Why are girls so irrational and illogical?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Betrayer0fHope, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. visceral_instinct Monkey see, monkey denigrate Valued Senior Member

    Sorry to judge you, but that sounds really shallow.
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  3. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member

    Yes an absolute just like everbody else on this thread.

    Witness this post:
    Everybody on this thread is creating absolutes about male and female. What is your point? The question was about what drives males and females. Do you really expect to not come up with absolutes?

    Is there any reason I should waste my time with broke females?
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  5. Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you Valued Senior Member

    They are NOT irrational, just different:

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  7. jpappl Valued Senior Member


    "Everybody on this thread is creating absolutes about male and female. What is your point? The question was about what drives males and females. Do you really expect to not come up with absolutes?"

    Where did I create absolutes with statements like these Lix ?

    "I wouldn't claim to be wiser.

    That is a very complex question. So I won't be able to come close to covering all the ways because I don't know all the ways. But I can touch on a few."


    "They will usually take the former over the latter."

    The word usually !

    or this,

    "Please, women don't imply that I am stating you should all be barefoot and pregnant. I don't believe that and already stated that it is your choice and some choose not to."

    You said,

    "Is there any reason I should waste my time with broke females?"

    Yes. Some of them are really amazing just bad with money. I know I am married to one.

    So I handle the money.


    You know I love the hotties, oh yeah, nice stockings.

  8. jpappl Valued Senior Member


    I forgot a good joke that says more than I probably did earlier.

    A Woman wants one man to do all of the things she needs done, a man wants all of the women do to one thing.

    Bottom line, and I learned this from someone very wise.

    We compliment each other we help each other with our greatest need.

    Another one, less wise but true especially if you do it well.

    Just keep F&*Nking her she will love you for it. She is not the flower you think she is.


    Always go to bed with a smile on your face.
  9. Betrayer0fHope MY COHERENCE! IT'S GOING AWAYY Registered Senior Member

    True story: My brother and I were playing some games on our laptops, with the TV on. Out of nowhere(or at least it seemed that way, I wasn't paying attention), we heard the word "breasts." I look up, look back and see he looked up too. Turns out it was some Nature show about apes :roflmao:
  10. jpappl Valued Senior Member


    I rest my case.
  11. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    Well, Betrayer of Hope

    Girls Do differ from Boys which is why we call them girls and the the other boys. Boys are different in the fact that they can be either males or they can become females, where females can not make change in to males. It is a genetic effect. The prime difference between male and female is the stage of development (Example: females can not go through growth development to become males).

    Males normally have more cells in the body than females and so multitasking and endurance are easier for males. So males have more neruons cells in the brain, more skin cell so thicker skin and so on.....
    It usally takes males longer to develope into adulthood because it takes time to grow more cells, so often you will find that the boys are more silly than the girls that are of the same age group, this is mainly because girls do not have to grow as much and so quit growing sooner because they have less cells to grow and reach adulthood earlier than boys. You will actually find that girls score better on test than boys when they are about age 12 (12 years old) at about age 16 boys start to out score the girls and from then on boys take the lead in preformance.
    Either way young people will not be at thier best preformance level untill they are about age 30 (30 years old) females once again reach thier highest performance level at about 25 years of age a few years earlier than males.
    So if you are a male if you are looking for a woman that is near your preformance she should be about 5 years older than you. Even so younger females are sexually developed as they reach adult hood earlier than males due to the number of cells to grow. This is a biological fact but it is one that is not recongnized by social groups which in most customs do not consider the female adult untill later in life. For example in some parts of the USA a female is not considered a adult untill age 21 but a male is consdiered a adult at age 18. It should be the opposite the female should be thought of as a adult at the younger age (18) and the male the older age (21). The reason behind such laws is female reasoning and behavior as they view it.
    Even so the female is sexually developed and at cell development about the age 13 to 16 depending on nutrition, but males are not sexually developed untill about 16 to 18 years of age and will not be completely developed untill about age 30 where at this age they produce the best offspring.
    Males also do not have to depend on females to make children, but most males do not have the exsposer or teacher to learn how to self reproduce and so are dependant on females. Females have to find a male to fertilized thier eggs so they can have children. Most society and their social customs teach that males are bound to females to make children this allows females to be included in the family as she is also human (akin to) and to be fertilzed.

