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Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by Cadmus, Feb 27, 2000.

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  1. Cadmus Registered Member

    The theory of relativity suggests that rapidly spinning objects distort gravitational force. This effect has always been considered too infinitesimal to be measured, but some scientists speculate that the highly accelerated atoms within a spinning superconductor could conceivably magnify the effect.

    (They speculated correctly)

    Found in the Angeles Forest in 1998 while hiking a device the size of a milk crate encased in quartz. Shaped like a ball.

    One cylinder like instrument that fits down
    the center of the device in a locking motion.

    Device weights 20lbs +/- and is filled with
    a liquid of somekind. The object maintains a
    constant temperature.

    Placed or secured inside an object when both peices are joined causes that object to lose gravity.

    Do we keep it or turn it in?

    This will be my only communication with you.
    I will read your post. If I am able. I trust the thinking of a select few of you who have actual knowledge of the science.

    [If 'YOU' are reading this it has become public knowledge now. A record of its' existence is known.]
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  3. Peter Dolan Registered Senior Member

    If what you are saying is true, it's only the second case that I am personally aware of in which a person has stumbled across an anomalous object in the form of a geode. The other case goes back quite a few years. It involved some rock collectors from Southern California, USA finding something, which appeared to have been made out of ceramic as well as having had some type of electrical components, inside of a geode that they had sawed in half. Not being able to see the rest of the object encased in the body of the rock, they had X rays done on it which revealed something that resembled a spark plug like device. A geologist who looked at it believed the rock to date to 500,000 years ago. This leaves one to ponder if the rock formed around this object or was the object somehow "hidden" inside this rock for whatever concealment purposes one wishes to dream of. Your interesting geode differs by having a liquid inside of it not to mention that it appears to still be functional for whatever purpose it was designed for. I would have the liquid tested, if possible, to determine its makeup. Perhaps the liquid is what keeps your object at its constant temperature. The object having the ability to cause other objects that encase it to levitate when it is engaged i.e. activated is interesting. I take it you've been experimenting with it to find out what it does. I still can't think of what functional purpose such an object would have and how or why it was where it was found. It should be properly tested in a lab somewhere, at least they could do a more thorough investigation of it and possibly get some parameters for it. If you've had it for two years now, I don't think anyone is going to come looking for it. If it did have some type of "signature" that it gave off to be relocated, I would have thought that whoever put it where you found it would have been able to locate you by now.
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