Why do racists have low IQs?

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by S.A.M., Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. DeepThought Banned Banned

    You should have replied in that thread instead of dragging it up here but no matter.

    Here's the statistics of the battle:

    .............British ............................................African


    ....1,400 British (+2,500 African).........................22,000 men


    ......52 officers killed........................................3000 killed
    1,277 other ranks killed.....................................3000 wounded
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  3. Gently Passing Registered Senior Member

    If anyone can point to biochemical data from Nature or another peer-reviewed scientific journal regarding decisive evidence that people whose genotype codes for a darker skin tone and coarse, black hair as having any difference whatsoever on the neurological level - like lower levels of a certain protein - then you are fighting an uphill battle.

    Scientifically speaking, I am standing at the vantage point of doubt as I am doubting (that is to say questioning) the validity of research regarding some very far-reaching assumptions.

    That means I don't have to prove anything. That task is left to the folks who must construct the case, starting (I would say) at something resembling the following:

    "African's brains have been found to be 15% lower in protein X making their neurons". Then you would have to find equally valid evidence pointing to this difference (if it existed, which it doesn't) causing a measurable cognitive deficiency - that means response time to a stimulus, distinction of color (red vs green), etc. Again, very hard data to find...

    IQ is too broad and questionable a measure.

    You'll need something like this:

    "Response time to a stimulus:

    African: 6.73 ns
    European: 6.21 ns"

    Good luck!

    My point is you people (pro-Watson) have chosen a harrowing path in terms of the scientific method. From my vantage point, a simple repetition of "yah, right!" should suffice.

    Ask any scientist worth a damn and they will back me up on that one.
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  5. Zyxoas Registered Senior Member

    The thread was locked, because it became another rightist shit-fest. I did not post that to claim anything about the battle, only that your claim of a lack of a lack of military power was a lie.

    Tell me something: did you know about the battle when you made that original comment in the Immigrants thread? Did you willingly lie through your teeth? Am I misunderstanding what you meant by "military power" (a force of 22 000 men sound like some kind of "power" to me)? Are you going to comment on the other points I raised in that post, or do you feel that a table (which I can't understand the point of) is enough to expose the Great Afrocentrist Lie of Negro Humanity?
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  7. Gently Passing Registered Senior Member

    And by the way...ignoring my comments is tantamount to ceding victory.

    I'll wait for your response or revel in triumph.

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  8. DeepThought Banned Banned



    My comments concerning military power, division of labour, etc.. were made because of the hypocrisy of white liberals and Afrocentrics in pretending that Africa and Europe are the same thing.

    Of course I've heard of the Zulus who hasn't?

    I never lied about anything. Someone who uses terms like 'division of labour' and 'technology' to describe African culture is projecting European history onto Africa. Materialism never existed in Africa. African culture doesn't recognize a distinction between the mind and the body like we do in the West. As a result nature is still respected and treated as sacred which is why Africa is such an unspoilt continent.

    But please, if you wish to educate us in African culture start a thread on it I'm all ears.

    In the meantime please concentrate your attacks on white liberals like the thread starter who would reject your maxim, "Separate but equal" because they tell us we are all the same.

    I've stated several times that I'm in favor of African/black self-determination not against it. How can accepting peoples complete autonomy be considered wrong?
  9. Ganymede Valued Senior Member

    One thing I've noticted is that most racist are very non atheletic. In American culture, being atheletically inclined is a plus during one's school years. The Atheletically inclined are more popular, they have more friends, recieve more recognition for their achievements, and they get to sleep with hottest chics on campus. And teachers are more inclined to give them a better grade since they're "representing the school". This breeds an abundant amount of resentment amongst the non atheletic types.

    That's why so many people are happy to see Michael Vick fall from grace, and refuse to admit that Barry Bonds is the greatest player of all time. The non atheletic types are extremely envious of the atheletically inclined. So what do they do to combat this sense of inadequacy? They revert to racism, and use the accomplishments of their ancestors to feed their own self esteem. In todays society, every race is represented in every single profession on earth. So instead of focusing on today, they'll focus on the past, and the achievments that are made in the past.

    Racists have a inferiorty complex, that's why live in the past. And only focus on the negatives of other races. While only focusing on the positives when dealing with theirs.
  10. Ganymede Valued Senior Member


    So many lies and distortions in your post I don't even know where to start. Looks like I'll have to add another on my infamous ignore list. The only thing one can learn from reading your verbiage is hate and resentment.
  11. Gently Passing Registered Senior Member

    How about an interesting twist on the argument?

