Woman More Promiscuous?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by sderenzi, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. TREELAW45 Registered Senior Member

    You Know I grew up with a kid who did stupid shit like he through a beer bottle at an old womans house. I slapped him in the head and almost kicked his ass.
    Another time my girl freinds freind wanted to date a freind so we went to a party and this girl took off with this asshole and screwwed him. Later she even hads the balls to try to date him again of course he declined.
    Years later I saw him in the local bar he probably weighed 130 pounds. His brother told me he had joined the service and didn't tell them about a disiese he had and was kicked out of the service.
    What I didn't tell you was in the bar he told me he found a way to get laid, Hit on other peoples wives because they secretly hate the guy who married them and supported there family. And would fuck anybody who asked. I never saw him again I think he died of AIDS.
    He was always an asshole. He died an asshole. We as people we should strive to be better, safer, More loving and honest, it's what saparates us from dogs attacking a bitch in heat. We are not animals any more some just don't know it.
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  3. sderenzi Banned Banned

    I concur!
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