Wildflowers are Disappearing

Discussion in 'Biology & Genetics' started by duendy, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. duendy Registered Senior Member

    i have known about this, and this spring summer i am ordering wildflowrs for my garden so as to held the crisis---plus i LOVE them......and the wild life that NEEDS them

    'Wild flowers vanishing at faster rate:

    BRITAIN'S common wild flowers are disappearing from the countryside at a faster rate than scientists previously believed, research reveals today.
    The only national survey of Britain's wild flowers, which was relaeased to coincide with the first day of spring, found that once plentiful species such as the bluebell, foxglove and wood anemone are vanishing.
    The conservation charity Plantlife bases its findings on the work of some 3,000 volunteers and experts, who have spent five years analyzing randomly chosen plots of land. The key at which key species, particularly bird's-foot treefoil and red clover, have disappeared since the survey began has surprised botanists.
    Dr Jenny Duckworth, biodiversity research manager of Plantlife, said: "We have picked up significant trends that one would not normally expect in that space of time. They suggest that changes in our countryside could be happening at a greater speed than expected."
    Plantlife is not asking for volunteers to come foreward by emailing enquires@plantlife.org.uk or calling 01722 342755.' www.observer,co.uk


    Please speak out about this. even if its just a phonecall to ypur councillor. if they dont hear, they dont know. it is really important we dont allow the complte degradation of the wild environment. so much wild life is depending on it, and that includes us to. for if we do lose it, we lose irreplaceable diversity. and think of the generation to come etc. we HAVe to speak out and do our bit to help Nature

    whatever you can do, please do.....?
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  3. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

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  5. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Well, the wildflowers might be disappearing, but humans are "planting" concrete and ashpalt to take their place! What more do you want?

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    Baron Max
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  7. Yamayama Registered Senior Member

    Baron Max: But ought it not be kept in mind that plants are necessary factories: which take our waste product - carbon dioxide - and give us oxygen in return?
    "Concrete" and "asphalt" perform no such task.
  8. Arditezza Banned Banned

    Trees are much more efficient in doing that. Wildflowers, while beautiful, are not a major benefit to the ecosystems of any area. They look pretty, but species of flowers die and mutate at an amazing rate compared to the animal world. If we all wanted to be bleeding hearts, there are over 3,400 species of wildflowers that are on their way out. Quick boys, start planting.
  9. duendy Registered Senior Member

    And what is your experience qualifications forasserting what you assert--that wildflowers are not that important..? have you even checked out the main website that'sl tell you completely the opposite of that...herer i'll give it ya again www.plantlife.org.uk/

    are you from England?

    why are you prepared to just sit back and let wildlife be destroyed. what about the wild LIFE that depends on wildflowers?

    anyway, checkout the site again, and get back....maybe even get in touch and ask them how important wildflowers are?....explore...learn
  10. Arditezza Banned Banned

    I read the site. Let me quash their purposely vague "Important Facts about the destruction and neglect of wildflowers".

    Sounds nice, but all plants are part of this statement. There is nothing about the particular importance of Wildflowers.

    Ah yes. That's really laying it on thick... And what of the duty to man? Take the gypsies for instance, you in the UK sure treat them well. Isn't that also your moral and ethical responsibility to sustain a diversity on earth? Haven't you all been killing each other for years over differences in religion? Phew. I'm glad you are worried about the wildflowers.

    Pretty, but nothing about them being beneficial other than their beauty. And, beauty is fleeting and fickle.

    Again, plants in general... not wildflowers, but plants. Not to mention that most of the plants harvested for medicinal use are grown in controlled greenhouses. It's not like the pharmacy sends one of it's technicians to the field out back to put some Chamomile or Astragalus.

    Stupid statement on the site itself. As if someone actually believes that plant life was created millions of years ago by a biochemist in a lab. Of course all plant life was originally wild. They must think you are really dumb.

