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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bishadi, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Bishadi Banned Banned

    Was talking with some folk and created an idea that would just rock this taco stand;

    Since the Dome of the Rock has been standing since the 7th century, could the UN and the majority see it 'good' to designate the Dome as a global Heritage Site?

    Like a work of art?

    In the sense, that no matter who finally takes over Jeruselem, that 'we the people' (mankind) have designated the old structure as protected.

    Could a non-profit entity be created to pool funding for the purpose of protecting the site without it being a religious argument?

    I find the idea, the funniest thing in the whole world, that it is both logically sound, and shuts down any attempt by a religious state from destroying it; with or without their approval!
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  3. otheadp Banned Banned

    The dome of the rock was there since the 7th century, although its top was covered with gold only a few decades ago. But regardless of that, it should be designated as a world heritage site. So should the Western Wall, and the Machpela cave (Cave of the Patriarchs).

    You are probably referring to the incitement and propaganda that the Arab and Muslim states, together with Hamas come up with whenever they want to start another intifada or a riot in Jerusalem: "the Aqsa mosque is under attack by the Zionists! You must defend it with your life!" ... that's what's been happening in Jerusalem for the past few days with many Israeli police being injured.

    No one in Israel wants to destroy the dome of the rock, even among the extremists - only a few. They all wish it wasn't there, me included, since it desecrates our holiest place as it is built on top of the ruins of our temple, but now that it is here most of us don't want it destroyed at all. Do not believe these rumours.
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  5. Bishadi Banned Banned

    OK then, so you do realize that no alter should be built on that site, just because religious beliefs suggests it be?

    Same with the Wall of China.

    No i am observing the INTENT of the zionists to tear down the building to build a temple as the right wing nuts are wishing to sacrafice lambs in the old pagen style.

    Both WRONG claims.

    Many wish to tear it down and why Jeruselem was surrounded in the 67' land grab; they want the mount (megiddo etymology; the hill, the mount).

    and that building has been there longer than anything jewish, in all written history of mankind.

    You are tying yourself to your religious belief, versus reality.

    you are continuing the rumor

    you just said, you wish it wasn't there and it desecrates a 'place'.........

    You are the type that is basing reality into your beliefs versus compassion or reality.
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  7. otheadp Banned Banned

    I said I wish it wasn't there, but since it is there, leave it alone. The intent of "the Zionists" is to leave it alone.

    I know Israelis and you don't, so I'm telling you that's how it is. For your info, Jews aren't even allowed to go up and pray on the Temple Mount according to Jewish religious law. So to rebuild the sacrifice altar... that would be crazy. I as a Jew and an Israeli would not be happy with this at all.

    I have no reason to lie to you.

    If Israelis wanted it destroyed they would have destroyed it by now. Certainly it would be easy to do technically, and Israel has lots of weapons and the strongest army in the Middle East to protect herself from any backlash or riots.

    Even the ideological Right in Israel doesn't want to destroy it. Only the most extreme among the extreme. Muslims think it's Allah's will that forces the Jews to not destroy the temple, but it's basic respect for other religions, despite the constant attacks and murder from people of that religion. That is all.

    Look, I'm not interested in the hateful propaganda that your imams have been brainwashing you with. You're insane if you think that.
  8. Bishadi Banned Banned

    that would be nice but i tink yu have a problem.

    If Israel is not returning jeruselem to being a free entity and by Netayatawho's own claims, intends and publishes the idea of removing all muslims from Israel, then i find your leadership is not representing YOU.

    do you represent your rabbis? Or are you representing your opinion?

    finally, an understanding! You right NO ONE opens up shop but ONE.

    Now that is an educated opinion, i can only hope you not there when the time comes.

    any false witness is against the boss (reality); keep the rules and you may be Okey dokey

    not so because, there are too many who would see the foul and throw a flag. ie.... take the mount and watch what happens

    what about the globe over?

    why do you think terrorism is a common word now? because gaza is a concentration camp and people are starting to see that it is wrong?

    now if you a good literary type you would have known that when the jordan was crossed in 67' that the gravest error moses ever warned about was made.

    now it is found true, the nasty much of the old warned us about is the divide between the three ladies of the 'city' (bablilu) jeruselem (the gateway to the gods)

    so one minute only a few, the next MUSLIMS think (you blanket the population) that all ah mankind will........... (see how that works)

    Then perhaps you can head the non profit agency to make the dome a historical land mark?

    i am man, equally with any who ever walked

    no religious entity or leader represents me; i witness what i have observed nt what any other tells me to

    So if YOU believe the DOME should be a landmark, then do something.

    Otherwise, i like the idea that YOU, a who, also believe the DOME should be maintained as a historical site.
  9. Bishadi Banned Banned

    is this thread a quality idea to invoke others even not affiliated to the divide?

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