Whats the saddest thing you have seen?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by c20H25N3o, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. esoterik appeal h. pylori Registered Senior Member

    i don't mean to be harsh, but what the hell are you talking about?

    i think that we all are searching for the simplest answer. to bad the bible, which i think you are referring to, is NOT the simplest answer. in fact, it is quite complex. which is good for a work of literature, but bad for a blueprint on living and raising a family.
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  3. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Of course its simple- all you're doing is brushing the world over and calling it ugly or hell
    You don't take the time out to drink it all in, to explore all its secrets and wonders.
    It much simpler to cry foul and repeat the same manure some other imbecile taught you.

    Think about it.
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  5. taylan007 Madman Registered Senior Member

    Dont get me wrong here, im not "bad"ing the bible and although im not cristian i dont think i would bad something so many hold sacred.

    I dont know where your getting the idea im bading the bible.

    To my understanding one of the things that Jehovas witnesses preach about is the fact that we can create heaven on earth, have i misunderstood?
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  7. taylan007 Madman Registered Senior Member

    Im not brushing of anything im just pointing out the obvious while sticking to the main subject of the thread here "Whats the saddest thing you have seen? "

    is the sadest thing ive seen (not tought), the fact that its a cliche that you seem to be tiered of is off the point (if you chose to start another thread to argue this thats fine), which is why ive pointed out that its a simple truth.

    I just felt the need to point out that some times we should look at the simple answers and find a way to deal with them instead of making it so complex that it makes everone confused.

    "Hell is other people" is that in reference to scape goating???
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2005
  8. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned



    ok look in some kind of directories, or around your area, or ont he internet, for a eastern healer to come and heal your brother, look for someone who practises in, soft Qigong, taiji, accupunture, where do you live i could reccomend someone to you, dont think im talking crap and its mumbo jumbo, the thing your broher has can be healed with Qi i have seen it with my own eyes,

  9. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member


    Slathered in....
    Miracle Whip...???
    That's absolutely gross.

    No. You're thinking of Cool Whip which is whipped cream.
    Miracle Whip is... well. I don't know what the fuck it is. But it's basically mayonaise but a lot sweeter. I think it is labeled as salad dressing or something, but I've never seen it used outside of the uses of mayonaise.

    And slathering it on a pizza is perhaps the most foul thing I've ever heard of...

    "Hell is other people" is right.

    Might as well cure him with Miracle Whip.
  10. Gustav Banned Banned

    ahh the good old days, back in the midwest
    a loaf of wonderbread and jar of miracle whip kept the doctor away

    ja, kinda rednecky
  11. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Just for the record, I wasn't overwhelmed with the tragedy of the thousands killed. What over whelmed me was the fact that we have as a race created the need for such actions and that the depth of hatred could be so deep.

    edit: my subscription to the thread was disabled so I didn't get to follow the thread until now.

    Gendanken, I have no quarms about confronting your incredible cynicism any time....
  12. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Also ....before you go nuts, I don't have to justify my feelings to you or any one else. I felt as I did and was asked by the thread question to share that.
  13. Azzy42 Registered Senior Member

    Don't laugh! My saddest moment was a few months ago when I found a mouse dying in my kitchen. My cat at eaten off its bottom half. I drowned it in a bucket and watched as its life ended slowly. Felt krap for ages.
  14. valich Registered Senior Member

    Invert_Nexus: Miracle Whip is something that you should fill your mouth up with in hopes that it will work miracles in what comes out of that hole in the front of your head.
  15. valich Registered Senior Member

    My saddest thing is being stalked by certain immature idiots on these web forums who have nothing productive to contribute, and resort to criticism, condescending behavior, and foul-mouthed abusive language that brings all the forums down, down, down. Case in point: above.
  16. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    So. Now you're just going to go around throwing random insults at me?
    You seriously can't think that that's what I do to you, is it?
    Come on. When I say shit to you in threads, it's always because you say something stupid. Usually real stupid. Sometimes just slightly stupid. But, you're always demonstrating your wonderful lack of understanding.

    Would you like to point out to me how your posting in here is at all similar to any of the instances where I've picked on you?
    Please, show me where I'm mistaken about something. Where I'm not understanding something. Where I'm making an asinine statement which you'd like me to clarify.
    Point any of these out to me. Unlike you, I'll answer.

