Who Needs oil

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Bishadi, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Bishadi Banned Banned

    meybe get yourself updated old timer

    so that doubles your depth

    so now it is beyond the oceans depth by 5-7 kilometers

    and the ocean vent species are simply related cousins as below them by a dozen miles are family member farting up a storm of methane
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  3. Bishadi Banned Banned

    well hello Jules

    like the clown said, natural H is all over the place in water, hence H2o, and can be separated by energy or simply to store the energy upon the H atom.

    and then H recombined with O makes a real hot reaction, just like gasoline does but with 2 times the energy released and then the remnant is water and that heat/pressure is used for work to turn over the motor.

    and sunlight can be used to separate that H from water.

    that wheel does turn but in stead of a few wanting to walk it through, they argue because someone on the news said 'it's too hard'

    heck mankind made it in space and used hydrogen fuel to get there; wonder why most cannot comprehend, its the best model but that industry does not like it because then anyone could be making their own fuel and centralized business just can't have that
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  5. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    So, it's simply using inefficient solar cells to make hydrogen and supercool it to a liquid for storage. Any reasonable person can imagine that the scale at which this is done will never equal the ease and low cost with which oil is now collected. When the oil collapse happens, we will most likely not have the money or the means to make the heavy investments in this technology in time to replace oil. It will be expensive when we can least afford it, and it will be impractical in the extreme. Collective actions will become the norm in the future, replacing the cult of the individual that now clouds our thinking on many issues. Joe six-pack ain't gonna build hisself a home liquid hydrogen conversion plant, who do you think you're fooling?
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  7. Bishadi Banned Banned

    the clown about to insert the ol'foot in mouth again

    as what will H fuel cell cars be using?


    maybe if you read and assisted in doing real homework

    people like Jules can develop beyond your clown mind capacity

    jules, i will not fib just to say something....

    there are a few who care more for tomorrow than our own complacency

    so basically, ask anything you like and let's see if maybe 'the few' can offer positive direction to your quest...
  8. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    I never said it's not possible to build one if you have millions of dollars, but it would be easier to use a copper wire to sent the electricity directly to an electric motor. Electric bullet trains make much more sense, and are less costly, and they are widely available now.

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    OOO, so futuristic! Sadly, the cult of the automobile in the US means we are stuck with a grand misinvestment, and too much pride to change.
  9. Bishadi Banned Banned

    because you see on TV, you like..

    monkey see, monkey like

    that is what i observe with the ignorance of today's complacent practitioners.

    so now you suggest the globe should all be on trains and centralized transportation to boot.....?

    when what i suggest could be in the works right now!

    do you not realize, most of the garage tinkerers where the youngsters building a mini bike and hot rods and when the smog junk came in, that art went away as a part of society. Tinkering is what opens the eyes of young folk to learn and contribute to society. Give them a change to be better than you.

    so right now, a solar panel, a chamber and a simple board, expansion value and a tank and each person could be cooking their own hydrogen. Even while you sitting on a forum making a fool of yourself, that tank is constantly storing energy.

    and as for burning it; convert to stainless all the exhaust, values and sleeves to an ICE (how about chevy 454)....

    remove all the smog junk and use a natural gas intake (pressure diafram) and jets and soon you could be blowing flames out the side pipe, all the while spitting water at you go (ooops, keep that, for the next fuel cycle)

    this is what you continuously fail to do...... use your head!

    there is no rocket science to simply going through the homewrk to see, once the infrastructure is in, then no more hook up to the grid.....

    the knowledge will allow freedom
  10. Vkothii Banned Banned

    But won't we need to rediscover what Tesla said about magnets?

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