Why a brain?

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by birch, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. Sarkus Hippomonstrosesquippedalo phobe Valued Senior Member

    Given that, to the best of our knowledge, the universe is almost entirely devoid of life, and existed well before life, and will last long after life, on what basis do you make your assertion, other than from an anthropocentric bias?
    Do you believe life was a certainty from the outset?
    Do you believe that the universe was effectively designed for the purpose of allowing life to arise?

    I'm surprised you don't take your position a stage further: given that life exists and you thing the universe was always about life, well, you exist, so surely the universe was always about you, right?
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  3. wellwisher Banned Banned

    If you look at life, such as a tree, a tree will structurally gain energy and structurally lower entropy as it grows. The gained structural energy is reflected in larger trees making more fire wood; more energy. While the lowered structural entropy is reflected in the act of photosynthesis, where CO2 and H2O molecules, which begin with a lot of freedom to circulate around the earth via weather, becomes bound to a fixed position in the matrix of the tree.

    The universe spontaneously moves matter toward lower energy and higher entropy. If we chop down the tree and end its life, it will decay. The universe takes over and bacteria and oxidation lowers its energy, and increases entropy, disorder, back to CO2 and H2O.

    Although life will structurally increase energy and lower entropy, these two processes require energy. This comes from metabolism. When a cell metabolizes food, it lowers the food energy and increases the entropy of the food materials. A side stream of this energy output; as ATP, is used by life to build its structural energy; growth, and to lower it structural entropy. But since the laws of the universe require a net lowering of energy and a net increase in entropy, the purpose of lie is to amplify universal potentials.

    If you look at the human will power and free choice, relative to the more structured nature of animal instinct, free choice increases entropy. Our choices can add entropy to stable eco-systems. This can cause life to end, thereby lower structural energy. Humans can amplify the energy and entropy directions for the universe. Coal, by itself would stay in the ground. Life plays a role in the energy and entropy economy of the universe; we burn to release energy and increase entropy. Wen then take a side stream; electricity, to create order and increase energy; heat, in our homes.

    The formation of life came from a chemical paradox, relative to energy and entropy. This paradox can be illustrated with the example of water and oil. If we mix water and oil, and allow these to settle, these two chemical materials will separate into two layers. The paradox for the universe is, if it tries to lower energy and increase entropy for this two component system, it only do one or the other, but not both at the same time.

    If we want energy to lower, order will appear as two layers. If we stir water and oil; tides to increase the disorder/entropy, surface tension energy goes up, instead of down. This is not like burning wood, where energy goes down and entropy increase; get both. The chemical paradox of water and oil (organics), relative to energy and entropy, required the formation of life to help resolve the paradox. Life was driven by the paradox in the light of energy and entropy. Life turns this chemical paradox, into two opposing yet connected sets of drives; metabolism and structural, which helps the universe.

    Water is critical to life because it creates this chemical paradox; water and oil. Other solvents are too cozy with organics and won't create the same paradox potential for the two most fundamental drives of the universe; energy and entropy.
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  5. river


    The Universe is about me .....? Really ?

    So if the Universe is about me then ...... I wouldn't change a thing , ( well other getting an advanced space ship , so I can do my thing , such a luxury , intellectually , you know what I mean ? Doubt it .) .

    As well ;

    Mankind can be independent of ancient history , stop wars , stop sophist philosophy , make truth more important than politics , be Humane towards Humanity ; get people to understand what religion is really about ; make politicans accountable ; stop fascism ; feed , clean water and give medcine people to people who cannot afford such ; just be good to ourselves .
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  7. Goliathus Registered Member

    You are the universe, so the question is am i lazy

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