    Do you dispute my thought that Gendanken was actually thinking of Cool Whip and not Miracle Whip? Do you dispute my assertion that Miracle Whip on pizza is foul? Do you dispute my statement that Miracle Whip is basically mayonaisse but sweeter?

    What, exactly, in my post, do you dispute?

    I'm waiting, Valich.

    Every single time I've taken part in a thread with you, I've had something to contribute. I've disputed asinine statements made by you and have given you the chance to prove yourself.
    You've never taken up my offer though.
    Instead, you run around in circles posting irrelevant garbage and pretended that your asinine statement was never made.

    This is a method of dealing with you that has developed after some time trying to deal with you in more friendly manner. Friendly didn't work.
    Of course, the alternative doesn't work either. You still refuse to acknowledge your idiocy.

    What else could you expect? You're an idiot. So I condescend to you. Nuff said.

    I've given you multiple opportunities to discuss this declaration of yours, you always refuse.
    You're a fucking idiot. I think that my language is far less vulgar than your personality.

    You bring these forums down, Valich. Your inanity brings these forums down. Your tiny little mind brings these forums down. Your googled up, misinterpreted 'facts' bring these forums down. Your constant failure to ever back up any statement you make brings these forums down.

    Prove me wrong.

    Ah. Something for me to dispute.
    The case in point: above. Actually demonstrates just the opposite. I dispute your statement that your post to me is proof that I'm stalking you.
    How do you respond?

    As to sad things. You're pretty sad, but I still think you're doing it on purpose.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2005
  17. valich Registered Senior Member

    Posted above.

    What does "Mwahahahaaahahaha!!!!" mean?

    Sounds like you're calling your mother for help: "Mom!!!"
  18. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    No. It means I'm laughing at your idiocy.
    And. What I'm doing now is gathering up your idiocy so that others can laugh as well.

    Like I'd need my mother to help against a little bitch such as yourself?
    You can't even respond to my questions or statements.
    You're truly a pathetic little weasel.
  19. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member


    "Mwahahaha!!" Is from comic books. Ever read any? Too unphilosophical for you? Are you going to accuse Stan Lee of copying Gendanken now?

    And as to me adopting moods and styles. If you say so. I just put my fingers down and type.

    As to inspiration, I'm inspired by several posters in the forum. What's it to you? Hell. Maybe I've even been inspired by you in one of your former guises. Stranger things have happened.


    Here we go. Some fun.
    Valich wants to play.
    Some exeprts of his wisdom.

    "If you measure a mountain from its base to its height, irrespective if there was water around it or not, then the Mauna Lau volcano in Hawaiia is the highest and most massive mountain in the world at 32,800 ft.

    If you measure a mountain from the ground level up, then it is Mount Everest is 29,035.

    Both of these mountains were formed by volcanoes."​
    Valich claims that Mount Everest was formed by a volcano. When called on this, he actually retracted his asinine statement somewhat. But, at the same time continued to defend it. Paradoxically:
    "The finding of ocean-life fossils on top of Mount Everest indicate that it was not directly formed by a volcano, but rest assured that the underlying "main central thrust system" surrounding the Himalaya Mountain range was caused by an uplifting of magma. The surrounding peaks contain many rocks of volcanic origin, especially in the Tibetian region:"​
    He then goes on to start his old game of posting tons of irrelevant quotes from various web sites. The only thing in any of these quotes that could be taken to corroborate his words is that long ago some vulcanism occurred in what would later become the himalayas. This is the origin of the volcanic rocks he's talking about. But, his statement about an 'upwelling of magma' still stands and he refuses to retract. He refuses to even acknowledge direct questions on it. Even those asked politely.

    But. Wait. There's MORE:

    Valich asserted that "the Hawaii islands are formed from volcanic rifts in mid-ocean tectonic plate ridges that resulted in the accumulation of magma being built up and the result are the active and inactive volcanoes that make up the Hawaiin Islands today."

    Did you get that?
    That Hawaii was formed from mid-ocean ridges.

    What a pleasant million posts that was trying to get him to retract.
    He never did.
    [post=894422]Click me.[/post]

    Ah. We're not done yet. There's still MORE. Much more.

    In this [post=886378]lovely thread[/post], he came to the wonderful notion that entropy is the driving force behind evolution. Of course, he was at a complete loss to explain why he thought so, but that didn't matter.

    It began like this: "Nowadays it is commonly thought that thermodynamics is the driving force behind biological evolution and astrophysic theories."

