper. This triggered the astronauts to twist and push with great force. Even then it was barely able to remain standing once the pole was released. Note the lean of the flagpole in the first picture above. The motion of forcefully pushing the pole in place created an increase of "kinetic energy". A kind of momentum was built up by this effort, which in the Moon’s near vacuum continued in the form of a swaying motion of the outstretched flag held by a small wire along it’s edge. This movement persisted for a while after the flag was left. Considering that it was not fully stable even then, as the astronauts moved about near the flag, their foot falls could have easily shook the ground enough to create additional flutters. But none of these movements had anything to do with a breeze on the airless Moon.

    One last bit of sloppy analysis on the part of these Moon Hoax folks is found in their exaggerated data regarding the lethal levels of radiation found in the magnetic Van Allen belts that surround the Earth. The proponents suggest that no Human could survive the trip, as the spacecraft passed through the belts on their way to the Moon. And while it is true that there would be some concern if the astronauts stayed in that area for very long, the Apollo craft passed through the Van Allen belts at their narrowest point about 25,000 MPH. Going at such a great speed, they were not in the zone of danger long enough for any significant exposure.

    Some may call me a debunker, but really those who hold claim to this absurd conspiracy theory are the actual debunkers. They are debunking the reality that human beings have walked on the Moon. I’m no debunker, but rather another voice of reason seeking to cry out above the media hubbub that looks to sensationalize this lunacy trying to debunk the achievements of our space program. But personally I find it rather hard to believe that the folks selling books and videotapes on this topic are really sincere with this insulting theory. They are just making bucks off of that gullible 20% of the population, whom they claim, doubts that we actually ever went to the Moon in the 60s and 70s.

    Ultimately, it is obvious to me that their real goal is to unscrupulously stir up a sensationalist controversy, which they have artificially created for their own profit. I could go on, but this report is already too long, so I'll sum up by saying simply that some conspiracy theories may be real, but others are not worth the medium on which they are recorded. In my view, this "We didn't really go to the Moon" conspiracy theory falls into the latter of these categories.

    There’s an article on this topic at the web site called "Bad Astronomy", devoted to looking at astronomy mistakes in movies and TV shows. The URL for the main site is: <>. Or if you prefer the direct link to the article is: <>.

    Other good sites include:
    ~ <>

    #4. 'There's Something Weird Going On' Ghost Stories Are Pouring Out Of The Sackville Area by: Yvette d'Entremont (Daily News){CC8B9B0B-76DF-45EB-ADA7-D635E54448B2}

    There are a lot of weird things going on in the Sackville-Beaver Bank region these days.

    Darryll Walsh, a parapsychology lecturer at the Nova Scotia Community College in Halifax, says there are more reports of ghosts and paranormal phenomena coming out of Beaver Bank and Sackville than anywhere else in Nova Scotia.

    “Cape Breton has always been the most haunted area of Nova Scotia, but Cape Breton stories are much more traditional Irish, English, even French stories from an oral tradition,” Walsh says.

    “But there are so many different stories coming from the Sackville-Beaver Bank area that it literally has the most stories and the most ongoing, more modern stories.”

    Walsh, director of the Centre for Parapsychological Studies in Canada and author of Ghosts of Nova Scotia, says he first discovered the abundance of ghostly tales from Sackville-Beaver Bank while researching his book.

    Published in 2000, it chronicles some of the region’s ghosts.
    It includes the Cobequid railway ghost, reported to be the wife of a man killed in that spot more than a century ago.

    Another longstanding story from the region is the tale of the ghostly woman in white sometimes seen at Fultz House in Sackville.

    A benevolent ghost occasionally reported since the 1970s is said to haunt the basement of L.C. Skerry School in Waverley.

    More recently, stories of strange occurences at the abandoned military base in Beaver Bank have emerged. Walsh said observers have walked to the radar station in the evening and seen mysterious glowing lights with no obvious source.

    “There’s something weird going on at that old military base,” Walsh said. “There seem to be mysterious balls of lights appearing where the old military base was.”

    Walsh also has contacts at the Beaver Bank Villa who told him about sightings of a ghostly man who walks through the area. And he has heard several stories about the Beaver Bank Road ghost.

    “Along the Beaver Bank Road, just before you get to the Beaver Bank turn off to go into the villa, there apparently is a ghost that has been seen a few times over the years,” Walsh said. “A white, almost formless but vaguely human, witchlike ghost flies from left to right across the road.”

    A similar story emerged from the area where the Waverley Road meets the Cobequid Road. A female ghost has also been spotted by passing motorists along that stretch of road.

    Walsh has visited homes in Upper Sackville and Mount Uniacke that are reported to be haunted. Weird voices, murmurings, doors opening and closing by themselves and reports of a ghostly presence in the basement led one family to abandon their home.

    And then there’s the legend of Joe Santos’ ghost.

    “On the Waverley Road there’s an old 18-wheeler truck that picks up people and gives them a drive,” Walsh said.

    “They say it’s the ghost of Joe Santos’s, who was killed in a truck accident. Starting in the mid-1960s, it’s said he’d pick up hitchhikers, drop them off, and they’d later find out he wasn’t alive.”

    Walsh has never seen a ghost himself, and he believes 95 per cent of all “paranormal” activities can be explained. But he’s convinced there’s something unusual happening in the Sackville-Beaver Bank area. He’s actively investigating eight to 10 stories from the region.

    “Some appearances of hauntings or ghosts seem to also be connected with earth stress, tectonic stress, earthquakes and stuff like that,” he said.

    “We have to do a geological survey on Beaver Bank because there are too many weird things going on out there. It’s a mystery, but I love mysteries.”

    © Copyright 2002 The Daily News

    #5. Local Woman Having Paranormal Experiences Lead Them To Mass Grave Site by: Delfin T. Mallari Jr. Inquirer News Service

    Skeletons dug up in Quezon

    MAUBAN, Quezon – Soldiers from the Southern Luzon Command have dug up a pile of human skeletons from a common grave, believed to be in one of the infamous killing fields of the New People's Army (NPA), in remote Sitio Bagyuan, Barangay San Miguel here, on the province's northern Pacific coast.

    The soldiers led a group of journalists to what they said was a common grave of suspected victims of the NPA's "hysterical killings" dubbed as Operation Missing Link Part II.

    The military men involved in the digging said that initially they thought that what they had found was an ordinary grave. But when they started digging and finding piles of human skeletons, they knew they had stumbled on an NPA "killing field".

    The discovery was not a purely military operation. The troops were led to the place by woman resident of the area who said that for some time now she had been having paranormal experiences.

    The woman in her 30s, who requested anonymity, told newsmen how a female voice asked for her help so that "she and her companion could rest in peace."

    "The voice asked me not only to pray for their souls, but to search for their grave," the woman said.

    The woman's husband told the Inquirer that at first he thought she was going insane. "She even tried to choke our children to death if not for my timely arrival," he said.

    He said he sought the help of a village quack doctor living near their place, which was close to the mass grave covered by thick vegetation and coconut and palm trees.

    Under the local doctor's "spell", the woman again heard the female voice.

    The couple, who has been residing in the area for three years, said they decided to approach the military and ask for help.

    Colonel Efren Orbon, Task Force Makiling commander, said they knew the area had been a communist rebel camp during the 1980s. "Even though I suspected the grave was a mass burial site of the NPA, I was still surprised when we discovered the piles of human skeleton," he said.

    One of the skeletons was presumed to belong to a woman because of the pink stripes on the blouse it was wearing that was still intact.

    The skeletons were found on top of one another, according to the military.

    The woman from the area said the "female voice" told her the NPA was responsible for the mass murder.

    The shirts had what the military said were bullet holes.

    One of the T-shirts had the words "I love coconut" printed on it. The blouse had holes in the shoulder and other parts.

    When the Inquirer asked Orbon about communist allegations the military was just "planting skeletons, then blaming the NPA," for public consumption, the official, who is the top military man in the Calabarzon area, said, "we are just following the legal process as dictated by law."

    "Simply put, trabaho lang (it's just a job)," he said.

    Orbon said the skeletons were now in the custody of the police for proper laboratory examination.

    Orbon declined to guess how old the human skeletons were. When asked how sure they were the killers were communist rebels, he said, "that's what the people have told us." He added that the area was once a huge NPA camp during the Operation Missing Link period.

    "There could be more of these graves, we are just waiting for the people to lead us to them just like this one," he said.

    Last month, the military took some journalists to the grave of 58 alleged victims of bloody purges carried out by the armed group of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in the town of Candelaria in Quezon province.

    The CPP has admitted the revolutionary forces lost about a thousand cadres in the purges.

    The communist leaders, who are now based in the Netherlands, had denounced the mass killings as "revolting and senseless and a grave violation of civil rights because of the unjust taking of lives of comrades resulting in the attendant devastation of the revolutionary forces."

    Several CPP cadres were held accountable for the killings and expelled, resulting in a serious split in the party. The military estimated that about 4,000 to 6,000 people were killed in the purges.

    The infamous cleansing campaign that resulted in mass carnage was also known as "Kampanyang Ahos, or Kahos" in Mindanao.

    The mass killings were carried out by the NPA as part of "hysterical purging process", a campaign aimed at weeding out suspected government spies from the rebel ranks.
    "World of the Strange"
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Permission is granted to reproduce or redistribute this edition provided that attribution is made to the Author or Authors noted. In order to reprint or reproduce any copyrighted material contained herein, if not using the FULL newsletter, you MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder noted. For their permission in use of their said article.
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    15 - 04 - 2002...

    #1. The Logic Behind the UFO Cover-up by: Patrick Cooke
    #2. The Human Radiation Experiments - How Scientists Secretly Used U.S. Citizens As Guinea Pigs During The Cold War by: Alan R Cantwell Jr., M.D.
    #3. Stalking Legendary Creatures by: Sharon J. Huntington
    #4. Ball Lightning Terror - Memories of Abduction by: Al Straughan
    #5. Long Way From The Loch by: Elizabeth Schneider
    #6. Milky Way 'may hold a billion planets like Earth' by: James Meek (Science Correspondent - The Guardian)
    #7. $1 Million Mathematical Mystery "Solved"? NewScientist.
    #8. 'Now I Know All About Ghosts © 2002Telegraph Group LTD

    #1. The Logic Behind the UFO Cover-up by: Patrick Cooke

    To most UFO watchers the Roswell incident was the beginning of the UFO phenomenon but to the government it was the inauguration of a new approach to public relations, "Cover-up-on-the-fly". The extreme contradictions in the rapid-fire changes of the official investigation should have sent up red flags but the post-war trust of the military, in the public view, was solid. The confused nature of the government response bears witness to the fact at this time that the military had no standing policy on dealing with UFOs. It is obvious that the government dropped the ball and never seemed to fully recover as it adopted a "hide it quickly, deny it totally, and cover it up completely" policy. What followed became an almost comical chain of lame explanations, false investigations, and an amateur dance of deception that continues to this day. The government in collusion with almost every other social institution seemed to agree that the public had neither the right, nor the need to know any information about the UFO phenomenon.

    In order to justify the withholding of such important information NASA commissioned the most influential think tank in the country, the Brookings Institute, to study the impact of revealing the existence of extraterrestrial life on the public. Not surprisingly the Brookings Institute concluded that such contact could cause cultural upheaval, threaten social and scientific institutions, and cause stress to the public worldwide. These few excerpts from the 1961 report titled "Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs" show some of the cautionary suppositions and generalizations that brought it to that conclusion.

    "Anthropological files contain many examples of societies, sure of their place in the universe which have disintegrated when they had to associate with previously unfamiliar societies espousing different ideas and different life ways: others that survive such an experience usually did so by paying the price of changes in values and attitudes and behavior." (Pg. 15)

    "It has been speculated that of all groups scientists and engineers might be the most devastated by the discovery of relatively superior creatures since these professions are most clearly associated with the mastery of nature rather than the understanding and expression of man. Advanced understanding of nature might soon vitiate, (corrupt), all our theories at the very least." (Pg. 225)

    "It is perhaps interesting to note that when asked what the consequences of the discovery of superior life would be, an audience of Saturday Review readers chose for the most part not to answer the question at all, in spite of their detailed answers to many of the other speculative questions. Perhaps the idea is so foreign that even this readership was bemused by it. But no one can speculate too, that the idea of intellectually superior creatures may be anxiety-provoking." (Pg. 226)

    A decision was obviously made to issue blanket denials about even the existence of UFOs and the cover-up was cast in stone.

    How correct is the judgment of the powers that hide this reality concerning the grave harm revealing the existence of UFOs would cause to the social fabric? That of course depends on whether the revelation gave rise to fear or hope. If it were announced that the visitors had conquest or destruction as part of their agenda, a defense posture would be the obvious result, and no doubt a futile one. There would be little need to worry about the social fabric. In consideration of the fact that they show little aggression, except for their total disregard of security zones, and that they always flee when pursued, at least the evidence weighs heavily on the side of their being peaceful rather than combative. However a positive and friendly agenda would be perhaps the greatest threat to the status quo in almost every area of society.

    A power greater than anything ever witnessed by modern man would suddenly become the prime focus of almost every human being on the planet. After decades of blatant cover-up the world's governments and military powers would be immediately exposed for their deceit. Science would have no theories to cover the enigma of their inability to detect such an obvious presence and the very purpose of all scientific research would be brought into question. Education would be in turmoil as certainly most accepted knowledge would be subject to very critical analysis. Established religion would suddenly find its exclusive rights to "higher power" in serious competition and no doubt the collection plate would suffer dearly. Big business would of course be affected by everything, in every way, and most likely with an unprofitable result. As a whole the world as we know it would change drastically with the true effect being determined by the actual direct influence of the alien presence on mankind.

    I present a question to those who believe there are unknown visitors in our skies. Are we not naive to think that governments, large corporations and other major institutions would not be justified in considering the possible negative impact an alien revelation would have on their individual concerns? There is no doubt that they are justified, at least in their own minds, and are doing exactly that. However is the Government not the servant of the public, are not the people the consumers that make big business big, and do not the people provide the support that keep the other major institutions thriving? If this is the reality, what gives them the right to control what the people should and should not know? And most important why are they deciding to hide history's greatest truth, is the threat really that great, and how extensive is the cover-up resulting from that decision.

    The archeological field is in possession of direct evidence of advanced technology and races in the remnants of ancient cultures. They don't declare it as relevant, just unknown. The fact that these objects could not possibly have been produced by the culture to which they are attributed goes unmentioned. This reality is mirrored in many of the world's ancient writings but anthropology is dismissive on the written evidence veiling it in myth and religious symbolism. Our true history is incomplete without a clear understanding that our ancestors were in direct contact with a race of advanced beings. The remnants of the ancient cultures are mislabeled and improperly associated to satisfy certain long established and antiquated theories of our past. The "publish or perish" mentality that drives the funding needs in these fields requires strict adherence to the status quo. Disagree with the orthodox theories and you won't get published. Don't get published and the organization funding you will no longer find you a profitable venture or a magnet for much desired media attention. If you lose your appeal as a solid money and media draw with one major institution, you lose your credibility with them all. The cover-up is a key to success in these fields.

    There are two other great enigmas in the scientific arena concerning the UFO phenomena, S.E.T.I., the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, and the NASA space program. If we are correct in stating that UFOs exist and are frequently present in our skies it would be safe to assume that the scientific community knows about this as well. This would mean that the S.E.T.I. Project is nothing more than a diversion meant to keep society ever mindful of the fallacy that they are looking for extra terrestrial life out there, while they know it has been here all along. The attempted cover-up of sightings by NASA astronauts is well documented. This combined with the public relations flim flam concerning the possibility of alien life forms on other planets, with no mention of evidence of the presence of alien life forms in our own skies, shows a policy focused on keeping the public totally uninformed. The cover-up is a matter of public policy in science.

    Education is conspicuously silent on the subject of UFOs, having found it convenient to pigeonhole it as myth. But just as with programming computers, the educational textbooks are controlled by the GIGO principal, (Garbage In, Garbage Out). Instructors cannot impart wisdom that is not in their instructional materials. They are simply teaching the same antiquated and unproven theories that archaeologists, anthropologist, and geologists, pump out in a repetitive stream of mind mush. And of course the students who go on to be instructors absorb the same antiquated material, repeat it as programmed to do, and this cycle of disinformation repeats itself in perpetuity. Even the new field of astrobiology, created by NASA, is focused on theories dealing with the hypothetical existence of life on other planets, and in other galaxies, and not the study of alien life actually evidenced on international radar screens. Ufology is not a subject in our higher institutions while theoretical science is widely taught. Certainly there is more evidence supporting the presence of UFOs than there is for the hypothetical existence of bucky balls, fat wormholes, and invisible dark matter. The cover-up is part of the curriculum.

    Organized Bible based religions are for the most part also silent on the UFO phenomenon, either through fear of facing the reality, refusal to recognize it, or church mandated social isolation. This is an enigma in itself considering the fame of Ezekiel's wheels, the chariots of the Gods, (the verse, not the book, well maybe the book too), and other evidence of flying vehicles in biblical text. When mainstream religion does deal with the anomaly there are two doctrinal views concerning the presence of UFOs, the holograph theory, and the evil alien conspiracy. One approach states that the UFOs are holographic illusions projected by Satan to lure the congregation away from the church and into alien worship, eventually enslaving mankind. The other more radical view surmises that the beings piloting the UFOs are actually fallen angels with Satan in the mother ship. They are lurking on the dark side of the moon, or some other evil hideaway, occasionally visiting our atmosphere to abduct and implant a few of their human followers, slaughter some cows, scrawl satanic graffiti in our barley fields, or run circles around our jets. Either way UFOs are evil and UFO believers are either dupes or disciples of Satan. Contrary to the doomsday bellowing of the satanic UFO prophets, this widespread cover-up itself could easily be classified as a Great Deception, while evil soul-stealing aliens piloting UFOs are not mentioned in scripture. Certainly the cover-up is safe here, in total confusion and ignorant bliss.

    Big business rakes in plenty of profit from the UFO phenomenon without any need for the real thing. It is a multibillion-dollar business world wide, and dare we even consider the impact on that trade if it became politically incorrect to exploit and demean a superior alien race. Big business would also find it much more difficult to manipulate and brand an advanced race of beings than it is to manipulate the human race. Unless big business can get the visitors under contract, sporting corporate logos on their craft, doing guest appearances on talk shows, or convince them to switch to the internal combustion engine, none of which is likely, they could only be a burden. The cover-up is just smart business.

    Add to this whole mix the social stigma associated with belief in UFOs and the mainstream media exploitation of the UFO phenomenon portraying it as violent and mysterious, solely for profit. Now you have very cleverly made the reality not only socially unacceptable but also well disguised as fiction. The dumbing down of our society through a constant blitz of heavily advertised entertainment insures very few will be distracted from the stranglehold of the boob tube of your choice long enough to consider weightier matters. A never ending flow of glitzy presentation keeps the populace riveted in place while being conditioned to be obsessive shoppers with good branding. Even during crisis we are told that the way to lift us up from our depression is to shop till we drop. Until the relevant information concerning UFOs inhabits prime time television, the majority of humanity in the developed world will remain ignorant. The cover-up is safe from too many prying eyes.

