What is up with the moderator vendetta against Gustav?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by quadraphonics, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. Neverfly Banned Banned

    Again, you designed it to attract unwanted attention and then complained that it got unwanted attention.
    Because, R.C., I can Read.
    I read the bad science, the misconceptions; I read the mistakes, the insinuations and the implications. I read the statements you made. I also refuted the misconceptions - the last response I made to Mars Rover before you were banned as a sock and your current account extended in its ban.
    I know it was bad science and unless the conclusion was going to include a "Sorry, I had misunderstood some concepts. I see I was wrong," then the 'conclusion' would have made no difference.

    I agree that the off topic frustrations can detract from the subject matter- however, so can repeated and uncompromising claims of falsehood.
    You're so busy looking at everyone else, have you taken the time to take a good hard look at you?
    Considering I PM'ed one earlier and called him an "ass," I rather doubt it.
    But I'm not so quick to jump on your bandwagon just because we both have had disagreements with the moderation. You claim your "experiment" proved something while you ignore the very clear problem of how you invited the very response you received. You justify that by saying you had to- I agree- you DID have to in order to claim that you'll get that kind of response.
    But for me, whether your arguments have merit or not, you lost credibility when you cheated- lied- created a sock puppet. Complained of being banned for having a sock puppet. It makes no sense at all. These complaints lack merit- so it calls your previous complaints into question.

    Let's assume your previous complaints do have merit- that the mods are out to get you- Do you think lying and cheating the system will help you to make a stand?
    I don't give a damn if sock puppets are against the forum rules or not. I'm against sock puppetry. I'd have said all the same things even if the rules allowed sock puppetry.
    Nonsense again. There are hard feelings. You're feeling bitter, bothered and treated unfairly.

    And some of that may be justified. But what I've spelled out above is not justified and you should take the time to read my posts and do some serious thinking on the subject instead of blocking the idea you acted badly.
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  3. RealityCheck Banned Banned

    General comment to whom it may concern:

    Please stop using that lame "You should thank me because I could have banned you for longer/permanently" excuse/rationalization to deflect from your own faults.

    It's like a perpetrator saying to his shooting victim "You should thank me because I could have shot you in the head instead of the heart".

    Your disingenuousness and crocodile tears and 'compassion' and 'mercy' and 'generosity' and cynical 'rule quoting' all ring hollow from the point of view of the facts and the victim.

    Good luck and good thinking. Cheers all!
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  5. Neverfly Banned Banned

    Perhaps you should have a separate thread, rather than derail this one about another persons issue- where you and Tach can have it out. Confront each-other.

    Perhaps Tach can be shown the error of attacking the poster and not the idea. Perhaps you can be shown how frustrating it is to repeat yourself over and over and over again only to have someone come back with the same misconceptions you had already explained again and again.
    Perhaps Tach can be shown that PMing a Mod to check if a poster is Reiku is better for thread uniformity than asking straight out. Perhaps you can be shown that spouting bad science will always invite a response from those that wish to dispel myths and promote accurate science.

    True. You did get off light for having made a sock puppet, but that's irrelevant to the fact you were given your punishment and it's a done deal. Saying it after is pointless.
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  7. RealityCheck Banned Banned

    You can read, no doubt, but understanding is another thing altogether, especially if your stance is preconclusionary and the discussion is not allowed to proceed to completion before making your judgements about 'bad' or 'good' science.

    Even in this, for example, if you had bothered to actually read the initial posts as MARS ROVER, you would have seen where the experiment was designed to stay ON-TOPIC and discuss the points in question and see how long it took the troll-mod combo to play their personal/spoiler games. No more. No less.

    It was TACH who immediately trolled and insulted and baited the MARS ROVER experiment.

    From then on, as part of the experiment, I played along with his game to FURTHER TEST how far the Tach troll would continue with impunity thinking himself 'protected' by the 'mod' side of the troll-mod combo.

    All the later troll-mod lame excuses/rationalizations for being 'caught in the act' by the Mars Rover experiment is part and parcel of the post hoc 'justifications' game for punishing the victim instead of the perpetrators who have the power to use the rules to their personal advantage with no thought for the damage being done by them to the site/discussions/science/scientists.

    Anyhow, I leave the record to speak for itself as I have no more time to spare from my other work.

