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Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by Secret, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Secret Registered Senior Member

    Not sure if this is inappropriate, but I think it's more scifi than pseudoscience

    Weapon idea 1: Maxwell demon particle cannon
    Description: Make use of the mechanism shown in this link
    and then accelerate the resulting ultracold atoms to about 100m/s to a target to lower its temperature rapidly (e.g. Use in a puddle of water, it essentially freeze it)
    Limitation: High energy usage and the complexity in maintaining the 'one way laser' used to generate the ultracold atoms. Reloading time is expected to be long to wait for the atoms to naturally trapped on one end of the lasers and be cold to near 0K

    Some brief investigation on the scientific accuracy of this idea:
    -> Implies that in a frictionless environment, the atoms will not heat up until the KE is transferred to them from the (hotter) target in the impact.
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  3. fedr808 1100101 Valued Senior Member

    So what is this thread about exactly?

    Your title makes it sound like you want some brainstorming ideas for a story.

    But your OP makes it sound like you want our thoughts on your scifi weapon, which is pretty cool by the way (pun intended).
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  5. Secret Registered Senior Member

    It's more like a checklist on the scientific accuracy of the ideas, which people can freely comment on it

    The actual investigations and analysis are carried out as some questions in the physics subforum
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  7. swivel Sci-Fi Author Valued Senior Member

    I had the same thought!

    If it gets built, I want to see vids.
  8. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    Would be an interesting method of assassination.
    Presuming it would have one shot, only effective at a short range, the assassin could walk up with it in a duffel, freeze the target's heart solid from behind, walk off casually.
    By the time the victim was found the heart would have thawed enough that it would be completely unapparent how they died.
  9. Secret Registered Senior Member

  10. Secret Registered Senior Member

    3. Negative mass analysis:

    However after anther detailed analysis, I reason that Pauli exclusion principle must be universally repulsive otherwise the negative mass electrons will become boson like.

    Thus the conclusion is negative mass should behave like ordinary mass except with the roles of some particles switched (e.g. neutrons in proton's role and protons in neutron's role)

    IF however, the correct answer is that Pauli exclusion principle depends on the sign of mass (i.e. replusive to ordinary matter but attractive to negative mass), then any two negative mass brought together will fuse together
  11. Secret Registered Senior Member

    Another detailed analysis shows the situation is more complicated

    Even if it is just electromagnetism, as shown by manipulating F=ma, that like charges attract unlike charges repel.

    Thus it can implied that stable negative mass atoms are speculated to must be charged (as unlike charges repel thus a negative mass electron cannot form orbitals around a negative mass nucleus, the cloud must be consist of some positively charged leptons. Even if the nucleus is neutral and we assume the negative mass neutron can be polarized by electrostatic induction, the negative lepton will provide a net charge to the entire atom. Neutral leptons don't work either as there is no electromagnetic force between the neutral negative mass nucleus and negative mass lepton thus the negative mass lepton won't be bonded in the first place to form a neutral negative mass atom))

    This means like charged negative mass ions must attract (both the electron cloud and the nucleus). Their nucleus will eventually hit and fuse together (as no repulsion exists between the nuclei). Thus it is expected the negative mass nuclei will become heavier until it is heavy enough for gravity (which is repulsive between negative mass according to the equations) to offset the electromagnetic attractive force and then it will stop clumping into bigger bodies (The nuclei won't collaspe into a black hole or similar as the attractive force is offset by the degeneracy pressure caused by pauli exclusion principle, otherwise you will have fermions all occupying at the same energy state like bosons, which is forbidden by quantum mechanics as far I'm aware)

    The negative sign also speculates that a negative mass proton will decay into a negative mass neutron (since its magnitude of mass is less than that of the proton). Thus it is speculated that negative mass ??? (an element where the total energy of the system contributed by the attraction between the negative mass nucleons (strong force+electromagnetism), degeneracy pressure contributed by the pauli exclusion principle and the equivalence energy of the magnitude of the negative mass given by E=mc^2 is at the minimum, which I have not computed yet, but it is believed to be something between hydrogen and uranium and lying closer to the hydrogen side) is a common sight in a universe with negative mass IF the behavior of negative mass follows F=-ma
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