    Perhaps the last frontiers of free thought in the "accessibility" and "regulation of speech" categories, are the Internet and privately controlled information outlets. Only on the Internet and through specialty media sources can the free flow of subjective and objective views concerning the UFO phenomenon be easily accessed by the printed and spoken word. Of course this final bastion of free speech is also being threatened by the need for censorship in the name of national security concerns and for the preservation of patriotism prompted by the recent terrorist attacks. For the most part however, and for the time being, the cover-up has only of very weak foothold in the alternative media.

    There are of course rumors that the government has contact with the aliens, in negotiations, or in some other such communication. We can only hope that these rumors are false because certainly politicians and military leaders would be doing the negotiating. If such a scenario were true and assuming that advanced technologies and advanced intelligence, go hand-in-hand, the negotiations probably wouldn't last very long. Any self-respecting alien would probably give up in frustration in minutes. If the aliens capitulated to the dishonesty and insincerity of power-hungry and lobby-controlled politicians and the aggressive, overly protective, and government-controlled attitudes of gun toting career military officers they wouldn't be very intelligent. We know that the government would not consider our best interests in any negotiations and would be more likely to first protect their own power. If these aliens are peaceful and intelligent we at least have the hope they have the welfare of all mankind at heart and would be able to see that negotiating with our leaders will not benefit the people as a whole.

    All things considered it appears as though the cover-up is almost complete and in the eyes of those supporting the cover-up their actions are justified. It can be clearly seen that the lifting of this cover-up would have a major impact on many areas of society and the ripple effect would carry through all of the world's cultures. As it stands now it is basically a minor irritant because UFOs seem satisfied simply to fly in, do their business, and go away. Until social values and public priorities that compromise the status quo are changed the UFO cover-up will continue and this quiet power, a power that seems to be waiting and watching, will remain officially "Unidentified'.

    Whatever their reasons for being here and regardless of what the government does or does not know there is no justification for deceiving the public solely to preserve wealth and power. Unfortunately the status quo is ingeniously set up mainly to preserve an entrenched system of wealth and power controlled by the elite. Until that system is changed the deception will continue. The power elite are the direct source of, and in control of this deception and they will resist anything that threatens their power base. Not only could an alien revelation cause a major social change, but also a major social upheaval must first take place, which reclaims this power to control public information from the rich, and returns it to the people where it rightfully belongs, before it will ever become public knowledge. Unless of course they land on the White House lawn, which is more likely to happen before the rich and powerful ever lose control of the truth.

    Patrick Cooke is the Editor of The Bible UFO Connection Website,, and author of the book, "The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection." This book can be purschased on and othe favoite book stores.

    Copyright © 2002 Patrick Cooke
    Patrick Cooke is the Author of the NOW #1 Seller book on the
    The Greatest Deception - The Bible UFO Connection also the owner of the Newest Discussion list called "Oraclechasers" You can subscribe by addressing a blank letter to

    #2. The Human Radiation Experiments - How Scientists Secretly Used U.S. Citizens As Guinea Pigs During The Cold War by: Alan R Cantwell Jr., M.D.

    In preparing America for nuclear attack during the Cold War years following World War II, thousands of US citizens became the innocent victims of over 4,000 secret and classified radiation experiments conducted by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and other government agencies, such as the Department of Defense, the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, the Public Health Service (now the CDC), the National Institutes of Health, the Veterans Administration (VA), the CIA, and NASA.

    Millions of people were exposed to radioactive fallout from the continental testing of more than 200 atmospheric and underground nuclear weapons, and from the hundreds of secret releases of radiation into the environment. Over 200,000 “atomic vets” who worked closely with nuclear detonations at the Nevada test site during the 1950s and 1960s were especially vulnerable to radiation fallout.

    Also affected were the thousands of so-called “downwinders”, who lived in nearby small towns in Nevada, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. These
    downwinders (along with the animal populations) suffered the worst
    cumulative radioactive effects of fallout, along with a contaminated
    environment teeming with radioactive food and farm products. The plight of these poor country people exposed to government-induced radiation sickness has been recorded in Carole Gallagher’s remarkable photo-essay American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War (The Free Press, 1993).

    In reviewing declassified AEC records (now the Department of Energy) from the 1950s, Gallagher was shocked to discover one document that described the people downwind of the Nevada Test Site as “a low use segment of the population.” Her shock at such callous bigotry caused her to eventually move West to research, investigate and document those who lived closest to the Test Site, as well as workers at the site, and soldiers repeatedly exposed to nuclear bombs during the military tests.

    Disinformation and Nuclear Fallout

    In the nuclear arms race, government doctors and scientists brainwashed the public into believing low dose radiation was not harmful. Some officials even tried to convince people that “a little radiation is good for you.” Totally ignored was the knowledge that the radiation from nuclear fallout could lead to an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, immune system disease, reproductive abnormalities, sterility, birth defects, and genetic mutations which could be passed on from generation to generation. The full extent of this radiation damage to the American public during the Cold War years will never be known.

    A secret AEC document, dated 17 April 1947, reveals that physicians were aware of these radiation hazards but simply ignored them. Under the title “Medical Experiments in Humans,” the memorandum read: “It is desired that no document be released which refers to experiments with humans that might have an adverse effect on public opinion or result in legal suits. Documents covering such field work should be classified ‘Secret’.”

    According to Gallagher, many downwinders testified that the Public Health Service officials told them that their ‘neurosis’ about the fallout was the only thing that would give them cancer, particularly if they were female. Women with severe radiation illness, hair loss, and badly burned skin, were clinically diagnosed in hospitals as “neurotic.” Other severely ill women were diagnosed with “housewife syndrome.” When Gallagher’s investigation led her to ask a Department of Energy spokesperson about the AEC/DOE’s practice of waiting until the wind blew towards Utah before testing nuclear bombs or venting radiation in order to avoid contaminating Las Vegas or Los Angeles,
    the unabashed and unconcerned official actually said on tape, “Those people in Utah don’t give a shit about radiation.”

    Secret Radiation Experiments

    Only recently, with the forced release of Top Secret documents, have details been revealed about the unethical and inhumane radiation studies conducted during the Cold War years from 1944 to 1974. The initial story broke in November 1993 in a series of articles in the Albuquerque Tribune which identified the names of 18 Americans secretly injected with plutonium, a key ingredient of the atomic bomb and one of the most toxic substances known to man. Some, but not all, of the patients were terminally ill. This horrifying story by journalist Eileen Welsome (who later won a Pulitzer Prize) unleashed a storm of nationwide protest prompting Department of Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary to order the release of secret files and documents
    pertaining to these Cold War experiments.

    The extremely dangerous plutonium experiment was performed under the
    auspices of the government’s Manhattan Project, which brought together a revered group of distinguished scientists to develop and test the atom bomb. The purpose of these secret experiments was to establish occupational standards for workers who would be producing plutonium and other radioactive ingredients for the nuclear energy industry.

    Some of the classified government experiments included:

    * Exposing more than 100 Alaskan villagers to radioactive iodine during the 1960s.

    * Feeding 49 retarded and institutionalised teenagers radioactive iron and calcium in their cereal during the years 1946-1954.

    * Exposing about 800 pregnant women in the late 1940s to radioactive iron to determine the effect on the fetus.

    * Injecting 7 newborns (six were Black) with radioactive iodine.

    * Exposing the testicles of more than 100 prisoners to cancer-causing doses of radiation. This experimentation continued into the early 1970s.

    * Exposing almost 200 cancer patients to high levels of radiation from
    cesium and cobalt. The AEC finally stopped this experiment in 1974.

    * Administering radioactive material to psychiatric patients in San
    Francisco and to prisoners in San Quentin.

    * Administering massive doses of full body radiation to cancer patients
    hospitalised at the General Hospital in Cincinnati, Baylor College in
    Houston, Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York City, and the US Naval
    Hospital in Bethesda, during the 1950s and 1960s. The experiment provided data to the military concerning how a nuclear attack might affect its troops.

    * Exposing 29 patients, some with rheumatoid arthritis, to total body
    irradiation (100-300 rad dose) to obtain data for the military. This was conducted at the University of California Hospital in San Francisco.

    The Atomic Energy Commission

    In 1995 the Energy Department admitted to over 430 radiation experiments conducted by the Atomic Energy Commission between the years 1944 and 1974. Over 16,000 people were radiated, some of whom did not know the health risks or did not give consent.

    These experiments were designed to help atomic scientists understand the
    human hazards of nuclear war and radiation fallout. Because the entire
    nuclear arms buildup was classified secret, these experiments were all
    stamped secret and allowed to take place under the banner of protecting
    “national security.”

    Amazingly, these clandestine studies were conducted at the most prestigious medical institutions and colleges, including the University of Chicago, the University of Washington, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and the previously mentioned universities.

    Uranium Mine Workers

    In addition to these radiation experiments, workers who mined uranium for the AEC in the Four Corners area of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico, were exposed to radioactive dust during the 1940s up to the 1960s. Although AEC scientists and epidemiologists knew the dust in these poorly ventilated mines was contaminated with deadly radon gas which could easily cause death from lung cancer, this lifesaving information was never passed on to the miners, many of whom were Native Americans. As a result, many miners died prematurely of cancer of the lung.

    Stewart Udall, an Arizona Congressman and lawyer who also served as
    Secretary of the Interior during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, represented the miners and their families in a class action lawsuit against the federal government for radiation injuries. In The Myths of August, Udall writes that some physicians who defended the decisions of the atomic establishment sought to justify these experiments by contending that little was known about the health risks associated with the various exposures. Others tried to put a positive face on tests conducted without obtaining informed consent by maintaining that these experiments nevertheless produced advances in medical knowledge. Some physicians argued that the conduct of
    the AEC doctors should be condoned because they were merely following the ‘prevailing ethics’ of the postwar period. When the miners’ case finally came to trial in 1983, the federal court in Arizona dismissed the case by declaring the US government was immune from lawsuit.

    Medical Ethics of the Cold War

    How could these physician-experimenters ignore the sworn Hippocratic Oath promising that doctors will not harm their patients? Did they violate the Nuremberg Code of justice developed in response to the Nazi war crimes trials after World War II?

    The Nuremberg Code includes 10 principles to guide physicians in human
    experimentation. In actuality, prior to the Nazi war crime tribunals, there was no written code for doctors; and lawyers defending the Nazi doctors tried to argue that similar wartime experiments were conducted with prisoners at the Illinois State Penitentiary, who were deliberately infected with malaria.

    During the Nuremberg trials the AMA came up with its own ethical standards, which included three requirements: 1) voluntary consent of the person on whom the experiment is to be performed must be obtained; 2) the danger of each experiment must be previously investigated by animal experimentation; and 3) the experiment must be performed under proper medical protection and management.

    The records now show that many victims of the government’s radiation
    experiments did not voluntarily consent as required by the Code. As late as 1959, Harvard Medical School researcher Henry Beecher viewed the Code “as too extreme and not squaring with the realities of clinical research.” Another physician said the Code had little effect on mainstream medical morality and “doubted the ability of the sick to understand complex facts of their condition in a way to make consent meaningful.”

    Writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1996, Jay Katz recalls an argument at Harvard Medical School in 1961 suggesting that the Code was not necessarily pertinent to or adequate for the conduct of research in the United States. Katz writes: “The medical research community found, and still finds, the stringency of the NC’s first principle all too onerous.” But patients in medical experiments expect the experiment to help them in some way – not to harm them! Patients also are often inclined to totally trust their physicians not to harm them. In The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code, Katz concludes that many doctors view the Code as “a good code for barbarians but an unnecessary code for ordinary physicians.”

    The President’s Advisory Committee

    In January 1994 President Clinton convened an Advisory Committee to
    investigate the accusations surrounding the human radiation experiments. In their final report presented to the president on 3 October, 1995, the Committee found that up to the early 1960s it was common for physicians to conduct research on patients without their consent.

    The Committee’s harshest criticism was reserved for those cases in which physicians used patients without their consent in experiments in which the patients could not possibly benefit medically. These cases included the 18 people injected with plutonium at Oak Ridge Hospital in Tennessee, the University of Rochester in New York, the University of Chicago, and the University of California at San Francisco, as well as two experiments in which seriously ill patients were injected with uranium, six at the University of Rochester and eleven at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The plutonium and uranium experiments undoubtedly put the subjects at increased risk for cancer in ten or twenty years’ time.

    The Final Report of the President’s Advisory Committee is now available in The Human Radiation Experiments, published in 1996 by Oxford Press. Although the Committee studied the experiments in depth, there was no attempt to assess the damage done to individuals. In many cases, the names and records of the patients were no longer available, nor was there any easy way to identify how many experiments had been conducted, where they took place, and which government agencies sponsored them. The Department of Health and Human Services, the primary government sponsor of research, had long since discarded files on experiments performed decades ago.

    The Committee discovered “the records of much of the nation’s recent history had been irretrievably lost or simply could not be located” and “only the barest description remained” for the majority of the experiments.

    The Department of Energy also claimed all the pertinent records of its
    predecessor, the AEC, had been destroyed during the 1970s, but in some cases as late as 1989. All CIA records are classified. When records of the top secret MKULTRA program (in which unwitting subjects were experimented upon with a variety of mind-altering drugs) were requested, the CIA explained that all pertinent records had been destroyed during the 1970s when the program became a national scandal.

    Keeping Government Secrets

    The Committee made clear that its story could not have been told if the
    government did not keep some records that were eventually retrieved and made public. However, federal records management law also provides for the routine destruction of older records. Thus, in the great majority of cases the loss or destruction of requested documents was a function of normal record-keeping practices.

    The Committee was dismayed to report: “At the same time, however, the
    records that recorded the destruction of documents, including secret
    documents, have themselves been lost or destroyed.” Thus, the circumstances of destruction (and indeed, whether documents were destroyed or simply lost) is often hard to ascertain.

    In the Committee’s judgment the AEC had repeatedly deceived the public by denying it had engaged in human experimentation, and by issuing cover stories to cover-up secret investigations, and by deliberately supplying incomplete information to people who participated in government-sponsored biomedical research. It was clear that once government information was “born secret” it often remained that way.

    The Committee concludes: “The government has the power to create and keep secrets of immense importance to us all.” Yet, without documents how can historians and other researchers uncover the truth about the government’s clandestine activities? Where is the ‘smoking gun’ when secret records are systematically shredded or reported as ‘lost’? We now know that many people were damaged during the government’s Cold War period of secrets and lies. But how can we uncover the medical and scientific secrets that remain hidden in the still classified documents from 1974 up to the present?

    In the absence of medical records and follow-up, the ultimate fate of
    individuals who willingly or unwillingly “volunteered” for these experiments is not known. The Committee simply did not have the time or the resources to review individual files and histories. In many instances only fragmentary information survives about these experiments; whether people were harmed in these experiments could not be ascertained.

    Current Secret Biomedical Experimentation

    The US has the world’s largest arsenal of chemical and biological weapons. However, few people are aware of the covert biowarfare experiments conducted by various government agencies, particularly the military and the CIA.

    For example, in August 1977 the CIA admitted to no less than 149
    subprojects, including experiments to determine the effects of different drugs on human behaviour; work on lie-detectors, hypnosis, and electric shock; and the surreptitious delivery of drug-related materials. Forty-four colleges and universities were involved, along with fifteen research foundations, twelve hospitals or clinics, and three penal institutions. In the infamous MKULTRA mind-altering experiments, the victims were lured to hotel rooms for sexual encounters with prostitutes and were then drugged and monitored by CIA agents.

    Military biowarfare attacks against unsuspecting Americans in the 1950s and 60s are a documented reality. The most notorious was a six-day US military bioattack on San Francisco in which clouds of potentially harmful bacteria were sprayed over the city. Twelve people developed pneumonia due to these infectious microbes, and one elderly man died from the bioattack.

    In other secret attacks, bacteria were sprayed into New York City subway tunnels; into crowds at a Washington, D.C. airport; and onto highways in Pennsylvania. Biowarfare testing also took place in military bases in Virginia, in Key West, Florida, and off the coasts of California and Hawaii.

    For 50 years the shameful details of the government’s radiation experiments were kept secret from the public. In The Plutonium Files, Eileen Welsome notes the ethical horror that resulted from the melding of military and medical agendas during the Cold War. She credits the atomic bomb project’s public relations machine for downplaying the fallout controversy, the illnesses of the atomic veterans, and the diseases of the downwinders. The government propagandists simply placed the blame on sudden wind shifts, misinformed scientists, the overactive imagination of aging soldiers, and even Communist propagandists.

    Welsome concludes: “The web of deception and denial looks in retrospect like a vast conspiracy, but in actuality it was simply a reflection of the shared attitudes and beliefs of the scientists and the bureaucrats who were inducted into the weapons program at a time of national urgency and never abandoned their belief that nuclear war was imminent.” She worries if what we have learned from the thousands of radiation experiment documents made public over the last several years will be remembered. Like the Holocaust and the Nazi crimes against humanity, the radiation experiments should never be forgotten.

    In reviewing Welsome’s book for the Los Angeles Times (2 January, 2000), Thomas Powers asks: “If the government lied about the danger of nuclear testing, can we trust them to tell us the truth about acid rain, global warming or the safety of deep storage for nuclear waste?”

    Does Secret Medical Experimentation Continue?

    To this day there are no adequate safeguards to protect people from secret government experimentation. Since the mid-1970s we have witnessed the spectacular rise of genetic engineering and molecular biology, as well as the concomitant outbreak of new and mysterious diseases like AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, the peculiar “Four Corners” lung disease discovered on Navajo land, and the appearance of unprecedented “emerging” viruses never before seen on the planet.

    Investigators linking the possible origin of these diseases to the dangerous engineering of new microbes are often dismissed as paranoids and crackpots. The mysterious Persian Gulf War syndrome is yet another recent illness clouded in military and biologic secrecy, with the origin and cause still debated and the medical records of sick veterans often “lost” or otherwise unavailable. Not surprisingly, the same government institutions that funded the radiation experiments now largely control the research, the funding, and the cover stories pertaining to all these new diseases and viruses.

    What is clear from studying the Committee’s Final Report is that the medical and scientific professions collaborated with the government and the military to abuse and harm US citizens. In the process, the nuclear establishment literally got away with murder. And there is simply no end to the secrets that still emerge from the Cold War years that began 58 years ago with the Manhattan Project.

    In January 2000, the government presented the results of a statistical study showing that atomic workers employed in the nuclear weapons industry during the Cold War were more likely to suffer a higher rate of cancer, due to their exposure to cancer-causing radiation and chemicals.

    From the 1940s up to the present time, government lawyers and scientists have repeatedly rejected the claims of workers who became sick as result of nuclear radiation and exposure to deadly uranium, plutonium, and fluorine. As many as 600,000 workers in 14 nuclear weapons plants are now affected by the government’s final admission of wrongdoing in exposing these people to cancer and other chronic illnesses.

    According to a Los Angeles Times report, “workers told of spending years trying to get compensation payments from the state, of having to hire attorneys to get disability pay, of going to clinics that forced them to sign away rights to a portion of any future disability payment before they could be treated.”

