Why are Americans obese?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by EmeraldAxe, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    The food in America is awesome:
    Chinese food, Mexican food, Italian food, Japanese food...
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  3. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    wow Spidey your indoctrination goes back in time quite a ways. I like that :
    Land Scape Design around the Automobiles .

    I guess I was spot on with you painting bicycles on the freeway . Wow . I amaze Me self some times . If we go to jail I am telling you right now I will not be your bitch . Mikey don't play that I all already told you
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  5. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    Who are you ? Are you still part of the forum . Like the pic bro .
    Gog Bless
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  7. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    It was you !!!

    Food tastes good . I like Tex Mex as much as anyone . I have been some what lucky to have worked physically in my life . Even with all the toxins in building products that scare the shit out of people ( Funny is when an Elitist gets up set about the smell of latex paint . Roar over laughing on the floor funny ) The exercise is good for the body . Fat in your diet is not a concern when you work your fucking ass off . Yeah I got no ass . Tight ass you could say . No Spidey . Keep that thing away from Me . The Man "Richard Prior" Quote :You hit Me with that stick I will bit your dick
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  8. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    It has been observed that the discovery of fire AND grain agriculture was a turning point in our evolution from a generally nomadic species that had to move with with the seasons and resources to survive to a settled species that was was able to work cooperatively and live with increasing population density because this new strategy was successful.

    Less time and energy was needed in the procurement of food and the use of fire and learning to process grain into a wide variety of foodstuffs would allow more time and energy for learning other skills to facilitate this living in groups and communities of ever increasing size. As whole grains store and transport well, the benefits of their cultivation and use would proliferate quite easily.

    The processing of grain is what enables us to digest this food as we are unable to utilize it very well in it's raw state. Processed grain is very easily converted by our bodies into simple sugars which are not what we evolved to eat, and this changes our body chemistry in a manner which causes most of us to store these additional calories as fat, if we do not use them up through activity.

    We are able to ingest a lot of calories without the energy which we would normally need to expend to acquire them, and so the excess calories are stored as fat.

    Processed food has a very high caloric density compared to foods in their natural state. The processing often removes the natural fiber which makes us feel satiated and full, and which aids in gut motility.

    Why are indigestion and/or irregular bowel function, flatulence, bloating, diabetes, and diverticular disease so prevalent in many nations today?

    I would suggest it may be that we have evolved technologies which have outpaced the evolution of our digestive system.

    We are bloated with success and blessed with excess in those countries which predominantly demonstrate obesity.
  9. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    LOL, yep, I was the one standing there saying 'oh no no no" shaking my head. I wasn't popular.
  10. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    Are you witch . I think your a witch . Next you will be introducing eye of newt to your soup I think . You know Liken is edible. Liken soup ? Ever had it ? I have , kind of pphhlak-bla. The roughage is good though . Me Grandma could go out in a empty lot (field ) and pick a plate full of salad for a crowd . Hell people now a days would starve before they ate out of a empty lot like that. I can Identify some stuff that is edible . A person would be surprised at all the little plants you can eat . The garden is plentiful . If you get caught in a plane crash it is something to think about . A survival plan is a good thing . One thing you can do is watch what the animals eat. If the birds and deer are eating the berries it might be O.K.
    Some berries are poisonous as all get out . We use to say " Don't eat the red ones " I eat lots of red ones now a days . I learned from the birds

    I think the bowl problems is a mental problem . Part of hoarding instincts of the past . So that does support what you said , but the thing is I think a stomach can handle it and poop it out just fine . It is the mental state that prevents regular bowl movements . High stress too I believe causes lack of movement . Hoyty and Toyty and there secret butt plugs they stuff in people at night also . They are like tooth Fairies in a way , but not in a good way . More like the evil tooth fairy
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  11. Believe Happy medium Valued Senior Member

    Now your getting it!
  12. Me-Ki-Gal Banned Banned

    Your popular with me so no worries .
  13. Misty155 Registered Senior Member

    I think the reason is that Americans eat foods with high fat.
  14. Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you Valued Senior Member

    They are also very disgusting, their fur full of bugs. Take a look at one closely.

    As for the fatness question, because fastfood are cheap and DIVINE....
  15. Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you Valued Senior Member

    That, and some restaurants like Buca di Beppo doesn't even have single portions....
  16. wellwisher Banned Banned

    The highest ratio of obesity is among the poor, which, predictably, have a direct connection to liberal social policies and government programs. The bloat is across the government, in a figurative sense. The effect is connected to generating government jobs, with more jobs created by compounding problems or by creaing solutions that can morph into even more problems. We feed the poor and make them fat. Then we have to expand government to morph that solution into other problems, etc.

