WHy God Sucks

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Shady_Reaper, Jun 21, 2001.

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  1. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member


    History, as an academic summary, and personal experience tell me that Christianity is anticultural and seeks homogony.
    Your seeming incredulity leads me to counter, Do you think humanity is separate from nature?

    Of course we're part of nature. Is human life artificial?


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  3. teerum Registered Senior Member

    Bobby Lee,

    Cute little quotes......you have said NOTHING......but as with many you come across in life, there are those who feel they can explain away just about anything, in one swoop, by saying something clever.

    I cannot comment on your quotes, Bobby because I really do not know what they mean, in terms of what I originally wrote, I mean I can guess...and speak in generalities....as you did, but what a waste of time that would be. But I will comment on some of their implications.......what is Beauty Bobby? What is it about a rose that someone might say is beautiful...I have them, I love them, but you know what? I LOVE spiders also......and Ants........and thunderstorms.....

    My point is this:

    Nature to me, is the most obvious evidence that we are all bound together, whether we like it or not, As soon as any one person or any one group....separate themselves from another, to the point that they feel they are RIGHT and the other Group is WRONG..........they become ignorant, EVEN IF THEY ARE RIGHT!!!!.....my point is.....as a society we need to take a step back and first think about why we are diverse in our beliefs....and before we move on and take positions, we need to understand the Common thread......that runs through all of us. I am not talking about GOD ..YET.....I am not talking about Good and Evil YET........I am talking about people realizing how ridiculous and self absorbed it is to think they are above Nature, and the fact that nature is sending us a Message......there is an anthropologist (who's name escapes me) who referred to society as one large organism......I believe this comparison is important. I don't have time to go on right now, But I do not care who you are and what you believe there is NO ESCAPE from who we are.....
    We are the SAME.........Can anyone disagree??? (and not that anyone on this page is ........ but this question is for EVIL also)
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  5. teerum Registered Senior Member

    Just one Reply??? Well, you have started to say something Bobby, however the jury is still out on how significant it is to my point.

    I am not asking you to agree with anything I say, that is why I posed the question, can anyone Disagree?

    I am trying to find some point in what you said in your response, but I truly do not get it. All things are common to all men and Women yes!!!! Depending on what we are talking about. We live and breathe under the same sky...........(if you would get to the point when you speak more, your sarcasim would rise to the level of rationality.,......and your point would be clearer) Your comment on Privalige......do you mean materialism??? We were talking about religion???? Creation......existance!!! I REALLY do not get the point of the Apathy comment.....another cute little quote.......Bobby...........these are not your own are they??? Boy would that be impressive!!!!!

    Here is one of mine........"I would rather be hated than misunderstood" M.I. I have to go back to work now.......
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  7. felix Registered Senior Member

    I read this in a book:

    The most preposterous notion that homo sapien has ever come up with is God, creator of all the Universes and everything in them, wants our sacharine adoration, can be swayed by our prayers, and becomes petulant if He doesn't receive this flattery. Yet it's this belief that funds the largest, oldest and least productive industry on earth.

    The second most preposterous notion is that copulation is inherently sinful.

    end of quote.

    I read those in a book of fiction, but there was more truth in that book than I've ever witnessed from a doctrined religion.
  8. teerum Registered Senior Member

    I like that Felix.......Thank you Bobby, we are getting closer to a conversation..

    Felix: Tis true that God was created by Man to stay SANE........think about it, it makes sense and we do not have to re-invent the wheel in this regard, just choose from one of many beliefs.........(or some of us need to choose)


    I don't think YOU are empty, I just like to get to the point.

    OK there is a difference between Spirituality and Religion. I agree, I know the difference and understand it.....

    Here is some of my own truth, I was raised a catholic. I am NOT a practicing catholic. for many reasons, I will not bother going into. At some point in my life, I decided to FREE myself from EVERYTHING I was raised to believe, because I KNEW that deep inside, is not only what I believe, but it also might be where the truth lies. The ONE Truth. I am not at the point where I can explain it in full, but I am closer than I was before I freed myself.