    Kay Sutherland, a worker at the Hanford plutonium plant in central
    Washington State, told a hearing that “the people in this area have been forced into poverty because they’ve had to retire in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, too young to get a retirement, and too young to get Social Security. They fall through the cracks and they die.” Sutherland has lost four of her five family members to disease, and has an enlarged liver and multiple tumours. She considers herself “a Holocaust survivor for the American Cold War.”

    How can we stop these nuclear and biological horrors, which have condemned thousands of innocent people to disease and death? Why must decades of government-sanctioned medical abuse be kept secret and covered-up by scientists and physicians who claim to be concerned about the health of the public?

    One way to prevent abuse might be to bring the physician-scientist
    perpetrators of these experiments to justice in a court of law. However, unless the public is aroused, this is unlikely to happen.

    Writing in the Columbia Journalism Review, Geoffrey Sea notes: “A startling fact about the experiments is that, despite the documentation of hundreds of cases of unethical conduct resulting in lasting damage to thousands of people, not a single physician or nurse, scientist or technician, policy maker or administrator has yet come forward to admit wrongdoing.”

    For over twenty years the law allowed the US Department of Defense (DoD) to use Americans as “guinea pigs.” This law (the US code annotated Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520, dated 30 July, 1977) remained on the books until it was repealed under public pressure in 1998. The new and revised bill prohibits the DoD from conducting tests and experiments on humans, but allows “exceptions.” One of the exceptions is that a test or experiment can be carried out for “any peaceful purpose that is related to a medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, or research activity.” Thus, the 1998 law has obvious loopholes which allow secret testing to continue. For details on the restrictions (and exceptions) for
    human testing for chemical and biological agents, consult the Gulf War Vets website at http//

    Unethical and dangerous experimentation undoubtedly continues in secret up to the present time, ostensibly under the guise of “national security.” Thus, it would seem prudent for patients to think twice before signing-up for government-sponsored medical studies, particularly at leading medical institutions. Enlightened patients might also view doctors (and scientists) with a healthy dose of skepticism, and a touch of paranoia.

    As weird as all this sounds, it could save your life!


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    Dr. Alan Cantwell is a physician and AIDS and cancer researcher. He is the author of Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot, and The Cancer Microbe, both published by Aries Rising Press, PO Box 29532, Los Angeles, CA 90029, USA. Email:

    The above article appeared in
    New Dawn No. 68 (September-October 2001)

    #3. Stalking Legendary Creatures by: Sharon J. Huntington

    IN 1912, a pilot crash-lands on a rugged Indonesian island. He hears loud rustling in the bushes. He sees the flash of a huge tail and hears a ferocious hissing. Frightened and alone in a strange land, he wonders: Could it be a dragon? It disappears before he can get a good look.

    Later, he talks with Indonesian pearl divers. He learns that stories abound of a giant reptile 12 feet long living on Komodo Island. Finally in 1926, an expedition brings two live specimens back to New York City. At 10 feet long, they turn out to be the world's largest known lizards. Now everyone knows they really exist. They don't fly or breathe fire, but they were named Komodo dragons, thanks to all the rumors they sparked about dragons on the island.

    These "dragons" also serve as an example of the purpose of cryptozoology. "Crypto" (KRIP-toh) means "hidden," and "zoology" (zoh-OHL-uh-jee) is the study of animals.

    Cryptozoologists try to find animals that are rumored to exist, but have not yet been proved to be real.

    Roy Mackal has been a biologist and biochemist at the University of Chicago, but since 1950 he has also been interested in finding mysterious animals. Dr. Mackal has traveled all over the world to try to prove that rumored creatures exist. He also helps to show that some mysterious creatures are not terrible monsters.

    Recently, a "sea monster" 50 feet long was reported and videotaped in a lake in Papua, New Guinea. Mackal was able to determine that the "monster" was actually three large salt-water crocodiles. A male was holding onto a female's tail, and another male had the second one by the tail. When only portions of their bodies appeared above the water, it looked like one giant creature.

    "There are no monsters," Mackal says, "just unidentified animals." And he believes there are still many unidentified animals to discover.

    He was recently researching in Central West Africa, in an area of 55,000 square miles of unexplored jungle and swamp. "There are large areas on the earth and in the oceans that have never been explored," he says. "Who knows what might be living there?"

    Natives of the Congo in Africa for years told European visitors of an animal that looked like a cross between a giraffe and a zebra. The visitors assumed the stories were just folk tales. But in 1901, Sir Harry Johnston obtained skins that proved the creature, which we now call the okapi, was real.

    In 1938, a fishing boat off the coast of South Africa caught a 5-foot-long fish that was later identified as a coelacanth. The fish were believed to have been extinct for 65 million years. And only a few years ago, in 1994, biologists captured the first known saola, a large ox that inhabits the forests of northern Vietnam.

    Cryptozoologists think there are still plenty of creatures to discover,
    while many of us have yet to learn about some of the strange animals that already exist. Look at the animals on these pages, for instance. How many are real?

    Here are some descriptions of animals you might not recognize. Can you guess which ones are proven to exist and which ones are still creatures of rumors and stories? (Answers below.)


    The pangolin is a mammal that looks like a reptile. It has no teeth, so it eats rocks and pebbles to help grind up the food in its stomach. It lives in southeastern Asia, Indonesia, and parts of Africa.


    The bunyip lives in Australia and is believed by many to be an ancestor of the diprotodon, a marsupial (an animal with a pouch, like the kangaroo) about the size of a rhinoceros, which became extinct thousands of years ago. The bunyip lives in creeks, swamps, and billabongs (lagoons) and has a loud, bellowing cry.


    The tuatara is a New Zealand reptile that grows up to two feet long. It has a spiny back and a third eye on top of its head. This eye can't see objects, but it can sense light and movement.


    Solenodons live in Cuba and Haiti. They hide in hollow logs and come out only at night. They grow about two feet long and use their long claws to scratch for insects to eat. They are said to have a bad temper.

    Star-Nosed Mole

    The star-nosed mole is a small mammal with soft fur and sharp teeth. It has feelers at the tip of its nose and uses them like fingers. It spends most of its time swimming in ponds and streams in Canada and the northeastern United States.

    Queensland Tiger

    Inhabiting the rainforests of Australia, the Queensland tiger is about the size of a German shepherd. It has stripes across its back and a cat-like head.

    ANSWERS: All except the bunyip and the Queensland tiger have been proved to exist. Stories of bunyips have been told by Australian aborigines for generations, and white settlers have also reported sightings. Many believe they are just stray seals, while others think they may be an unknown animal. Aborigines have also told stories of the Queensland tiger for centuries, and many sightings were reported in the 1940s and 1950s. Expeditions have never been able to locate a specimen.

    Books on Cryptozoology

    Ever Heard of an Aardwolf? By Madeline Moser
    Harcourt Brace & Co. San Diego, 1996

    Weird Animals By Tammy Everts and Bobbie Kalman
    Crabtree Publishing Co. New York, 1995

    Really Weird Animals By Tammy Everts and Bobbie Kalman
    Crabtree Publishing Co. New York, 1995

    Maybe 'Nessie' is an earthquake

    You've probably heard of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. Stories of a sea monster in northern Scotland's Loch Ness have been reported since the 600s. ("Loch" means "lake.") Sonar scans of the lake have indicated large, unidentified objects in the murky water.

    Photographs supposed to show Nessie have been discounted by scientists as blurry images of seals or otters. Probably the best-known photograph was presented in 1934 by Robert Wilson. It appeared to show the head and neck of a large creature rising out of the water. The photo sparked great interest. People began taking seriously rumors of a strange creature in the lake.

    It wasn't until 1992 that Christian Spurling confessed that he and his
    stepfather, Marmaduke Wetherell, faked the picture. They used a toy
    submarine with a model neck and head. Wetherell had given the photo to Dr. Wilson.

    Some say Nessie is a large fish. Others think it might be an ancestor of ancient dinosaurs. They point to discoveries like the coelacanth, an ancient fish that was thought to be extinct for millions of years before living examples were found during the past century. Loch Ness is 20 miles long and more than 1,000 feet deep in places. That's plenty of room for a large creature to live.

    Last year, Italian geologist Luigi Piccardi offered a new theory. He thinks the sightings may be the result of earthquakes. Loch Ness lies along an active earthquake fault.

    "The most seismically active end of the loch is the north end," Piccardi says. "This corresponds to the site where many witnesses claim to have had experiences. They talk of seeing a lot of commotion on the water and hearing loud noises."

    Piccardi thinks these could be the result of small earthquakes that shake the ground and make a roaring sound. They would also release bubbles of gas in the lake that would churn its surface.

    It may take years before we prove or disprove that Nessie exists. But real or not, it is already well known around the world. Not a bad accomplishment for a creature that may be a fantasy.

    #4. Ball Lightning Terror - Memories of Abduction by: Al Straughan

    In the summer of 1941, I was two years old. My home was on the corner of two streets near the Mississippi River and a canal known as the 'Industrial Canal'. The time was mid-afternoon on a very hot day. My mother and my 12-year old sister were in the house, my mother in the kitchen off the living room and my sister in the living room. I was asleep in a crib in my parents room, also off the living room. There was a second floor to the house reached by a stairway which ended just outside the doorway of my parent's room. The door to the room in which I slept was open due to the heat and humidity.

    My sister saw a glowing hissing ball appear at the top of the stairway (the stairs wound in a linear fashion to a small landing which could not be seen from the ground floor). The ball bounced down the stairs, burning the bare wood of the treads as it came and constantly emitting sparks. It bounced into my room and woke me and I began screaming. The ball bounced back and forth across my crib and then once again bounced out of the room and into the living room, where it suddenly disappeared into a light switch. My sister, my mother, and my grandmother all witnessed the occurrence. I suffered nightmares for several years after this.

    About six months after this incident, I seemed to have 'disappeared' from my home ..... that is, no-one could find me. The family searched frantically for me for about one and one-half hours. I then appeared on the second floor landing (the family were unaware that I could negotiate stairs). When asked where I'd been, I responded that 'I've been talking to God'.

    I've been troubled since the mid-70s by an injured left knee. I've had two operations which removed pieces of cartilage and I will have the knee wholly replaced this summer. I've also had an operation on my right shoulder to remove calcium and this problem has also now recurred. I atttributed the knee problem to having trekked in the Himalayas in the 60s.

    I began visiting a healer for the knee problem, hoping to avoid another
    operation. The healer is trained in a variety of techniques and used a
    trance technique to try to take me back to the time of the injury. In this trance, I encountered an 'imaginary playmate' from my childhood, a figure I'd named 'Ecke'. I later learned that this is the German word for 'corner' and I may have picked this up from my German grandmother.

    In the trance, I visualized a 'creature' at the top of the stair landing. This creature appeared to be about three feet tall, dark, and perhaps winged. As I observed this visualization, the creature's mouth opened and a hissing ball emerged from it. Observed at close range, the ball appeared to have layers of swirling clouds within it, a palimpsest effect. I felt great fear at the creature and the ball, there was nothing benign about it.

    A week later, I underwent another trance. In this trance, I saw that I was bound by straps to a table which felt cold like metal. I was naked and there were cables or wires attached into my right shoulder and left knee. I was in a room which appeared to be octagonal. The walls were so high that I could see no ceiling. The walls shimmered as of mother-of-pearl. I was aware of no-one else in the room, but I was very frightened. I pulled at the straps and finally tore loose and tore the cables from my knee and shoulder.

    This is what memory and subsequent trance have revealed. I have shared this information openly and learned that a number of others have been visited by such balls of apparent lightning. I know very little about lightning balls as a natural phenomenon, but I understand that they are quite rare. I frankly do not know if these trance memories are valid or not. I do know that my knee and shoulder problems are quite real.

    (Notation: Our Thanks To Farshores for letting WOTS do a reprint odf this article.

    #5. Long Way From The Loch by: Elizabeth Schneider

    From the deck of her house in Silver Lake, Valerie Elson has a spectacular view of the lake, and if she keeps a lookout maybe one day it will offer a glimpse of that curious creature, Silver Lake's own Loch Ness monster.

    To foster discussion on the matter, and more importantly "have fun with it," Elson and her husband, Donald, created a website dedicated to the beloved Nessie and her adventures in Silver Lake.

    Sylvia, better know by neighbors as Sylvie the Silver Lake Nessie, is a "being which may or may not exist, but is frequently seen in the water," Elson says. "There have also been some sightings of a land Sylvie in the Ralphs parking lot."

    Really, the site shows off Elson's talent for superimposing pictures that she has taken during her and her husband's travels around the world onto photos of the reservoir itself. website, which first appeared in 1998, has served not only as an "interesting place for people to visit, but a place to express creativity not only for myself but for people interested in mythology," Elson says.

    Sylvie has been the inspiration for some of Elson's poetry:

    Sylvie calls from the lake, dear Mum,
    Entreats me, begs me to come.
    With her beckoning eyes
    And her pleading sighs
    To embrace me as playmate and chum!

    Not only does the site feature a superimposed picture of the famous 1930s photo of the Loch Ness Monster known as the "physician's photo," which received tremendous publicity, onto a picture of the lake -- "We don't want to take too much of the magic out," Elson says -- there are photos of Silver Lake prior to the 1998 sale/relocation of the London Bridge to Echo Park and the Solstice Celebration and rededication of Stonehenge in 1998 following the bridge removal.

    "The site pretty much has everything about myself and my husband and all the stuff we do," Elson says, including graphic art, theater, movies, television, computer consulting and most recently book publishing.

    But not everybody enjoys the Elsons' twisted humor.

    "Surprisingly enough," Elson says, "there are quite a few people who take sea and lake monsters extremely seriously."

    Over the years she says she has received some pretty "strong e-mails" reminding her that "the question of sea creatures is no laughing matter."

    "Some people have contacted me to say that sea monsters are real and how dare I make fun of them," Elson says.

    But overall, she thinks that most people enjoy the site.

    The website has a Nessie quiz, "which tries to put a perspective of reality to the whole situation," where users can win a prize if they answer all of the questions correctly. But only eight or nine people have actually claimed their prizes, she says.

    "I guess some people are a bit hesitant about sending their home address to a blind website," Elson says, but the prizes -- home-made bookmarks -- are legitimate.

    The burning question is whether or not Elson really believes in Sylvie's existence?

    "I believe in the fascination of such creatures and in the magic that the imagination can color the world," she says. "She's given me a great deal of enjoyment...and that's real."

    Elizabeth Schneider can be reached at (323) 932-6397, ext. 162, or by e-mail at

    #6. Milky Way 'may hold a billion planets like Earth' by: James Meek (Science Correspondent - The Guardian),3604,681578,00.html

    Our galaxy, the Milky Way, could contain up to a billion Earth-like planets capable of supporting life, scientists will announce today.

    The theoretical abundance of hospitable worlds among the estimated 200bn stars of our home galaxy suggests it is only a matter of time before more accurate telescopes are able to glimpse the faint signature of a far-off planet, proving that, in size and temperature at least, we are not alone in the universe.

    Solar systems such as Earth's, in which planets orbit a star, have been discovered. Astronomers have identified almost 100 planets in orbit around other suns. All are enormous, and of the same gaseous make-up as Jupiter.

    Today Barrie Jones, of the Open University, will tell the UK national astronomy meeting in Bristol that he and his colleague Nick Sleep have worked out how to predict which of the newly discovered solar systems is likely to harbour smaller, Earth-like, planets.

    Using a computer simulation, they have created mathematical models of the far-off planetary systems and seeded them with hypothetical Earths, orbiting in the "Goldilocks zone" around stars where it is neither too hot nor too cold to support life.

    The computer reports which of these model Earths is likely to be kicked out of its temperate orbit by the gravitational effects of the monster planets, and which is likely to survive.

    Based on their work so far, the number of Earth-worlds could be vast. "There could be at least a billion 'Earths' in the Milky Way, and lots more if we find systems more like ours, with their giant planets well away from the habitable zones," said Professor Jones.

    The size of the Goldilocks zone depends on the size and age of the solar system's star. In our solar system, it lies, like Earth, between Venus and Mars. Jupiter lies beyond Mars.

    The solar system most like ours discovered so far is that of a star called 47 Ursae Majoris, which lies 51 light years from Earth, near the constellation known as the Great Bear or the Big Dipper. Astronomers have discovered two planets orbiting the star - one 2 times the size of Jupiter, the other slightly smaller.

    Both planets orbit relatively close to the Goldilocks zone, which is further out than ours because 47 Ursae Majoris is older, hotter and brighter than the sun. Yet the system could still support Earth-like planets.

    "It's certainly a system worth exploring for an Earth-like planet and for life," said Prof Jones. The definition of the life-supporting zone in any solar system is that water should be able to exist in a liquid state.

    Nasa and its European counterpart, Esa, plan to launch instruments into space in the middle of the next 10 years which could produce pictures of Earth-sized planets.

    #7. $1 Million Mathematical Mystery "Solved"? by: Robert Matthews News Service

    A British mathematician thinks he has found a way to solve a 100-year-old mathematical mystery - and if he is right, he will win a $1 million prize.

    Known as Poincaré's Conjecture, the mystery centres on a guess about the properties of multi-dimensional space made in 1904 by the great French mathematician Henri Poincaré.

    Since then, Poincaré's guess has been proved correct for every dimension of space but one: the three-dimensional space we inhabit. Now Martin Dunwoody of Southampton University believes he has found a way of polishing off this final gap in the proof.

    His strategy is now being checked by mathematicians worldwide, and if his detailed proof passes muster, Dunwoody will win one of the $1 million prizes being offered by the Clay Institute in Boston for solving any of seven key mathematical challenges.

    No proof

    Poincaré was led to make his conjecture during his pioneering studies in topology, the mathematical study of the properties of objects that stay unchanged when they are stretched or bent.

    In order to translate topological questions into algebra, Poincaré invented so-called "homotopy groups" - quantities which capture the essence of multi-dimensional spaces in algebraic terms, and have the power to reveal similarities between them.

    Poincaré proved that any two-dimensional surface having the same homotopy group as the two-dimensional surface of a sphere is topologically equivalent to a sphere. He thought the same would be true in three dimensions - but could not prove it.

    Since the 1960s, mathematicians have confirmed Poincaré's suspicions for all other dimensions using various strategies, with the four-dimensional case being solved in 1982. Frustratingly, however, none of these strategies work in three dimensions.

    Mathematical immortality

    Dunwoody's approach - outlined in a five-page preprint on his website - focuses on the properties of specific three dimensional spaces, and seems to show that Poincaré's conjecture is true.

    Whether a fatal flaw will show up when the strategy is expanded into a full, formal proof is as yet unclear, however: "It's too early to tell - at least for me", says topologist Matt Brin of the State University of New York, Binghamton, who has helped Dunwoody in his attempt on the conjecture.

    Talk of mathematical immortality and $1 million dollar prizes is being played down by Dunwoody's own institution. "Peer review is the established way of ensuring that a proof is correct", says Adam Wheeler, head of the mathematics department. "Because of this the Clay Institute rules imposes a cooling off period before the award of any prize".

    It is likely to be at least several months before the checking process is completed.

