Which OS do you use?

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by blankc, Mar 30, 2003.


What is your primary operating system?

  1. Windows Xp

    37 vote(s)
  2. Windows 2k/NT

    10 vote(s)
  3. Windows 95/98/Me

    16 vote(s)
  4. Linux (any distro or kernel)

    7 vote(s)
  5. BSD (any flavour)

    0 vote(s)
  6. Mac OSX (any version)

    17 vote(s)
  7. Mac OS 9 or older

    0 vote(s)
  8. Other (dos, windows 3.1, solaris, unix, amiga etc)

    1 vote(s)
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  1. spacemanspiff czar of things Registered Senior Member

    DOS baby!!!


    i've got win98 at home, and OSX at work.
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  3. crazydanny Registered Senior Member

    HA!!! Gotcha all Beat

    I have 4 (count 'em, FOUR) partitions on my three hard drives, With win98, xpPro, suse Linux 8.0 and winMe. (sometimes I fool around with the Linux, and stick a different distro in to try, but usually go back to Suse Linux).

    How did I get 3 separate windows installs? I'll tell you:
    C drive: 5 gigs, win98 installed first, then DISCONNECT the drive, and install winMe on the D drive (neither one will install if it detects another version of windows on pc).

    Plug C drive back in, then install xp on E drive...here's the kicker, it will also detect the other two win OS and give you a bootloader menu that allows you to pick which you want to load at startup!!!
    Linux partition is booted thru floppy (Microsoft is still out to bury Linux, they made the xp bootloader so it will not recognize anything but windows products :-(........, that's the way it goes when you're a billionaire, I guess). I have yet to find an alternate bootloader that will recognize xp, so if ya want xp and linux on same pc, make sure you have a boot floppy made up for the Linux.

    As far as what distro's of linux I have, they are: Red Hat 7.0 (don't like because they have the microsoft mentality...you have to work in the windows connectivity, instead of them auto-loading it for you). Storm 2000 (a dead debian distro, not too shabby...sigh), Connectiva (kinda lame), Progeny debian (never got to work right), Mandrake 9.0 (it's ok, but I hate the new Linux money grubbing mentality going on at Mandrake and Red Hat. No support and all they want you to do is spend money). I recently installed the new Debian, and I couldn't get it to boot up right. And of course the Suse Linux, which is pretty good, even if they do make it nigh on impossible to find your files on the thing, lol)

    that's about it
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  5. ThePHNX Registered Senior Member

    Re: HA!!! Gotcha all Beat

    Now you are a one! Don't know how old you are but you would have qualified for respect as a hacker* back in the 70's.
    (*it was not demonized in the early days, but merely referred to computerist)

    Great post, excellent (and ingenious) work-a-rounds. Maybe Gates and his Pirates wouldn't have got to a billion if there had been more of you around.
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  7. crazydanny Registered Senior Member

    question: bootleg OS copies

    everyone knows that you can d/l copies of every win version in existence, to include xp, along with the serials to enable them.

    Now, without admitting anything that's gonna land me in the pokey or have Mssrs. Gates, etc., trying to snoop out my i.p., what do you guys think of that. Obviously, Linux does well with a free OS, if you want to pay and get the support, ok, if you want it free, click the link....
    Bill Gates has more money than he can spend, so it doesn't hurt him for ppl to d/l....is it just about power, control, and domination?
  8. ThePHNX Registered Senior Member

    Re: question: bootleg OS copies

    Sorry if I upset your delicate sensibilities. I have yet to find a site where you could freely DownLoad (that is what you meant by d/l isn't it?) both the MS OS and the keys. will try a search rather than ask you to finger as that could get us all in trouble.
    Your are right about Gates and his scoundrel abettors being over-the-top. Their paranoia peddling has changed for the worse the entire industry. Back before jumping through windows, in the early 80's it was an interesting amalgam of freely sharing and charging for your work. The good producers got wealthy but not sickeningly so. One, I think it may have been Phillipe Kahn of Borland, said outright pirates were a useful element of the whole and contributed to the health of personal computing by increasing the user base who eventually became buyers and/or increased market share.
    Technical Support was always free back then; toll free lines, fee free support. In many cases indefinitely!
  9. testify Look, a puppy! Registered Senior Member

    Oh trust me...you can get every OS for free. You can find windows v1 to the most recent...all with their respective keys. But it's a little more complicated than searching google.
  10. blankc Your superior Registered Senior Member

    For free windows just search on Kazaa, or direct connect, or irc etc... But serials may take a web search.

