Why majority Jews reject Jesus as Son of God ?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Saint, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. Saint Valued Senior Member


    The new testament tells us the Jews are stubborn, hypocrites, evil, therefore they rejected Jesus. Jesus pointed out their wrongdoings, critisized them fiercely, and this provoked them to anger till they planned to kill him.

    However, is the bible true?

    From other points of views, what do you think is the main reason the Jews reject Jesus till today?

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  3. strategicman Registered Senior Member

    (first, I just wanna say that I'm christian) Well, I believe that the whole bible is true. Since lots of its stuff has been semi-proved by finding arifacts (pieces of noah's ark, the tomb of the step brother to jesus, so on), then I don't see why all of it wouldn't be true. So I think that it started from when jesus was here, and he told them they were wrong, and they got mad, ,and so they told their children what to believe, and their childrens' children, and so on. So I doubt it's as much as rejecting him, but more from tradition, and what their parents told them. Then again, that's just what I think...
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  5. ConsequentAtheist Registered Senior Member

    Ya just gotta love gullibility like this. So much for Intelligent Design.
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  7. strategicman Registered Senior Member

    just the thing an athiest would say.
  8. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Jesus is bogus god.

    The Jews can not accept a person who just can perform some sorcery and miracles as God.

    Jesus never wrote a book to show how wise he was , to prove is god's identity.

    Before Jesus, Aristotle lived, he wrote millions of words, a man can do this, how about God ????????

    Jesus is false , The Jews is right to reject him!

    In modern world, very few people are serious to believe Jesus!
  9. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Jesus could be mercifull, compassionate, but, anyway, he is a conman to claim himself God, Or, most probably, the NT authors distorted the true Jesus.

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  10. strategicman Registered Senior Member

    and why would he not be god?
  11. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    Semi-proof? Either there is a proof or there isn’t, and a semi-proof isn’t a proof. And “so on”? If you look more closely I suspect you’ll find there are no real proofs for any of the vital claims made in the bible. Even the existence of Jesus is seriously questioned.

    Surely if you are depending on semi-proofs wouldn’t that mean that you don’t see why it all wouldn’t be half-true? And a half-truth is defined in my dictionary as –

    a statement that mingles truth and falsehood with deliberate intent to deceive
  12. strategicman Registered Senior Member

    Okay, lemme just put it this way: I believe the bible, and you obviously don't. There ya go
  13. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    Noah's ark? Don't get me started. Hell the amount of money spent to 'prove' this myth is twice the amount of most 'third world' world countries GDP.
  14. strategicman Registered Senior Member

    Well then, if you end up going to hell, ,that's your problem.
  15. Jeremy Imagine Registered Senior Member

    Jews have to reject Jesus - they have no other option. If they embraced him, they would cease to a Jew and would become Christian.
  16. Jeremy Imagine Registered Senior Member

    Noah's Ark Is Not a Myth

    If anyone is interested, Noah's Ark is NOT a myth. In fact by a stroke of amazing good luck, I found a piece of it in my garden last week. I will sell it to you if you like for a good price. It looks a lot like an old rotting out deck, but that, I am sure is due to it's old age.

    any offers?
  17. starlyghte Registered Member

  18. Saint Valued Senior Member

    Ha ha, if Jesus WAS god, how come he was so clumsy to give us 4 gospels that are not 100% in harmony with each other.

    I read most encyclopaedias about Jesus, all of them say that the gospel of John can not be taken as historical account of Jesus, even the synoptic gospels have to be read metaphorically.

    Jesus was/is not God, just a dead man now, after the crusifixion, his body was probably thrown to the dog and devoured!
    This is what i read in Encarta encyclopaedia.

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  19. Mystech Adult Supervision Required Registered Senior Member

    "I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours."

    -- Stephen Roberts

    The question should not be why don't the jews believe in christ, but why should they believe in him. You're thinking of this backwards, the burden of proof lay on Jesus, and clearly he didn't do the trick, now it lays on you, why should they believe?
  20. Mephura Applesauce, bitch... Valued Senior Member

    For the record, not all jews don't believe in jesus.
    It has to do with jewish prophecy of when the messiah would come. Most of the rabidical scholars at that time didn't believe the time was ight for the messiah or that all of the portents had come to pass. That is why they did believe him.