    There is nothing on that site that points to the importance of wildflowers on a particular habitat or ecosystem.
  11. duendy Registered Senior Member

    what, you assume i am only concerned with wildflowers and not Gypsies...where livin fuc did that one come from

    look. why are you expending so much energy dismissing WILDlife, huh?.....can you not see that a wildflower meadow Is an ecosystem? and that they have nearly all disappeared as is all other ecosystems making life on earth a fukin living hell. some kids have never SEEn a meadow. they did a thing with some inner city kids here, and the couldn't name some common fruit!

    and why do you despise beauty, and call it a fletting thing. your whole attitude i find a complete pain the the rrrse
  12. Arditezza Banned Banned

    Because balancing the entire system is more important than just screaming about daisies. Over-population, over-industrialization and pollution are ruining ecosystems on the whole. All plants are dying, not just the flowers. Animal species are losing habitats and our air is becoming more and more poisonous to breathe. That some pretentious company comes out with a "Save the Wildflower" campaign is such a waste to a much much bigger issue. It's not that I am against saving wildflowers, I am against small-niched groups getting global attention for a small part of a huge problem.
  13. duendy Registered Senior Member

    jeeeeeZUs already! do you not think i know
    that? why do you underestimate my intelligence. whay are you in my face about this

    look. it is not just about cscreaming about 'daises'...but about a whole host of wild flowers of differnt speciies....which affects the bees, and all the insects etc--the ecosystem that depends on them.....yeah??

    now THAT totally ignoreant pile of shit disregard is connected to abcdefg. are you with it. it is NOT just an isolated case. it is not dis-connected to all the other shit going on. it deserves just as much repect and concern as worring about gypsies, and worring about trees, and so on. it is all interelated. but the attitude fkin all this up doesn't FEEL this interconnection. EVEn people apparently worried about related concerns dont as you are showing with your arrogant strutting about as to how YOU are with the 'BIG stuff'....

  14. Arditezza Banned Banned

    Maybe I've been wrong all along. The problem really lies in the Englishman with absolutely no grasp of the English language.

    The fact that you think Wildflowers deserve the same attention as the plight of the gypsies makes me think that the site you posted was right in their conclusion that you are, in fact... dumb.
  15. duendy Registered Senior Member

    yes. it's always people people people aint it. fuck the wildlife...i mean, what's THEIr use.

    look. you call Me dumb? what is the title of this thread?........hmmmm? does it say 'the plight of the Gypsies'?...so. if you are so concerned about Gypsies, i have a suggestion. STARt a THREAD about it. what do you say?
    THIs one is about the plight of wildlife...duh
  16. unless its a sentinel species, sort of like the canary in the mine. an ecosystem is so complex, that we probably will miss many of the webs & tendriles of the food-chain, that it'll disappear before we can do anything about it

    & everything that goes with it; loss of habitat, farmland, aquafiers, watershed,
    see Haiti, Brazil, India, China per examples

    most countries don't regulate fumes, waste, they turn a blind eye, or like the US, change standards, weaken enforcement or reduce funding, like the EPA

    ummm, yes & no, I guess I would prefer "Save the Pale Blue Dot" megagroup, but some people just can't get into "Save the Beige 3-striped Ferguson Beetle", while they go bonkers for the whale or the sea otter. guess its diff personality types?

    I tend to agree with you, most one-issue groups pressure govs & legislators so strongly, that they make unenforceable, counterproductive, or contrary laws; like AARP & GOP, farm & eco lobbies
  17. Go Down Moses Registered Senior Member

    Whatever disappearing the wildflowers do will be only temporary. Eventually, we'll proliferate to the point that the earth can no longer sustain us (actually, we've already reached that point, populationwise, by a factor of three, if you define "sustain" as "the ability to support life over time without eating into the earth's accumulated, stored resources"), there will be a dramatic human population crash, and that will be that.

    The earth will abide and the wallflowers will prevail. Our activity won't put and end to that.
  18. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    I have to agree with duendy for once and say fuck the fucking gypsies.
  19. gillnet Registered Member

    I,ve watched the waters wash away the beautiful sandunes in my local area.Galaxy hill was over 50ft high now it,s 20ft and that,s only took 15 years.The coastline has become tidal.Where there was at least 2 fathoms of depth before that 15 years and you could walk along that beach wether it was high tide or low tide.Now you have to watch the tides or walk along the top.So the question is the ice caps melting at a rate that would cause a heating of the planet then a cooling because after every fire goes out it gets cold

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