WHy God Sucks

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Shady_Reaper, Jun 21, 2001.

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  1. felix Registered Senior Member

    But don't you see, Teerum? We want to invade Iraq JUST because we can.

    We CAN'T just invade China or Russia or Pakistan or India or any other country that already has nuclear weapons because they would pose too much of a threat.

    You're not convinced that China or Russia might try to take over to change our way of life, but that's exactly what WE'RE trying to do to everyone else. How does it make it better to be the AGGRESSOR in such a situation. In my mind it makes it worse, because then WE become THE enemy. WE become tyrants.

    It's not about preserving our current economic status in the world. We could leave things just as they are, and continue buying oil from Iraq just like we have been, and keep a PEACEFUL status quo.

    It's about gaining more power than we have. It's more profitable to have absolute control over the oil than to continue buying it.

    We aren't in danger of LOSING anything if we don't go to war. But by ALL indications our economy will suffer greatly if we DO go to war. Not to mention what it will do to our already diminishing cridibility with the rest of the world if we go to war without UN consent.

    Have you not noticed how successfully President Bush has been pissing of EVERY other country in the world, except MAYBE Britain?
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  3. teerum Registered Senior Member


    There are those who believe in isolation. There are those who believe that the US should not have even become involved in WW2. (In which case we would all be speaking German)

    The isolationist/non aggresive attitude we had prior to 9/11 lead to the death of all those people. (Maybe I am still a little shell shocked since I was in the middle of it) I am sorry Felix, but please consider what happened on US soil that likely involves Iraq. Do you really think that Bush would simply invade if he did not have a great amount of intelligence that indicates Iraq is a danger? Rumsfeld said it the best......he said ' Prior to 9/11 if we would have told the public...we needed to invade Afghanistan and/or go after these alleged terrorists........there would be those who would say.....we were the aggressor and that we are unjustly going after these people with no proof, then 9/11 occurred......NOW we HAVE the proof, we are telling the American people this is a PROBLEM... and we are again receiving oppostion....were you in agreement with Richard Gear also? How many times do you need to get punched in the face before you strike back? or would you rather just sit back and wait for someone to come and kill you? Felix........I agree that US policy is not perfect....I agree that the world is not perfect, however like it or not, there are MANY intelligent folks in the Govt. who are privy to information that you and I do not have at our finger tips. It is sort of like saying you believe in GOD, when you actually do not have any proof that God exists (where this conversation started)

    We cannot afford to take chances on Faith,,,,,,,and turn our backs.......
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  5. matnay Registered Senior Member

    I too believe that God sucks. There are so may reasons why, but I will try to name the major ones:

    1) Why does God send people to hell? He created us. We are his mistake- so why doesn't he send himself to hell. Isn't he god enough to stand up and take responsibility for his creations? Or does he think that the free will he "blessed" us with puts the responsibility on us? I don't think so! If free will causes God's creation to turn sinfull, then maybe God should have perfected his gift of free will before "blessing" us with it. If free will causes me to go to Hell and suffer for ever, then it seems to me that free will is inherently evil... not myself.

    2) I don't remember asking God to create me(I realize the paradox. No need to point it out). Had I been informed by the all-knowing God that existing as a human with free will would most likely cause me too one day go to Hell, I definately would have opted not to be created as a human. I would have rather been made to be a dog or bird. Or maybe God gets off by seeing his creations suffer.

    3)If Jesus was morally far superior to God's other children(us), then why didn't he create us all that way? What was so right about Jesus. He must have been "blessed" with a far superior, bug-free version of free will. When is God going to start updating the rest of us with Free-Will v2.0. Or again- I guess that God might be getting off by watching us ruin ourselves.

    4)Why should I thank God for my meals? He put me on this earth, and he DARN well better put some food on this earth too. I don't think it's asking too much. Besides, if God starved us to death, we wouldn't live long enough to send ourselves to hell. And I think it's becoming obvious that God wouldn't want that.