    As for booting XP and linux from the same bootloader, I do it just fine with the linux bootloaders LILO and GRUB. As a matter of fact the lines of the grub config nescesary are:
    And of coarse you would have to change (hd0,5) to the number appropriate to your system. I believe it just links over to your XP bootloader when you choose Windows XP on the menu. I've used it before and it worked fine for linux and XP. You may have to do some research though to figure out how to install and configure it completely. Here is a Doc that has some GRUB setup instructions for my linux distro: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/gentoo-x86-install.xml#doc_chap23 .
  11. firdroirich A friend of The Friends Registered Senior Member

    Win 2K/Linux RH 9. No probs whatsoever, makes me wonder why people pay money to M$.
  12. Siddhartha Registered Senior Member

    I dual boot between Windows 2000 and Redhat 9.
  13. fahq Registered Senior Member

    i have a windows 98, though i want a gateway
  14. daktaklakpak God is irrelevant! Registered Senior Member

    I use XP and run Linux/win2k/win98/winme in VMWare.
  15. nuzod Registered Member

    I voted OS X because I only have my iBook at the moment. When I can afford another x86 box, I'll run OpenBSD and Plan 9 (!) like I used to.
  16. wesmorrisbabe Ethusiastic bistander Registered Senior Member

    I use Windows XP. I [hated] it at first because it arragned differently from the prior versions, but after using it for a while, I got used to it. Now, and now I like it better.

    Hubby's computer did something wierd. The icons for folders aren't appearing as manilla folders but rather blue, three-ring folders. It's kinda cool but strange how it happened all of a sudden.
  17. river-wind Valued Senior Member

    OSX and Linux for a while, but given that all the linux stuff could be done on OSX, now it's just OSX at home. also, VPC (I'm sooo pissed MS bought out connectix!!!

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    ) running DOS 2000, Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, Win 2000 Pro, and Win XP Pro for software testing reasons. This is why I have 260GB of HD space right now...And it's nearly all full!!!

    win 98 on a email box in the LR, and Win 2000 at work.
  18. Mystech Adult Supervision Required Registered Senior Member

    Should Unix and BSD really be listed as seperate options? And hey, why wasn't OS/2 on the list? Or for that mater HP_UX Sun OS, POSIX, or Xenix?
  19. blankc Your superior Registered Senior Member

    I thought BSD deserved it's own option because I know a decent amount of people that use it(maybe I just know a bunch of wierd ppl?), and is pretty useable as a home system if you like it enough. And I did put the 'other' option there for a reason. I somehow doubted anyone used any of "HP_UX Sun OS, POSIX, or Xenix" as thier primary OS(which is what the question asked) since they don't have much of a gui, and are designed for server use and not home use. But hey, if you've accumulated that many posts hacking away at links on an old HP_UX server, then I applaud you for that feat(especially considering how painful todays forum layouts are to navigate in links). Someone could very well be using OS/2 as thier primary OS, but I figured the number would be too small and the other choice would do. Next time I'll be sure to remember all the Hurd, Commodore 64 and dreamcast webCD using forum members though. Also I don't see where Unix and BSD are listed as seperate options, unless you mean in the sense that BSD has a seperate option that unix isn't included in and is relegated to the 'other' option, but I think I've already explained my reasons.
  20. NightFall Lazy Hedonist Valued Senior Member

    win 98

    getting a new laptop for school though, so i will eventually be stuck with WinFisherprice (xp). not looking forward to that. but its required.
  21. Guyute Senior Member Registered Senior Member

    stick with the same old windows 98.........
  22. if you have win ME, PLEASE use this software.


    i'm going to dual boot with red hat soon
  23. dsdsds Valued Senior Member

    question: Is it worth installing a bootleg copy of windows? when you download an update from MS site, doesn't it check your system (serial #, etc..)?
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