    I am closer just by lettiing go of Much of what I was taught. and with this letting go, comes a better understanding of how NATURE (there is that word again) is part of the tell tale truth. I am NOT a witch, however some of the earth religions are on a more sensible path than most others.................anyone have any comments.....

    I like your quotes Bobby, here is another one of mine

    "What is real and what is perceived is convincing either way, but still only the truth is left, after the ignorance of ego has gone away"
  9. teerum Registered Senior Member

    Have a good weekend Bobby,

    You see how, even though we started out at odds.....we now have set upon common ground......NOW if you are interested we can start to debate...........or talk..........or come to some realizations........

    Science and the "Creator" are on a converging path that will one day become close enough to connect. I just made that up....no big deal, but it is what I believe.
  10. teerum Registered Senior Member

    I'm not here to be nice stupid, get a clue, you have missed the point.
  11. csreech Registered Member


    Everyone is entitled to they're own opinion so everyone stop arguind and criticizing. Thank You!!
  12. felix Registered Senior Member

    Re: Opinions

    Everyone is entitled to argue and criticize too. At least that's my opinion. HA!!
  13. TheDarkLotus Registered Member

    Jesus Is The Homosexual

    I do like God but in my mind Jesus is the fukin faggot.

    If Jesus is God and God created all then he created the homosexual meaning theres a little fag in all of us.Virgin mary was a hermaphrodite she had the baby wit out the man.Also the bible is main bullshit,It is the main dictationship in christianity also I really wonder ir Hell is better than heaven cuz u can commit all ur sins in hell and sins get u outta heaven also whut if God dont look liek how we say he does and God either or the Devil.All Im sayin is Jesus is a bitch ass hoe muthafucka,Dont beleive in him he died thats it hes dead u cant bring back the dead so fuck hi on the cross whut makes him special,today u would probably be shot if u were dressed as Jesus.
  14. tony1 Jesus is Lord Registered Senior Member

    *Originally posted by TheDarkLotus
    u can commit all ur sins in hell

    You'll be dead.
  15. glaucon tending tangentially Registered Senior Member

    While it disturbs me to say anything that could possibly be interpreted as supporting tony1, I am forced to point out here that the whole question is moot.
    Shady_Reaper: assuming a god exists, you could not possibly know its mind, purposes, whatever. To automatically assume that it 'sucks', is comparable to the kind of ignorance your hated bible-thumpers exhibit.
  16. bryce Registered Member

    "God" doesn't suck, but something else does

    I don't think that "God" sucks. I think that religion sucks in general. And I don't mean Christianity or Jesus. I mean all of them: Jesus, Allah, Budda, the Pope, Mohammed, everyone.

    So far every religion in the world has been wrong. From the Greeks who beleived in Zeus, to the Native Americans who beleived in the Sun God and Tree God and whatever. They all though that the had the right religion but sooner or later the religion dies out. Sooner or later Christianity, Islam, everything will be gone and there will be another religion to replace it and it will be wrong too. If everything has been wrong in the past, what the hell make religious people think that they finally have the "answer" now.

    I'm also sick of religion holding back science. Extreme religious people are always afraid of change and don't want to be proven wring. Like how that Catholic Church said that everything revolved around the Earth and wouldn't listen to any other theories. Religion is just a bunch of unproven theories and some guy long ago made up. Sure maybe Jesus existed but how the hell does the guy who wrote the Bible know he is the son of "God" or anything else. Prove that Adam and Eve existed, prove that heaven is up there somewhere.
  17. teerum Registered Senior Member

    You are Correct Bryce, on a couple of levels your observation in part is a product of arrogance, however to the absolution of many of the believers, they are simply seeking comfort to satisfy an innate need that we all have....to understand our existance.

    I am believe of sorts, however the first thing I believe is that NO ONE on the face of this planet really knows the truth. AND to further back up what you say.....if anyone person/group comes the closet to understanding,... it is the scientists who believe in their research and discovery.......after all........creation lies within scientific discoveries.......such as..........Unstable molecules of Atoms......crashing into one another inside a peice of unranium.....if anyone group does NOT believe a discovery like that is a direct link....to understanding creation they are just plain STUPID............
  18. felix Registered Senior Member

    Wow, It's been a long time since I posted anything here. I must say, however, that it's good to see new posts by people who think for themselves rather than the mindless chatter of people like tony1 who would prefer to let 2000 years of translations speak for them.

