Why Microsoft should be banned from operation in the US

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by Tiassa, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Who are many of those people? MIBs?Gods? grow up.I know many people who would contest your thoughts...
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  3. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    The linux marketing scheme is much more simple and effective than you think:

    (1) Users download and install linux free of charge.
    (2) They become addicted to the quality, stability, and scalability of a linux system. (eg, I run a 24/7 slack server, a slack desktop & a slack live cd. Try doing that with windows XP.)
    (3) They tell their friends.
    (4) After their friends refuse, they force their friends to install at gunpoint.
    (5) Friends go through steps 1-4
    (6) Friends become addicted, as do their friends -with a few exceptions. Linux 'spreads like a virus' infecting windows machines around the world
    (7) From that bunch, you'll have a few great leaders who not only use linux & spread the gospel, but also add to it. They'll offer free support to noObs, help design open source software, work on the kernal etc. This is how linux gets better. And since everyones so passionate, the quality remains high. You'll rarely see something like IE that remains unchanged for years. They're always looking for ways to improve.

    All of this without manipulating the subconscious. Amazing, isn't it?

    I read an interesting article on this: Think of it as a cycle. In the late 80's, they hit a glass roof. Kitchen table programmers (people who program for fun) came to the rescue. That made a few tycoons like bill gates very very rich.

    We're approaching another one of these glass roofs, and somebody like gates will rise up again, this time stealing from linux instead of mac, and making something to rival windows- even bigger and more hated than red hat. A tight nit group of linux devotees will remain, but this new linux distro will satisfy the masses, and will be filled with bloat and problems to make the hardcore hate it. The result is even better quality from projects like linux.

    So believe it or not, microsofts suckiness is indirectly driving innovation. Kind of makes you see the oneness of it all, eh?

    I'm going to stick with linux, myself, for a very very long time...and I'm going to proliferate the virus as much as possible.
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  5. buffys Registered Loser Registered Senior Member

    hey, you linux people are almost fanatical as us mac users!

    Glory be to steve jobs; Praise be to steve jobs; there is no god but steve jobs; and steve jobs is most great.
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  7. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    If more customers acted like that, we wouldn't have all the moaning going on here. Next time I"ll demand the performance of a BMW for 300 bucks.

    I have never lost anything from windows crashing. Outside that fact, I also back up.

    Check updates is an option you can take off during install; it is off. I emailed them; they did not reply. I do not have adaware pro; I have the shareware version.

    The label is irrelevant. And no, I did not confirm what you said.

    Again, when you implement software that you intend to sell to a wide audience, you simple ensure that it works for the generic system.

    Thus, minimum requirements.

    Let me know what version; also let me know what hardware you are using.

    You keep repeating labels as if they make a bloody difference.
    1. What version of windows are you talking about?
    2. You are wrong.

    If in windows, the installation is done only once, then who cares if the initial takes 25 minutes?

    Nonsense. I do not insult without reason. Your patronization of my status as an electrical engineer, followed by the illogical arguments from which you base them from warranted that I call you a moron.

    What is the damn relevaqnce??????

    This is what I originally said: If you dont have a cable subscribtion service that carries CNN, you don't get it.

    If you do not subscribe to the services CNN, you do not get the channel. If it were free, you could put up an antenna and receive the signal. Is that simple enough for you?

    Cable company-- as an illustration. If it irrlevant, then why bring it up?

    Where is that you live that you can CNN without a cable subscription? When have I said the subcribtion service did not scramble for the user?
  8. Alpha «Visitor» Registered Senior Member

    It's not the hardware performance, it's the software performance that's being discussed here.
    You expect a home user to back up over 100Gb of data? I lost it before I got the chance to back up anyway.
    It's not shareware, it's freeware. The Pro version has no demo and requires an installation key to install.
    No? This looks like it agrees with my statement:
    The software is designed to run on the machines, not the other way around.
    For what purpose?
    If I installed it to the hard drive it would be done only once as well, duh. Booting to my linux cd (including hardware detection) takes less time than it takes to load windows after it's been installed and detected the hardware. What does that tell you? Bloatware I say.
    Good to know.
    I see. Well I expect you'll back that up.
    Uh, cable tv doesn't involve antennas. What relevance indeed.
    Hm, I think I misread something somewhere in your post. Or perhaps I read it too fast.
  9. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    The perfomance of software is fully dependent on the hardware.

    I do not expect a home user to have 100 gigs of relevant data. I believe you lie.

    I do not have the pro version.

    Are you thick or something?

    It is impossible to carter specifically toall the architectures of the machines out there. Therefore, you pick a generic machine and then decide what satisfied constraints you will live by.