    There's many more reason's I could list why we should all hate God, but unfortunately, God made me lazy as well as sinful.
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  7. Gino Registered Member

    This is humorous. I'm a christian, but it still is humorous. Ok, let break it down. Ever single thing if analyzed closely is more self centered than the most greedy megadollar preacher. Why? Not only are these desires self seeking, but lack any desire to take personal responsibility for ones actions. You see, people who are and practice irresponsibility would do anything for self gratification, including sell their own mother. When people attack christians, they don't wish to take into account christians are like everyone else. They don't take into account they at least strive to live a better christ centered life, instead of a practicing well honed self centered one. You know what? That is ok. Actually you've brightened my day. Everytime we are derided, attacked, spit on, looked down on, victimized by crime, etc. our faith becomes exponentially stronger. Guess what? Your fighting a fight that cant be won! Did anyone tell you that? Let me be the first.

  8. Xev Registered Senior Member

    What a coincidence! Being derided and victimized brightens my day, too! Why, just add a "beaten and degraded" to that, and a bottle of Grand Marnier, and I'd be happy as a lark!

    But really, that is such bullshit. Your idiotic cult has spilled oceans of blood. You ain't the ones being persecuted, the people who stand against your obscene myths are.

    Oh yes it shall. You cannot keep what is good and godlike in man down forever.
  9. Gino Registered Member

    [But really, that is such bullshit. Your idiotic cult has spilled oceans of blood. You ain't the ones being persecuted, the people who stand against your obscene myths are.

    Oh Yaaaaaa, please keep it up guy. Show your true colors. I don't give a rat what you say about us christians. This I learned long ago. Why do you make such crass statements. Feel powerless against not only an idea, but a living God? Or is it fear? There is no reason to harbor such hate in your heart, if you know who to look to.

    No fear christianity

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  10. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Not a guy.

    I have a fading tan. I have been using this artificial tanner recently, so it's not so bad.

    So why respond?

    Oh hardly powerless. What have I to be powerless before but human stupidity and my own heart?

    Off again.
    To paraphrase Éowyn, I fear neither pain nor death, only being caged.
    Needless to say, neither you or your dead God frightens me much.

    I don't hate you. I hate few and despise many. You, I don't even know well enough to despise.
    If you hate me so easily, you should perhaps consider anger managment or something.
  11. teerum Registered Senior Member

    Now now children....this is not exactly the most intelligent debate I have seen on this site, but regardless.......I must say that the title of this topic in itself is not conducive to an open door policy in attempting to understand each others point of view....

    The first problem with anyone who debates the topic of "GOD" is that often (as with many believers) they do not want to admit that none of us Really know the answer. I do not care who you are, how intelligent, how well as historian etc........Human Kind does not have to capacity to comprehend creation. To begin to have a rational intelligent debate, you must first accept this as fact...........can either of you.....debating this tell me you do not agree with this? If so I would LOVE to hear why.........
  12. felix Registered Senior Member

    I disagree. I believe it's because we make a practice of keeping many parts of the world unstable so that we can take advantage of their people and their resources that caused the death of all those people. People generally don't come after you because you're just hangin' out minding your own business. They do it because your sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong and where it isn't wanted. 9/11 was very personal to me too. It pisses me off and hurts me emotionally because of friends lost, but I'd be lying if I said the attack surprises me, because I know how our government and our corporations behave ALL over the world.

    I still don't believe Iraq had anything to do with it. I sure Saddaam liked it, but likely had nothing to do with it.

    And yes, I do believe Bush would simply invade without any intelligence to show Iraq is a danger.

    I'm sorry, but I see him showing the same kind of behavior that DID cause 9/11 only to an even bigger extreme.

    I don't know, what did he say?

    Well, I'm definitely no passifist, but I do believe in striking at the correct offender. And I'm not convinced that we really even know who committed 9/11. I say that because Osama bin Laden was MY first choice, and the US government said it ALMOST as quickly. I'm a little guy with no real power, so my being hasty just goes to the wind. But when I see my government being hasty, I believe their really just being opportunistic.

    I agree, but you sound like you're willing to just take George Bush on faith.
  13. teerum Registered Senior Member

    I'm sorry that I really do not have time to respond in detail, however I think it has been pretty well established Felix that Clinton had Bin Laden and his whole network in our sights....and did nothing about it.......I will respond more later.......
  14. Zero Banned Banned

    Gino, it is time you shed your n00bie colors. You probably heard this so many times it's not even funny, but grow up.

    The notion of your god is merely an assumption. You are using some "logic" similar to Saddam, you blatantly assume your religious group to be under attack and take this as a "holy war".