    #8. 'Now I Know All About Ghosts © 2002Telegraph Group LTD

    The historian Lord Dacre tells Candida Crewe how he overcame a terrifying condition that left him lost in a world of hallucinations
    ABOUT four years ago, the distinguished historian Hugh Trevor-Roper, now Lord Dacre of Glanton, noticed that his eyesight was becoming progressively worse. He had been short-sighted all his life, so he didn't take the problem seriously at first. But then glaucoma and a cataract were diagnosed and he started to see "odd things" - so odd, indeed, that he began to wonder if he was going mad: "I couldn't see much, but what I could was becoming more and more fantastical."

    The walls of his study are lined with books, the legacy of a lifetime of scholarship, during which he was Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford and Master of Peterhouse, Cambridge, yet he has been unable to read them with the naked eye for at least three years. Aged 88, he lives alone - his wife of more than 40 years, Lady Alexandra, daughter of Field Marshal Earl Haig, died in 1997 - but he is dressed with the meticulous elegance of someone who has a full-time valet: a beautifully cut suit, pale yellow socks, embroidered velvet slippers.

    Although his brother, the eye surgeon Patrick Trevor-Roper, now retired, told him his problem was neurological rather than ophthalmic and that - though not in so many words - he was suffering a deterioration of the brain, Dacre does not have the demeanour of a madman. Even so, he says, "I was leading a pretty miserable life: living alone here, unable to find anything, trying to cook for myself.

    I won't dwell on it - it happens to everybody - but, meanwhile, the visual experiences were taking possession."

    In December 2000, the consultant eye surgeon to whom he was referred recommended an operation, but warned that it carried a risk of total blindness. "I panicked and put it off," says Dacre - and so began six terrible months of accidents, visits to casualty, encounters with the police, and increasingly unsettling hallucinations.

    It had all started gradually in about 1998. "First," he says, "there were little circular blobs of kaleidoscopic colour rotating in the air. Rather more disconcertingly, I saw a disorderly pattern of dark squares everywhere: geometrical and static, and superimposed on reality. It irritated me, their irregularity; they were aesthetically offensive and had no right to be there. That was stage one. Stage two was when I started seeing moving pictures which blocked reality."

    At first, he saw a bicycle race. "I've never been interested in bicycle races," he says, perplexed. "But the scenes were vivid and realistic. They were limited, repeated endlessly, and lasted about a month. When that ceased, a new scenario started - horse races. They are part of my life, so they were marvellous, I loved them. The horses were real thoroughbreds and the way they moved was a pleasure to watch, whereas the bicycle races had bored me to death.

    "The hallucinations - I refer to them as phantasmagoria - were more prominent in the evenings and would last half an hour or so before they stopped and I went back to my normal blurred vision. They weren't frightening - till I began to think I was going mad.

    "Then, they became rather more mysterious. Looking out of the window, I started seeing landscapes which bore only some relation to the landscape actually there. For example, the trees had leaves when they oughtn't to, or I'd be sitting at my desk and a landscape would whizz past as if I were on a train travelling across Siberia."

    One night, being driven through a housing estate, he saw a huge, colonnaded Renaissance square and architectural fantasies of all kinds. This became a common occurrence. Just as he had seen rural scenes in Paddington, he would see skyscrapers in the country.

    Once, on his way to put out the dustbins, he found himself lost in "a cemetery of dead machines", surrounded by old combine harvesters and lorries. Inside, the house would suddenly grow an extra staircase.

    Colours also became unreliable. "I was mystified by the mixture of illusion and reality and couldn't sort out the one from the other," he says.

    At first, Dacre told only family and close friends about his condition. When he asked doctors about it, he was surprised at how little they knew. Initially, he suffered the hallucinations with resignation. "They blocked out everything and I was often lost in the house and having accidents. They slowed me up immensely, but I was determined not to be defeated and struggled on against great difficulty."

    But then they started becoming more grotesque and alarming. "On one occasion, I thought I must clear my mind of these problems by going into the garden, but everything was blocked by huge trees. I was feeling my way with my stick and they would dissolve before me, but then I'd bump rather solidly into a real tree. I had to give up and go back inside."

    Between December 2000 and June 2001, which Dacre refers to as his "very bad period", he had several awful episodes but two, in particular, stick out in his mind. The first was when he arrived on the platform of his local station to find his train to Oxford already there, waiting.

    "It was a bit odd, more like a Tube train," he says, "but I went to get into it. I suddenly had doubts if it was on my side of the track or the other. I paused, not daring to get on, but didn't want to miss it. So I asked the station master and he said: `The train to Oxford will be here any minute.'

    "I said: 'What about this train?' He said: 'What train? There is no train.' I was impatient with the silly man, dumbfounded. I stared at the train and, as I did so, it quietly melted into air."

    The second occasion that gave him a fright was after he had arrived back from Paddington at 2am, having given a lecture in London. On the short walk home, he became disoriented and lost, and eventually found himself in an endless tunnel. Every now and then, he would apparently pass heaps of old machinery - and then, suddenly, "in splendid isolation", he came across a Hepplewhite chair. Meanwhile, he was aware that a few - real - cars were passing by, and he found himself worrying about who might be inside them. "I'd draw into the penumbra of the tunnel, so as not to be seen. Then one car stopped and a - real - policeman got out and took me home." At that point, he realised: "I can't go on like this."

    He sighs. "Maybe I flatter myself, but I think I remained compos mentis throughout. One doctor told me things would get better as I got accustomed to being blind, which wasn't very reassuring."

    Then, at last, between December 2000 and June 2001, another, more enlightened doctor put a name to his condition: Charles Bonnet Syndrome. "Once I'd got that name," Dacre says, "I realised it really was a neurological problem. My secretary consulted the internet and found an article in a medical journal which absolutely described what I had.

    "It was a great relief to learn that those who suffer from it think they're going mad - but they're not. If you're actually going mad, you think your hallucinations are real. With CBS, you come to realise they're not."

    Dacre got to work to find out as much as he could about the man after whom the syndrome was named, a Swiss natural philosopher of the 18th century. "In one sense, he was a precursor of Darwin," says Dacre. "He was the first person to identify this condition after his father went blind and suffered CBS. More people have it than one thinks, but they are inhibited because others might think they are potty.

    "I don't mind if people think I'm potty. I like talking about it, and I find people are interested. It is correct to say the cause of CBS is lack of eyesight. If you lose the capacity to see, the brain gets cross and invents an artificial reality for the reality that's lost. It creates it out of the dregs of the unconscious memory - hence the bicycle races."

    Armed with the name of a recognised medical condition, Dacre began to make progress. At the end of June last year, he decided to have the risky cataract operation after all, reasoning that "the situation was such that I might as well be totally blind". Fortunately, it was a success.

    "When the bandage was taken off, it was like the first day of creation. The world had become dark to me and there was a flood of light. I'd never expected to see daylight again. I was in a state of euphoria, which is only quietly settling down now.

    "I see much better and life has improved immensely. I still can't read with the naked eye, but I've nothing to complain about. I can navigate and I'm not in danger, I'm not afraid of catching trains or going out. I'm a whole world on from the state I was in just before the operation."

    He has a positive view of his bad experiences: "I like to think I learn from every experience, even if it is disagreeable. It was horrible while I had it, but I've learnt a good deal about CBS. And it has opened a whole new area for study, as well as a window into a world I hadn't dreamt of before - the creation of illusion and fantasies. Some were so clear, beautiful, exquisite - especially the ones with late medieval architecture at its proudest.

    "Sometimes, bits still come back even now, but I've no doubt the hallucinations will ultimately disappear. Two weeks ago, I woke up at three in the morning and there was a lady at the side of my bed. She was distinct and clear, wearing a fawn coat and skirt, with a hat the same colour as the costume. She was statuesque, quite good-looking, silent, immobile.

    "I said, 'Who are you?' but she didn't answer. So I asked: 'Why are you here?' She still didn't answer, but then, like the train, she gradually dissolved."

    Dacre has taken particular comfort from this last hallucination. "Now I know all about ghosts," he says.

    "It's perfectly obvious to me that they're created out of the rubbish of the brain, in the same way as are the hallucinations of CBS. Ghosts are a sub-Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

    "I don't believe in ghosts, but I've seen one now and solved one of life's mysteries - and the rational world is restored."
    "World of the Strange"
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Permission is granted to reproduce or redistribute this edition provided that attribution is made to the Author or Authors noted. In order to reprint or reproduce any copyrighted material contained herein, if not using the FULL newsletter, you MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder noted. For their permission in use of their said article.
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    21 - 04 - 2002...

    #1. Expedition Seeks Paranormal Pit by: Farshore Paranews
    #2. An Abduction Syndrome In Haitian Folklore by: Peter Rogerson
    #3. The Crystal Skull Enigma by: N Charles C. Pelton
    #4. Premonitions of Disaster - Do Tagic Events Cast Shadows Before Them by: Preston E Dennett
    #5. Alternative Solutions by: Matt DeBow
    Submitted By Mike Harman
    #6. Bush Continues Area 51 Cover-Up by: John Greenewald, Jr.
    #7. The Origin, and the Sickening, of Our Species by: Gunjan Sinha
    #8. Leave Your Bones With Davy Jones by: Gunjan Sinha

    #1. Expedition Seeks Paranormal Pit by: Farshore Paranews

    ELLENSBURG ‹ A topographic map spread on the hood of a car showed where the search party would start. There is a hole out there, they believe, a hole that not only appears to be bottomless but has, on at least one occasion, brought an animal back to life.

    The hole, the story goes, exists outside of town on land once owned by a man who calls himself Mel Waters. For years, he said, it was used as the neighborhood dump for trash, old appliances, dead cattle. When the hole never filled up, Waters measured its depth by lowering weighted fishing line into it. After 80,000 feet, he gave up. Amazed by this odd place (which dogs and birds avoided), Waters called radio host Art Bell, whose late-night show on conspiracies and the paranormal attracts a huge national audience.

    The hole is now lost. Waters ‹ himself a mystery ‹ said he sold the property and won't say where it is. Few people know who he really is. So far, Waters exists only on radio waves, with a story many think is bunk. But tales of a deep hole in Ellensburg have circulated for years. Hoax or not, Waters' appearances before Bell's 10 million listeners have elevated an old local legend into a national paranormal mystery.

    Ever since Waters first called Bell's show in 1997, listeners have followed the story closely, posting each new clue on their chat page, They believe the hole is about 10 miles west of town on a place called Manastash Ridge.

    Before the search party headed out the other day from its staging area at the Copper Kettle on Eighth Street, member Brian Christ of Ellensburg, who would wait at the base camp, warned the others they were in danger.

    "People know you're out here, right?" he asked.

    Christ was clearly nervous. He'd heard what Waters said happened after he went public ‹ that soldiers in yellow gear cordoned off his property and threatened to "find" a drug lab on it if he didn't cooperate. He also knew other details Waters told Bell: how one neighbor claimed to have thrown a dead dog in the hole, only to see it later frolicking in the woods; how another saw a black beam emanating from the hole; how transistor radios brought to the hole play programs from the past.

    Charlette LeFevre, a search coordinator, had another concern: lining up 30 people for an expedition photo. "On the count of three," she said, "everybody say 'Mel's Hole.' "

    Search Party Strikes Out!

    The quest for Mel's Hole is in its sixth year. A recent appearance by Waters on Bell's Coast to Coast AM show (heard in Seattle on KOMO-AM), convinced many it could be found. Bundled up for cold weather were, among other searchers, a physicist, a father and son from Seattle, three Los Angeles amateur filmmakers, a family from Enumclaw, members of a Vancouver, B.C.-based paranormal investigation team and a shaman.

    The group struck out from the Copper Kettle toward Manastash Ridge, the site Waters had mentioned on the radio. Mel's Hole, they believe, could be a massive lava tube or what LeFevre calls a Mount Rainier blowhole.

    But Pat Pringle, a geologist with the state Department of Natural Resources, said the area's landscape, formed more than 12 million years ago by a volcanic lahar, makes a hole of such depth unlikely. He admitted that odd things exist in nature, but doubts a hole like Mel's is possible in the brittle volcanic rock near here. Even if it is, he's sure the heat of the Earth would snap a fishing line long before it reached 80,000 feet.

    LeFevre, though, remained convinced that Mel's Hole would be a great find ‹ and possibly a sign of great danger. "Every geologist in the world should be here," she said. "They need to pay attention to this."

    The searchers came prepared, carrying maps and metal detectors. One had a Global Positioning System reader. As they hiked up the trail, Red Elk, the shaman, assumed the lead. He said he'd seen the hole in 1961.

    Betsy Wise of California walked with a metal detector slung on her back. She suffers from migraines and hoped to find an answer to the headaches out here. Others were drawn by a more spiritual impulse, viewing the hole as a clue to how the universe is ordered.

    After 10 minutes, the group reached a cattle gate, where slash piles and clear-cut ridges defined the landscape.

    Red Elk (or Gerald Osborne) wore a pouch around his neck that contained a half-dollar-sized piece of what looked like squashed pewter. He said the object, found in the middle of a road, was from a UFO.

    The place to search, he said, was a jumble of tree limbs and stumps off to the right. "Dig in," he said. "I'm going to take a break."

    A few people scrambled over to the pile. Others milled about. They discussed how to measure gases leaking from the Earth through the hole. They argued over whether a mass spectrometer, a frightfully expensive machine that measures ions, would help. They lamented not bringing a Geiger counter.

    Sean Kennedy of the Paranormal Amateur Research Association in Vancouver, B.C., checked the coordinates on his GPS receiver. Inspired by "Ghostbusters" to plumb the unexplained, he considers searches like this just another kind of (serious) hobby. "Some people play golf," he said.

    A searcher tripped over a snow-covered log. "Be careful of the logs," Kennedy yelled. "We were on a sasquatch expedition and someone snapped a leg."

    Talk of the Town

    Long before anyone heard of Mel Waters, people in Ellensburg were talking about a hole so deep it wouldn't fill up.

    Jay Nickell, 34, who grew up in Ellensburg, remembers a hole about seven miles from Manastash Ridge where, as a teenager, he and his buddies rode dirt bikes. On a few occasions, they came across a hole that sounds like Mel's: too deep to see bottom, and rocks hurled down it made no sound.

    Among snowmobilers, talk is of a hole up on Manastash Ridge. Trish Swanson, who works at Central Washington University, recently drove past a hole that some friends joked was Mel's.

    Rodney, who works at a snowmobile dealership in town and wouldn't give his last name, said a hole on the ridge ‹ or at least the story of one ‹ has been common knowledge in town for decades. "Lots of people talk about it," he said. "Could be something out there ‹ but I've never seen it."

    Skeptics Traipse Along

    Up on the ridge, the search was bogging down. Red Elk had long since given up, preferring instead to lecture on a world called Inner Earth beneath the surface. With giant lizards that make sex slaves of humans, the place sounded a bit like the 1980s mini-series "V."

    Many searchers know each other only through the Mel's Hole chat page. The expedition offered a chance to meet face to face. With no sign of the hole or trouble, the search turned into a social occasion.

    Tim Withee of Auburn, the resident skeptic on the expedition, doubts there is a Mel's Hole. The others, he said, are too quick to accept Waters' story. "I don't think I'd call this search very scientific," he said. "It's like adult cartoons, that's what it is."

    The Davis family, too, wasn't too keen on stories of giant lizards or black beams. But the Enumclaw residents, here for 17-year-old Nick's high-school project, agreed a super-deep hole was possible. The father, Kevin, grew up across the street from a coal mine. As a kid, he'd tossed rocks into the shaft, often never hearing them hit bottom.

    "But we didn't drop cows or refrigerators," he said.

    At base camp, Christ had big news. An offshoot of the party drove farther up the road to see if anything stood out. They stopped at an old driveway with a chain strung between two sagging posts. The area seemed promising.

    "That's exactly the area where the hole would be," Christ explained. It became obvious there would be another search. People talked excitedly about what would be a truly great discovery.

    Ask a scientist about Mel's Hole and you'll likely be laughed at. Tell a date you want to traipse around in the snow with a guy who believes in lizard people and you shouldn't expect a nightcap.

    But the people searching for Mel's Hole don't expect everyone to believe them. They're used to being called crazy. For Los Angeles filmmaker Buddy Bolton, at least, what the public thinks is hardly the point.

    "It's an exploration of faith," he said. "But there's an essence of reality to it that I think is undeniable.

    "We heard Mel's voice."

    Story originally published by: The Seattle Times / WA | John Zebrowski - Apr 14.02

    #2. An Abduction Syndrome In Haitian Folklore by: Peter Rogerson

    Very little needs to be said about this article, a kind of missing link between traditional beliefs and modern ufolore. Evidence perhaps that traditional lore can modernise without a science fiction phase, in which the traditional motifs are set in a modernist framework in a strictly fictional context.

    Peter Rogerson, 1999

    I have earlier suggested that popular accounts of white slave traffic be examined for similarities to modern UFO abduction stories. (1) As yet, no research has been done on this topic. However, in anthropologist Alfred Metraux's Voodoo in Haiti (2) Ihave uncovered some interesting information on borderline abduction beliefs.

    At an undisclosed period, probably in the 1940s, a panic gripped the Haitian peasantry concerning a motor car which was said to abduct people. In the capital Port-au-Prince the car was known as the auto-tigre (tiger-car); in Marbial, where Metraux conducted his fieldwork, it was the motor-zobop, a vehicle supposedly driven by the zobop, members of a secret society of sorcerers having many of the characteristics of traditional witches. This car had bluish beams for its headlights.

    One person who experienced such an abduction was the herb doctor Divoine Joseph. He went out on a Sunday night, despite such ill-omens as bad luck in the day's cock-fight, and stubbing his left foot on a stone. As he approached a patient's home he felt a sudden anxiety, but it was not until he was on his way to a crossroads for part of the ceremony he was conducting when:

    Not far from La Gosseline I was blinded by a white light. This time fear made me lose consciousness. When I came to my senses I was in a car surrounded by hideous masked people. In my horror I cried out... my captors offered me money if I would keep my mouth shut and never tell what had happened to me. The car stopped and I was made to get out. I woke up in my bed; I asked my woman whether she had found any money on me. She said You behaved like a raving lunatic, you threatened everyone with a banana-sucker, but you hadn't a penny on you. In the evening I had terrible hallucinations and wandered in my mind... I repeated ceaselessly they have got me. I was cured thanks to the attention of a hangan [voodoo priest].

    When Metraux spoke to Divoine the man still showed extreme agitation, gesticulating and repeatedly beating his breast; laughing and frowning for no reason, and pouring out his words. He believed that his escape was due to the fact that being a voodoo himself indicated that he was under the special protection of a loa, or voodoo spirit.

    A voodoo priest himself was also captured by the motor-zobop, whose occupants had already put him in a coffin before he became possessed by his guardian loa, the god Brise, and thus had his release secured. (3)

    The perceptive reader will have noticed the close parallels with modern UFO stories: the light, the paralysis, the absurd behaviour of the abductors, the setting down in a remote place, and the psychological after-effects. The similarities to beliefs in fairy abductions are: the taboos, the ominous run of bad luck, the dangerous nature of crossroads. The rumours of gangsters driving around in fantastic motor cars would seem to connect with European
    panics about the white slave traffic .

