Who are aliens?

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    We’ll show it who aliens are and why they appear and disappear and what they take people for and why they mow fields and show up frequently before cataclysms and why there are more and more of them. But in order to understand that, you’ll have to go deep into a bunch of questions, without which it will be impossible to See what is hidden behind ghost hunting.

    We’ll start little by little, but don’t hurry to make conclusions about the sizes of an elephant judging by its tail only. The question is huge, we’ll have to highlight it by fragments, which - as you’ve already understood- if are not covered up with their explanations, are a lie. And so, in order not to become another liar, you’ll have to not only wait until the last comments on this subject, but also digest it Correctly and finally assimilate small fragments of holograms and Karma at least.

    Only the Universal laws of the Space, that work in any situation, for any quality, for any subject, in any environment and on any plan unambiguously, can be the Absolute Truth. But don’t think, that the laws of the Space is a scrap-iron or a pole and it’ll turn the way you bend it – everything’s much more complicated - the Universality of the laws of the Space means, that all of them interact without a slightest flaw (both with other laws of the Space and with the changing states in every corner of the Space) according to the spherical scheme. Those are only government, administrative, criminal… laws work to exclude confusions, but the laws of the Space have a goal to uphold and to develop the Space.

    The Truth is what depends on time, environment, qualities, conditions… Is it true, that there’s a pear on the table? It is True. After an hour – Is it True, that there’s no pear on the table? That’s also True. Is it true, that water is liquid at the temperature from 0 to 100? It is True. But at the height of 7000 meters it turns into vapor at a lower temperature, is that True? Also True. Is that true, that this diamond has beautiful facets? True. But once it’s put into water, it doesn’t have facets, is that True? True.

    A lie is a piece torn from the context without proper explanations attached. Is it True, that John drinks? That’s a lie, he hasn’t drunk for a year already. But I wasn’t talking about alcohol, about water only… She’s so pretty. Lie. She has problems with health, which means, that her Karma’s dirty. And this means she’s not pretty at all, it’s just that she chose the right make-up and wore a short skirt.

    But as there’s a lie in the Truth, there’s also Truth in a lie. And even in the Absolute Truth both a lie and the truth live, but in order to understand that one has to make an effort, and before that to stop judging anything. The Absolute Truth is not simply the laws of the Space, but it’s the structure, which forms the Space – God. And God, as it’s known, is Everything. And if it’s like that, then don’t mind to consider both the Truth and a lie are parts of the Whole, of the Absolute Truth, of God.

    The Absolute Truth is a pie. The truth is a piece of the pie. A lie is a bitten-off piece from the Truth.

    In this connection, you’ll have to make sure, that aliens are a lie, but we’ll show you the Truth about them and maybe you’ll be able to See the Absolute Truth on this subject. In order to understand who aliens are, you’ll first need to get into the subject of the holograms of the objective reality and in the reasons why they are formed.

    BASIS. The reason for a hologram to be formed on a thicker plan is because the laws of the Space are broken and/or because there’s not enough Experience for that certain habitat. Subjects of a higher level of conscious can control their emotions, by both entering thick states deliberately and getting out of it in a moment, just as quickly as they Realize the spontaneous entrance into the thick quality. For this it’s needed to have a Realized adequate Experience.

    Let’s check. A criminal case, as a thick hologram of the subject is a consequence of a misdemeanor, of breaking the criminal code. A bonus is a consequence of a thin hologram, a consequence of merits.

    Let’s check. A person was pushed on his side, then that person started cussing to the one who pushed him and was hit and now he tells everyone how he suffered for the Truth. Another person just automatically opened his mouth to say something bad to the one who’d pushed him, but changed his mind in time and came home without a thick black eye. And the third started thinking why he was pushed exactly at that certain place and remembered, that having bad kidneys he had drunk too little water on that day and it was a hint for him. He thanked the one who had given him a sign in his mind and drank water. Kidneys thanked him and there were no negative consequences.

    Let’s check. Without having enough life experience, a dumb person can enter water and drown. If a person with a lower level of conscious starts drowning, he’ll try to get out from the extraneous habitant, or to be more certain, from the plan, which is not correspondent to his current state. A conscious person will not jump into water without having learned to swim. A higher conscious person (we mean higher at that certain segment of energies, but not in general) will not go deep into water and get out of it in an extreme way, for even WITHOUT HAVING an Experience of the caisson disease, he DOES HAVE enough Knowledge not to gain it.

    Space is formed according to Universal laws. There are such, which control the thickness of flea, depending on the qualities and sizes of the dog and, most important, according to the possible potential harm to Everything. No matter how great people consider themselves to be, the level of the summarized Conscience of billions of Einstein’s will barely reach the level of God’s sole. It’s better to look at people as at a colony of poorly developed subjects, this way it will be easier to See God.

