Why Neanderthals Were More Intelligent Than Humans: They Had Fat Babies

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by valich, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. orcot Valued Senior Member

    however a elephant is also a lot bigger. It's like musels actually a larger animal needs a larger brain. Some whales for example have brains 6 times the size of a human brain. While the difference between sepperate humans can be up to 10%, depending on your body weight note that those with 10% less brain aren't anymore stupid then the other people.

    neanderthals on the other hand had like 15% more brains. So it would be difficult to say that they had less potential then modern day humans.
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  3. jumpercable 6EQUJ5 'WOW' Registered Senior Member

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  5. Chatha big brown was screwed up Registered Senior Member

    What you generally mean is a healthy baby. But your summary is likely negligible, there are many healthy babies born today with no real significant expectations or higher I.Q. There's something about intellgence that's not entirely based on the brain alone. A long time ago European people used to think reason came from the heart, they weren't too far off. Michael Jordan did most what he did with heart and ethusiasm.
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  7. valich Registered Senior Member

    I agree. I was restating the title of a newspaper article that summarized this study. However, in the original abstract they state:

    "In the past 2 million years, the hominid lineage leading to modern humans evolved significantly more larger and more sophisticated brains than other animals. We propose that the modern human brain was a byproduct of first evolving fat babies."

    This argument does have merit. From my own observation, and the consensus of society, when I was a lot younger, I think children in school were a lot leaner and thinner. Now I go into an elementary school and see all these fat children walking down the halls. This observation is often highlighted in the news and it's a statistical fact. I don't think this is attributed to their parent's feeding them too much. I think that our society as a whole is evolving into fatter people, indirectly from the generations upon generation that we have now been exposed to sugars and sweets and everything nice to eat.

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