What is your nationality?

Discussion in 'About the Members' started by Joeman, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. airavata portentous Registered Senior Member

    pure indian.
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  3. Anarch Registered Member


    English, Irish, Spanish.
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  5. SG-N Registered Senior Member

    100% french as far as I can search... but I should try to find a complete family tree (more than 5 generations)
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  7. tablariddim forexU2 Valued Senior Member

    Pure Greek Cypriot by blood, British by circumstance, Alien by nature.
  8. Psycho-Cannon Home grown and Psycho Registered Senior Member

    Geeze if i state my imediate Nationality its Half-Cast Taiwaneese-English.
    If i want to be more accurate from familly history (I haven't had that DNA Ancestory test yet but some people get very interesting results ^_^).
    Then my family has a lot of Irish and French mixed into the English side along with the the various blood lines from the Invasions of the UK way back when ^_^.

    Don't know much about my Taiwanese sides history but suffice to say its pretty standard as far as i'm aware.

    If i were to state my "Nationality" as far as what country or state i belong to i would love to say Satirean (not what is sounds like) hehe but by the "Defenition" this would probably be classed a rouge or terrorist organisation so i'll leave that one off lol.
  9. pragmathen 0001 1111 Registered Senior Member

    You know that guy on Braveheart, King Longshanks or something, well I'm related to him. Remember that beard he had (<b>tiassa</b> started it), well that definitely runs in the family. I've found out that I <i>have</i> to grow some facial hair and often. I understand what you mean, tiassa, myself having spent 2 years straight in Japan.

    On my mom's side, we are basically quite a bit English. One of our ancestors came over on the Mayflower (my mother's only slightly obsessed with geneaology). I also could be one of Johnny Appleseed's descendants, though she still hasn't got legitimate confirmation on that one.

    On my dad's side, I would swear there's some Spanish involved, mainly because he has a cousin named Alfredo. But I don't know since I can't stand the guy (my dad, not Alfredo).
  10. Cowboy My Aim Is True Valued Senior Member

    Nationality or ethnicity?

    It sounds as if many posters are talking more about ethnicity than nationality, in which case I have an Irish, German and French background.
  11. ben nevis Registered Senior Member

  12. ben nevis Registered Senior Member

    With no ENGLISH additives. Hitler would have hated me.
  13. SwedishFish Conspirator Registered Senior Member

    my dad is irish (southern), russian, german, and israeli.

    my mom is 1/2 norweigan and 1/2 swedish but the family is ethnically swedish-cooking, language, even the friggin straw all over the house- so it's how i identify. in minnesota where the rest of my family lives, they all speak swedish but it got watered down on the way to new york. i downplay the norwiegan side for reasons i won't bring up here.
  14. The Demi Perfect Registered Senior Member

    *snorts with laughter*

    Ahem, anyway... My mother is Scottish... And my daddy's daddy was half-Algerian and half-Egyptian and my daddy's mummy was Dutch-Jewish...

    *smiles seraphically*
  15. heflores Banned Banned

    You can just say that you are a scottish Dutch Catholic Jew Muslim....

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    That's pretty cool.

    I was born in USA, my dad is Egyptian with quarter Turkish. My mom is half Egyptian, quarter turkish, quarter English.....Damn occupation.

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    I married a Salvadorian. Our family does not have any genetically transmitted diseace. My kids are officially the most beautifull human mutts you can find.

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  16. BloodSuckingGerbile Master of Puppets Registered Senior Member

    Didn't see this thread...
    I am half Beserabian (some country in middle europe where my grandparents are from). My dad was born in Uzbekistan, my moms ancestors as far as she can trace them back were all from Astrahan (Russia), on the shores of the Samara river.
    I was born in Uzbekistan and I'm Jewish as long as I can trace back my ancestors. Hitler definitely wouldn't have liked me...

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  17. draqon Banned Banned

    I am 100% Russian.
  18. Fugu-dono Scholar Of Shen Zhou Registered Senior Member

    Nationality is Australian. Background Thai/German with Japanese and Chinese ancestry.
  19. superstring01 Moderator

    English, Irish, German, Native American, Portugese, French.


  20. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    Dutch, with some German and French blood.
  21. DanceAndExplode Fear me, for I am Death. Registered Senior Member

    i'm 4th generation Australian..
    100% Scottish background

    hence the red hair and freckles lol
  22. lucifers angel same shit, differant day!! Registered Senior Member

    welsh and proud!!

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  23. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    1st generation American (on my Dad's side)

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