Who has ACTUALLY seen a UFO?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Dave, Jun 3, 1999.

  1. Dave Guest

    Who of you has ACTUALLY seen a UFO?
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  3. Flash Guest

    If one would tell you they have..you wouldn't
    believe them anyway- would you?
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  5. Dave Guest

    Have you seen one and are afraid that I'll ridicule you?
    I asked who has seen a flying object that they could not identify because I want to know how many people are motivated to be here in this forum because of a sighting they may have had...not to laugh and/or throw my hands up in disbelief at anyone that has some input to my question.
    I hope some of our posters have a tale to tell!!.....except Chuckles, naturally.
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  7. Flash Guest

    ok, Dave. As a matter of fact I have.
    No, I was not alone..there were three other
    people with me..one, I might add, works at
    an airport.
  8. Ian Guest

    Yes I have witnessed UFOs on three separate occasions. I also experienced something very alien. My first sighting occurred when I was in my teens shortly after our family had moved to a small town on the edge of a lake North of the city. One cool summer night my father, younger brother and myself had gone outside to rescue the cat from a fight with another cat. After breaking up the fight we were commenting on how crystal clear the stars looked. At this point we noticed a bright object moving from South to North. It should be noted that my father had been an aircraft controller and Scotland. This did not looked like an aircraft. It had no flashing lights. My father figured it was a satellite. He had just finished saying this when the object suddenly traveled in zig zag pattern covering the great distance in an East West direction at great speed. Then it returned to its original direction at a very slow speed and then it vanished.
    The second sighting to place at night during the winter. My parents had gone out for the evening so I was baby sitting my younger brother and sister who were in bed. My friend Larry was there also. After we had just finished watching the hockey game, Larry started to fall asleep. He told me to wake him up after the late news because there was some movie we wanted to watch. After the news I woke up Larry and walked over to the television to change the channel. As I passed by the living room window I noticed it seemed to be very bright outside. Then I noticed the shadows of the trees around the house were moving across the snow. When I looked up I could see a large object moving slowly over and away from the house. The object was glowing green with an orange rim. I called for Larry to come to the window. As he got there the object moved away. We waited for a second and then we could see the object again high in the sky about a quarter of a mile away. It suddenly came down out of the sky toward the ground at a very high-speed. We thought it was going to crash into the ground but as it got closer to the ground it slowed to a hover and then landed behind the trees. We could see it glowing through the trees for some time. Larry and I contemplated whether or not to go out and see what it was. We knew the snow in the fields where the object had landed was hip deep so we decided against going out to investigate at night. But by this time the object was gone. The next day Larry and myself waded through the snow to the spot where the object had landed. It had been snowing all morning and we found nothing.
    The third incident to place many years later. A dozen of us had gone down to remote lodge in upstate New York. As night fell we decided to build campfire down by the lake. As two of us were carrying wood down to the lake, we noticed a bright orange light coming towards us. At first we thought it was a helicopter but we could hear no sound. Then the object started to go up and down and from side to side. Then the object shot straight up into the night sky and vanished. The very alien incident I mentioned I will post later because I am running out of time and have to go to work. As a result of these incidence I have been interested and studied this subject for 30 years.
  9. I have seen two anomolies.
    The first was when I was walking home one night, the other when I was at work during nights.
    Both were large bright lights, flying low at a slow speed. The only reason why I have dismissed them as any terrestrial craft is because neither made a single sound. And to this day I still don't know what they were, apart from UFO.
  10. Dave Registered Senior Member

    <a name="#STORY1">Wow! What an amazing set of encounters.
    I hope others on this forum have an experience that they can share with us.
    As for my own encounters -
    The first time was when I was 14 years old. (22 years ago)I was walking home from a friends house who lived around the corner from me. It was about 9:25pm ( I had to be home by 9:30pm so it's easy to remember ). It was a bright clear night. When I got to the corner of my street a shadow went over my head so I whinced and looked up to see what it was. What I saw was incredible. This absolutely huge dark shape about 100 feet above me travelling North from where I stood. No sound, no lights - nothing! It scared the living daylights out of me. I jumped into a bush that was growing over a small fence on the corner house and watched it pass by. It's shape was circular. I could see the stars outlined all around the object and it cast this monsterous shadow on the ground in the paddock (field) across the road. We don't have grassy nulls in Australia - just dirt paddocks (fields). Best visual encounter I ever had in my life! I stood there cowering in the bush till it had gone a few miles off and then ran like the wind home! Sure, at the time I was scared, hey! 14 years old and seeing something spooky...but I realised later in life what a lucky sighting that was because so many UFO buffs have never seen anything!
    Of course later in life you start wondering what a UFO was doing around your neighbourhood, right? Well, I live about five miles from the RAAF base Edinburgh in S.A.
    Yes, UFO's get seen near bases a lot....But a lot of people outside south australia aren't aware that the "Weapons Research Establishment" (W.R.E.- now named DSTO or "Defence and Sciences Technology Organisation") is also built across from the base on Crown land. It's a hi-tech hub for defence research. It gets better....years ago, a journalist disclosed while working on a corporate video for the DSTO he had entered an off-limits hangar that contained saucer shaped craft - as he described it - when noticed in the hangar, he was swiftly escorted out and told not to talk about what he had seen. Others have stated that there is a top secret project named "Project Apotheosis" that involves the transport of alien craft from the DSTO to another secret location. So, my conclusions to this is there is a lot more going on out there than meets our poor un-educated eyeballs, that's for sure!...so, maybe journo's are not the only ones poking around military bases to see what's going on? whatsmore perhaps it was the DSTO that was the focus. After all, some of best defence projects in the world have come from there.
    As for my other sightings, less dramatic but still worthy of mention. Strange lights doing right angle turns - there were three of them, at night, in the wee hours of the morning. It was still fascinating to watch and this happened in the 70's as well.
    The most recent was last month while my brother and I watched a satellite pass overhead. He was leaving after visiting and we were standing in the driveway of my home, watching the sky while talking and saw the satellite pass, so we stood there talking about it and how it would be hard to mistake that for a UFO. Suddenly a bright light "switched on" in our view up in the sky and became really bright, then moved across the sky at a great pace till it disappeared. It took all of two to three seconds for it all to happen. It was like someone had kicked the engines to life and flattened the throttle..that's the best way I can describe it.
    I look forward to more posts from anyone!