    The Female has long been condiered to be the Helpmate, which is something men should remember, she helps when she can, she may beable to only do so much which is why a male is consdiered to be the leader or head of a family, because of his greater ablity to preform and complete task. Same exist when a males father get old the male offspring becomes the new head of the family as the father is old because he is dying and becoming silly like a child because the neurons in the brain die. So the Oldest son usally takes the lead.
    In modern society there has been a growing disrespect for males as family leaders esxpecially in industrialized nations.

    So in end there is a difference, and that difference is a matter of stage of development, babys have to grow, teenagers have to grow, women have to grow, men have to grow.... some just grow more and some grow faster and some grow longer.

    Last edited: Oct 29, 2008
  12. ConvexionFTW Registered Member

    girls care more about fashion and looks (on a general stage) they dislike engaging in intellectual conversations, and when they do they don't like losing. They stick to there arguement when they cannot think of a valid response. This post is judgement and sexist in some views, but understand it's on a general note, not directed at every girl. It just isn't the correct social acceptance that popular girls should be rational and logical, so most girls aren't.
  13. DwayneD.L.Rabon Registered Senior Member

    It only takes a IQ of about 50 to live in most human societies so its very clear that either male of female do not have to be genius to navigate through the day.

  14. Enmos Registered Senior Member

    Mine, what happens if someone steps on you ?
  15. Enmos Registered Senior Member

    Never mind, it was just a little joke referring to your name

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    I don't care for Pussy cat dolls or Britney spears. They can be removed for all I care.
    But it's not just a few groups you are referring to it's an entire culture.
  16. lucifers angel same shit, differant day!! Registered Senior Member

    you'd be irrational and illogical aswell if you had to live with a man, they make us irrtational
  17. Betrayer0fHope MY COHERENCE! IT'S GOING AWAYY Registered Senior Member

    I almost made a reiku is irrational joke.
  18. Eidolan Registered Senior Member

    Maybe it is because they have to put up with men all the time?

    Actually it all comes down to how we are conditioned. Girls aren't actually any less rational than men are.
  19. CutsieMarie89 Zen Registered Senior Member

    People are irrational when they let their emotions take control of their thinking. Which would explain why you make bad choices when your angry or depressed. Choices you wouldn't have made otherwise, if you had been in a calmer state of mind. People who are currently making irrational choices are not aware of how irrational their choices are until after the fact. It applies to everyone regardless of sex. You always notice when people around you are being irrational because what they are saying sounds so stupid, you are looking from the outside in, so of course you notice others behaving irrationally and the more you don't understand a person's thinking the more irrational they seem to be when they get into fits of hysterics.
  20. Xylene Valued Senior Member

    Last time I looked at history, women didn't exactly have a monopoly on illogical and irrational behaviour. Look at Hitler, Stalin et. al. :bugeye:
  21. azriel Registered Member

    Go girl, personally I find females intellectually stimulating (at least the ones who aren't on crack) but what do I know, all the intellectually superior men on this site think I'm nuts. That's o.k. girls like me and I don't have problems dealing with people and most girls I encounter don't have to result to insults and childish temper tantrums to defend their positions in a debate, unless they're on crack. Most of my female friends are professionals (doctors, lawyers, executives and I have no problem rationalizing them and find them completely logical, but hey I'm nuts.
  22. distantcube Registered Member

    At least he's honest.

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  23. TimeTraveler Immortalist Registered Senior Member

    Women follow their hearts, men follow their penises. There aren't many rational and logical people, just observe the results of this world and you'll see the emotions behind all the actions.

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