Word problem, can anyone find more than 1 solution?

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  1. where both sides are equal, 1=1

    Using parameters of this verse to set up the word problem

    I can only find 1 scenario where the above math works
    2 daughters =4/6
    2 parents =2/6
    Total =6/6

    All else fail, see below:
    Example 2, c.+d. != 100%
    1 Daughter =3/6
    2 parents =2/6
    1 Widow = 0
    Total =5/6

    My family, a. +d. != 100%
    4 boys =48/84
    1 girl =6/84
    2 parents =28/84
    Widow =0
    Total =82/84

    Math explained by an Islamic expert
  2. Pete It's not rocket surgery Moderator

    I'm not sure that the problem isn't defined enough to be interesting maths.

    It seems that in most cases, there will be some residue after the instructions are followed. It is not stated what should happen to that residue. Presumably, it goes to the same place as the estate of someone with no inheritors who dies intestate... probably the State, a charity, or religious organisation.

    For example - if the inheritors are only women, what happens to the remaining 1/3 of the estate? Presumably, it goes to the State.

    Are you looking for solutions with no residue?
  3. yes, I was hoping that there were less obvious answers that would result in 1=1

    I was assuming that something was more hidden?
  4. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

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