What's 'nothing' ???

Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by KneD, Jun 17, 2001.

  1. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member


    Wel okay then,...

    with every answer we come to, multiple questions arise

    Now: giving an answer trows more questions néh? : so if anyone (like me for expl.) gives you an answer wich gives you MORE questions :
    Then I have aided you by giving you an answer, giving you multiple question to chew on,...
    so your conclusion that I halted your progress:
    Does simply not make sense,....(according to your own principles)

    And last but certainly not least: It is verry inpolite to answer a question with a question,...

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    For me : My reply on nothingness stands,...and your reply to it doesn't help humans to understand it,....it wil just confuse and diverge the answer to another theme,...upon wich you furiously begin to argue,...

    peace man,...
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  3. Alpha «Visitor» Registered Senior Member

    I think the universe does not exist in space, but the other way around. Space exists in the universe. There can be no percievable "edge" because you could (theoretically) continue in any direction and never come to an edge, but end up back where you started, as if the universe had the shape of a ballon and we're on the surface. Which also explains the expanding galaxies.
    There is no such thing as infinity. If you think about it, the concept of infinity is a paradox. Therefore it cannot exist in reality, only as an abstract idea. I think I proved this in another thread.
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  5. JoeBlow Registered Member

    I've heard of quantum physics uncertainty principle being compared to a typewriter. Now this typewriter is capable of writing up yo fifty characters with fifty different symbols such as A through Z, and 0 through 9 you can supply the rest (period, semicolon,etc.). And what this typewriter goes on to do is write every imaginable thing that has, is and will ever be written. (Gamov's book, "One,two, three, Infinity"). All it goes to show is that there is a lot of meaningless garbage yet to be published about what we cannot measure. Such as the space between the valence shells of an electron's orbital. Supposedly the're forbidden bands. There's not supposed to be anything there, but the method of uncertainty lies in___it grows more certain with___ and less probable with____. Does this help any?
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  7. allant Version 1.0 Registered Senior Member

    I love words they get you up a creek with out a paddle so fast.

    When we ask what is something, we need to be carefull what defintions we use.

    Worse still nothing has another handicap it is a negation which is a nasty beast in it'self.

    Ok lets get to the bone. First off lets define nothing as a negation of something. Now this concept is artificial. let me explain. To have a negation you always need a universal set, it is what is left over when you take things away from that universal set.

    Now if we define nothing as when there everything is removed from the universe we observe. With this set space exists, if we remove space what have we got left - nothing. But can we go to, and is there a place where space does not exist ? No we cant for if it is a place it has a space even if it is infinitely small.

    Ok so lets narow the defintion of nothing down a little. Is there a place where the rest of the universe does not affect that place ? Again the answer seems to be no.

    Is there a place with no matter, energy. Ie can we or mother nature create a place where no matter or energy exists. The answer to this seems to be no. See the discussion above about quantum probabiltiy being low but never zero anywhere.

    There is some argument about the speed of this it is known to exceed C but if less than instantaneous, could the universe expand faster than this and leave a space place where the effects have not yet reached?

    Ok so how far do we have to go ? Ok how about a place that we potentially or actually could not detect any matter or energy. Well yes but we would not know we had got lucky and been there until after the event. You just cant know before hand whether that electron from andromeda is going to turn up and trash the place.

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