    Any fairminded person really interested in the facts of the matter over the last few months is perfectly free to consult the relevant postings on all sides in many threads/cases/instances...including THIS Mars Rover EXPERIMENT and its results which confirm everything I have observed about the mod-troll tactics which blight otherwise open discussion to completion of novel/subtle ideas/perspectives for the advancement of the science and humanity at large.

    Cheers mate!
  8. RealityCheck Banned Banned

    Did you read my general comment above? That says it all. The rest is detail which you and others can see for yourselves if you really want to. I have better things to do with my time now that my experiment has successfully completed and confirmed my initial observations.

    And I have no interest in legitimizing a troll-mod tactic by wasting my time on them any further. The experiment/result says it all. Nuff said.

    Good luck.

    PS: Believe it or not, I never harbour hard feelings. A true scientist cannot be allowed to have such things distract him from objective treatment of everyone and everything on its merits. Whether the treatment is flattering to the object or not, it is neither here nor there to me personally. It is what it is and I just use the information and move on to the next stage of consideration of scientific matters and not personal ones. Try it sometime. It is very liberating and most conducive to patience and tolerance and objective open-minded assessment of what comes across your perspective irrespective of source.
  9. parmalee peripatetic artisan Valued Senior Member

    Do people honestly expect to be taken seriously when they say shit like this?
  10. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Why didn't you report the trolling posts?
  11. RealityCheck Banned Banned

    It never worked in the past, it only got me banned earlier while the trolls got away scott free. That is why I had to conduct that experiment outside the (oft-cynically-quoted by troll-mods) "rules" in order to highlight and prove the troll-mod 'catch-22' position behind the eight ball which victims of such tactics find themselves when they try complaining 'by the rules'.

    If the system is the problem, what other way can an experiment about same be conducted except by doing it outside the rules as Mars Rover experiment?

    Anyhow, I wasted enough time already whenever discussions got derailed by troll-mod tactics. That time could have been better spent on discussion of the science rather than all these troll-mod created timewasting to and fro where the rules are cynically/personally employed to suit the troll-mod types at the expense of actual science discourse.

    I am trailing off my internet forum participations to concentrate on my other work. I only made this "Mars Rover" experiment to prove that my observations were valid. The experiment was successful in that. Nuff said.

    Anyhow, I have no more time to spend arguing about the troll-mod problem which after my experiment is now clear to all fairminded people/members. The post hoc lame rationalizations and excuses from the troll-mod types ring hollow now even more than they did before.

    What happens now is up to you all. I am withdrawing to concentrate on other things. Cheers and good luck and good thinking to you all!
  12. RealityCheck Banned Banned

    parmalee, just because you personally/objectively don't measure up, it's no reason to make a public ass-spectacle of yourself like that.

    Certainly, anyone who thinks that not bearing personal grudges (and that maintaining patience, tolerance and open-mindedness towards ideas irrespective of provenance) is "sh!t", then he is no scientist of any sort, let alone any right thinking human being. This is what happens when the troll-mod behaviour is seen as a 'green light' by the trolls to make such posts thinking that if the troll-mod who have power here can do it, so can they because they have 'protection' for that kind of thing from the troll-mod with the power.

    Case proven yet again.
  13. parmalee peripatetic artisan Valued Senior Member

    Can you direct me to where precisely I suggested that "not bearing personal grudges...is shit"?
  14. Syne Sine qua non Valued Senior Member

    Your inability to come to any conclusion before, yourself, detouring the discussion in favor of long diatribes on how your have been "mistreated", is what got you banned, as RealityCheck, this last time. It is YOU who continually refuses to just come out with whatever point you claim you eventually intent to make. And your "mistreatment" is a direct consequence of you jerking everyone around. It is a perpetually repeating, self-fulfilling prophesy.

    Yet another claim that we will, no doubt, never see any "conclusion" to. Certainly not before you are back here and up to your same old nonsense again, at any rate (and that is only if we can very generously call anything you may be working on scientific).
  15. Neverfly Banned Banned

    I disagree. Bad science is often easily recognized. Sure, not always, but usually, this is the case.
    I've re-read as much as I could find from an archive site (seemed easier).
    Given what I've read, I'm convinced that the Mars Rover persona did, indeed, present bad science.