    What we are witnessing here is a process of the secularisation of traditional beliefs in a period of social change, in which the motor car had assumed many of the attributes of the diabolic machine which would later be ascribed to the UFO.

    In case anyone wished to try to dismiss this as merely the sort of backward belief that could arise in a poverty-ridden, superstitious backwater like Haiti, I should point out that in the 1930s there were several social panics concerning phantom vehicles in Britain!(4,5)

    Other similarities may be discerned between Haitian traditional beliefs and modern UFO lore. The notorious loup-garou (werewolf cum vampire) travels across the sky leaving luminous trails that bear some resemblance to comets and are known as werewolf clusters. The days favoured by the loup-garou for these night excursions are the 7th, 13th and 17th of each month (UFO statisticians please note!).(6)

    The epiphanies of voodoo lore have more than a passing resemblance to UFO contact stories. When the priestess Lorgina and her husband were out fishing her boat was hailed by another boat, the captain of which was a handsome mulatto with green eyes. Whilst husband and crew were terror stricken, Lorgina recognised the figure as the god Agire. The god wished them well with the journey before vanishing.(7)

    Haitian beliefs are means of coping with the social and physical environment, and are transformed by changes within that environment. We might well expect to see similar transformations take place in Western UFO beliefs.


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    #3. The Crystal Skull Enigma by: N Charles C. Pelton

    In the realm of ancient artifacts there are few antiquities that are as
    thought provoking as the carved quartz crystal skulls. Very little is known about these ancient wonders of the world, largely due to the fact that so few of them exist which are accessible to the researcher. In the last few years, interest has risen intensely in these works of antiquity. For many years, when the subject of the crystal skulls was discussed, few people were aware of the fact that the Mitchell- Hedges skull was not the only crystal skull known to man. It may have been the most perfectly carved, even viewed by more people throughout the world than any other skull, but, certainly not the only skull. In fact, there are many skulls in various locations around the world which range in size from a few pounds, or softball sized, to over forty pounds.

    Only a few crystal skulls have been expertly authenticated as ancient. Many have been carved within the last five years. Presently, the accepted authentication by which a carved skull can be termed ancient is through a complicated process of casting a mold of the skull and placing it under an electron microscope to examine the minute markings left by the carver. These markings are the clues by which the age of the carving is determined. The telltale pattern of the marking will verify what method was used to carve and polish the skull; thereby, the antiquity expert is able to confirm the age based on methods used on other known works which range from the ancient to the very contemporary. By comparing these various methods with those of
    the crystal skull, a time-line is developed which will place the skull along that line.

    The widely known Mitchell-Hedges skull, located in Canada, one of the most beautiful skulls I have had the pleasure of seeing, is now shrouded in controversy. It is presently suggested that the skull is not ancient, but a work of more recent times, perhaps orchestrated by F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, himself, to promote interest and financing for his adventures. Coined The Skull of Doom', by some associates of the adventurer, actually a misnomer for a term used in the 1930s, The Skull of Dunn. Dunn was an associate of F.A., on the expedition to Luubantun, in 1927, which is when young Anna Mitchell-Hedges, then age 17, reports she found the skull in the ruins of a temple.

    The Museum of Man, in London, contains a crystal skull which is called the Aztec Skull. It is no longer on display in that museum. Museum personnel as well as visitors claim the skull moves on its own within the glass case in which it is enclosed. It was acquired by the museum at the turn of the century from an antiquity dealer in New York.

    The Paris museum of Man also contains a crystal skull called The Aztec
    Skull, which is no longer on display. Both the Paris Skull, and the British Skull are much smaller than the Mitchell-Hedges skull, and not nearly as perfectly carved or as clear.

    In more recent times, several quartz crystal skulls have appeared. Some are suggested ancient by their owners. Extensive examinations of these skulls have, however, determined many are not ancient at all. It is not certain as to the origin of these imposters. In the early 1980s, a human-sized quartz crystal skull surfaced in Texas. It was in the possession of Norbu Chen, a Tibetan healer. The skull was given to Carl and Jo Ann Parks to satisfy a debt. The skull was placed in a cosmetic case and stored on the floor of a closet in their Houston home for several years. It was while Jo Ann Parks was watching television that she realized that her skull may be an important artifact.

    The program was about the Mitchell-Hedges skull, and F.R. Nick Nocerino, a world-renowned expert in crystal skull research, was a guest on the show. After viewing the program, Jo Ann, contacted Nocerino, upon which he traveled to Houston from his home near San Francisco to examine the skull. He determined that the skull was authentic and that it was ancient. He had indeed been aware of the existence of the skull, but had not been able to determine its location. Soon after Nocerino's visit, Jo Ann, after several
    discussions with the rock, as she fondly referred to it, was told its name was Max.

    Also in the mid 80s, Joke van Dieten Maasland, who presently resides in
    Miami Beach, Florida, acquired a smokey quartz crystal skull from a dealer in Los Angeles. It was reported that this skull had been in the possession of a family in Guatemala, whose parents found the skull in1906, while excavating a Mayan Temple. Joke credits the skull, which she calls E.T., as instrumental in a personal healing of a brain tumor. She shares the story in her book, Messengers of AncientWisdom.

    In early 1990, a skull weighing more than 40 pounds, which was carved from rock quartz crystal but hollowed out, was donated to the Smithsonian Institution, in Washington. There was little or no documentation as to its authenticity. Since there was no documentable evidence of the age or origin of the skull, the curator determined not to place the skull in the museum for viewing until its authenticity was established.

    During a lecture tour in Mexico many years ago, Nocerino was invited to a location in Guerro Provence, to assist in locating the buried ruins of an ancient city. It was during this visit that Nocerino provided the
    information as to the location of what he thought was an ancient temple. (Due to the current political situation in Mexico, the safety of those currently involved with this excavation would be compromised should I reveal the exact location of the excavation, or the name of the city.) Excavation of that location later revealed several carved crystal artifacts. Among these artifacts were two crystal skulls, one of which is currently owned by Nocerino, which is 13 pounds 3 ounces and is carved of clear quartz crystal. Nocerino calls the skull Sha-Na-Ra, in memory of a Shaman Healer he once knew. The second is currently owned by DaEl Walker, a well- known crystal researcher and author of several crystal healing books. It is smaller than Sha-Na-Ra, about 9 pounds, also quartz crystal. DaEl calls it The Rainbow Skull, due to the rainbow of colors that dance through the skull when in the natural light.

    There were many other artifacts found at this location. Several small carved crystal skulls, half skulls which were hollow and a very rare and powerful item we call The Jaguar Man. It is five inches high, two inches in diameter and is carved of quartz crystal. It depicts the head of a Jaguar, with the head of a man in its mouth. The facial features of the man do not appear Mayan. This piece is currently owned by me, and is being exposed to extensive research. Excavation continues in this area and additional finds are expected.

    The Pelton Foundation of Applied Paranormal Research, The Institute of
    Psychic and Hypnotic sciences and The Society of Crystal Skulls,
    International, launched a research project and video documentary which
    included the Rainbow, Sha-Na-Ra, E.T., Jesuit, Max, and the Agate Chip
    skulls. Members of the various organizations who were expert in the field of psychometry, scrying and gazing were brought in to work with the skulls in an attempt to learn more about the skulls using these methods. It would be the first time in recorded history that more than two authentic carved quartz crystal skulls would be together in one room at the same time.

    Our project included X-rays, to determine if any were broken or had been more than one piece and glued together, laser light penetration, and startling close-up video of the skulls. The results of phase one of the project can be viewed in our production Skull Trek: The journey of the Crystal Skulls. This production also includes information and photographs of 16 additional crystal skulls, such as the Mitchell-Hedges, Paris, British, Marin, San Jose and Amethyst skulls to mention just a few. Portions of the scrying sessions are also provided.

    Psychometry and scrying provided glimpses of the past and wonderful
    scenarios of ancient ceremonies. A connection with the fabled Atlantis was also brought out during one of the sessions. What were these magnificent objects used for? Who carved them? Is it possible that contemporary society can make use of their wisdom for physical and mental healing? Further research may provide the answers. Perhaps it will provide only more questions!

    During my personal research with the skulls, I stumbled upon a phenomenon that I am continuing to pursue. While working with the skulls, performing scrying, I was using various colors and sounds. I placed the skull on a small light box and alternated several colors over the light source opening. After recording my sessions over a period of several weeks, I began a review of the results. I was shocked to learn that when I used a certain color over the light source it seemed to activate a time period. Researching my results further, I determined that each time I used the same color blue, for example, that I would revert to the same time frame. I could almost pick up
    where I left off at the end of the previous session that I used the
    particular color. The energy that these skulls produce is staggering. Are they indeed holding the knowledge of mankind? Were they left by an
    extraterrestrial intelligence? The ages of some of these skulls are
    estimated to be 100,000 years old. Without ancient documentation,
    psychometry may be the only tool that can be utilized to obtain the
    information. Our research continues daily.

    In April of 1996, The BBC, in association with the British Museum and
    Everyman Productions, of London, performed tests on several crystal skulls to determine the age of the caning through electron microscope. Nick Nocerino was invited to bring Sha-Na-Ra. Carl and Jo Ann Parks were invited to bring Max. The British museum offered their Aztec skull and the Smithsonian Institution was invited to bring their 40-pound skull. Also included was a skull from Guatemala, an ancient gold and silver plated reliquary cross which rested in a carved crystal skull and a small skull. Anna Mitchell-Hedges was also invited. However, she declined.

    A documentary was produced of the tests by the BBC. The results were
    shocking to the museum staff. It was determined that the British skull and the Smithsonian skull were not ancient, but in fact carved using very contemporary methods from the 1800s. Sha-Na-Ra and Max were also examined. While the officials of the museum would not publicly comment as to the results, it was confidentially revealed, by the antiquity expert brought to the museum by its officials, that the method used to carve Max and Sha-Na-Ra, was used more than 5000 years ago! The skull in the British museum was a fake. The Smithsonian skull was a fake. The Mitchell-Hedges skull? Well, we wonder why Anna declined. Her only comment was that it had been tested enough in the past. The BBC aired their documentary in July, 1996 and will be aired by U.S. television, however, no date has yet been set. In a letter to me from Everyman Productions, in London, it was reported by the BBC that they had never aired a program in this series with a larger audience.####################

    #4. Premonitions of Disaster - Do Tagic Events Cast Shadows Before Them
    by: Preston E Dennett

    Accidents and disasters are an unfortunate fact of life. Because
    disasters affect so many people, they have been intensely studied. However, very time a disaster occurs, the same questions are raised. How could this ave happened? Could it have been prevented? Why do some people survive and thers do not? Is there really such a thing as a random accident, or is here a hidden meaning to each disaster?

    Of course, disasters are thoroughly investigated. And often, an
    in-depth investigation will reveal a hidden side to disasters. However,
    there is one aspect of disasters that has been largely ignored. In virtually very major disaster, there are accounts of strange premonitions that redict the disaster.

    If these premonitions are true, then some obvious questions are
    raised. Are these premonitions accurate? Who is having them? What is their urpose? Surely there must be a way we can harness the power of the human kind to help deal with these disasters.

    Probably the great majority of premonitions are prophetic dreams
    predicting disaster. This is illustrated perfectly in the following case. In 1914, one hundred twenty Newfoundland sealers were abandoned on an ice-floe in the north Atlantic ocean during winter. Due to the incompetence of the ship's captain and others, the missing men were not noticed for two days and two nights. By the time they were rescued more than half were dead. It was the worst disaster to strike the Newfoundland sealing community in many years.

    However, the disaster did not come without warning. One of the 55
    survivors later told of a dream he had two weeks before the disaster.
    According to Cassie Brown's report on the disaster: "John Howlet had
    suffered a chilling nightmare weeks before. In his dream he was on a
    mountain of ice, lost and freezing. He was alone, terribly and frighteningly alone, but everywhere he wandered there were vague, indefinable 'things' on the ice around him-things with no particular shape that he could make out. He found himself walking among those things, unable to find his way, wondering what they were and dreading them. In his dream he was counting, counting, counting...He was still counting the white mounds when he awoke, shivering and terribly depressed."

    Unfortunately, the dream was not enough for him to stop from joining
    the crew of the ship, Newfoundland, most of whom would be dead in a matter of days. And only afterwards was he to recognize the white mounds for what they were - bodies covered with snow.

    Ideally, a premonition of a disaster should be used to prevent the
    disaster. The following case provides a good example of someone who was able to use their premonition positively.

    On May 7, 1915, the British luxury liner Lusitania was sunk by a
    German torpedo, causing the death of nearly 1200 people. In many ways, the disaster was foreseeable. Firstly, there was a state of war between Germany and England. Secondly, several advertisements had been run in major US newspapers from the German Embassy warning that travelers crossing the Atlantic are doing so at their own risk.

    Nevertheless, the over-riding public sentiment was that the Germans
    would never attack a passenger ship. Unfortunately, they were wrong, and many people suffered a watery death. Not surprisingly, there were some reported premonitions. One passenger, upon seeing the ship for the first time, became decidedly uneasy and concerned about her safety. Also, on the day before launch, the ship's mascot, a small black cat, abandoned ship, causing several crewman to remark it as a bad omen. However, the strongest premonition came from successful shoe dealer Edward Bowen of Boston, Massachusetts. Bowen had booked passage on the Lusitania, but on the day before sailing, became unaccountably concerned. He canceled his passage. Later he told his friends, "A feeling grew upon me that something was going to happen to the Lusitania. I talked it over with Mrs. Bowen and we decided
    to cancel our passage - although I had an important business engagement in London." (Hoehling, pp. 31-32.)

    Probably one of the best established and most reputable cases of
    premonitions of disaster comes from the grim events that occurred on October 21, 1966 in Aberfan, Wales. On that day, 116 children and twenty-eight adults were killed when a large mountain of coal collapsed and buried a small section of the town of Aberfan, including an elementary school filled with children. The disaster touched nearly every family in the town and effectively extinguished an entire generation of children in the town. It was the worst disaster ever experienced by Aberfan. After the disaster, the reports of premonitions began to flood in. The mother of one of the deceased students reported that her ten year old (who had died in the disaster) had a dream the night before which foretold the disaster. The child told her
    mother, "I dreamed I went to school and there was no school there. Something black had come down all over it."

    A week earlier, Alexander Venn received a strong premonition that
    there would be a coal-mining disaster. He told his wife, "Something terrible is going to happen, and it won't be far from here."

    The reports of premonitions literally came from all over Wales and
    England. One lady had a nightmare that she suffocated in "deep blackness." Another dreamed of a small child being buried by a large landslide. Another clearly saw a schoolhouse be buried by an avalanche of coal, and rescue workers digging frantically for survivors. Another woke up from a nightmare in which she was being buried alive.

    On the morning of the disaster, Mrs. Sybil Brown woke from a dream in
    which she saw children being overcome by "a black, billowing mass." Probably the clearest of the premonitions was reported by a man in northwestern England who claimed that the night before the disaster, he had a dream which consisted only of letters being spelled out in dazzling light, A-B-E-R-F-A-N. At the time, the dream had no meaning to him. Hours later, he would realize with horror what it meant.

    Because of the large number of reported premonitions, three separate
    independent organizations conducted a study of the premonitions. The studies eventually combined and the result showed that there were more than twenty-four individual precognitive episodes foretelling the disaster. London psychiatrist J. C. Barker headed the study. In his conclusions he wrote "that the time had surely come to call a halt to attempts to prove or disprove precognition. We should instead set about trying to harness and utilize it with a view to preventing further disasters." Dr. Barker did just that, and formed the British Premonitions Bureau. To date, however, the bureau has been unable to prevent any disasters, though they have had some limited success in predicting them. (Time-Life. pp. 33-34.)

    The wreck of the Titanic remains the single most famous shipwreck of
    all times. Not surprisingly, it also represents the strongest case for the veracity of premonitions of disaster.

    The story of the Titanic is well-known. On April 14, 1912, the Titanic
    struck an iceberg and sunk in the North Atlantic, carrying with her more than 1500 lives. The lack of sufficient lifeboats has often been blamed as the leading cause of fatalities; however, experts will tell you that there were hundreds of causes leading to the accident including everything from faulty construction of watertight compartments to a failure to pay attention to numerous warnings of icebergs in the area. What's important here, however, are the huge numbers of premonitions that foretold this disaster.

    Probably the first premonition came from author Morgan Robertson, who
    published a novel about a shipwreck in 1898. Although this was 14 years
    before the Titanic disaster, the novel, Futility seems to tell the exact disaster of the Titanic. The number of similarities go way beyond
    coincidence. In the novel, the ship was named Titan. It was the same size as Titanic, and carried the same number of passengers. In the novel, the ship also struck an iceberg in the north Atlantic in mid-April and sunk with the loss of over half the passengers due to insufficient lifeboats.

    Another author, W.T. Stead, wrote numerous stories and articles
    predicting that a large ocean liner would sink with the loss of over half on board, again due to the lack of sufficient lifeboats. W. T. Stead was also interested in psychic mediums, and he recorded his visits with them. He received three separate warnings that can be easily linked to the Titanic disaster. One was that "travel would be dangerous in the month of April, 1912." Another told Stead that he would be involved "in the midst of a catastrophe on the water" involving the deaths of more than a thousand people. One clergyman, upon hearing about the building of the Titanic, was so moved by his own premonitions that he wrote to Stead predicting that the Titanic would sink. Despite all these warnings, Stead booked passage on the
    Titanic, and died in the disaster.

    Several people went as far as to act on their premonitions and
    canceled their passage. Second Engineer Colin MacDonald declined his
    position on the Titanic because of a "hunch" that disaster lay ahead. Even some of the rich and famous passengers felt something amiss. J.P. Morgan and Vanderbilt both cancelled their passage admitting to the superstitious fear of being on a ship's maiden voyage.

    Another crewman received a warning but failed to act on it. Luigi
    Gatti, manager of the Titanic's controller's office, signed on the Titanic despite the fact that his wife was against the idea. She had a premonition about his job on the giant ship and "felt strange about it." One of the most dramatic premonitions occurred as the Titanic was steaming past the Isle of Wight. Hundreds of people lined the coast to watch the largest ship in the world. Among them was the Marshall family, who were initially delighted to see the massive ship. Then suddenly, Miss Marshall began to scream in horror: "It's going to sink! That ship is going to sink! Do something! Are you so blind that you are going to let them drown? Save them! Save them!"

    One of the most dramatic cases of premonitions occurred during the
    final moments of the disaster. Major Archibald Gracie had been unable to find a place on the lifeboat and was plunged into the icy waters as the ship sank. As he says, "It was just then that the thought that this was my last moment came upon me. I wanted to convey the news of how I died to my loved ones at home. As I swam beneath the surface of the ocean, I prayed that my spirit could go to them and say, 'Good-bye, until we meet again in heaven.'...I thought that if I prayed hard enough that this, my last wish to communicate with my wife and daughter, might be granted.