    It would be akin to one of your churchmemeber's sons getting up in fromt and saying "i've been sent by god. I'm here to tell you that this is not the way." Would you honestly take him seriously? If so, why did't you buy the whole david karesh thing in texas? What jesus was telling them was to go against hundereds if not thousands of years of tradition. What would you think if that same kid told oyu to start sacrificing animals to god?

    The main difference was is the big point. You are god chosen people, and now some guy comes along and says you aren't anymore. You are no different from all those out there that don't believe in our god. you have no better chance of going to heaven then that pagan down the street. Change your religion, change your practices, and acept me as your savior.

    There are jews that believe in christ. Research the religion sometime. It doesn't make them christian, because their religion is still a hell of alot more strict than christianity. If anything, christianity is judaism-lite.

    As for my oppinion, about 85% of 'christians' are idiots when it comes to their religion. They don't take the time to learn where it came from, so how can they have any idea what it really is. Its like finding an old coin that might be worth millions, but because of laziness, you spend it for 25 cents. If you are going to trow your religion around, at least learn it. Jesus was a jew. What do you think he studied and preached from, the bible?

    You guys have alot of faith, but not enough pride or intelligence in your christianity to make it into what it could be.
  21. SwedishFish Conspirator Registered Senior Member

    jews do believe that jesus was an important prophet. they just don't believe he was the "son of god". why should they? he never said he was. other people said so. he just didn't correct them. it was more of a 'believe what you want' attitude. what does it mean to be the son of god anyway? according to teachings, we're all the children of god.

    *according to the catholic bible only
  22. Cernunnos Registered Member

    I'm a Christian, and I agree that most of us simply accept what we have been told since our youth. However, I am not one of those simpletons. The Jews killed most of their prophets. Stephen, a follower of Christ, pointed this out and was stoned to death. Jesus was just another bringer of change who had to be killed. Really, all Christianity is is a cult of Judaism. The way I see it, we Christians are just the ones who accepted what was obvious.

    Saint: Jesus did not write the Gospels. Other people wrote them about him. Unlike Jesus, they were not divine, and were prone to mistakes.

    "what does it mean to be the son of god anyway? according to teachings, we're all the children of god" It means lots of things. First of all, Jesus was born to a virgin. There are a plethora of other distinctions that I will not delve into right now.

    You atheists have powerful champions, and love to constantly quote them and revel in your supposed triumph. To me atheism is just a sign of impatience. All humans have a desire to experience divine incarnation, but you atheists are the ones who refuse to wait. If you must, just look at the world as proof of God. Why is it so hard to believe that all this was premeditated? I can understand that atheism makes you feel powerful. Crushing the dreams of the weak and shattering the beliefs of those who do not have strong foundations can be fun. When it comes down to it, you guys are just followers of the absence of God. Atheism is your God, and you defend it as best you can. You are still humans, and you will always worship something.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2003
  23. answers Registered Senior Member


    Main reason why: Jews are proud and blind. - simple - deny it all you want, facts still have a tendency to stay fact despite peoples opinons of them. Jesus is the son of God, and the Jews killed Him.

    One question for Jews but: if before Christ people had to give offerings to God, and sacrifices, to atone for their sins (transgressions of the law), then why don't they still do it today? don't you guys sin anymore or something, are you that proud that you believe God will accept you without paying the fine that you have incurred by your sin?

    God gave ten commandments: don't lie, don't commit adultery, don't steal, etc.

    Jesus said even lusting after a women is commiting adultery with her in your heart. Even a white lie is still a lie. Even taking 5 cents is still stealing. The whole world is guilty before God's law. You are all thieving, lying, adulterers. (and thats only 3 of the commandments). Christians realise this, and realise that nothing they do can pay for the sin they have done against God. It is when we fall to our knees that God raises up, by the realisation that only Jesus can pay such a huge debt.

    My question again, what do you do, that can pay the debt?


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