    However, I'm also convinced that Tach did initiate conflict. It appeared needless.
    And here is my point, Reality Check- you've spent so much time thinking about how another was wrong, you never stopped to think that you were also wrong. You can both be wrong, you know...
    I agree Tach jumped ahead. Sorry, Tach- gotta be honest.

    However, I disagree that Mars Rover Persona played the innocent role. MRP begged for correction. And while Tach jumped the gun, that's your only case to make- everything after that was cut and feed. You succeeded in showing Tach's behavior. But everything after that, included MRP's behavior.
    Yes, because you're correct in that it does. It shows one thing you realize, but also one thing that you don't.
    When you get a chance, I'd like for you to read over the posts as well- as objectively as you can and see whether or not you can tell that Mars Rover did promote misconceptions about BBT.
    Because of this, MRP was going to come under fire, even if not by Tach.
    See my "member name" under the avatar.
    I see your point... But I still find it dishonest. I, too, break rules to fight battles, but I don't turn to dishonesty to fight battles. I think this is why I find your method--- Self defeating.

    What you demonstrated was that there is too much of an aggressive effort. I'm sure a lot of people were involved in that.

    You also demonstrated that promoting misconceptions will draw fire. I think this is where you and I are not communicating. You cannot see my point because you do not see that you brought reactions onto the Mars Rover Persona. I cannot see yours because I am only seeing that you brought actions upon yourself throughout the time MRP was active. It detracts from what point you wanted to make.

    Granted, going back to the very beginning, I do see Tach jumping too far ahead of himself with too much aggression.

    The forum will need to change his online handle:

    ...ok that was lame, sorry...
  16. Kittamaru Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Adieu, Sciforums. Valued Senior Member

    The only thing you have proven is what we all already know... you are a master at taking things out of context. What Parmalee was referring to as "shit" is that you are one who "never harbors hard feelings" or "holds grudges"... as is evidenced by your personal grudge with the moderation of this very forum. Now, most people would tell you I'm pretty damn easy going and generally easy to get along with... I give the benefit of the doubt and am slow to met out any kind of punishment. However, you are starting to push even MY buttons... drop it and quit trying to rationalize. No matter what you feel was done, or how you feel you were wronged... going ahead and breaking forum rules AGAIN is not conducive to getting your point across, as you should have figured out by now. You claim we are hiding behind the pretense of "oh, be glad we didn't (insert punishment here)"... no, there is no pretense. The fact is you weren't permabanned more as a show of good faith than anything else... you were given a chance, and you have decided to take that chance and throw it in our faces, insulting not just the moderation, but the intelligence of this community with this petty vendetta you seem to be trying to perpetrate... give it a rest man!

    As it stands...

    1) You have four current active infraction points
    2) You have publicly admitted to violating forum rules by creating a sockpuppet account
    3) You have shown a stubborn desire to read what YOU wish from other members posts
    4) You insist your "experiment" was just an unbiased... yet you immediately began insulting not just specific members, but the boards as a whole
    I believe you have had MORE than your "fair share" of chances... take a few days to calm down and take off those tinted glasses...
  17. Neverfly Banned Banned

    Question from the forum pest here...

    I notice that TwoPlanker has been banned as a sock puppet. Is that related- is that a sock of RealityCheck?

    If not, was RealityCheck banned for two weeks for the Mars Rover sock puppet? Because that would be double jeopardy...
  18. prometheus viva voce! Registered Senior Member

    Twoplanker and Realitycheck are unrelated.
  19. Neverfly Banned Banned

    Ah thanks. Cool.
  20. rpenner Fully Wired Valued Senior Member

    I believe Kittamaru's intent was to cite RealityCheck for trolling, quite possibly for the posts in this thread. That he may have had several unexpired warning points from both trolling (and/or anti-science in a science forum) and sockpuppetry may have been factors in the length of the loss of posting privileges.

    Ironically, by confronting the poster with the effect his posts have had on people in the forum, Kittamaru has successfully reality-checked RealityCheck.
  21. eram Sciengineer Valued Senior Member

    who are the super mods and admins?
  22. Gustav Banned Banned


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    pathetic, needy and vindictive

  23. Gustav Banned Banned


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    pathetic, needy and vindictive

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