What's killing US soldiers?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Syzygys, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    No, just the opposite.

    Doing something you must do (under instant threat) can be easier than doing things that you choose to do.

    Human interests and values change; relying on one's "passion" can be very fickle.
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  3. Grim_Reaper I Am Death Destroyer of Worlds Registered Senior Member

    Simple answer is they are recruiting people that have a conscience and feel remorse. And it would appear that a large part of these people were of the opinion that they would not be effected by what they see. But when it comes down to it they really could not handle what they were seeing. So in short the Armed Forces of all countries should by design want to have murders as soldiers as they will love what they do and in somecases would not likely even want payment for there services. This would be a cost saving venture on many fronts one being local police forces would be able to better focus on other issues and possibley reduce the force size. Two the armed forces could save money for the ones that just wanted to do it for the kill. and Three we would save money on trials and prisons for the many murders that all countries have. So you see it is a fiscally responsible thing to do as well as you would reduce the suicide rate in the military as they would like to see the things they see.
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  5. Asguard Kiss my dark side Valued Senior Member

    You do realise that all your "theories" directly contradict what the army's psycology branch are actually stating themselves?

    That article i posted states quite clearly that the issues are for the most part MUNDANE, ie they are relationship break ups, finantial troubles, being away for extended periods which are causing mental illness, not trauma or being weak or even "conscience"
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  7. Pineal Banned Banned

    I think there is some truth to this. I think humans are starting to have different attitudes, not so much moral or empathetic ones, but rather that individuals consider themselves fit to judge the morals of both wars and specific tactics and actions. The further we go back in the past notions of honor - the ones of the time - hierarchy in society, what an individual is and so on had much more control on these things. People don't assume experts are right in the same ways they used to. I mean right in both the moral and the practical senses.

    And this is a good thing, though it can be very hard on people in some situations. If in the past you were told someone had to be killed, you assumed, more than now, that there was a good reason for this, and even more, you did not consider yourself the one to figure it out. Of course there were exceptions and by the Vietnam war, exceptions became the rule. But by and large you thought you were not the one to judge.
  8. Michael 歌舞伎 Valued Senior Member

    Yeah, our entire society is different :shrug: A lot of people joined the Army just to escape poverty. Some where conned into it.

    I like to think of it like this: What's gone around, is coming around

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  9. Cifo Day destroys the night, Registered Senior Member

    Many vets say the Iraq and Afghan wars were not worth fighting.
  10. Grim_Reaper I Am Death Destroyer of Worlds Registered Senior Member

    Yes war can be hard on people and I do realize that the suicide rate is due to break-ups and money issues and things of that nature, and I would agree that in the past people did not question why they were killing people they did it because they believed in what they were doing the problem is today people are using the armed forces as a carreer as a means for a better life and this is why they want to die after they do horrible things to other people as they cannot porcess what they se properly they see everything with a moral filter. And this is what causes the problem as today no matter what you do somebody will find fault in what you have done and then the moral compass comes out and all is gone down hill. I still think that a better practice for a soldier is to be a killer at heart and screw the moral compass war is war and that means people die dose it reall matter how the people die I do not think so but that is likely just me.
  11. dumbest man on earth Real Eyes Realize Real Lies Valued Senior Member

    I honestly believe that at least some of the "suicides" are "suicided". Most people can infer what is meant by that statement. Also, from what I understand there are a lot more medications being ingested by active duty military these days. On the "Boob Tube" I've heard that there are evidently "anti-depressant and anti-anxiety" drugs currently available that increase the risk of suicides in those prescribed these drugs. I am sure there are multiple reasons and also just as sure that, the average person will never be privy to some of those reasons.

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