Where deos knowledge come from?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by pljames, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. pljames Registered Member

    The question was asked, where does knowledge come from? There would seem to be two answers. One from God and one from the big bang. Those who do not believe in the big band must believe knowledge comes from God. Those who do not believe in God must believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. I for one am not convinced of Darwin's theory or little green men from Mars, but God. Then in closing, answer me this. If the mind is invisible and I cannot see my thoughts, but can hear them, the mind must be esoteric? Thoughts please. pljames
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  3. kx000 Valued Senior Member

    Knowledge? Can you prove knowldge even exist what so ever?

    Knowldge is a muscle of the universe, it has a synonym as light. When you perceive knowledge, if you look at your face in the mirror your face will literally light up. Maybe knowledge exist in the cosmos as a bout of light. Things like knowledge, perception, logic, conciousness, and free will are highly subjective, as illusions of our complex minds, which only exist in a irrational, complex world.

    What we perceive as knowldge 1+1=2 or our perception of landscape, and colors can be claimed to be false, or personal experiences. Knowledge can be said to be impossible, and people can say of perception, you perceive cars, and clouds, but I experience a world of linear shapes, and abstracts. I can say my perception is all grey, and you see colors so you are nuts. How will you ever know?

    I can say we all exist, I KNOW it! Well, prove it. I think about gods safe in the world who are pure emotions. Passive, In Love, Perfection. My thought is Love is our ancestor as the most simple, pure, abstract, ambiguous thing there is and other emotions coming from it and them together rubbing together creating friction and substance resulting in the flesh world we live in. Knowldge would have evolved just like the rest of them, but perfection would not be able to accept it as a good son, she would tell him you are incomplete, and do you exist at all. Am I real? Prove it. Would knowledge fall to the palpable world to complete its mind? Men are not passive beings, we don't practice perfection, and love is mostly left behind as a fairytale, but we all go to know things.

    Knowledge evolved with the other emotions but is banished to earth by its word. Is knowledge the Light of god? Passive doesn't ring through out, but everyone can claim knowldge. Are human beings impure beings, living in a dirty, unstable universe relying on knowledge and nothing else? Can I say this universe is hell to the imaginative mind knowldge being its god?

    I say knowledge evolved with his brothers before the flesh, and can't say he knows me something, not nothing so he can't be perfect before the passive lord unless he falls from his throne. Can knowledge lead evil? He would know it. Passive spirit is lawful to his own degree, he remains passive, so he is moral outright, but knowledge lead all of hell and say I know it. In love has every reason for morality, but our free will, can he lead all of hell? Even god couldn't tell our per perception to be whole and complete. Is there a pantheon of emotions safe from humans, knowledge, and lady perception getting the boot?

    Do I know the water blue, or am I nuts? Passive moral by nature, knowledge not so much. Knowledge is from Heaven.

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  5. arauca Banned Banned

    Knowledge for me comes from the need of survival, which generates experience. So it was programmed into us , survive and reproduce . Then to program, there had to be a programmer , which is God.
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  7. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    Knowledge does not come from anywhere. It is something we discover for ourselves. And the rules that define knowledge are also created by us. Knowledge is what we define it to be. So the answer is that it comes from us.

    As for the attmept at origins. We do not know if the big bang was an origin since we do not know what caused it or what came before it. If we accept that there is always cause and effect then the big bang cannot be a beginning since it would require a cause. This implies that infinity must exist and that a true beginning to everything is not possible.

    That is simply a logical fallacy on several levels. On the simplest level, the fact that we do not know something does not automatically give any credibility for an alternate fantasy speculation such as a god or the supernatural.

    You are attempting to determine origins again, and have it wrong again. Evolution isn't about origins but about how things change over time, that might lead us to an origin but that isn't what Darwin's theory was all about. And the god concept and Darwin's theory are not mutually exclusive. Many religions accept that their god may well have used evolutionary tactics to start life etc.

    Evolution theory is quite real and used as a fundamental basis for most of modern science, what I think you mean is that you don't believe evolution explains how life began, and since we can't show that for certain then a doubt there is perhaps acceptable. As for little green men from mars versus God, then I think God would lose. It seems from current evidence that there was once water on mars and other indications that perhaps life was once possible on mars, and that leads us to a distinct possibility (albeit quite small) that perhaps little green men from mars did exist. As for God - we as yet have no idea whether even the existence of such a thing might be possible let alone that a god could actually exist.

    The label "mind" is simply a name we give to a collection of phenomena that results from a functioning brain. In essence an emergent property from neuronal complexity. Water for example, has very distinct properties but is itself an emergent property of oxygen and hydrogen, both of which exibit none of the properties of water.

    And the mind is not invisible, just very hard to see, much like the internet seems invisible but is in fact very physical.
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