    When asked why. He came up with this:
    "Off the top of my head, the way I see it is that as the 2nd Law states: any transformation loses energy, and leads to disorder - entropy can never decrease. Hasn't evolution resulted in an increase in disorder by the diversity of life that it has created? And look how many lineages have gone extinct - poof! Lost and gone for ever: more disorder. If we consider the Earth as a closed system, then the diversity of life has led to an increase in entropy: an increase in the number of possible internal configurations available to the Earth's system."​
    This sparked an uproar. But, Valich squirmed and wriggled and never did answer any of the questions as to his 'theory'.

    Done yet?
    Not even close.

    This one is rather recent.
    Read [post=921011]this[/post]:
    Valich: "Because there is no god. God is dead."

    Baron Max: "Since ye're so hot on science ....can you prove that? And if you can't, then perhaps you should seek out the science books again and check out the passages where it says that scientists should never make blanket statements as fact UNLESS they have proof or sufficent evidence to back it up."

    Valich: "We prove it daily. Would you like to accompany me to the lab to see evolution in action? No god present!"​
    Get that?
    Valich, in his lab, has disproved God.
    Naturally, I had to find out more.
    So I asked him to lay out his proof.
    He refuses.

    Finished yet?
    Shit. This fucker never stops.
    I'm about bored of it though.
    Just one more. But, suffice it to say that there are far more than I've listed here. And I'm sure that there will be many more in the future unless he is banned.

    Valich [post=882599]claims[/post] that bolide impact is behind all the extinction events but one:
    1) 65 million years ago: 76% of species disappeared from the meteor impact off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

    2) about 206 million years ago: a large meteor crashed into Quebec, Canada wiping out 65% of the species on earth at the end of Triassic period.

    3) about 250 million years ago: a large meteor crashed into Northwestern Australia, with a massive outflow of lava and the extinction of about 96% of the world's animal species.

    4) 355 million years ago: two large meteorites hit Nevada and Western Australia possibly causing the extinction of 75% of the world's species. Scientists are still uncertain about the exact cause.

    5) about 443 million years ago: massive glaciers formed causing sea levels to drop 50 meters and ocean temperatures to drop resulting in the extinction of 75% of all animal species."​
    When called on this, he squirmed. Oh how he squirmed.

    Yeah. Valich is pretty fucking sad.
    Remember. The above is only a small sampling. And to really understand, you have to be there. To watch him squirm and obfuscate.
  20. Roman Banned Banned

    I'm some sort of emotional midget. Mass destruction titillates me. After that tsunami in the Pacific everyone was oggling photos of the wreckage, going "oh the humanity." I thought the obliteration was sweet. All those people, all those buildings, pulled down so easily by the tides.

    Or flooded New Orleans. Or those towers going down. Right out of a Hollywood blockbuster. Too bad they didn't finish off that whole damned city.

    When I see pictures of starving kids I tend to get that disgust you get for dirty dogs or fat people. A bad taste in my mouth. I feel put-out, like they're taking up my time. Wonder why I hate the skeletal little bastards so much. Defense mechanism against sad feelings?

    Pictures of terrible afflictions or injuries, other than the cringe bit, illicit fascination. No real sympathy, just a vague sense of "that's gotta hurt," and a very definite "glad it's that loser and not me."

    What I find particularly sad are those inane deaths you read about. Like the Arabs that die when their overexcited brethren begin shooting their Kalashnikovs off and the bullets come back down and kill them. Choking on one's own vomit after drinking too much.

    We all know valich to rhyme with cunt-itch. Leave troglodytes to troll. Just don't get caught up. You can see what he's doing, can't you? He's mastered the passive-aggressive. He's illogical. You post lots, written so a highschooler could understand, and he completely misses the point and replies with 3 lines entirely off track. The creature is absolutely brilliant at what it does. It's feeding off your fear, your hate.

    Strike him down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!

    Mwahahahaha is onomatopoeia for maniacal laughter. Props on mocking his cut up, over punctuated style.
  21. apendrapew Oral defecator Registered Senior Member

    Hehe, I'm sure there are a few of you who haven't seen this. Thought it was pretty funny.

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  22. Harlequin Banned Banned

    You would be wrong, though. Being the first to use it on sciforums (something I'd not bother to look up) does not mean it was "coined" here. I've seen it in gaming circles for years. It has several variations - Muhahaha, Mwahahaha, Bwahaha to mention a few.
  23. Gattaca Registered Senior Member

    My own death

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