    Do lay off the :m:

    Xev! Go Xev! Good work smacking him/her right one on the kisser.
  15. felix Registered Senior Member

    Well, that's true, but it's also true that the CIA during the Reagan Era CREATED bin Laden. He and the Taliban were getting their butts kicked by the Soviet Union when we stepped in with training, funding and supplies. WE are the reason the Taliban was able to take control of Afghanistan and WE are the reason Osama bin Laden knows how to stay out of sight and choose AND destroy targets.

    WE are also the reason Saddaam Hussein is IN power in Iraq.

    We have a terrible record when it comes to overthrowing governments and putting someone else in power. We should learn to play "world police" ONLY when the UN asks for help and pay more attention to home.

    Hell, do you know why South America is full of third world countries? WE are why. It doesn't seem a little strange to you that a continent that is so incredibly rich with natural resources doesn't have one single "industrialized" nation? It's because our government likes it that way...it's much easier to take advantage of people and places when they're unstable. They not any dumber than we are, we just got power first.

    In two years President Bush has done enough damage to our economy that we'll be trying to fix it LONG after he's out of office. I can't help it, the more I observe GWB the more he looks like the cause of the weakening of the USA. I'm starting think this administration will be the downfall of the American Empire.

    How many treaties has he broken? How many countries is he bullying? How much money has he taken from our wounded economy to put a missile defense system (that doesn't work, I might add) in place? He's even been trying to bully the UN. GWB is not a friend to ANYONE but Oil Corporations, Lumber Corporations, Corporations that produce military weaponry and VERY power hungry politicians. Freakin' John Ashcroft is an ADMITTED fascist. Look it up, it's not hard to find the info. These people are very dangerous to US.
  16. Zero Banned Banned

    Bush has also botched many diplomacy issues, earning us a horde of hostile countries that Clinton would've wrapped around his McDonalds-grease-covered finger.

    Economy is not 100% his fault though, the effects of economic policies often take time to show.
  17. felix Registered Senior Member

    I agree that our faltering economy isn't 100% Bush's fault. However, I also believe that the %age that isn't his fault was caused by 9/11. The rest I attribute to Bush. The fact that Reaganomics screwed us for a while, then Bush Sr. didn't help, along with the fact that our economy did nothing but grow stronger the entire time Clinton was in office tells me that it's not Clinton's policies that are hurting us right now.

    I am definately not an economic expert.

    But the fact that Bush is basically ignoring his economic indicators where war with Iraq is concerned AND where his tax cuts are concerned screams at me. If we're not careful Bush is going to have the USA looking like it's a feudal system.
  18. Nebuchadnezzaar Registered Senior Member

    GOD is many things, but god does not suck, he may not even be real, i don't think he/she is. but it provides faith for people a strong combatent of depression i believe for some. Also it could not be said that the teachings of God are amoral at all, at worst they teach people to think about morals and think about how to be better people, a discussion on God is more often than not a discussion about how to better understand OUR world OUR lives and that in NO WAY SUCKS, GOD doesn't suck I LOVE HIM, cos' if he isn't real he is without a doubt the most interesting topic of fictional conversation ever thought up(I mean open up that can of worms, who were the smart buggers or drug takers who thought up God if he isn't real? how interesting!!! how bloody cool.) and if he is? then needless to say he does not suck,

    My point, as you probably know, is this, rea or not he does not suck, he pushed us forward and continues to do so

    food for munchies....i mean thought.........
  19. platzapS Registered Senior Member

    hey lyndale

    Good job lyndale--I agree with your first post 5 pages ago. about the Bible being proven correct though, I think a lot of Genesis is just symbolic, but other than that, you got it, brother.
  20. Mushukyou Registered Member

    KneD, you said to Shady_Reaper:
    "But not believing in a god doesn't give you the right to talk about others religion the way you do... "

    But in fact, he has every right to say anything he wants, and to talk about anything he wants. It's called free speech. He's allowed to have an opinion about anything at all.
    Cris, you said to Shady_Reaper:
    "So you have made an unsupported claim in the same way that Christians make unsupported claims when they say a god does exist. "

    You said that in reference to his assertion that: "god doesn't exist". Actually, it's a logical conclusion to state that god doesn't exist. It's not a claim that requires a burden of proof. Just like when we say Peter Pan doesn't exist, or the Easter Bunny, or TinkerBell. We can't prove that what we are saying is true - because to do so would require us to do the impossible - disprove a negative. So when someone says that an invisible sky-daddy doesn't exist, don't ask them to "prove it".. it's silly.
    Unless you have evidence of a god existing, then don't say stupid things like: "god exists".
    Why is it "good" that "other people are searching for god"? Did he escape the nut-house? Do we have any reason to believe that god exists? If we don't, then why is it "good" that people are being so gullible as to waste their time looking for something we have no evidence for?