    I would tend to agree that it's religion that truly sucks. If there IS a god, it probably doesn't suck. After all, it would be the reason we're all here to debate about it.

    Very religious is synonymous with Very afraid.
  19. teerum Registered Senior Member

    I have not posted in a while either Felix, I like having these discussions, however I tend to sometimes get tired of some who like to break out the vocabulary book, say as many obscure words as possible to sound ultra intelligent and really never make a point. (plus I have busy job)

    I am in the midst of completing a writing project on the subject of religion right now.....and what more appropriate time with so many trying to comprehend the mind set of fanatic muslims. I do not want to even go there right now since I do not have the time for a long discussion. However, I will say that there are many groups who might be AS blind.....just not as dangerous..... Any group who separates themselves from humanity as a whole.....is arrogant........there are differences among us, there are different choices we make, we may not approve of one another on different levels.....but it seems so difficult for anyone of us (including myself at times) to accept "psychology" as a surface reason for our differences and NOT that we are essentially different......
  20. felix Registered Senior Member

    Don't forget about the mindset of fanatic Christians. Like George W. Bush. I believe he's much more dangerous than ANY terrorist group.

    Terrorists can only make small isolated strikes (at least so far). Georgy has a huge, powerful military AND a whole bunch of nuclear missiles AND a whole bunch of chemical weapons AND a whole bunch of biological nasties at his disposal. And he'd REALLY like to use them.

    Also, don't forget that WE created Al Qeada by training, supplying, and funding Osama bin laden and the Taliban in the 1980's. WE showed them how to stay hidden, WE showed them how to choose targets, and WE showed them how to take out those targets. Then we just left them to take on the world's only other super power at the time all by themselves. And they won.

    We also put Saddaan Hussein in power in Iraq.

    We love to help overthrow governments all over the world and we love to put people in power who are even worse than what they HAD.

    And George W. LOVES to play the roll of the bully. He's the one that scares ME.
  21. teerum Registered Senior Member

    Ok, Felix, I concede that to a large degree what has gone on with the US and the middle east leaves us with a stench of hypocrisy today, however this was started by Britian long ago.....there are larger reasons why as a nation we must control the region, and depending on how the wind blew over the years we had to adapt and chance our policy. I DON'T like it EITHER......believe me, I am a peaceful person, hate war......however in consideration of who we are dealing with we MUST take certain action to protect our way of life......Bush is not a terrorist......
  22. felix Registered Senior Member

    True that Bush is not a terrorist. However, he is exactly what CREATES terrorists.

    To think that you can snuff out terrorism by waging "war" on terrorists is just assinine.

    Take Isreal for example. They've been waging war on terrorists since they BECAME Isreal. And what have they ever gotten out if it? MORE terrorists.

    The idea that the same approach will yield different results is stupid.

    And war with Iraq? Surely the Bush administration doesn't really believe it's actually fooling anyone by saying it's because Iraq is a threat to the world. The rest of the world knows it's about oil. Saddaam Hussein MIGHT be able to threaten Iran or kawait. But Isreal has certainly shown they're quite capable of handling him.

    And the U.S. and allied forces defeated him SOUNDLY 12 years ago. How is a military that falls so easily REALLY a threat to the WORLD. It's just a bunch of propaganda mumbo jumbo being used as an excuse to take control of oil. I don't like the idea of sending our troops to kill and die for the sake of oil execs pockets.

    I'm no passifist, but I'm no bully either. And Bush IS a bully.
  23. teerum Registered Senior Member


    There is more at stake here than meets the eye...the US has to keep their hands in the pot to prevent China and Russia from gaining economic power over the region and the world. IT is About oil, but there is a larger picture.....When Britian lost control over the Suez Canal.....it was clear they also lost much of their power and became a much weaker state. We have to be careful of that......I contest that while it seems we are a warring nation. In essence we are also quite benevolant in the sense that we are not invading China or Russia just because we CAN......if we let our guard down....I do NOT have faith that China and Russia would NOT try and take over to change our way of life.........It is about World Economics and preserving our way of life....
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