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Discussion in 'History' started by Enigma'07, Jun 14, 2004.

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    There was also some talk a while back about archeological evidence that the Phoenician civilization (particularly the Carthaginians) may have discovered the Americas.

    I don't know if that's been mentioned in this thread before, but it's interesting.
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    conventional wisdom

    *The Indus Civilization was not the earliest civilization; Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt both developed cities slightly before the Indus Civilization did. Nevertheless, the Indus Civilization was by far the most geographically extensive. To date, 1052 settlements have been found. 140+ of these sites lie along the seasonal Ghaggar -Hakra river. This system was once permanent, which once flowed as far as Fort Derawar where it ended in an inland river delta. This area was the primary food producing region of the Indus Civilization.

    *By 4000 BC , a distinctive, regional culture, called pre-Harappan, had emerged in this area. (It is called pre-Harappan because remains of this widespread culture are found in the early strata of Indus civilization cities.)

    *By 2600 BC , some pre-Harappan settlements grew into cities containing thousands of people who were not primarily engaged in agriculture. Subsequently, a unified culture emerged throughout the area, bringing into conformity settlements that were separated by as much as 1,000 km. and muting regional differences.

    Indus Valley Civilization






    works in progress

    establishing earlier dates for the indus valley civ. that is, before sumeria and mesopotamia.


    Gulf of Cambay has a city older than Sumer

    cambay dating
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