    No, it's called convenience. It's also called multiple programs loading at startup-- turn it off.

    Seeing as how many of your earlier statements you have subtly retracted by not addressing my responses to such comments, I think I'm doing just fine.

    You are indeed fucking thick. You could at the very least have deleted the statement before your last.

    To show how you lie.
  10. buffys Registered Loser Registered Senior Member

    Web Virus May Be Stealing Financial Data

    this recent story seems appropriate to the thread.
  11. GuitarToadster Packin' six-string heat! Registered Senior Member

    To those who don't know... Linux is free. You can buy the box sets with tech support for a time (depending on which package you purchase) but you can download for nothing. There is very little marketing going on besides a few commercials from IBM....

    By the way, someone said IBM was very smart and knew what they were doing when they joined with Micro$hit. Very true. Makes you wonder... IBM is now pushing Linux more than anything else... you think about it.

    Linux has a much larger share of the home and office Operating System than you folks are giving them credit for... more like in the vicinity of 26% at this time (think globally). Why do you think M$ has brought up tons of bogus charges against Linux... they are afraid to lose more than they already have to a company that doesn't even have a big marketing push. (kinda like AMD is taking a bite out of Intel without the HUGE marketing)

    Argue all you want but the fact is you can buy a version of wincrap XP for $200 or you can use an older version (win 98 or 2000) that you already have and download yourself a free version of linux.

    Personally I have downloaded many versions of linux to try... Mandrake, ASP Linux, Red Hat, Ark Linux, Debian, Slackware & Virtual Linux. Paid nothing except for the cost of some blank CD-r disks. I have gotten all of them to work on several different computers (old and new) and in the process have learned much. The latter I enjoyed very much.

    Sorry to burst ya argument over how easy of an install it is for window$ vs. Linux but first of all, most end users don't install their own OS and if they do they call for some assistance. Secondly Linux is just as easy to install now and gives you much more control over HOW you install the OS. You chose the programs, the passwords, the startup processes, EVERYTHING before you boot for the first time.

    Window$ is great for the average end user because it will be familiar to them, most people have been using it for a long time. In another decade Linux (or maybe another OS) will be the norm and people will quirk an eye at you if you still use window$.
  12. Alpha «Visitor» Registered Senior Member

    Bullshit. It's dependant partly on the hardware (as it determines things like maximum speed), but it's mainly dependant on the programmers not making a PoS app.
    LOL, whatever. I bought my computer less than two months ago. I have two hard drives, a 160Gb main drive that came with the computer, and a 250Gb drive I had bought before-hand. That's 410Gb of space, and you don't even believe I could have 100Gb? Pfft, whatever. Before the crash I was downloading an average of 15Gb/day. Plus some stuff I had taken years to gather or write that I had put on there. Call me a liar-you're talking out of your ass. And who are you to determine what's relevant? That's the attitude of business corporations. No respect for the home user. Only interested in money, and enterprise brings more money.
    No, and neither do you have the shareware version, as there isn't one. I was explaining why you had the freeware version.
    Um, duh, that's what I said, yet again. The software is designed to run on the machines, not the other way around.
    Oh, yes, it's very convenient to have to wait longer than necessary every time I boot to windows.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    And I'm well aware of windows' autostarts (likely moreso than you). I'm very careful about what I allow to autostart, and even from a clean install (with some autostarts removed) it still takes longer than linux.
    You still have a ways to go.
    People make mistakes. That doesn't mean I'm a fucking retard.
    You accuse me of lying without even any evidence? Just how are you proposing to show that I lied? Are you gonna go out and by all the exact hardware I have and test it yourself? Or just lie and say you did?
  13. Rick Valued Senior Member

    That some one is me,btw.Are you saying that Linux is being pushed by IBM more than anything Else? just make sure what you are saying is correct,IBM also equally promotes Windows XP,didnt you hear their popular tagline and tagline of most of the computer products? IBM Recommends using Microsoft Windows XP for business

    And BTW,Linux is great,i know,but H/W compatibility Issues still exists.And you talk about downloading for free? hell,no! Everyone doesnt have a high speed I-Way access, and therefore with Dialups you need time to download the Linux Shit,PLUS an average user is driven crazy by Image making and copying etc for a CD...
    There are lots of things you cant do on a Linux,that you can with Windows,Where's the support for ALL digicams,camcorders?how can you watch Tv effectively on Linux,when it doesnt support all the TV cards available in the market today.Linux doesnt support,the Compaq HCF Convexant Modem pressario 5000 and over.You have other problems like configurations etc...Then there's Star Office! Which is sucking and bad product for business,sucks big time.Linux needs lots of time to develop.It is still growing.IBM mentioned in Add,that Linux wasnt a child anymore,but it seems unlikely that it has become an Adult for O.S. S/W market either.

