Why are there more women workers in labs than men?

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Cat_with_no_eyes, May 10, 2013.

  1. Cat_with_no_eyes Registered Senior Member

    In the lab I work, it is jam packed with women and very few men, just wondered why that is? Is it to do with intelligence, job preference, society, something?
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  3. Pepillo Registered Member

    It is just because you are lucky.
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  5. lightgigantic Banned Banned

    It's part of a conspiracy

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  7. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Career breaks? Women often predominate in work where a qualification is important but continuity of experience and track record is less so. For example among lawyers, teachers, analytical chemists and so on. It can fit better with child-rearing than something where you are constantly having to prove your fitness for the job by doing it continuously, such as as most management roles in corporations.

  8. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    Women are much more likely to be educated and apply for jobs in the sciences. This is what made school so fun.
  9. Read-Only Valued Senior Member

    I worked in a lab, with both male and female co-workers (I'm male), for a number of years and I'm an observant type - I particularly like watching people doing things and figuring out why they do the things they do. (Yes, psychology is one of my favorite hobbies.)

    At any rate, my personal experience led to a different conclusion than what I've seen posted. The vast majority of industrial/commercial lab work is highly repetitive - something that women seem more inclined to do than men. Also, the biggest number of women were fairly young and I got the definite impression that they were simply working until they got married (looking for the right guy, dating several nights a week, etc.).

    And do NOT get me wrong here - they were GOOD at it! They made and recorded results accurately, followed procedures, came to work on time, practically no disciplinary problems - in short, very good employees. But many also confessed they did not plan on making a career of it. And of those who said they planned to stay in that line of work were aiming for promotions.
  10. goodman Registered Member

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