Why don't Americans take to the streets?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Cottontop3000, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. vincent Sir Vincent, knighted by HM Registered Senior Member

    So cotton you want to live in a robin hood society, of stealing from the rich & giving to the poor, then why dont you move to sherwood forest in nottingham england, where you too can be robin hood, and steal to give to the poor of sherwood, with your american guns it should be easier to steal, robin only had a bow & arrow.
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  3. Victor E Registered Senior Member

    I live in Sweden. We've done nothing against them, yet they burnt one of our embassies and also the swedish flag. What should I say? They act like animals.

    I'm usually not against muslims very much but this really shows that their religious laws goes over the real law.

    And as someone already mentioned.... They act like savages.

    I head this morning that the IRAN PRESIDENT said he will cancel all agreements with countries who published the images... What a jerk.

    I hope there comes a war out of this. And I hope that the middle east will be destroyed once and for all. Anyone noticed that it's ALWAYS countries in the middle east (read muslim countries) that creates all the fights?

    Hell, they can publish images of jesus if they want to, what would I care?
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  5. Anomalous Banned Banned

    good suggestion that will create more terrorist and that will be end of the NATO.
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  7. Mosheh Thezion Registered Senior Member

    the europeans... need to deside... whether to allow immagration..

    and to allow multi-culturalism... which is your big problem..

    you allow them to immagrate... but make no demands of assemilation....

    if they want sharia law... they should not of moved to europe.

  8. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Oh, like the Swedes never acted worse? I think I remember a few folks called the vikings who raided, raped, slaughtered, pilliaged, and destroyed the countryside of Europe and Northwest russia so badly that the name "viking" today is a byword for barabarians and invokes images of gruff, bearded mean rampaging into a town, killing everyone who resists, raping those that don't and looting everything they see.

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  9. duendy Registered Senior Member

    do i think it intelligent people rioting and creating fires and etc etc about a fukin cartoon? no

    so the people they do it aginst call them savages

    these same people belong to a culture that has causeed so muh fukin grief round the planet its untrue. and they began an illegal war against the pople they are calig savaes. S fukin savage it is unpreciented. soldiers basically using vido game war technology to 'zap' out entirs locations which melt people....es fukin MELT women children and men. as well as spread depleted uranium which causes cancers, genetic deformity, making their OWN soldiers have long lingering deatrh, and pollutes the natrual environmet for millions of fukin years...!!!

    also detaines INNOCENT young men in places and tortures them for years

    And get this. the culture whose people call the othes savages STAGEDthe whole fukin ting in the first place,killing its own people for the furtherence of the empire building

    so who thew fukin is callin WHo savages?

    like i say. i do NOT dig fundamentalist Islam one JOT. but i also detest hypocrisy!
  10. Anomalous Banned Banned

    these are smart people they have used this opportunity to come together and further expand international ties, thats the Bush actions effect.
  11. RoyLennigan Registered Senior Member

    the thing is, sweden got past that stage a long time ago and is now a peaceful socialist country usually only concerned with its own affairs. muslims are still blowing shit up just because they don't get their way. there's a big difference.
  12. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    In case you are able to watch it, the Senate Judiciary Hearings into the NSA Spy Program are scheduled to start in 5 minutes on C-SPAN. 9:30 AM EST. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is supposed to be testifying today. Go to www.c-span.org if you like.
  13. J.B Banned Banned

    Those where only African Americans and illegal aliens.
  14. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Did you check if they all had no green cards?
  15. Anomalous Banned Banned

    He is very sure about it, I doubt if he was involved in all that.
  16. Mosheh Thezion Registered Senior Member

    MORON... i live in LA ... me and my brother drove around all over la... during the actual riots...

    and every able bodied person was up in arms...

    stores were looted from hollywood to south central to east la...

    all over...

    and the only cops i ever saw... were surrounding the police stations with shot guns in their hands...

    the cops didnt do anything about anything... they couldnt.. because they would need to start killing people like they did in the watts riots..

    no.. thats why the national guard came in...

    and that is when it stopped....

    that was when it was clear.. the people wont be standing for it...

  17. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    Here in Oregon, we did take to the streets before the Iraq invasion, but it only got a small mention in the national news, if anything.
  18. Mrhero54 Registered Senior Member

    Are you the All-Time, Undefeated, Champion of Ignorance or just the #1 contender?

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    Are you implying that there are some races/ethic groups ABOVE rioting?

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    Are you implying that there are NO circumstances that merit rioting? :bugeye:

    Rioting and protest are the result of people feeling that an injustice has occurred. It does not matter whether these injustices are real or perceived, it only matters that some members of a community feel wronged by another.

    The real tragedy of violent protest is that it rarely gets at the source of the injustice, rather than just solving OR exacerbating the symptoms. Most injustices that lead to protest and rioting are rarely caused by race, religion, or political affiliations. The true culprit is ignorance and the idiots that go around perpetuating it....
  19. Russ723 Relatively Hairless Ape Registered Senior Member


    Have you ever heard of Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

    We americans gave up on walking long ago.

    * takes a nitro*
  20. Anomalous Banned Banned

    So what stopped U from using YahooGroups to keep the flame Burning ?
  21. Anomalous Banned Banned

  22. Mosheh Thezion Registered Senior Member

    WHAT is the video..? its 28 minutes long... is it worth downloading?

  23. Neildo Gone Registered Senior Member

    Well, it's quite easily to spot an illegal Mexican. Not to mention that some of the riots 2 years after the LA riots were in regards to Proposition 187 which was to deny illegal immigrants health care, public education, and social services, so obviously they would be the ones PO'd about it especially since the law PASSED in California with 59% of the vote, but was later overturned by the federal courts.

    - N

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