Why did Hitler hate Slavs?

Discussion in 'History' started by mountainhare, Nov 3, 2005.

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  1. mountainhare Banned Banned

    I can understand why Hitler hated the Jews and Communists... after all, who didn't back then?

    But what exactly did he have against the Slavs? Was it because they managed to break away from the First German Reich? Was it because they managed to grab a lot of land off Germany when Germany was defeated in the few wars it lost?
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  3. comisaru Registered Senior Member

    Just because the slavs there were his neighbours.
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  5. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Because they weren't a superior race.
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  7. mathman Valued Senior Member

    Hitler wanted more land for ethnic Germans. His racist ideas had his western neighbors in the same category as Germans, while the Slavs were not. Moreover after WW I Germany ceded a large chunk of land to Poland.
  8. ghost7584 Registered Senior Member

    The real truth behind the holocaust has been covered up by the vatican since the Russians started beating Hitler in 1942. The holocaust was really a Roman catholic inquisition against other religions. [Jews of the Jewish faith were persecuted; catholic Jews were not.] The Slavs were of the Greek Orthodox faith, and it was convert to catholicism or die for them.
    The Holocaust was a 20 th century inquisition done under cover of the Nazi party. Hitler was catholic; the catholic vote swept him into power when the pope said he was backing Hitler, 1933. Vatican money paid for Hitler's war machine; Germany was in a depression, like the rest of the world.
    Read the online book, THE VATICAN'S HOLOCAUST at this website:


    Excerpts from book:
    Book: THE VATICAN’S HOLOCAUST by Avro Manhattan
    This type of execution was not exceptional. Some Ustashi specialized in dispatching their
    Orthodox prisoners in this manner.

    Catholic priests, friars, and, indeed, even some of their pupils, followed their example. The
    case of Peter Brzica is undoubtedly one of the most incredible in this category. Brzica was
    a law student and an ardent member of the foremast Catholic organization called the
    Catholic Crusaders. During the day and night of 29th August 1942, Brzica cut the throats of
    1300 prisoners in the Concentration Camp of Jasenovac. He was rewarded with a gold
    watch and proclaimed King of Cutthroats. Dr. Nikola Kilolic, a Croat and a Catholic, was
    an eyewitness to the deed.

    To terrorize the population into becoming Catholic, the Ustashi very often hanged lay
    Orthodox Leaders and their Orthodox parish priests during mass executions under the very
    eyes of the faithful. This was one of the most tangible methods of "persuasion" whenever
    the Orthodox proved obdurate.

    During our journey towards the hill of Javor, near Srebrenica and Ozren, all the Serbian
    villages which we came across were wholly deserted. But inside the houses very often we find
    whole families massacred. We even came across some barrels filled with blood. In the villages
    between Vlasenica and Kladanj we discovered children who had been impaled upon stakes,
    their small members still distorted by pain, resembling insects stuck upon pins." [6]

    Many Catholic lay members and clergy, mostly Croats, helped the Nazis and fought against
    their own Government. This they did in order to set up an independent Catholic State of
    Croatia once Yugoslav unity had disintegrated. As a reward for their treachery, Hitler
    granted the Catholic Croats autonomy under Nazi tutelage. While the rest of Yugoslavia
    was turned into Nazi-occupied territory, Croatia became an independent Catholic State,
    where the Ustashi leader, Ante Pavelic, assisted by Archbishop Stepinac and blessed by
    Pope Pius Xll, initiated the terrible reign of Ustashi terror.
  9. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    Ethnic rivalries in Europe go back just as far and are just as stupid as the ones in the Mideast and everywhere else.

    The Neolithic Slavic tribes moving in from the east and the Neolithic Germanic tribes moving down out of Scandinavia ran head-on into each other during the early Roman era where their migratory paths met.

    First they killed off, drove off, or enslaved the Celtic people who were already living there. Then they turned on each other.

    This bad blood has never cooled down. There has always been strong enmity between the Slavs and the Germans. When the armies of the Soviet Bloc nations invaded Czechoslovakia to put down "Prague Spring" in 1968, the Czechs were really pissed off, but things eventually settled down to normal. Except for one thing. Years later, after relations had thawed with the Poles, Russians, and Hungarians who had occupied their land, the Czechs still said, "The worst thing about that was that there were once again GERMAN TANKS on Czech soil." And the Soviets had made sure that the East German army kept a very low profile, way back in the woods rather than driving into the towns.

    I don't mean to slight the Slovaks, I just don't happen to have any Slovak friends to check in with.

