Why Harry Potter?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by TruthSeeker, Jul 22, 2007.


What Do You Think?

  1. She should write more Harry Potter!!

    5 vote(s)
  2. She should write something different!!

    12 vote(s)
  3. She shouldn't write anymore!!!

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  4. I don't care!!

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  1. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    When people ask whether Rowling will write again, why do they immediately associate it with Harry Potter? She doesn't need to write ONLY Harry Potter! I would be interested to see what else she could come up with!!! :bugeye:

    What do you think?
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  3. superstring01 Moderator

    I don't want to post any spoilers-- but I think we'll see more books from the UNIVERSE of Harry Potter... but not necessarily about him. I'm willing to bet my left testicle that we'll see a "prequel" (yawn... though, she may be able to pull it off) of the rise of Voldemort.

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  5. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    Yeah, I thought of that too. That could be interesting. But I would be more interested in seeing something radically different....
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  7. Sandusky Registered Member

    I am completely apathetic. I used to hate on HP, but I'm much more tolerant
    now. Given the immense popularity of HP, though, the pressure will be
    enormous for JK to put something out, HP related or not.

    My belief is if she has to write more books, that she'll do as String
    suggests and keep it in the family, but from a different era or something.
  8. lucifers angel same shit, differant day!! Registered Senior Member

    no she has already said that there will no more books or films, and anyway whatever they do after the last book willl just be cheesy!!

    anyway Voldermort.............(my lips are sealed)
  9. alexb123 The Amish web page is fast! Valued Senior Member

    JK Rowling is a writer, it is in her blood, its not a job its a part of her. So whatever happens it will be for sure that she will write many more things.
  10. Killjoy Propelling The Farce!! Valued Senior Member

    I would think by now J K Rowling would be itching to do something as different from Hary Potter as she was capable of, but that's just considering it as if it were me. I guess it depends on how this suposed "last" book in the series turns out as to whether or not there could be any more, or what sort of direction the story might take (eg - superstring's idea of other tales set in the "Potterverse").

    I've not read a one of the Potter books, so I can scarcely comment except to say I'd do something as far and away from Harry as lurked in my imagination. She could always return to the theme in a couple of years, after "teasing" the fan base with an interval of "Potter withdrawl".

  11. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

  12. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Agatha Christie wrote 12 novels and a number of short stories about Miss Marple. She wrote 39 novels and 50 short stories about Hercule Poirot. She also wrote several other novels and many other short stories, all of them mysteries. Or almost all, I'm not sure.

    Some people stick to what they're good at and enjoy it.
  13. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    None of you appear to have considered that she may already have written further books under a pseudonym. If she wanted to write something truly different (and receive an unbiased judegment) that would be the way to go.
    For any Rowling fans out there who think this a likelihood I would suggest a search for new authors whose names are anagrams of characters from HP.
  14. przyk squishy Valued Senior Member

    The "prequel" could be quite familiar if the 7[sup]th[/sup] HP book ends the right way:

    [Voldemort disarms Harry Potter after an intense duel]

    Voldemort: Dumbledore never told you what happened to your father.
    Potter: He told me enough! He told me you killed him!
    Voldemort: No. I am your father.
    Potter: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    Voldemort: I can feel your anger. Your hate makes you strong, gives you focus. Give in to your hatred and your path to the dark side is complete...
  15. GhostofMaxwell. Banned Banned

    Sorry but grown men enjoying witches and magic and crap, I find this so sad.
  16. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    If I remember well, she didn't write just mystery....
    I think any writer would at some point attempt to write in a genre that they are not very familiar with. I mean... it's part of the writer's spirit. You know what I mean? Being a writer has a feel of... adventure and innovation to it. And constantly challenging oneself and improving one's work...
  17. GhostofMaxwell. Banned Banned

  18. darksidZz Valued Senior Member

    I want to see a new boook that's a slice of porn mixed with childish dementia, lol Imagine it, Harry Potter He Smokes and she chokes! lmao

    Harry... potter..... lol She'll get him abit of fun, that girl in the movie, that one who talks strange, shes hot.
  19. allisone417 i'll be in my room Registered Senior Member

    Thats what sucks about becoming famous from your first work(s). You've got to face the fact that most other things you write will be in it's shadow. Unless, of course, you write something better, but what are the chances of that/what could be better than Harry Potter?? Hah, she's really boxed herself in. I suppose she should stop writing, until the money runs out; then she can write a few more or sell her manuscripts or something. Its all over now. Life ends with the loss of pursuit!
  20. allisone417 i'll be in my room Registered Senior Member

    I find you sad for denying your childhood. What are you afraid of, that you might revel in a piece of imaginary literature? That you might lose your ability to tell reality from fantasy, and lose your mind?? Seriously, what it to be lost by reading it, your dignity? Get over it. Nobody cares except you. Open your mind a little bit.

    Also, I think its a pity her first work(s) had to become a hit overnight. Anything else she ventures to write now will be in its shadow. But if she is a real author, she will continue to write, dispite everything. I never much liked her style, or the plots (they went on WAY too long and continued to add irrelivant content in convenieint places...). I just got connected to the charecters (Is that the mark of a good writer?) and its always nice to feel connected to a community that spans the globe, when you get the book at midnight and have a race with everyone in the world to know how it ends.
  21. Killjoy Propelling The Farce!! Valued Senior Member

    Who asked about your personal life ?
  22. tablariddim forexU2 Valued Senior Member


    That would be a feat...she's richer than the Queen.
  23. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    I'd like to see her try her hand at science fiction. We need more great science fiction (hard or soft, I don't care).

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