Why is diversity seen as a good thing?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Scaramouche, Jan 3, 2010.

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    I really doubt the fusion that made chromosome 2 really is all that made us human, you need to connect how the fusion created abstract thinking, connect biochemistry to behaviour directly. Like how the FOXP2 gene produces at protein that modulates brain development by binding to DNA and regulating the expression of other genes, and that even the slightest modification can result in people with gross speech impediments and difficulty with grammatical abstractions (extensive damage to the gene results in lethal deformities to the lungs and Brain). Seen in the case of FOXP2 we have some idea of how cause and effect work in its cause, now how fusing a chromosome causes abstract thought, not so much.

    Evolution can be simulate mathematically and is vital to evolving programs. Have an algorithm in which you want a desired output but don't know what to input, input random values and when you get and output close to what you want make random alterations on those numbers that worked best. Sometimes is amazing how this can find solutions to problems that thinking literaly gets in the way of, other times its laughable how it gets stuck on imperfect solutions because it can mutate out of a local solution minima. A blind man in a park trying to find a craves to sleep in would do the same thing, move about randomly until he finds what he looking for, if he insane he will may effective memory over which spots are lower then others.
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