    It's no different than the centuries-old rivalry between the Germans and the French. The Franks were a Germanic people, for the goddess's sake, one big happy family. But the Romans conquered the Franks, molded them into a union with the Celtic Gauls in the south, taught them all to speak Latin, and made Gallia a province of the Roman Empire. The "real" German tribes never surrendered to the Romans and kept their language and culture. They regarded their Frankish cousins as big sissies for being conquered, while the Franks regarded them as barbarians for not adopting the comforts of a civilized life.

    That feeling, too, still survives today.
  10. mountainhare Banned Banned

    Fraggle Rocker,

    That's an excellent explaination, however, I'm just wondering about one technicality...

    But they weren't Franks when they were conquered, were they? I thought the Franks were a product of the conquered Germanic tribes breeding with the Celts?
  11. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member


    that is simply not true,the saint of my birthday was a catholic who was killed in the gas chambers
  12. dixonmassey Valued Senior Member

    There was no GM food at that time. Hunger of WWI and postwar years has been deeply engrained into Hitler's brain. He has concluded that Germany cannot support its population with available resources neither during "strained" peace nor during war times. Thus, Germany was de facto on mercy of other countries. Thus, Germany needs additional space. Hitler was definitely thinking in terms of 19th century real politics. Psychologically, it's hard to cleanse the land of the beings you consider equal. It's much easier to dehumanize and then kill. The other lesson Hitler drew from WWI is the power of propaganda. He was impressed with Anglo-American propaganda machine and thought that it's tilted the luck towards Antente more than anything else. Thus, the mass dehumanization propaganda campaign began.

    I would assume there was some (fairly small) degree of animocity between Polish and Germans before WWII. Nothing extraordinary. There were little reasons for hatred (genuine one, coming from historical memories not from state propaganda) between Russians, Ukrainians, ... and Germans. There was certain sense that Germans and Russians are mentally quite different. That's it. All the hatred was state sponsored (on the German side).

    Funny thing. As different as Brits, Germans and Russians are, in the USA, they (Germans, Brits) will frequently say me things, jokes, etc. they will never consider telling to Americans. They also consider Americans (average ones) overly unsincere (fake), snitching and backstabbing. I would never thought before that Germans are closer to me mentally than Americans

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    But in that regard they are.
  13. Brian Foley REFUSE - RESIST Valued Senior Member

    Germany intended to turn East Europe into its colonial domain to be exploited by German Industrialists and financiers . When nations subjugate and occupy other nations and regions for exploitation they always play the race card to dehumanize the local population . The British and French did this with Africa saying Blacks were inferior and the Spanish did the same with the Indians of South America under the conquistadors . By convincing the German people that the Slavs were sub-human the German people believed they were on a divine mission to subdue and civilize the Slavs . This facillitated the massacres which are a necessary component of colonization .
  14. Redline Registered Senior Member

    As Nazis said , Slavs were same crap as Jews, Gipsys,...
  15. candy Registered Senior Member

    Hitler seems to have hated anybody who did not conform to his concept of how the world should be and totally agree with his point of view.
  16. dixonmassey Valued Senior Member

    Nope, Hitler liked British a lot and he was totally neutral toward (and totally ignorant of) Americans/USA
  17. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member


    i think if you read his plans for occupied england you might not be so sure of that.
  18. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    That's because the British (at least to him) were germanic, decended from Normans (vikings) and the Angles & Saxons (germans). He liked them because they did constitute what he believe to be his ideal human. The Americans had been mixed around with various minorities, leading hitler to think that the american/white racial pool had been 'polluted' with black, asian, native indian, jewish, and hispanic blood.
    Obviously, hitler had a very, very, skewed view of reality.
  19. Xylene Valued Senior Member

    I understand that Hitler (if he had conquered Britain) wanted the British Empire to continue in operation, but with German overlords in control. I can just imagine how well that would have worked.
  20. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member


    i heard a different plan,the same that he had for most countries eventually which was.males 16-65 sent to germany to work and british women were to be impregnated by his ss.
  21. mountainhare Banned Banned

    Where did you hear that BS from?

    You are also aware that if the above is true, then Hitler considered the British equals of Germans. Otherwise, why would he want his 'pure' SS soldiers breeding with an 'impure' race?
  22. kenworth dude...**** it,lets go bowling Registered Senior Member


    british intelligence reports.he would want his ss breeding with them so eventually they would have mostly german blood whilst still maintaining a workforce.
  23. Kiwi123 Banned Banned

    I advice you don't say it to a Polish person.
    'nuff said.

    I am of Serbian background, and we were persecuted by Hitler (and by Bosnian Muslims) too.

    Here's more:

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    Islam Under the Swastika
    Serbs also vouch: Never Again
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2005
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