    The level of Conscience is a volumetric showing, which includes a lot of qualities and energies - both from the side of the Knowledge and that of the consciousness. There are neither plans, nor levels, nor pluses, nor minuses in the view of a book case in the Space and there can never be those – Everything is a Sphere, Everything that there is in Everything is also either spherical or tends to become. The level of Conscience is a spherical definition of a complex type. It’s when there are plenty of spheres in a total sphere, connected together and at the same time divided by frequency ranges. It’s not difficult to see – a ball with sand and mixtures of different gases and water inside.

    The level of Conscience of a civilization and separate subjects does not only define their place in the hierarchy (to be more certain, in the zone of security and Space Creation), but also gives capabilities and opportunities, and as they grow, the Responsibility grows just as much. The basis of the laws of the Space – Freedom and Responsibility. A higher level of Conscience allows to Teach less developed subjects, but at the same time, with an amplified Responsibility. Please, remember this postulate, for it is important not only to understand the current article. There’s a phrase, that shortly describes this law - we are responsible for those we have tamed.

    If to take a thin line under what’s written above, it can be said, that breaking the laws of the Space by the subjects with a higher level of Conscience (same as to those of lower level) automatically brings that kind of a teacher to a thicker plan than he currently is. As an example the thin plan is a developed country and the thicker plan is the undeveloped country. It is like when one violates the laws, that one falls from a developed country into an undeveloped country where there is no water, no food and can be killed around any corner. For most people this is an empty phrase - “who cares”, the silly one will say. And he will be wrong. And those, who are accepted to be called aliens know the laws of the Space better than thousands of Naturevedas and consequently won’t do such pranks, which can make them go down in no condition. They are not the silly ones.

    Having an inquisitive mind and enough Knowledge and Experience you can already understand what we’re going to talk about further. At least try to, and we’ll pause for that reason, in order not to bother your Conscience to overcome new horizons. The one, who’s not lazy will be able understand at least not only who aliens are, but also Jesus. Just don’t come to vulgar and cheap conclusions for now, or else you might consider the silly one to be an alien messenger and call Naturevedas representatives of a civilization, who are sent to…

    Those, who not only could understand the structure of the Space, how vacuum canals (which “scientists” decided to call mole holes) function and how they are situated and how to use them, but could cognize the Responsibility for consumption of the Space resources, those who are on a way higher level of Conscience than people, A PRIORI CANNOT DO HARM TO PEOPLE, for they KNOW it well – dropping down is guaranteed.

    The silly ones may think, that the laws of the Space can be avoided, for example if to make a bio-robot or to send a suicide bomber or if to make a deal with the one who’s gambled away… Not funny. Any thought, that’s directed to the creation of negativity towards lower subjects, no matter what kind of arguments they are covered with, including a struggle for security, is simply a veiled lie. And the more covered it is, the stronger the return will be, this is a law, which is a consequence of the law – Freedom and Responsibility. The younger ones should be Taught, but mustn't be offended.

    In this context think about the question – the one, who has the Conscience of so-called Aliens, a Conscience much higher than that of people, would he like to be in their place? Cowards, they have gone mad of fear. They cannot even understand the simplest thing: for the so-called aliens it’s extremely easy to destroy people, but somehow, no one has done that (and is not willing to).

    Oh, what scoundrels they are to steal people… they need biomaterial, and then they send their roaches here, the silly ones to ruin a village… yet they know it how fractals work: you start from a village and later the whole Planet will get destroyed. PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! Stop blaming others for your own faults – the laws of the Space, which form Karma won’t leave a chance for anyone to suffer undeserved!!! Believe in God finally, why do you keep thinking He’s a villain and a silly one, who’s not able to punish the hated aliens. Please, don’t believe those, who haven’t understood the laws of Karma, who imagine wreckers in every corner.

    We deliberately started the article with the laws of the Space for you to understand, that none of those, who are called aliens would even hurt a fly. Further we’ll show the mechanism of how aliens are formed and we’ll tell you where they live, just stop fearing and blaming them. We’ll repeat it, that for an inquisitive mind, which has studied the subject of Karma and holograms of the objective reality, there’s already enough information in the article to understand why aliens appear sometimes, why they even die, why they take some people, what they draw in fields for, why they appear in the zones of conflicts and weapon tests, why they appear before a disaster happens, why there are more and more cases of their appearings. The answers are extremely simple and are verified by the laws of the Space. We’ll try to show that in the comments.

    Article is continued on Naturevedas' site.
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    Er? .... surely this belongs in the Sci-Fi & Fantasy sub forum.
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    Or in the cesspool. <shrug>
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    It is Spam advertising for the Naturevedas' site.

    So deletion is more appropriate.

    I think we would see some links here if it was not a first post, but the bottom line says it all.

    p.s. I am not a sphere despite my eating habits.
  8. keems Registered Member

    Aliens just plain don't want to be involved.
  9. MarkHolland Registered Member

    universe is full of life, just in earth we have so many life form.. imagine in whole universe what will we get.. we just haven't figure it out yet.
  10. leopold Valued Senior Member

    that's interesting interestic.

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