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  11. god Guest

    could it be possible that all these sightings are military crafts
  12. Ian Guest

    Someone had asked earlier if I thought it was military aircraft. The incidences that happened to me happened in the early '70s. They didn't look like conventional aircraft. The closest Air Force Base in the area is Trenton, and it is a few hundred miles away. I know at that time that any experimental aircraft and weaponry was being tested by the U.S. and Canada, in northern Alberta, which is thousands of miles away. I think if it was experimental aircraft we be seeing it in use today. I really don't know what they were.
  13. Ian,

    Why are you calling me a moron, what did I do to you? If you ask me, your posts aren't as great either!

    55-----> \
    coal---> >
    hunter-> /
  14. Ian Guest

    Sorry 55coalhunter
    I thought the topic was who has actually seen a UFO? I just thought the postings would be a little bit more explicit.
  15. god Guest


    I don't know ?
    The SR71 was kept secret for 30 years. If the military did develop an exotic drive , they sure wouldn't let it go public.
  16. What the hell is the point of this?

    There is not a person among us who can claim to not have seen an Unidentified Flying Object. Maybe you should take that into consideration into any future debates you may have.
  17. Dave Guest

    Fair enough,
    Has anyone here seen a Flying Saucer?
    Not a military test craft, not a "something strange in the sky", not a UFO but a FLYING SAUCER?

    Sorry I wasn't more exacting Corp.
  18. I dont care that you werent more exact really. I just get tired of all this "UFOs Exist" shit I have been reading. It displays the authors ignorance, so I guess its not all bad...

    BTW I dont mean you when I refer to ignorance

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  19. Wil Guest

       Message From: Admin@nitro-gymwear.aust.to (Admin) Date: Tue, Jun 17, 1997, 1:10pm (MST+16:30) To: AZmighty@webtv.net Subject: Re: UFO
    Great account.
    You should register with ExoSci Forum Board so you can post this on the board!
    Yes, I have seen several UFO's in the past. I am Navajo Indian currently living in Tucson. My family still lives on the reservation. We have seen many odd objects and we all feel that something has happened to us. Most of our experiences happened in the late 60's and early 70's.
    The Navajo Reservation is vast and beautiful. There are no major airports, military establishments and air force units in our area. In 1989, I and my co-worker were discussing the days events in my car. We were parked in a parking lot of one of the canyon overlooks in our area. The overlook is at a higher elevation than our town below us. We saw a large cigar shaped UFO silently moving from south to north. The enormous craft made no noise. We estimated the craft to be longer than a football field. It just silently flew above our town. What intrigues me is that we have alien visitors and I feel that they will one day appear to us. Somehow I feel that the alien visitors are silently watching us because they feel that we are still living in the dinosaur age.
  20. dumaurier Registered Senior Member

    Elsewhere in this forum i have posted my personal experience of a UFO sighting. Indeed, it was a peculiar sight seeing this "flying saucer" fly over the heads of myself and my two young boys.

  21. Dave Registered Senior Member

    Was this in Canada, Dumaurier?
    Where on the map did this happen?


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  22. Andromeda Registered Member

    I saw one about two years ago now. Looked like a big bright light that went very fast with no noise. Five people from where i live saw it as well. I dont know if it was alien craft though.

    May your God go with you
  23. MaTTo Registered Senior Member

    I've seen a UFO, but I'm still sticking to a logical perspective, which is what I suggest everyone take a shot at. UFOs are unidentified flying objects and by the definition at hand it doesn't mean that they are extraterrestrial space craft.


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