    If you look at school lunches and obesity, the solution is obvious. While the liberal approach is very predictable; make the problem worse to create more jobs.

    What I would do is tailor school menu choices based on weight. As the hcildren enter they weight in and based on height and body structre they are funneled to a serving station. Only the overweight kids would have the more restricted diets since they need the most help controlling diet. The trimmer kids would have more choices including some junk food. If the thin kids gain too much weight, their diet classification will change. If the overweight kids slim down their classified will change to the open diet. This teaches cause and effect so they can make rational choices.

    The approach that government and liberals will use is not based on cause and effect. Everyone, even those who are trim, will be treated like they are overweight. The effect is sort of like accusing someone of something they did not do. Eventually, since they are being treated like they did something, they will start to do it, to make sense out of the irrationality. The result is an expansion of jobs needs to treat a new growing problem that we will blame on something else. Science will give excuses since that also is a way to create jobs and more problems.

    For example, if I constantly accuse you of stealing (you have to eat only fat food) and you have to constantly pay the fiddler of social stigma for something you never did, why not steal to create cause and effect. You will be treated the same way but gain some benefits like fat food. If you just take the irrationality you will lose touch with cause and effect, since you are suffering the effect of a cause based on irrationality.

    If you teach cause and effect, slim should have more options since your body can handle more option. This creates a goal. The overweight should have fewer options because this is needed to maintain health. Children learn cause and effect. We are not falsely accusing anyone to make the problem worse, so the union can make more such jobs.

    We could extend this to resturants, in liberal towns, which want to change menus. When you enter you get on the scales. Then you are funneled to an area of the resturant where the diet is restricted, or where the diet is open depending on cause and effect.

    But what will happen is liberals will try to treat everyone as overweight which is out of touch with cause and effect. The country is mess up because too many irrational people get elected to office because their constituencies are irrational too.
  17. S.A.M. uniquely dreadful Valued Senior Member

    Has anyone said the magic words: high fructose corn syrup?

    For some reason, after the initial commentary on the subject by two very respectable scientists, very little work has been done on the topic.

    But the theory is correct. So I would lay off the HFCS even if the lobbies won't let the research happen
  18. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    we eat more processed food, less fresh food. I grew up with a garden, chickens, eggs, homemade cookies, etc

    My kids want chicken patties/nuggets, oreos, carrots w/ ranch. <sigh>
  19. jpappl Valued Senior Member

    Here is one of the reasons.


    Plate size. What we consider a meal or drink now, just think big gulp is so different then what it used to be.

    It's simply. More calories in, fewer calories burned.

    We eat a ton and then sit around on our ass.
  20. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    I would suggest the reason it has not been pursued is because HFCS and other corn derivatives are in almost every processed food you can name, including many tomato sauces, which came as a surprise to me. Frozen potatoes of all shapes are dusted in dextrose (usually corn sugar) to make them brown and crisp evenly. The same with most breaded or battered fish and chicken. Everything sweet is suspect as are most things savory.

    Corn is one of the cheapest ingredients to grow and it's diversity is astounding, therefore corn, in all it's forms, is ubiquitous.

    As there is an increasing public awareness of corn and it's effects, there has been a lobby by the manufacturer to change the name of HFCS to 'corn sugar'.

    Corn is one of the grains fed to cattle to fatten them up for market, because the animals gain weight rapidly and it is economical.

    It behooves the customer to remember that the grocery business is a business first and foremost, and the 'food' is but a commodity.
    People can refuse to buy processed food and cook for themselves from scratch, if they choose, but most will not.

    The path of least resistance, and once addicted to sugar, ever less energy or will to resist. So subtle the flavoring with HFCS that most people will deny that they even eat sugar, and in truth, they have no idea of how much they are ingesting.
  21. chimpkin C'mon, get happy! Registered Senior Member

    Why are we fat? Lots of reasons...

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Yummy, yummy reasons...

    FEMA handed out Oreos after the hurricane. This was some seriously cunning marketing, as far as I can tell.
    I'm sure Nabisco has figures of what sort of bump this gave them in terms of longer-term Oreo sales in this area, but I doubt that info is public.
  22. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Could be cunning marketing, but it could also date back to Ships rations where ships stewards kept for emergencies... "Biscuits".

  23. Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous Valued Senior Member


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