Will Republicans be able to raise the debt ceiling this year?

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Will Republicans raise the debt ceiling this year?

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  1. joepistole Deacon Blues Valued Senior Member

    According to the Treasury the Congress will need to raise the debt ceiling in September else the nation will for the first time in its history default on its debt. Given the inability of this Congress to pass even their signature piece of legislation, one must question their ability to do so. The congressman who led the last attempt to run the nation into default is now in charge of the budget. We are getting mixed messages from both Congress and the administration on the debt ceiling. Some want to attach poison pills to it as they did a few years ago and a few want a clean debt ceiling bill.

    If the Freedom Caucus wants to resist, and it appears they do, Republicans will need the assistance of Democrats to increase the debt ceiling. Will Democrats go along or will they make demands of their own? Trump's weak leadership will be tested. Does Trump have the ability to pull this off? The irony is Trump has marketed himself as the "great deal maker". Trump has yet to demonstrate his deal making abilities, but then again, maybe he has.

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    We may be in for another roller coaster ride. Will Republicans raise the debt ceiling or will they cause the nation to default on its debt?

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