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Discussion in 'World Events' started by hypewaders, Dec 30, 2010.

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    Moderator Note: I'm hoping to assist in keeping discussions on topic with some redirection. We have 3+ threads pertaining to WikiLeaks running right now. I am moving/redirecting these, to where I hope they may undergo further focus, examination and discussion in topical context. I'll update the links in the outline immediately below, when I notice other distinct and viable threads pertaining to WikiLeaks here at SciForums.

    World Events:
    (this thread you are reading now)​


    (my mod hat is off here) This thread will pertain to breaking and past news items/current events stories citing WikiLeaks, or citing similar organizations (assanging wiki-leaking is an emerging web-based phenomenon). I am compiling a brief review of past WikiLeaks-sourced stories in a follow-up post.

    The concept with respect to topic in this thread is a little bit unconventional (maybe avant-garde I hope):
    This is intended as a thread where significant WikiLeaks-attributed news items, or stories originating from sources similar to WikiLeaks may be pointed out, referenced and explored briefly for discussion.

    In-depth discussions- that is, when comments and discussion on a particular issue raised by a particular WikiLeaks story develop, they should branch off into threads linked above, or other appropriate threads, by the earliest convenient invitation. It's fine to seek or initiate discussion here- but once you find it, please invite it to proceed elsewhere by naming (and preferably linking) to a separate more-appropriate thread.

    I don't intend for this limitation on discussions to be policed strictly by Moderators, unless discussions of a WikiLeak story run into many posts and participants- I'll arbitrarily say 3 or more comments without an invite to a dedicated thread may push the limits of the intent here in terms of topic. Framing a thread topic as I have done is experimental on my part. I don't plan to make this a "sticky" thread unless there is active interest in it over time.

    Please introduce new items of interest in current events here, that have been attributed to WikiLeaks, or similar sources. In the post below, I'll add some of the stories that have already been discussed, and links to a few previous SciForums discussions of those stories. Once I have crafted an example or two of the sort of posts I'm inviting here introducing a new WL news story, I'll open this thread.

    At this awkward point I'm just waiting for something new and appropriate from WL, or OpenLeaks, or a similar source to break, that I consider worthy of posting a link to, with a comment or two. This is comparable to some pauses I've placed on other members' new threads lately, when I thought that the openings were a little skimpy or wobbly. I love it when a nascient thread on pause turns into something worthwhile. That said, it's going to be really embarrassing for me, if nothing notable in current events leaks from somebody's wiki soon...

    Yeah, I hate the images Assange has conjured or stumbled into of himself, and of the cast of characters surrounding him. But there's already a special place in hel helpful threads about ethics and justice for that.

    While we're waiting, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or critique about how I'm defining the thread topic here, or about the general concept of tidying up disheveled new threads before opening them up for not-so-linear discussion among potentially disoriented visitors- well don't just sit there. Please PM me, because I'd like to know what you think.


    Some tips for linking/inviting discussion elsewhere:
    (for anyone not sure how)

    :bugeye:Moderator Note: This thread is on Pause, until hypewaders has adequately defined the topic of this thread.

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  3. hypewaders Save Changes Registered Senior Member

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  5. hypewaders Save Changes Registered Senior Member

    Well, I had hoped for something new and momentous out of WikiLeaks by now- We're still waiting on the Economic Warfare Logs. Impatient, and since it's still early 2011 I'll fall back on a retrospective. What I would welcome here is anyone's introduction of a particular recent news story attributed to WikiLeaks, with a link, some comment, and and an invitation to discussion. As I mentioned above, protracted and in-depth discussions may merit redirection into other new or existing threads. I'm hoping it will be constructive to have a place to mention and preliminarily discuss WikiLeaks stories generally, where they don't necessarily fit in other current threads related to WikiLeaks and similar organizations. Obama Should Read WikiLeaks Documents -Ray McGovern

    I think this is an example of some of the finer journalism to emerge from WikiLeaks-sourced information- in this case pertaining mostly to the trajectory of the war in Afghanistan.
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