    Meanwhile, at that exact moment, hundreds of miles away in New York
    City, his wife had a sudden premonition. As Mrs. Gracie was, "I was in my room at my sister's house, where I was visiting, in New York. After
    retiring, being unable to rest I questioned myself several times over,
    wondering what it was that prevented the customary long and peaceful
    slumber, lately enjoyed. 'What is the matter?' I uttered. A voice in replay seemed to say, 'On your knees and pray.' Instantly, I literally obeyed with my prayer book in my hand, which by chance opened at the prayer, 'For those at Sea.' The thought then flashed through my mind, 'Archie is praying for me.'"

    Miraculously, Major Gracie was able to make it on top of an overturned
    lifeboat and survived the disaster. Major Gracie feels that a number of
    remarkable coincidences allowed him to survive his ordeal.

    Later, investigators were stunned by the huge number of premonitions,
    numbering to some accounts over fifty. However, more skeptical
    investigators, after discarding "vague forebodings" and "after the fact
    claims of prescience" came up with the still impressive figure of nineteen cases of precognition. Only the unreasonable skeptic could deny that there was some precognitive warnings of the disaster.

    We are now at the stage of moving beyond skepticism. The strongest
    cases should remove any doubt that premonitions do in fact occur. To
    discount these as being untrue is not only preposterous, it would be totally unscientific.

    The formation of the British Premonitions Bureau (and later a
    counterpart in the United States) is obviously a huge step ahead.
    Unfortunately, most people are unaware of these organizations, and they have yet to have any measure of success in preventing a disaster.

    For most people, the difference between a fear and a premonition is
    that fears are vague and not unusual. Premonitions, on the other hand, seem to come spontaneously, and often with great force and clarity. In fact, for most people, the problem is not recognizing a premonition, but acting upon it.

    Ultimately, premonitions of disaster represent a higher awareness of
    events that are usually deemed beyond our control. It is not only important that we attempt to learn all we can about them - it is literally a matter of life and death.

    #5. Alternative Solutions by: Matt DeBow
    Submitted By Mike Harman

    The Earth is being consumed at a rapid rate. Animal species are becoming extinct, forests are dying, waters are polluted and environmental illnesses are running rampant. If this pattern does not change, life on our planet will be wiped out. We must learn
    balanced consumption habits by seeking alternative forms of energy and transportation.

    People are becoming exhausted from too much exhaust. However electric cars, which are ninety-eight percent cleaner than their gasoline counterparts, are beginning to hit the streets. Major car manufacturers
    such as General Motors are getting involved. One independent manufacturer has designed an electric sports car, known as the ‘Zebra’. These efforts will help alleviate pollution caused by fossil-fueled

    The Zebra has fewer parts than traditional cars, it has no fuel injectors, pistons, catalytic converters, or exhaust pipes. It has no gears and accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds. And maneuvering the Zebra is easy. With one press of a
    button, it moves forward or backward.

    The Zebra’s appeal goes beyond its sleek appearance. It is virtually maintenance free. Only the brakes and the tires ever need to be replaced. An internal computer automatically tells a mechanic where any
    problem lies.

    Prototype Zebras are selling for less than $20,000.

    The only drawback at this point is that the Zebra only runs for about 100 miles (depending on the weather) before it needs to be plugged in (where?) for seven to eight hours to recharge the battery. However, for an extra $10,000 the driver can buy a battery that provides enough energy for a 500 mile trip.

    Recharge stations are currently being established in the Californian cities of Sacramento and Los Angeles.

    The electric car consortium, Calstart, based in Alameda, has also been advancing this field by subsidizing small start-up companies and underwriting people who are developing electric vehicles. Under the
    Calstart umbrella, one company has produced 100 small electrically powered cars for the Bay Area Rapid Transit System, BART. Each of these vehicles can cover a distance of 100 miles and will soon be available to rent from BART stations.

    Another power-assisted vehicle is the ZAP, a motorized bicycle, similar to a Moped, that can run for 20 miles with one charge up. The Zap electric motor can be adapted to almost any bicycle and is expected to be particularly popular in cities where air pollution and crowding is high.

    While the use of electrically powered vehicles reduces harmful vehicle emissions, how that electricity is generated also need to be considered. According to Renewables Are Ready, written by members of the Union of Concerned Scientists, only about eight per cent of North America’s energy comes from renewable energy sources.

    Joint studies by national energy and environmental organizations and the Union of Concerned Scientists, show that renewable energy sources could provide more than half the U.S. energy supply by the year 2030,
    saving consumers $2.3 trillion and reduce oil consumption by one third. Renewable energy technologies include hydrogen fuel cells, thermal and
    photovoltic solar power, wind turbine, ocean tide, hydroelectric and others still in prototype development.

    Hydrogen fuel cells were invented in 1839 by English electrochemist Sir William Grove. He found the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen produced
    byelectrolysis could create both water and electricity.

    The Canadian based company, Ballard Power Systems, Inc., has used this knowledge to become a world leader in the development of hydrogen fuel

    cells primarily for transit buses and automobiles. It is also marketing stationary power production, and is currently developing the first ever natural gas power plant. This company, along with other progressive
    utility districts and wind/water-powered facilities are tackling the world’s major problems of air pollution ozone depletion.

    Ballard has also developed proton exchange membrane, PEM, a hydrogen fuel cell that produces electricity without creating pollution. The engine converts natural gas, methanol, or hydrogen fuel into
    electricity without combustion. The company has used this technology to build the first zero-emission vehicle. PEM fuel cells are currently being installed into heavy-duty transit buses in Chicago to be part of
    a demonstration program taking place this year.

    Wind power offers many energy-generating advantages. It is already one of the least expensive sources of electricity and it is becoming cheaper every year. Being modular, the utility can add a relatively
    inexpensive turbine unit or two, when it needs to generate more capacity. It is a clean alternative to the burning of fossil fuel.

    Currently, 98 percent of America’s wind-powered electricity is generated in California which is placed 17th in a list of wind potential in American states. In some particularly windy places it is possible to build a wind power facility that will produce
    electricity at a cost comparable to a new fossil-fuel plant. The cost of generating electricity from wind has been cut to one-fifth of what it was in the early 1980’s.

    Solar power is a resource that has not been exploited as a renewable resource even though it is more abundant than any other power source. Solar thermal power, the use of sunlight to heat water, is not a new
    concept. Modern photovoltaics convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Solar thermal power could be used to help meet two divergent needs: heating water for homes, schools and offices and electricity for utilities. Even at it market’s peak in the early
    1980’s, the use of this resource was not a significant role in the nations’ energy supply.

    Today, development of this resource has mainly been concentrated in the south western U.S., where the sun shines most months of the year. Other

    countries with plenty of sunshine, including Cyprus, Israel and Australia are using solar power to heat water in up to 90 percent of the homes.

    Nova Technologies, a Canadian based company, have developed a water-mill to harness the power of the ocean, producing more energy than a nuclear plant without the hazardous byproduct plutonium. ‘The Davis
    Turbine’ (invented by Barry Davis), which was specially designed for the slow speed of ocean currents, has been successfully tested in Vancouver.

    In the 1930’s scientist Hans Coler developed new sources of energy incorporated into a free energy machine. This device, known as the Stevens Machine, can produce enough electricity to power a 100-watt
    light bulb without batteries or any other power supply. It consists of a six inch magnet with a coil wrapped around it and is considered a zero-point energy device.

    The Institute for New Energy, INE, is a new non-profit technical society dedicated to discovering new and advanced energy conversion devices.

    Among consumers, government and special interest industry groups industry, there is a lack of long range vision and a fixation on short term profit. Renewable energy sources represent largely new
    technologies. Investment in research and development (R&D) is critical to their success. However, federal funding for renewable energy R&D has declined throughout recent years, and still constitutes a small
    percentage of total federal funding for energy supply R&D. Public interest and support would be the catalyst to push governments into implementing action in this area.

    Major corporate funding can also help. US corporations are lagging behind their Canadian, German, and Japanese counterparts, who have recognized the potential profits of perpetual energy and are already
    seizing a share of the market once dominated by American manufacturers.

    #6. Bush Continues Area 51 Cover-Up by: John Greenewald, Jr.

    NORTHRIDGE (BlackVault) - The subject of "Area 51" has been denied by the United States Government for years. Though the conspiracy community was rocked by an admittance of a classified area, and an exempt order by a Presidential Determination signed by President Clinton in 1995. This "determination" by the President, said that the area near Groom Lake, Nevada, or known to most people as "Area 51", was exempt from all Federal, State, Interstate, or Local Hazardous laws that might require the disclosure of classified information.

    Essentially, "Area 51" became a subject that was now not only classified, but exempt from any laws it may come subject to. It appeared that 'anything goes' at "Area 51".

    However, there was some slim chance of hope, as near the bottom of the Presidential Determination, dated September 29th of 1995, said the "...exemption shall be effective for the full one-year statutory period." After a year, it appeared the order had to be renewed, until it was no longer needed or wanted.

    In 1996, Presidential Determination #96-54 renewed the exempt status of "Area 51". In 1997, Presidential Determination #97-35 was the renewal. The exemptions went all the way until the new millennium, where in 2000, Clinton again signed Presidential Determination #2000-30, which made "Area 51" exempt from all laws currently on the books.

    Though in 2001, the United States acquired a new President into the White House. Would this new leader still enact the 'determination' that this classified research area outside of Groom Lake, Nevada would be classified? With new national security advisors, new staff members and a different political party, it was hopeful we could see a chance in policy.

    All hope failed on January 31, 2001, when President George W. Bush signed a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate. This was deemed Presidential Determination #2001-27. In it, referencing Determination 2000-30, President Bush re-enacted the exempt status on "Area 51" and decided it should remain highly classified and hidden from any prying eyes.

    Right into 2002, just 9 days ago, President Bush yet again signed a letter to the same individuals, with almost exactly the same wording, keeping the same exempt status on "Area 51". Not televised on the news, and being well over-shadowed by the current conflict in Afghanistan, conspiracy theorists worldwide would have to remain "exempt" from any information on the infamous base called "Area 51"

    Theories have made their way across the Internet, from message forums to public petitions, asking for any information on such a controversial, highly secretive, subject. Were we dealing with a cover-up of nuclear waste dumping, or something more down the lines of a "alien stockpile". With the current trend of Presidential Determinations, it appears that the curious minds out there would never be satisfied.

    To view this new Presidential Determination, visit:

    #7. The Origin, and the Sickening, of Our Species by: Gunjan Sinha,12543,230233,00.html

    If one of your hominoid ancestors hadn't gotten a viral infection millions of years ago, you might look really, really different today.

    The Paper: Evidence for genomic rearrangements mediated by human endogenous retroviruses during primate evolution. Published in Nature Genetics, December 2001

    The Authors: Jennifer F. Hughes and John M. Coffin

    The Gist: If one of your hominoid ancestors hadn't gotten a viral infection millions of years ago, you might look really, really different today.

    In the beginning, before the first landlubbers crawled out of the murky ocean depths, viruses were everywhere. These parasites infected our earliest ancestors, and today, many millions of years later, bits of their genes live on in our genes.

    For three decades, scientists have wondered whether the viral DNA within us is more than merely a vestige of our lowly origins. Could these infectious organisms have assisted in driving our evolution—by helping, say, to turn a foraging ape into a more cerebral toolmaker?

    "We probably have more viruses in our genes than we have genes in our genes," says John Coffin, a molecular biologist at Tufts University School of Medicine. The latest analysis of the human gene sequence reveals somewhere around 40,000 "provirus DNA sequences." Proviruses were once infectious and, at some point between 10 and 50 million years ago, infected our hominoid ancestors' egg or sperm cells, becoming a permanent part of their DNA. Those sperm or eggs became people who went forth and were fruitful.

    Coffin wanted to know if a virus could affect an animal's evolution through genetic recombination—a process whereby chromosomes in sperm and egg cells exchange genes. Genetic recombination is the reason why you look different from your siblings (and, for that matter, from everyone else). Inside the cells that make up sperm and eggs, chromosomes from each of your parents pair up. While they are pressed together, the chromosomes often break, and each chromosome swaps a portion of its genetic material with the other. Then the chromosomes glue themselves back together and separate, as they go on to become sperm and eggs. Since each has picked up new genetic material, the constellation of physical characteristics they carry has been substantially altered.

    Normally such recombinations take place at identical positions on the two chromosomes. But proviruses provide additional sites for exchange because their front ends look exactly like their back ends. Could two proviruses at different chromosomal positions in a sperm or egg cell have swapped genetic material in a similar fashion? And in the process, could they have swapped not just their own genes but rearranged some of the animal's chromosomes as well?

    Yes. Jennifer Hughes, a graduate student in Coffin's lab, examined the DNA sequences of some 35 proviruses that are part of the human genome and found evidence of recombination in six cases. Not only that, but the events could have changed our ancestors' genome enough to jump-start the divergence of humans from apes and other species. Perhaps the genetic recombination made an ape's sex cells incompatible with those of all the other apes in its troupe—except for a sibling. It is possible that two siblings paired up and created their own troupe of baby apes who in turn multiplied and became humans.

    Since people are infected with viruses all the time, it is also possible that such a genetic recombination could happen again. But don't expect it to happen in your lifetime. Coffin guesstimates such recombinations become part of our permanent genetic makeup about once every 82 million years.

    #8. Leave Your Bones With Davy Jones by: Gunjan Sinha,12543,230009,00.html

    Now the dead can enjoy eternal rest in an artificial reef amidst colorful aquatic neighbors.

    Eternal Reefs will mix your ashes with concrete and turn you into an artificial reef on the ocean floor.

    Cremation is all the rage in the funerary world, accounting for one-fourth of U.S. interments in the year 2000—a number expected to rise by another 15 percent in the next 10 years. Consequently, alternative cremation services are popping up everywhere. Houston-based Celestis will rocket your remains into space. Celebrate Life Inc. of San Diego will send you off in a lavish fireworks display. And, for somewhere between $1,500 and $3,200, Eternal Reefs, a Decatur, Georgia, company, will mix your ashes with concrete and turn you into an artificial reef on the ocean floor.

    Don Brawley, Eternal Reefs' founder, got the idea a few years ago when his father-in-law said he'd rather "be buried around a lot of life than in a field with a bunch of dead people."

    Brawley was already making artificial reefs to help restore fish habitats by providing a protected haven. The reef balls weigh between 400 and 4,000 pounds. A bronze plaque with the deceased's name is affixed to the balls, and families get a certificate stating the reef's coordinates. "We're providing a service that helps people give back something positive to the environment," says Brawley.

    But some marine biologists are skeptical. John McManus, director of the University of Miami's National Center for Caribbean Coral Reef Research, says: "If you're trying to protect fish stocks, 70 percent of which are already overfished, the worst thing you can do is make it easier to catch the fish by plopping down an artificial reef."
    "World of the Strange"
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Permission is granted to reproduce or redistribute this edition provided that attribution is made to the Author or Authors noted. In order to reprint or reproduce any copyrighted material contained herein, if not using the FULL newsletter, you MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder noted. For their permission in use of their said article.
  13. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    29 - 04 - 2002...

    #1. Precursor To Anthrax Hysteria: The Mad Gasser of Roanoke by: Matt Chittum
    #2. South African Ghosthunter Has 'Cleansed' 6,000 Homes
    #3. Village That Never Sleeps
    #4. TV Psychic 'chats' With Blake's Dead Wife on ABC by: Sarah Tippit
    #5. New Book Release - Spiral To The Sun-Messages From The Divine Mother by: Elizabeth Huffer
    #6. A UFO Landmark, Texas 1897 by: B.J. Booth
    #7. What The "HecK" Is Going On - A Letter From A Friend On Unexplained Ray
    #8. Roswell UFO Bombshell by: Jim Keith
    #9. The Voices In Your Head May Be Real by: John Gartner

    #1. Precursor To Anthrax Hysteria: The Mad Gasser of Roanoke by: Matt Chittum

    In early '30s, public's imagination ran wild in Virginia

    FINCASTLE, Va. - Men sat awake with shotguns across their laps. Women stuffed rags into keyholes and the cracks around windows. Police chased shadows. The press ratcheted up the hysteria with dozens of news stories.
    Local politicians offered a reward.

    When and where would the fiend strike next?

    There was a mad gasser on the loose in Botetourt County 70 years ago, or so people believed for a while.

    The sinister sneak somehow pumped noxious gas into the homes of the unsuspecting, driving them to dizziness and vomiting.

    Hysteria stops

    After two months, the hysteria stopped without an arrest. But it went on long enough to be classified by one sociologist as a classic case of mass delusion on a par with the 1938 "War of the Worlds" Martian radio scare and, much more recently, anthrax.

    "If you want to know what it was like to live in Roanoke and Botetourt back then, it was just like after Sept. 11," said Robert Bartholomew, who included a chapter on "The Mad Gasser of Virginia" in his book, Little Green Men, Meowing Nuns and Head-Hunting Panics, published late last year.

    The chapter was written mostly by Bob Willis of Fincastle, a former Roanoke Times editorial writer. He wrote a series on the gasser four years ago for the Fincastle Herald, based mostly on more than 30 old articles in the

    "I think there probably was something of substance to it to start with, and then people's imaginations ran with it," Willis said. "People are very suggestible, you know."

    Willis picked up the story from his now-deceased friend, Lomax Breckinridge, whose father, Dr. W.N. Breckinridge, was a medical examiner in the 1930s and helped with the investigation.

    "I guess I began researching with a certain amount of incredulity, which dissipated rapidly as I went on," Willis said.

    The first "attacks" happened three days before Christmas 1933 at the home of Cal Huffman in rural Haymakertown in western Botetourt.

    About 10 p.m., Huffman's wife detected a foul odor and became nauseated. The smell returned a half-hour later.

    It returned again at 1 a.m., this time causing the Huffmans' daughter, Alice, 20, to become so ill that a doctor had to resuscitate her.

    A neighbor reported seeing a shadowy figure running away from the house.

    Breckinridge offered the theory that the odor was "chicken gas," which chicken thieves used to knock out birds so they could carry them off without a squawk.

    The next reported gassing happened in Cloverdale at the residence of Clarence Hall, who returned home with his family to discover sickening fumes in their house. Hall went in to investigate, and when he didn't immediately
    return, his wife went in and "pushed him out," the Halls' daughter, Catherine, told Willis.

    Hall and some friends prowled nearby woods with guns all night while his family stayed with a neighbor.

    A report in The Roanoke Times treated the attacks as fact in a story headlined, "Gas Attacks on Homes Continue."

    After a third gassing in Troutville a few days later, there was a 2 1/2 -week lull. The next attack came at the home of Homer Hylton, west of Fincastle. Hylton warned his neighbors.

    Emmett and Lura Lee moved all 10 of their children into the upstairs of their home near Hylton's. When Emmett Lee heard what he thought was someone outside, he hollered, "What are you doing down there?" He finally raised an
    upstairs window and fired his shotgun into the air.

    Reports of the attacks continued for weeks. By mid-January, police and the press had logged more than a dozen.

    New York Times story

    The New York Times published a story under the headline, "Virginians Are Terrorized by Gas Thrower, Who Flees in Night After Making Victims Ill."

    The police developed few leads on who the stealthy raider might be. No one had a good explanation of how the gas was dispensed.