    Ever notice that the advent of black people in basketball was a boon? I mean, white idiots were against it at first, but compare the current state of basketball - 60%, 70% black, whatever - to basketball in the 50's or 60's.

    Which is a better sport?

    Again, by my own assertions I would face the uphill battle of proving their basketball superiority step by step beginning at the molecular level on up, and it would probably take 50 years of hard, thankless research to do it effectively, but still.

    Black people kick ASS at basketball!!!
  12. Zyxoas Registered Senior Member

    When you say that
    you are pointing out what you perceive to be a deficeincy in the people of the continent, and possibly their intellects. Do you believe that they are intellectually/culturally deficient/backward/unevolved?

    is this Bigotese for "they need to go back to Africa and we'll see how well they do/colonialism ended a long time ago and they're still poor/only those African countries with significant White influence are successful/multiculturalism and liberal do-gooders will be the death of America"? What do you mean, exactly?

    This is my view exactly (though your athletics part was a bit dodgey).

    Most rsupremists are nobodies. They did not invent writing, steam power, electricity, medicine, computers, the internet, the wheel, fire, the Iron Age, the pyramids, etc. So they draw arbitrary borders between themselves and other people and say "My group did this and yours ostensibly didn't." Perhaps their group is "Whites," "Europeans," Christians, Americans, Republicans, whatever; as long as they can show that they are superior from you because you're on the other side of a fence they constructed to put themselves in the same category as actually important people.
  13. Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties! Valued Senior Member


    How about this answer.
    "But Honey, we live in a house made out of mud too.
    You see , we live in a house made from BRICKS
    which is fired CLAY.
    That's mud too Honey"

    "The skill they use to build these houses
    is much more than we possessed to build ours.
    We had it built for us and moved in here"
  14. DeepThought Banned Banned



    African people are not inferior in any way to anybody else. How could they be? Nature created us all and since none of us control nature we must accept what we are given.

    'Complexity' is a term which describes a machine based culture not organic ones like we find in Africa.

    You ask me what I mean about African/black autonomy...are you trolling?

    This thread - and the others like it - are not about white supremacy (LOL!).

    They are not white vs black.

    They are white liberal science (racism) vs white people (nature).

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  15. Zyxoas Registered Senior Member

    Do you believe that, compared to "European" society, Africans have been short-changed by in being given less intelectual powers?

    What does this have to do with "military power", "division of labour", etc.? Why did you say
    What does any of that have to do with "machine based" and "organic" cultures?

    No, I think you're being dishonest about your own beliefs. I'm simply not getting clear answers. I fail to see how you could jump from "no military power" to "there's no comparing" to "I was talking about machines." What is the underlying truth behind these political gymnastics? Do you believe that, compared to "European" society, Africans have been short-changed by in being given less intelectual powers? If you think so then say it -- no one on this board will ban you or give you infraction points, I promise.
  16. DeepThought Banned Banned

    Be more careful with your money Maurice!


    You've got to watch these Jews you know!

    Egads...he's a coconut!

    We need to put you on a strict diet of Afrocentric literature!
  17. Zyxoas Registered Senior Member

    That was not funny. It was another one of your attempts to avoid, well, being truthful. Is nature Jewish?

    If you'ld like to see a coconut, go to your father and ask him to show you his left... Oh, never mind...

    I'm still waiting. See post #292 above. Read it slowly. Then at least attempt to answer those sentences which end with a question mark (written thusly: "?") with relevant statements. Please.
  18. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    No way, check this story out. Talk about intelligence and resourcefulness!

    Home-made helicopters hit northern Nigeria

    Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi, a 24-year-old physics undergraduate in northern Nigeria, takes old cars and motorbikes to pieces in the back yard at home and builds his own helicopters from the parts.

    It is powered by a second-hand 133 horsepower Honda Civic car engine and kitted out with seats from an old Toyota saloon car. Its other parts come from the carcass of a Boeing 747 which crashed near Kano some years ago.
  19. DeepThought Banned Banned

    Are dollars green?


    That's the spirit!

    Spit it out.

    This has just got boring.

    Of your questions I will say the following: Africans and Europeans are not the same people. They shouldn't have to prove they are. In nature black and white people don't live together... if they did they wouldn't be black and white would they? If Western liberals want to believe they are the burden of proof is on them.

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