    That, my friend, is called delusion, not "goodness".
    But you can call it "goodness" if you want - I will not partake in any of your "morals" or ethics.
    Yes, we have every right to bash Christianity. It is an evil delusion that takes over the minds of stupid people.

    You know, there are three things you can know about a christian right off the bat, they are:
    #1 Ignorant
    (because they don't know how to think - they don't know how to tell reality from fiction)
    #2 Gullible
    (because they accepted this belief without any evidence)
    #3 Dishonest
    (because they lie to themselves - and others - about this thing existing)

    Always be sure you can know those three things about a christian.

    Also, why is it a sin to have homosexual sex? Just because "god says so"? Yea, I guess that's a no-brainer for you guys - "the books says it's "evil".. so..uh.. it is!"
    It's interesting that you "love" something you know nothing about. I love "blah". What's blah, you ask? Well, what's god? Wait, you don't know what god is! But you said you love "it" anyhow? Great.. so, on the same token - do you also love "blah"? If you don't.. you should. See how that works? Wait, I don't think you do.

    Faith is the belief in something that is void of logic and reasoning.

    Having "faith" for something like a 'god' existing, is just like saying: "I have no good reason to believe in this thing, so I'm just going to anyhow because I want to, since reality won't let me otherwise".
  21. DG Canuck Registered Member

    dear Christian brothers, we have nothing to prove to this fool and other lost atheists, it's their problem that they don't believe in God, it's their problem that in their oppinion, people weren't created by God, it's their problem that they DO BELIEVE that a monkey is their father and a fly is their cousin, it's their problem that they don't love God and Jesus, who died on that cross for THEIR sins.
    I don't see any point in trying to convince them that God is REAL, because it is obvious.
    here are some quotes about atheists:
    "Atheism is the death of hope, the suicide of the soul....."

    "Atheism is rather in the lip than in the heart of man....."
    Sir Francis Bacon

    "An atheist is a man who looks through a telescope and tries to explain what he can’t see....."
    O.A. Battista :
    Power to Influence People c.1959

    AMEN to that.

    Talking about the pope.......he and other catholic so called priests don't serve God, they serve the devil. If you need any proof, I can give you as much as you wish.

    God Bless you ppl
  22. Mushukyou Registered Member

    Christian ignorance at its best

    You're about as bright as a burnt-out xmas tree light, DG Canuck.

    It's your problem that you don't believe in Peter Pan.

    Makes a lot of sense, no? About as much as telling me I have a problem because I don't believe in your invisible sky-daddy.

    There is no reason to believe a soul exists.

    You said you can give us all the evidence we want.. does that pertain to only the Pope that you were speaking about, or can you actually give evidence for a god as well?

    You said that it's "obvious" a god exists... where is it obvious? Please show us the light.

    I saw no logic in your post - just mindless ranting.
    Why don't you try making sense.
    Did you know you represent the majority of this country? A mindless sheep.
  23. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    Strength in numbers, right? Or is that just your usual approach when beginning a sermon?

    If said loud enough and often enough you can probably convince most gullible people.

    Insults tend to be the tactic when reason has failed.

    Emotive statements and propaganda also tend to highlight the failed argument.

    You’ll find that atheists really don’t have a problem with this, after all it is their fundamental position. But it certainly looks like you have a problem otherwise you wouldn’t be trying to convince your ‘brothers’, and yourself.

    Opinion? Try taking a biology class.

    Only if they share your ignorance of evolution.

    Again there can be no problem with things that are only fantasies.

    If it was so obvious then there wouldn’t be any atheists.

    Ah propaganda, the tactic of the desperate; used where facts and reason are absent.

    End of sermon, right?
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