    Breckinridge and another doctor who investigated the attacks couldn't decide what the gas was. They offered theories that it was chlorine or might include formaldehyde.

    After a while, the physicians began to wonder whether some of the victims merely suffered from a bad case of nerves.

    The Botetourt County Board of Supervisors, however, approved a $500 reward for apprehension of the gasser - an appreciable amount of money during the Great Depression.

    The next day, the Virginia General Assembly approved a bill offered by M.R. Morgan of Botetourt and Roanoke Dels. W.H. Scott and Blair Fishburn, which made gassings a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The law is still on the books.

    Some obvious hoaxes

    But by late January, skepticism began to take root, Willis found.

    Some attack reports proved to be obvious hoaxes.

    The gassings moved into Roanoke County and then into Roanoke. On Feb. 7, 1934, Mrs. A.H. Milan reported a "funny" odor that made her and her daughter ill.

    Within a few days, reports were coming in from all over Roanoke: Howbert Avenue in Wasena, Broadway in South Roanoke, Shenandoah Avenue Northwest.

    One woman reported hearing a "gas canister" strike her door. Police determined someone had thrown rice instead.

    As the number of calls increased, police found more and more were bogus, tracing the fumes - if there were any - to such mundane sources as coal stoves.

    The last report came Feb. 11, and after that, police and everyone else dismissed the whole affair as hysteria.

    The Roanoke Times, which had treated the attacks as fact in its news pages, proclaimed in an editorial that "Roanoke Has No Gasser" and that the paper had "so believed from the first."

    Willis, a lifelong journalist, doesn't believe the newspapers were the "sole culprits" in perpetuating the hysteria. Law enforcement and politicians legitimized the reports, too.

    Was there really consuming worry over the gassings?

    "If you read just those articles, you would think that," Willis said, "but who knows?"

    Bartholomew believes this was a genuine case of social delusion.

    It happened in the context of poison gas fears lingering after World War I. "There was tremendous worldwide concern about, what's the future of war now?" he said.

    And just because this particular scare happened in a rural community, it would be all too easy for today's audiences to regard the victims as a bunch of uneducated hicks being taken in.

    "It could happen to anybody, and in fact does happen to anybody. To say these people are crazy and irrational is a huge mistake," he said.

    "The potential is always there. It's going to happen again."
    Mention of the Botetourt County, Virginia, gasser of 1934, and the similar one also of 1934, in Paris, Missouri, can be found in Mothman and Other Curious Encounters (Paraview, 2002), pages 133-134. In Mysterious America:
    The Revised Edition (Paraview, 2001), the chapter "The Mad Gasser of Mattoon and His Kin," is on pages 249-264.

    For more on Robert Bartholomew's Little Green Men, Meowing Nuns and Head-Hunting Panics, see:

    #2. South African Ghosthunter Has 'Cleansed' 6,000 Homes

    When things go bump in the night, she'll be glad to lend a hand.

    When grandma pops in for a visit - but she's been dead for five years - who do you call?

    Sandra Labuschagne, Joburg's most popular exorcist, that's who!

    Labuschagne, 59, claims to have "cleansed" more than 6 000 homes around South Africa and overseas in the past 30 years.

    "Thirty years ago, I started seeing ghosts standing at the edge of my bed," said Labuschagne this week. She kept these spooks a secret from her family until she battled to sleep at night.

    Eventually Labuschagne told her husband Fred, a devoted Dutch Reformed Church member, who promptly hauled her off to a psychiatrist and had her locked away.

    "I thought she had gone mad," he said. Labuschagne was discharged after three weeks with a clean bill of mental health - but the spooks returned.

    After a while her husband accepted her "special gift". But many Joburg residents thought she was just plain evil and started making death threats.

    Others, however, needed her help. Many others, as it turned out. Nowadays Labuschagne visits 10 homes a week.

    One of her clients is Germiston resident Konstantine Laric. His home in Webber Street had been plagued by five ghosts and a "poltergeist" (a malicious spirit).

    "He [Laric] found a toddler's footprints in wet cement and when he went into his house a boiling kettle had been moved from one room to another. And furniture in his lounge had been turned upside down," Labuschagne recalled
    this week.

    Visiting Laric's house she said she immediately sensed the presence of "lost souls who had not found their way into the light". The poltergeist had apparently been angered by a remark made by one of Laric's friends.

    This week Laric confirmed his supernatural experience.

    "It was first the footprint, and then the kettle disappeared from the kitchen and re-appeared on a table in the lounge. Earlier there had been other strange incidents ," he said.

    "Yet nothing has happened since she [Labuschagne] cleansed my house."

    Labuschagne said the ghosts were using this particular house as "a stop over" - until she enabled them to travel further into the light.

    A few days later in Edenvale, she cleansed a home where a one-year-old child often saw a spirit wandering along the passage.

    Said Labuschagne: "The previous owner had apparently been killed in a car accident outside the house."

    On the child's second birthday, the mother walked out of the house to wait for the guests. When she returned , every cake had been turned upside down.

    Labuschagne is also a spiritual medium and claims to "see things happening before they occur".

    "The most shocking experience was when we [Fred and her] were travelling through the Free State about 14 years ago and I saw this plane explode in mid-air."

    Labuschagne said she immediately turned to her husband who looked out of the window and saw a clear sky. The next day a plane transporting jockeys exploded in the same area.

    Now she even receives long-distance calls for help from Scotland and the US. Joburg's exorcist is so busy that there's a two-week waiting list for her services.

    Story originally published by: Sunday Times / South Africa | Simpiwe Piliso - Apr 21.02

    All Copyrights © are acknowledged. Material reproduced here is for educational and research purposes only.

    #3. Village That Never Sleeps

    If you were to visit Upstate New York, not far from Niagara Falls, you may 'bump' into a tiny village that never sleeps.

    To protect those who inhabit this village, the name will not be revealed. However, please believe that what you are about to read is actual, totally true and from a very reliable source.

    This village was established in 1843. Two hundred acres of land was purchased, cabins were constructed and 500 immigrants settled in. They were not really aware of the harshness of New York winters. The death rate was
    extremely high.

    I have been in touch with someone who currently lives in this village. Her residence is on a large piece of land adjacent to the old cemetery and in fact, part of her land contains a portion of the old cemetery property. She
    has even found 2 headstones on her property.

    What you are about to read are various quotes from the residents. Judge for yourself:
    "It's a very small village. We have a couple of ghosts. They are heard, felt and most importantly SEEN at times. TRUE! Apparently a lot of the village has Ghosts of it's own. The village is so small and quaint, that the
    'museum' is directly across the street. It is the original building, fencing, etc., dating back to the 1800s."

    "There was quite a mystery here too, concerning a murder. The event took place in the 1860s. It seems that a man and woman were obtaining a divorce, which at that time was VERY rare. The man had a housekeeper and the
    housekeeper had a daughter. The man was found murdered on the street, OUR Street. The housekeeper and her daughter were found murdered as well. All three were killed with an ax and their bodies dismembered. Perhaps the souls of these three still walk the streets."

    NOTE: This is the only recorded murder here, since the village was founded.

    "When we first moved here, the only thing that occurred (every night) was that I was awakened by a 'poke' on my leg or shoulder. Thought for a month or two that I was dreaming. It was definitely not a 'twitch' like everyone
    has sometimes felt in their sleep." "One night, I was 'poked' again and SAW a young girl at the foot of my bed. Very sweet looking, long auburn hair, wearing a nightshirt. She was smiling and sort of giggling. She said to
    me,"Sorry, I'll let you go back to sleep, if I can meet your husband." "I was NOT DREAMING! By the time I woke my husband, she was gone. I must tell you, that at no time did I feel any fear at all. A nice feeling came over me
    when I saw her. I cannot explain that. I will tell you that I visited that tiny museum. It contains relics from the original settlers. When I saw, in person, that same nightshirt, displayed in a case in the museum, I almost fainted!"

    "One night, my husband and I were watching TV, in our room, we were both wide-awake. Out of nowhere, a light (like a flashlight) went directly in front of us, held still for a second, then went out to the balcony."

    "Once, when my husband was napping, I was downstairs. I heard a crash. I went upstairs to find my husband had thrown a book to get my attention. He could not speak and was 'frozen' cold, to the point he could not move. This
    was not in winter. I threw blankets on top of him and covered him with my body for extra heat. He felt like ICE! I then yelledŠ'leave him alone!' and it stopped immediately. This was the first time my husband actually realized
    that these things had been happening in this house and to me."

    "There has only been one time when I was scared. My husband gets up very early to milk our cows. For some reason, I awoke around 3:00 AM. I saw a man standing in the hallway next to my daughter's room. I saw him clear as a bell, but I knew it was a ghost. We have an alarm system in this house. It had not been activated and my husband was outside, milking cows. He turned, looked at me. He was about 6 ft. tall, dark hair, long mustache, maroon shirt, work pants of some sort, and something dark and thick around his waist, not a regular belt. He looked at me very menacingly. Out of fear, I yelled very loud, "Get the ___ out of here, I told you not to bother us at
    night, now go!" "At this point, he came much closer to my room, at which point, and only out of fear, I jumped out of bed and rushed him (I have NO idea what I was thinking!) I spent the next two months sleeping with the lights on."

    "Our TV would continuously turn off and on, the volume would vary, for no reason. This went on for months. After taking the TV for repair, we learned it was operating perfectly, nothing wrong with it.."

    "At 9:30 AM, not long ago, my timer on the stove 'goes off'. I did not set it. My husband was asleep, the kids had gone off to school as usual at 6:55 AM. Here is the silly part. My stove/oven timer only can be set up to an hour. It cannot be set for longer than that. IF it went off at 9:30 AM, it had to have been set no sooner than 8:30 AM. Husband was asleep, kids were at school and I was in the adjoining dining room during that hour. Someone is looking for attention."

    These incidences are not more out of the ordinary than most. What happens in this tiny village has been known to happen all over the world, in various settings, under similar circumstances. But, it does happen.

    The last incident involves the most recent sighting of those from the "Other Side" This woman tells me, that recently she and her husband saw a tall, thin man. He was watching her work on her computer. He was wearing a long
    sleeved shirt, and corduroy slacks. His description matches that of this woman's brother who died in 1994. This sighting occurred on what would have been his 40th Birthday. Her brother was also my stepson.

    Nancy, Director of Operations, Editor

    #4. TV Psychic 'chats' With Blake's Dead Wife on ABC by: Sarah Tippit

    LOS ANGELES - (Reuters) - On the day that prosecutors charged actor Robert Blake with the murder of his wife, a television special was set to air an "interview" with the "spirit" of the late Bonny Lee Bakley as channeled through a psychic medium.

    "She does admit she contributes to ending her life but she doesn't want to say she committed suicide and it's very important you understand that," was the message Blake's late wife Bakley allegedly gave to family members
    through medium George Anderson.

    His "interview" with the late wife of former "Baretta" star Blake was to air Monday on ABC at 10 p.m. EDT on the special "Contact: Talking to the Dead."

    A spokesman for ABC said the program would air as scheduled and added, "We looked at it after what happened with Mr. Blake and we did not see anything wrong with it."

    Bakley, whom Anderson described as being accompanied by St. Joseph as she spoke, said her death was "terrifying at first and then ... a very strong calm came over her." She was "not surprised" at her fate, he added.

    Anderson said Bakley refused to give a clue as to who had killed her. Nor did she have anything to say about Blake, who pleaded not guilty to murder and conspiracy charges on Monday in the shooting death of his 44-year-old wife last year.

    The interview was conducted well before Blake's arrest, a program spokeswoman said. Amazed at the many private things Bakley allegedly revealed through Anderson, her sister, Margerry Bakley said: "It's Bonny, out and out, word for word."

    An advanced tape of the show was provided to Reuters and in it, Anderson -- billed as one of the world's leading mediums -- scribbled furiously on a pad as he spoke to Bakley's sister, Margerry, and mother, Marjorie Carlyon.

    The scribbling, he said, was intended to distract him, enabling him to become a clearer channel through which spirits of dead people could communicate with loved ones.


    Investigators believe Blake shot Bakley to death himself after two hit men turned down the job, the Los Angeles District Attorney's office said.

    The 68-year-old actor, who starred in the 1970s TV cop drama "Baretta," and was a child star on the "Our Gang" comedy series, was charged with one count of murder with the special circumstance of lying in wait, meaning
    prosecutors can seek the death penalty.

    During Monday night's "interview," Bakley said she did not want to speak about the circumstances of her death. "They already know that. She says you don't have to go over that again and relive the agony. She says we have to
    take up where it has been left off," medium Anderson said.

    The show, one of a spate of shows flooding the airwaves with tales from the afterlife, also featured interviews with the dead relatives and loved ones of "Wheel of Fortune" letter turner Vanna White, actress Mackenzie Phillips,
    and WWF wrestling champion Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

    USA Today TV critic Robert Bianco said he had no objection to shows featuring psychic mediums who purport to talk to dead people. "I will say up front that everybody has intelligence lines they won't cross and mine is I believe people don't speak to the dead especially on a 'will call' basis.

    As for airing the Bakley "interview" on the day of Blake's arraignment, Bianco said: "I say anyone who is going to buy into something like this is welcome to it."

    Bianco said he had seen a tape of the ABC show prior to its airing and jokingly added that he had not been able to reach Bakley himself. "Apparently the dead are busy up there and don't have a lot of time to chat," he said.

    Margerry Bakley told Anderson on the show that she knew it was her sister communicating when Bakley allegedly told her: "We'll always be bosom buddies."

    "We had breast reduction surgery together!" Margerry Bakley exclaimed.

    #5. New Book Release - Spiral To The Sun-Messages From The Divine Mother by: Elizabeth Huffer

    "Spiral To The Sun" is a most inspirational book with messages from the Divine Mother and other Spirit Guides...the formatting and the text are the most relaxing in reading and understanding of any of these types of books that I have read. To understand the messengers and the messages that are sent for all to read on this cosmic plain and sentimental journey.

    This Book "Spiral To The Sun" can be purchased through Timeless Voyager Press or through WOTS at their

    Book Description
    Over 200 channeled messages from the Divine Mother are captured in this, easy to read book authored by Dr. Elizabeth Huffer. The book is divided into four seasons, Autumn, Spring, Winter, and Summer which helps the reader find messages that are relevant. Bruce Stephen Holms, editor, has formatted the pages so that the reading of the text is effortless. There are helpful printed tabs on the edge of the book that make the seasonal sections easy to see. The information contained in Spiral To The Sun from Mother Mary and other ascended masters is absolutely important to everyone.

    About the Author
    Dr. Elizabeth Huffer is a Voice Channel for the Archangels and the Ascended Masters. During the course of her work she also became an Ordained Christian Minister, A Spiritual Counselor, an Astrologer, and received her Doctorate of Divinity. She has taught thousands of seekers her color vibration transmutation exercises which enliven the chakras helping to successfully handle the earth energies. She is presently living in Sedona, AZ where she continues to lecture and receive messages from Mother Mary.

    #6. A UFO Landmark, Texas 1897 by: B.J. Booth

    The state of Texas has always been called the "big state." This expression applies to many things, but is especially true regarding "tall tales." I have heard them all of my life, and sometimes it is difficult to separate truth from fiction. Such is the case with one story that comes from the small town of Aurora. The town's history book labels the community as "the town that almost wasn't," and that expression is probably applicable to the legend of a spaceship crashing into a windmill, and the burial of a small alien creature found in the aftermath. This event has become the most important news story to ever come out of this Texas city. Aurora was designated a "historical site" by the State of Texas because of the spaceship legend.

    The year was 1897, and this was the year of the "great airships" reports in the United States. As the story goes, it was on April 19, 1897, that a slow moving space ship crashed into a windmill, bursting into pieces. As the debris was searched through, supposedly the body of a small alien was discovered. Originally the alien pilot was dubbed the "Martian pilot." Some of the debris also revealed material sketched with a type of hieroglyphic. The town folk gave the poor little creature a proper burial in the local cemetery. This incident, whether true or not, has had just enough publicity to stay afloat for over 100 years. It was made into a movie, "The Aurora Encounter" in 1986, starring Jack Elam. The news of the crash spread quickly, even for that time period. A newspaper article of the event still exists, written by E. E. Haydon, reporter for the Dallas Morning News. Below is the original article:

    About 6 o'clock this morning the early risers of Aurora were astonished at the sudden appearance of the airship which has been sailing around the country. It was traveling due north and much nearer the earth than before. Evidently some of the machinery was out of order, for it was making a speed of only ten or twelve miles an hour, and gradually settling toward the earth. It sailed over the public square and when it reached the north part of town, it collided with the tower of Judge Proctor's windmill and went into pieces with a terrific explosion, scattering debris over several acres of ground, wrecking the windmill and water tank and destroying the judge's flower garden. The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the only one aboard and, while his remains were badly disfigured, enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world.

    The story never gained a lot of exposure at the time, but held on until it was commented on by UPI on May 24, 1973:

    "Aurora, Tex. -- (UPI) -- A grave in a small north Texas cemetery contains the body of an 1897 astronaut who was 'not an inhabitant of this world,' according to the International UFO Bureau. The group, which investigates unidentified flying objects, has already initiated legal proceedings to exhume the body and will go to court if necessary to open the grave, director
    Hayden Hewes said Wednesday."

    "After checking the grave with metal detectors and gathering facts for three months, we are certain as we can be at this point [that] he was the pilot of a UFO which reportedly exploded atop a well on Judge J.S. Proctor's place, April 19, 1897," Hewes said. "He was not an inhabitant of this world."

    The legend was back in the news! Only a couple of days later, UPI followed up the first report with another from Aurora. They had located a living witness to the event. A ninety-one-year-old who had been a girl of fifteen in Aurora at the time of the reported incident was quoted. "I had all but forgotten the incident until it appeared in the newspapers recently." She said her parents had actually been to the crash sight, but had not allowed her to accompany them for fear of what might be in the debris. She recalled that the remains of
    the pilot, "a small man," had been buried in the Aurora cemetery, validating the other legends.

    The Associated Press now joined the chase for the sensational story. From the city of Denton, Texas came this account:

    "A North Texas State University professor had found some metal fragments near the Oates gas station (former Proctor farm). One fragment was said to be 'most intriguing' because it consisted primarily of iron which did not seem to exhibit magnetic properties."

    The professor also said he was puzzled because the fragment was "shiny and malleable instead of dull and brittle like iron."

    For reasons unknown, the Aurora Cemetery Association fought the attempts to exhume the alien body. They were successful, and the dead alien's remains stayed a mystery. The town of Aurora still shows traces of Military intervention today, and the question must be asked, "Why would the U. S. Military be in the town of Aurora?" Anyone familiar with the Roswell crash of 1947 will remember that debris from Mac Brazel's field was flown to Ft. Worth, which is only a short hop's distance from Aurora. Is this why the Military was in Aurora? Could the Government have the alien body?

    Today Aurora, like other cities, is modernized, and yet a few hints of the past still remain. Although the headstone of the alien was stolen, there remain pictures of it today. A copy of this photo now adorns the grave site. There has been, at times, a lobby to exhume the remains of the little pilot and give it a proper burial, with a new headstone. So far, this has not happened. Should the little grave be dug up, or should we just leave it and the legend of the Aurora UFO alone?