    Steve Jobs often says that Microsoft is destroying the software market with the help of monopoly etc.But i ask you Steve,you were the first one to start.You made the first Home PC,it was revolutionary and yet you are what : A failiure since you didnt cash on the idea.ultimately,Steve had no choice "boohoo-boohoo" but to step down...
  14. Baal Zebul Somewhat Registered User Registered Senior Member

    Actually i agree with the topic.

    In america they see atleast 1 UFO a day. That sends out a loud message "We are stupid!".
    So, why not have Microsoft move their company to Sweden for instance, i would love for them to have their HQ here.

    If you did not get it, i was being mean to the americans there. Just saying it if you for instance did not get it (For some UNKNOWN reason

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  15. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Amazing the emotions people can work up over their operating systems. And microsoft doesn't even try to gather a cult following like linux and apple does...

    I'd love to have an apple, but they're way too expensive.

    Linux is nice, some distros are relatively easy to use, but I've never seen a distro that you don't have to plow through mountains of howtos on a semi-regular basis. And, the games designed solely for Linux? Suck. The one's I've seen anyway...

    Windows is cheap, but Microsoft's tactics smack of exclusionism. I hate their activation procedures too. I refuse to activate my copy of xp. I refuse to jump through hoops in case I upgrade in the future. Please, Bill, can I use my copy of Windows? Pretty please?! I haven't had many problems with XP either though. I think that it runs much better than previous versions. I did have problems with a via motherboard I had, but I think Via is more to blame than Microsoft. Stupid 4-in-1 drivers, don't work for shit...
  16. Rick Valued Senior Member

    The whole world doesnt live in U.S,You have Dial-ups for which you"ve gotta pay for your phone charges.So,its carp to say that its free of cost.You pay for a broadband too.I have a VSAT installed on my terrace,cost me a hell lot of money.
    Let me tell you something,I have been using Linux for Long Long time,i still believe that Windows is the way to go.Its so easier to use and install and ultimately,they are becoming secure day by day,Yes Linux is superior in its tight security features,but doesnt mean that its fault-proof? i bet if as many people as the ones using windows switch to Linux,they"ll find zillions of security flaws in Linux.I can state the flaws myself if you want,here in this forum.
    My friends are all Computer Eng. Graduates.We are working professionals and we are yet to encounter a single office working individual,who"ll say that Linux is better than Windows or Vice versa,its not a rat race.Linux has carved its own niche in the market,And MSFT is different than what Linux's Focus group is.(i hope you know what are focus groups)
    Yes,precisely,since Windows is so good,that they wont actually switch to Linux.

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    I and my friends use both Windows and Linux,we have never felt addicted to Linux,But yes we have felt affinity towards Windows.
    Which conclusively proves your ignorance of the subject.Thank you.Microsoft releases more updates than all the firms combined together.

  17. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    The story of the Apple and Apple II is indeed a travesty. Overpriced (as their newer boxes still are.) And slow to get with the times. Apple most likely would have died if it wasn't for the contract they got with the education system.

    Their OS10 or whatever it is sure looks pretty though... *drools* Not $5000 pretty though.
  18. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Heard of Ernie Ball? Guitar string manufacturer? Microsoft decided to play the heavy and he switched to linux. http://news.com.com/2008-1082_3-5065859.html?tag=lh
  19. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Cult follwoing has always been bashed by albeit scientific minds.If there was a Linux Cult and Apple Cult,it has already become an anecdote today,with a touch of sadness,since microsoft has stolen the show.Believe it or not.Linux holds just 6% of the market and apple? its in International Museum of Computers btw,you can go and check the range there itself.
    Cults do not rule the market,they only are for Hoodlums who wanna be different.That is precisely one of the reasons why people go against MSFT.

  20. Rick Valued Senior Member

    It doesnt need to.It has a HUGE 94% of following in the Market.Source : Time,Reuters.

  21. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    I believe you. I tend to dislike some of Microsoft's tactics and decisions, but on the whole... hey it's business. Can't wait for sp2. And longhorn. Although Longhorn seems to bring to mind the $5000 hardware range of the mac.
  22. Alpha «Visitor» Registered Senior Member

    I'm no frickin cultist, lol. And I'm not a linux fanatic either. BTW, all those market share numbers are inaccurate. And the question of market share isn't so simple.
  23. Rick Valued Senior Member

    Yes,Time Magzine and Reuters are wrong and Your view is right...I believe you.


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