    B J Booth

    #7. What The "HecK" Is Going On - A Letter From A Friend On Unexplained Ray

    Below is a letter I have recieved from a friend that has had these kind of paranormal happenings going on for awhile now, and only seems to be second nature to him...if anyone would like to talk to Ray he would be delighted...
    Hi Louise,

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner but with all the things that have happened it is hard to share a certain story. Nothing real interesting for a ghost story, just small bits of (many) weird experiences. One thing that does bug me is the fact this ghost/paranormal started after almost stopping my car under the triangular craft, and the paranormal seems to go with the weird dreams of abductions. I guess one part of the paranormal on my mind is the footprint I took a picture of and the orb that came out in the pic. This photo I took during two straight days of the paranormal.

    It started one morning. My alarm clock went off and I was laying in bed trying to wake up for another work day. As I laid there a flashlight on the book case came on. Then I heard a noise in the kitchen. Being use to these things I just ignored it and got up, took a shower, and got ready for work. At one time I heard keys rattling in the kitchen. Well, when I went out to my car and tried to start it the key wouldn't go into the ignition because it was bent. A 45 degree bend in the middle of the key so I had to come back inside, find a pair of pliers, bend the key back out straight so I could start my car and go to work. That day at work I remember cold spells. The ice cold breeze coming in around me and a couple times the shop light over where I was standing went out. It was an interesting day but when I got home I saw several prints all over my bed. Some just like the print on my hometown page and others with just three toes wide at the base coming to almost a point on the end. I never thought about taking a picture but was mad because the clean sheets were messed up so I ripped them off the bed and went to the laundry mat. Well, the next morning, I shut off my alarm and again, the flashlight came on. I said out loud "Don't even Start" then got ready and went to work. Not much happened at work except a six inch steel scale I had in my pocket got bent somehow. It was in the middle and a 45 degree angle. This scale is strong and I would have a hard time bending it myself. It bent while in my shirt pocket and I never felt it. When I got home from work that second day, again I found a print on my bed. This time I found my camera and took a couple pictures of it. The last one came out with an orb in it. Also, the sheets seemed to be glowing in the pic. Just something about the sighting, dreams of abduction, and paranormal seems to me (IMO) somehow to be connected. Just like the weekend trip to the Smokeys. Street lights going out among other things, and orbs outside as well as inside the cottage. That pic with the swirl was taken on the way there. We just stopped to stretch and take a few pics. I don't think it can be seen on the computer but that swirl has a real human looking face, all white, in the top/right corner of the swirl area just in front of my hand. Also, i've never seen so many orbs from one roll of film. Look at negatives, everything is transparent, just like an x-ray. But the orbs are a solid object. Everybody had a clear picture taken at that Tennessee/North Carolina state sign except me and mine came out with the swirl, face, and orbs, also my pic was darker than the others like it was late evening.

    I don't have a clue to what's going on but live with the paranormal daily. If there's a message in it I haven't figured it out yet.

    Sorry to keep babbling my friend. I just went to the kitchen to shut off the stove (making tea) and heard something hit the table in here around my computer. But as always, nothing is out of place.

    #8. Roswell UFO Bombshell by: Jim Keith
    Feature Story FATE Magazine 2000-01-01

    (Editor's Notation: This article was done and submitted by the late Jim Keith just before his freak accident at the Burning Man Festival.)

    My source on the following story has asked me to be very vague in my description of him. He describes himself as “a longtime researcher/instructor of engineering at a school in New Mexico.” I know specific details of his professional work, as well as the names of his own sources for the following information, but he has asked me not to mention them because of potential problems involving security clearances. Speaking with me recently, he told me about his knowledge of what actually took place in Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947-an event which has been alleged by many researchers to have been the crash of an alien spacecraft. His information is gleaned from conversations with others in the engineering field and in the military who were living in or near Roswell at the time. I realize that without identifying my source, the following information is rendered suspect; with that in mind it may still open up new areas of research that will crack the Roswell case. Here is the gist of what he told me:

    World War II was over, and America had a secret to conceal. Although the government said there were 500 atomic bombs in the military’s arsenal, that was a lie. There were none that were considered reliable. Due to a number of factors-corrosion of parts kept in storage, batteries that didn’t work, faulty initiators, and other reasons-there were no usable nuclear bombs in American military stockpiles. After the end of the war, the operational team in charge of the nuclear arsenal had also been dispersed, many of them going to other jobs, and some leaving the military altogether. In short, there was no real nuclear deterrent against the Soviet threat, and members of the American government and military who realized this were terrified that the Soviets would find out.

    The American brass sought to remedy the situation. As part of this fix, testing of nuclear delivery systems was moved during 1945 and 1946 from Wendover, Utah, to the 509th U.S. Army Air Force Bomb Group unit in Roswell, New Mexico. At the time, Roswell was the center of much secret testing, including the top secret balloon program Project Mogul, and “non-critical” testing at the Trinity blast site. One job that was given to the 509th was the operational testing of nuclear bombs, including fine-tuning the ability to hit targets accurately.

    Another secret: According to my source, military bombers were notoriously unreliable in hitting targets, sometimes missing their mark by as much as half a mile. It was given to the 509th to improve that record, and to make it possible to deliver bombs, particularly nuclear bombs, with greater accuracy. “Live” as well as “dummy” bombs were flown in from Sandia to Roswell, where they were tested and used in target drops.

    It was in this environment that the most famous of all UFO stories was born. According to my source, the true story behind the alleged UFO crash was that there was an accident involving a B-29 flying from the Army Air Force Base in Sandia (Albuquerque) to Roswell. From the statements of men in the military who were there at the time, my source states that either an atomic bomb or what is termed a “bomb shape,” or “test shape,” the shell of a nuke lacking explosives and atomic capability, and sometimes filled with concrete to add weight, was accidentally or purposefully jettisoned above Corona, New Mexico, directly on the flight path between Sandia and Roswell. Along with the bomb, metal foil used for radar jamming, termed “chaff,” may have also been dropped.

    The accidental dropping of a nuclear weapon would surely have been cause enough for a cover-up. If this information had leaked to the public, there might have been an extremely negative reaction.

    As an aside, my source mentioned that either an armed atomic bomb or “test shape,” flattened by impact with the ground, could have looked like a squashed disk.

    #9. The Voices In Your Head May Be Real by: John Gartner

    Researchers have developed technology that can project a beam of sound so narrow that only one person can hear it. "Directed" audio sounds like it's coming from right in front of you even when transmitted from a few hundred meters away.

    Inventors of the new "ventriloquist" technology say it could provide an added dimension to entertainment. The military, however, is investigating using it to confuse opponents or even inflict pain.

    The Audio Spotlight is one of two competing audio transmission systems that emit a one-foot square column of sound that can only be heard by people in its direct path. Joseph Pompei, a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab, decided to develop it while working at audio company Bose, which he joined at 16 as its youngest-ever engineer.

    Pompei, who used to play jazz trumpet in nightclubs in Chicago, became
    interested in how sound systems reproduce and distribute music. He thought it would be cool to "choreograph sound just like you would dancers on stage."

    Pompei imagined that instead of loudspeakers blaring the same cacophony of instruments to all parts of the room, it would be more interesting to selectively spotlight the soloist to the left side of the audience, while featuring the percussion up front, and then switching them around.

    "Sound in real life is occurring all around you. Regular speakers only go so far in reproducing an accurate environment," Pompei said.

    Pompei developed the first demonstration systems of the technology for
    installations at Sega's Joyopolis theme park in Tokyo and the Boston Museum of Science, and he's planning to start selling it commercially soon. He said museums like the system because visitors who stand in front of an exhibit can hear the appropriate audio track without being distracted by sound from other displays.

    The Audio Spotlight transmitters range from several inches in diameter to about 20 inches and generate a column of sound between one to three degrees wider than the transmitter.

    The technology could also be used to prevent fights over the car's radio tuner, Pompei said. He put several Audio Spotlights in a concept truck from Chrysler, which enabled passengers to hear their own radio stations -- the kids in the back seat enjoyed heavy metal while the parents relaxed to elevator music. "It could make for much happier trips," he said.

    The Audio Spotlight converts ordinary audio into high-frequency ultrasonic signals that are outside the range of normal hearing. As these sound waves push out from the source, they interact with air pressure to create audible sounds.

    Pompei said the "non-linear" effect of air pressure modifies sound waves in a consistent fashion. He wrote algorithms that "reverse-engineered" the desired sound waves to determine the appropriate ultrasonic source signals.

    According to University of Texas professor David Blackstock, high-frequency signals are easier to focus, and control like a flashlight, than sounds that are within the human range of hearing, which disperse in all directions. Blackstock said ultrasonic signals "decay more slowly than lower-frequency waves" so they are easier to send farther.

    The Audio Spotlight emits sounds in the 60-kilohertz range, which, according to Blackstock, is well above the 20-KHz limit of human hearing.

    Blackstock said the first experiments to use ultrasonic sounds were conducted underwater in the 1960s, and Japanese researchers made advances in the 1980s but were unable to create a commercial application for the technology.

    Pompei said Audio Spotlights are currently being installed in Australia for the upcoming Fringe Festival. Pompei started Holosonic Research Labs to sell Audio Spotlights to corporations such as Kraft and Kodak, which are in the process of integrating them into information kiosks and retail displays.

    An alternative to Pompei's invention, which also may be commercially
    available soon, is American Technology's Hypersonic Sound System. The HSS system similarly converts audio into ultrasonic sound waves, and Blackstock was impressed by a demonstration.

    Blackstock said he heard a clear signal at about 100 meters, but then heard nothing by moving two steps out of the audio's path. "It's remarkable, a spectacular effect."

    American Technology president Terry Conrad said the company is going into its first mass production of chips that convert the audible sounds into ultrasonic waves in February.

    American Technology recently signed an agreement with the U.S. Army to
    develop the technology for a decidedly non-commercial use: psychological warfare.

    According to American Technology CTO Jim Croft, the technology could be used to confuse opponents by making them think there was someone nearby. Small transmitters could be kept out of sight, and ghost sounds could be bounced off "rocks or any reflective surface" to fool people into believing they were not alone.

    American Technology is also working on a stronger version of the technology called Directed Stick Radiator, Croft said. This "acoustic assault rifle" is shaped like a gun, but instead of bullets, it dispenses high-decibel sounds that would cause discomfort or even pain.

    Croft said the company is developing prototypes of the debilitating weapon
    that could be mounted on a jeep and used for crowd control. "It could be a very effective first-level deterrent," he said.

    Pompei, conversely, is happy to make music, not war, with his system. He said U2's Bono is a fan of the Audio Spotlight and recently flew him to Los Angeles to measure the acoustics during a Staples Center performance.

    He would prefer that others adopt his invention to returning to the stage himself. "I make a much better scientist than musician."


    From Eleanor White

    Hi -

    I've only scanned this article once, but I know it is highly significant to us mind control victims.

    What this is saying is, here is a type of field, called a "torsion field" in this reference, that is generated as a normal consequence of either mechanical motion or electromagnetic fields, which UNDER SPECIFIC CONDITIONS can have powerful effects on biological entities (us).

    This statement by Mojimir:

    "(the generators using geometrical shapes were described as well in the
    excerpt of Gurtovoi's book I was mailing to the list few months ago)"

    ...and this new article translation point directly to so called "psychotronic shapes", or, simple, inert objects of specific shapes which were described in the book "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" by Lynn Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander.

    These devices were demonstrated to the authors on their visit to the then Soviet Union, and are the invention of Czech industrialist and inventor, Robert Pavlita, and date from the 1930s.

    In addition, these torsion fields, their effects seemingly dependent on
    SHAPE, point to "pyramid power", and "sacred geometry", two concepts which are often dismissed as nonsense.

    We know that we are not likely to be able to sit down and build a
    demonstrator device from this article, but it may give some clues to our 'power researchers' and that is why I'm sending it out.

    MANY THANKS to Mojimir!

    Eleanor (Mojimir's translation follows)

    From Mojmir Babacek < Subject: torsion fields Date: 2-21-2

    What follows are excerpts from the booklet by A. E. Akimov, the director of the Russian institute VENT, which was assigned in the 80s the job of building the psychotronic generators by Soviet authorities.

    A.E.Akimov: "Heuristic Evaluation of the Problem of the Search of New Long
    Distance Effects. EGS Concept" Interdisciplinary Scientific and Technical Centre of Non Traditional Technologies Moscow, 1991

    "In 1966 K.N. Perebeinos et. al. demonstrated an experimental system of
    transfer of information through massive screens, where the transmitter as well as receiver were produced on the principle of mechanically rotating systems (K.N. Perebeinos et. al, "Evaluation of the Possibility of the Use of Gravitation Waves for the Communication", 1966) "torsion fields come into being not only by spin, but as well by the rotation of objects.

    For as long as the rotation, including the classical spin, is stationary (the angle frequency is not changing, the rotating mass is equally divided, there is no wobling, mutation etc.), the source is emitting a stationary torsion field. If the rotation is not stationary then the source emits wave radiation." "the torsion field will affect the objects with spin or angle momentum of rotation."

    There are 4 types of torsion fields generators.

    1) "As well as with electricity is the primary source of the field the
    electric charge of particles, the primary source of torsion field is a spin of elemetary particles - as well as quantums."

    "The torsion field will belong to the body which will have whichever spin arrangement - nuclear, atom, molecule... a magnet arranges the space orientation of molecular flows, which give off the primary magnetic field. This arrangement has for consequence the appearance of collective magnetic field. The arrangement of the orientation of magnetic momentums automatically, as well, arranges the classical spins originating from the movement of electrons in circular molecular flows. As a consequence a collectif torsion field takes birth. Consequently every steady magnet has aside of magnetic field as well a torsion field."

    2) "electromagnetic field gives off torsion field - most of electrical,
    radiotechnical and radioelectronical devices are sources of torsion
    radiations and can be used as torsion fields generators... Highly effective are radiotechnical gears where circular or spiral electromagnetic proceses take place - coil or magnetron. .. Many radiotechnical or radioelectronical devices can be used as torsion fields generators. However it is necessary to distinguish clearly what are those sources generating: static or wave radiation, what is the space structure of those fileds or radiations, what is the spectrum of frequencies (wavelike and spacial)" built generators - with voluminous resonators and various crystals with voluminous condensators and
    special fillers (probably the wrong word) with the use of 3 Helmholtz coils

    3) generators built on principle of specially organized spin ensemble or specially organized rotation of material medium (field or body) - for example a rotating magnetic field

    4) geometrical torsion fields generators (the reason why they function is not yet understood)

    In the French patent from 1978 "the creation of torsion field is achieved due to the combination of topological effect and electrical polarization. Into 16 angle straight prisma are built 2 couples of ortogonally distributed electrodes with the voltage up to 300 kV. On parts of sides conuses or ovoids may be distributed. Steady electrical voltage gives birth to primary torsion field which excites intensive torsion field due to the effect of forms - according to the authors the generator was capable to diminish the gravitation field" (the generators using geometrical shapes were described as well in the excerpt of Gurtovoi's book I was mailing to the list few months

    "As a real source of torsion fields may be used for example crystals with polarized nuclear spins..." "Active torsion generators are used where the rotational momentum is created with the use of the external source of energy." (I am sorry, but the copy of the book I have received on microfilm is almost illegible) "Experiments prove that the activity of spin and spiral generators produces the same effects."

    "The construction of torsion generators and their production as industrial samples made possible realization of vast research opening the road to their use as new sources of energy, transportation, production of materials with new qualities, transmission of information, biotechnology, medicine, agriculture etc. - the material base for the new civilization of 21st century."

    "Interpretation of torsion fields as metastable states of spin polarized physical vacuum makes i t possible to formulate principally new approach to the construction of quantum (torsion) generators - ZVM."

    Biological Effects of Torsion Paradigma

    "J. U. Little showed the analogy between neural networks and magnet systems. John Hopfield showed that such networks with symetrical connections are equivalent to spin glasses (J.J. Hopfield: Neural networks and physical systems with emergent collective computational abilities. Proc. Mat. Acod. Sci. USA 1982, v. 79, No. 8, p. 2554, Amit D.J., Gutfreund N., Sompolinsky N. Spin-glass models of neural networks, Physical Review A., 1985, v.32, No. 2, p. 1007 - could anynone find this article?) This opened the road for the construction of models of brain mechanisms. Important proved to be the analogy between the fact that every neuron is connected with many other neurons and the long distance effects in spin glasses, where every spin is immediately connected with many other spins.

    Those ideas open the road to the construction of the new approach, since there is a possibility to resign on the understanding of a spin as a magnetic moment, which makes it possible to understand the spin glass as an ensemble of objects with classical spins. In a such a case that the spin-glass is conceived as a system in which arbitrary spin configurations are possible which create a torsion field. At the same time the external torsion fields may form space spin structures in the spin glass... ... to every act of consciousness corresponds its spin structure in the brain, which has for consequence a characteristic torsion radiation. At the same time, during every characteristical torsion radiation in the brain, a proper spin structure will be formed, corresponding to the particular perception in the brain... ...the concept of torsion fields makes it possible to formulate effective approaches to the foundation of this phenomenology on strictly
    physical basis and planing of experiments... a possibility appeared to attach to the consciousness and thinking their material bearer defined as torsion fields."

    The work of the operator of the torsion ZVM generator - the consciousness of the operator, having a spin nature manifesting itself by torsion fields. The work of the generator is based as well on spinory systems of physical vacuum and manifesting itself by torsion fields. This provides for the possibility of direct acces of the operator to the processor without a translating periphery. "The operator can, on basis of arbitrarily chosen protocole, enter
    into such ZVM without any mediating apparatus, by way of direct interaction directly with the central processor through the channel of torsion exchange of information. With this approach the Consciousness as a specific, torsion adaptable ZVM and ZVM produced on basis of physical vacuum will function as a one single ensemble and not as two modules of one system.

    If we look upon the consciousness as on a biocomputer, realized on organic spin glass, we are obliged to state that this biocomputer was produced on molecular element base.

    The information on molecular level is encoded not only in the structure of molecules, but as well in the structure of the medium which surrounds it and this information is connected with spin polarization of physical vacuum, it means with torsion fields. We can assume that the consciousness as a functional structure includes in itself a biocomputer, it means a brain as a spin glass and its outside part - the torsion ZVM surrounding the spin polarized physical vacuum in the space around the brain."

    In another article A.E. Akimov announces several succesfull experiments with torsion fields generators - the melted iron was irradiated by torsion fields during the cooling and did not form the crystalic lattice - the reception of torsion fields across the screen corresponding to 50 m block of concrete was not attenuated. When the transmitter was brought next to the receiver the intensity of the reception was the same as when the signal was passing
    through the screen.

    Mojmir Babacek
    "World of the Strange"
    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: Permission is granted to reproduce or redistribute this edition provided that attribution is made to the Author or Authors noted. In order to reprint or reproduce any copyrighted material contained herein, if not using the FULL newsletter, you MUST obtain permission from the copyright holder noted. For their permission in use of their said articles.

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